KB story of faith season 2 (Episode 44)


Ok so we are meeting today and i am saying that from today you will be able to read this till friday regularly todays episode is little bit longer i dont know weather you will love it or not but as a penality of updating late i have updated it long toady and yes chak chak in last lets go to the story direct…

The episode starts with Abhi sitting in the car and thinking about what doctor has said to him he is feeling like someone is going to kill him he is cursing himself that why he showed that much happiness to her why and in anger he punches the car steering wheel and his hand gets hurt he starts thinking about how always Pragya used to lie with him till now she didn’t told him about what pain she is going through Sapna jahan plays in background
Sapna jahan dastak na de (where dreams don’t knock..)
Chaukhat thi wo aankhe meri (my eyes were such a door)
(He reminds how he was surrounded by selfish people )
Baton se thi tadad me khamoshiyan zyada meri (the amount of silences was more than that of my talks..)
(He didn’t have time to spent with others as he was busy in his career)
Jab se pade tere kadam chalne lagin duniya meri (since you stepped into my life,
it began to move..)
(Thinking that how his life became full of happiness when he realized that he loves her…)
He reached home and was going to his room but when he looks that Pragya sleeping he goes and sits near her and cares her hairs and the music plays
Mere dil me jagah khuda ki khali thi dekha waha pe aaj tera chehra hai (there was place empty for a god in my heart, I today found that there is your face there now)
(He remembers the moment when he proposed her and her smile at that time )
Mai bhatakta hua saa ek badal hun jot ere aas paas ake thehra hai (I am a wandering cloud, that has come and stopped over your sky..)

(He thinks that his life is like a roaming cloud without her which has no aim and after meeting to her he got an aim)
He was looking at her and reminding Doctor’s word he leaves the room as he was not able to control his emotions and while leaving he shuts the door and by that sound Pragya wakes up and looks Abhi leaving the room then she follows him he was in a dark room lights were off and the sunlight was also not there as the curtains were there Abhi was seated Then Pragya enters in the room and calls out his name and Abhi comes into his senses
Pragya : Abhishek why are you sitting here in the dark room..
Abhi (in little bit rudeness) : Nothing just want to live alone for sometime
Pragya : Why do you want to live alone wait a minute you are hiding something from me right..
Abhi : Who am I to hide things as everyone here is expert in hiding things from me….
Pragya puts on the light : Abhishek why are you talking like this
She notices that Abhi’s hand was turning red she gets panick
Pragya : How these scratches came on your hand have you fought with someone I have always told you to keep calm keep your mind cool but why would you listen to me as always you want to do what you want (scolding)
She holds his hand and brings the first aid kit and was about to treat his hand but Abhi relieves his hand with a jerk

Pragya : Arey what are you doing give it me otherwise you will caught infection give it me common
Abhi shouts : Stop pretending that you care for me understand..
Pragya looks on stunned and hearing Abhi’s loud voice Dadi and Aliya also came there and asks
Dadi : What happen Abhi why are you shouting like this..
Aliya : Yes Bhai what’s the matter Bhabhi at least you tell something….
Pragya : I don’t know I was just trying to cure his wound but he….
Dadi : Abhi I am asking you something tell me what happen ?
Abhi in anger goes from the room and bring that report file and throws it in-front of all
Abhi : see this dadi you will understand yourself what happened
Dadi sees the file and gets shock then Aliya takes the file and reads it then she says
Aliya : Bhabhi you…
Abhi ( tears rolled down from his eyes) : Yes dadi you read it write she is going to leave us she has planned very well that she will leave me children you everyone she will leave everyone alone..and wouldn’t tell us that what she is going through…
Pragya : Listen there is nothing like that you have some misunderstandings we will talk about it..
Abhi : there was a misunderstanding Pragya that this condition of yours getting tired in less interval of time you get faint in less time and this all were misunderstood that these are Pregnancy effects but now all misunderstandings are clear that these are the effects of that accident….
Dadi : Accident which accident..
Aliya narrates the incident and Dadi asks to Pragya…
Dadi : If this was the situation then why did you done this Pragya you are playing with your life it has no prove weather will you be alive to see your child’s face or not what have you done Pragya ….

Pragya : There was no other option dadi what should I have done else ?
Abhi goes to her : Really there was no other option…
Pragya : No there was not..
Abhi : there was other option Fuggy and that was abortion you must have aborted this child as you know that this will give you more pain this child will take you to the mouth of death but no you didn’t think about that…
Pragya : Ok I agree with you but tell me one thing that you ever heard that a mother killed her child for her life mother is name of sacrifice she is not on earth to kill her child she is there to save her child from any of the problem weather it will take her life but she will always save her child Aliya you tell me what would you have done if you were in my place ( Aliya remains speechless) and Dadi tell what will you do if you were there you all will do the same…then why are you thinking that I have done wrong..
Abhi : Enough Pragya enough there are many mothers who does this even there are some who throws there new born babies in garbage and even some of them kill them also.. then why and it was just an abortion at early stage that child wasn’t developed so what was the problem…
Tears rolled down from her eyes as Abhi has said such words about a child…

Pragya showing her hand : Enough Abhishek enough how could you think so low this thought how this thought came in your mind so cheap . today you make me feel so low I don’t know who is this Abhishek my Abhishek was not like that he always support me in my decision I don’t know who are you because today you made me feel so low by saying that words you compared me with those women who used to do so Arey if they are doing this with their child who said they have right to be called someone’s mother they have no right because they are doing this with that child who haven’t even open his eyes to see that how world looks alike and they have closed there eyes for forever….
Tears are rolling down from her eyes and her eyes are becoming red in anger then hearing these words Abhi realised that he has said wrong words… Dadi and Aliya tries to calm down Pragya but she didn’t and then Abhi tries to come near her in expression of apology
Pragya : Don’t dare you touch me I don’t know who you are… don’t come near me I said..
She was crying and suddenly her breath started huffing and then all gets panic and Pragya faints at the spot and dadi shouts on Abhi that what he has done Aliya goes to call the doctor
Dadi : Abhi why you are so much short temper why if anything happened to her then I will never forgive you…..
Abhi remain expression and feeling less thinking that because of him this happened after some time doctor came and examines Pragya

Shweta : Abhi I want to talk to you come..
Abhi along with dadi and Aliya follows her and they all gathered in hall there Shweta tells them
Shweta : Abhi I have told you earlier that little bit stress will trouble her more and that happens this was the less the conclusion could have more worst you should have thank god that nothing happen today I am telling you people that you have to keep her away from all the stress all the tensions why you people are thinking that much I couldn’t understand when she is in trust that she will remain alive nothing will happen to her then why you people are thinking negative Dadi she has full believe that you your love is her strength then why you people are doing this why you are reacting like this Abhi I told you that you have to keep patience everyone knows that how much you love her then you should have full faith over your love na that nothing will happen to her then why you reacting like this I think you don’t believe on your love that’s why you are doing this and I know you people will think that why I am saying that to you I have no right to say like this so I am telling that as a friend of Pragya not being her doctor Please try to understand that you have to become her strength not her weakness don’t let her realize that she has done a mistake…
Abhi Dadi and Aliya tells her sorry and Abhi agrees with her Shweta leaves and Abhi goes to see Pragya she was still crying over that what Abhi said…Abhi gets in
Pragya : Don’t come near me go from here I don’t want to talk to you….
Abhi has tears in his eyes and he goes near her Pragya was seated resting her head on headboard he goes to her and holds her hand and says her sorry but Pragya didn’t responded to it Abhi takes her both hands and buried his face in her palms and again says sorry then he says and while saying his tears rolled continuously from his eyes

Abhi : I am sorry I was just I was just thought that I will lose you I didn’t have that potential to lose anyone now Pragya believe me and when I heard that you have taken this decision while knowing everything then I was cursing myself because of me my happiness only you took that decision I don’t want that moments back Pragya I just want you I just want my wife mother of my children I don’t want to live those moments again as I have to pay a lot for that and I can’t do that I can’t lose you Pragya I can’t
And Abhi hugs her then Pragya breaks the hug and cups his face
Pragya calmly : Look at me Abhishek look at me
Abhi looks at her.
Pragya : did you see any fear in my eyes.. are you able to see the fear of being dead in my eyes if you are able to see that I am afraid that what will happen to my children what will happen to me when I will dead did you see that fear in me if you are then tell me…
Abhi looks on her ..
Pragya holding his hands : no na because I know that nothing will happen what will happen we will see it together and I know till you are with me nothing can happen to me see you brought me back from that accident also then what the hell is this fear of losing life I have no fear over that because I know you are with me
Abhi is looking at her fearless face..
Pragya : you are with me na… tell me if you are then promise me that you will never think like that what you have said today otherwise I will surely leave you…
Abhi stops her and nods no he hugs her and says I am with you always I will be with you…
Pragya breaks the hug and looks at him and gestures him to smile now she has forgiven him
Abhi mujhme kahi baanki thodi si hai zindagi (Still, somewhere inside me,
there is a little life remaining..)

Jagi dhadkan nayi jana zinda hu mai to abhi (A new heartbeat came up,
I got to know that I am still alive..)
She looks at him and both of them smiles looking each other Pragya rests her head on his chest and Abhi wraps his arms around her and looks at her face then he controlling his tears looks at their Photo which was kept on side by table..
Ek aisi lagan is lamhe me hai ye lamha kaha tha mera (Some such tenacity
is there in this moment, where was this moment of mine..)
She looks at him smilingly and he smiles with emotional eyes in reply
Ab hai samne ise jee loon zara mar jaun ya jee loon zara (now it’s in front of me,
should I die or should I live a little..)
Khushiyaan choom loon Ya ro loon zara (should I kiss joys, or should I cry a little,)
Mar jaaun ya jee loon zara – (should I die or live for a while..)
It was mid night all were sleeping in room then suddenly Dadi wakes up to drink water she goes to kitchen as the jug of water in her room is empty then while she was going she sees that someone is standing in the Pray area (temple in their home) she goes to see and looks that it was Abhi who was stood thoughtless there resting his body on the wall and staring at the god’s idol dadi goes there and keeps her hand on his shoulder

Dadi : What are you doing here Abhi what are you thinking you must be with Pragya this time
Abhi : Nothing dadi people says that he answers our all questions so Just trying to ask him dadi that why every pain is written in her destiny by him why always she has to suffer Our marriage was because of revenge who suffered Pragya when we started loving each other Tanu came in between who suffered a lot Pragya when she tried to reveal all the cheaters around me then who suffered a lot who bear my hateredness my anger a lot Pragya even in that terror attack she gone far from me that accident I was the target dadi but she came in mid and again who suffered Pragya and all time the reason is only me because of me for my sake she always gets ready to bear all pain so I am just trying to ask him that why always Pragya I am with her always so why he doesn’t harm me why always she dadi why he always use to separate us…
Dadi : it’s nothing like that beta god is just examining you nothing else just think that it is bad dream it will end soon….
Abhi : let him do what he want to do but this time I would not let Pragya go far from me what I have to do I will do I have to stay with her per minute I will do so but I will not let anything happen to her
Abhi leaves from there and Dadi looks on him then she turns around and prays to god to fulfil his wish….
Abhi started living his every moment with her his full time was for her only BG music plays
Tu Jahan Main Wahan (Wherever You are, I am there)
Sang Sang Yuhn Chaloon Tere (I’ll walk with You in the way)
Jaise Tera Aasmaan (Just like Your own sky)

It was morning and Pragya was feeling itching in her eyes as she was unable to tolerate that sunlight which was coming in her room through the window she was closing her eyes with her hands just then Abhi comes and closes the window and shut the curtains BG plays and Pragya looks at him he smiles and goes to her and sits holding her hand

Jo Dhuup Nikle (If the sunshine comes)
Chhaaya Ban Jaunga (I’ll become Your shade)
Jo Ho To Akeli (If You are alone)
Saaya Ban Jaunga (I’ll become Your shadow)
Jo Uljhan Main Ho Man (If Your heart is in confusion)
Main Behlaunga (I’ll entertain You)
Pragya rests in his arms

Tum Aa Gaye Ho (You have come now)
To Jeena Aaya Hai (I’ve learnt the way of living life)
Khushiyon Ka Tumne (This net of happiness)
Yeh Jaal Bichaya Hai (You have laid down)
Khoya Hai Khudko Ya (Have I lost myself or)
Sabh Kuch Paaya Hai (Have I gotten everything)

Time was passing rapidly and Pragya’s condition was becoming unbearable she was sad as she can’t see her children like this because if she will meet them in this state what will she answer to them and thinking all this she tears rolling down from her eyes Abhi looks this and wipes her tears and asks what happen Pragya gestures nothing and Abhi makes her lie over the head and pats her head gently to make her sleep for getting proper rest and BG music plays…

Ho Ghum Ke Badal (If there are clouds of sadness)
Mujhpe Tham Jaane De (Let them stop right at me)
Bechainiyo Ko (Let Your restlessness)
Mujhse Takraane De (Have a combat with me)
Dukhti Ho Koi Baat (If there is some painful thought)
Mujhpe Aane De (Let it come on me)
Pragya looking at him
Dil Sochta Tha (My heart always thought)
Ke Koi Apna Ho (That someone would be so close to me)
Koi Raaz Na Ho (There won’t be any secret)
Jo Usse Rakhna Ho (That I kept away from him)
Aankhein Na Kholoon Main (I am not opening my eyes)
Shayad Sapna Ho (Maybe its a dream)
And Pragya slept she was holding his hand and looking like a baby is sleeping
Tu Jahan Main Wahan (Wherever You are, I am there)
Sang Sang Yuhn Chaloon Tere (I’ll walk with You in the way)
Jaise Tera Aasmaan (Just like Your own sky)

Time is passing it was about 2 months more were spent and Abhi was taking care of Pragya in every means and keeping remind that not let anything bother to her because now Pragya was looking extremely weak like a patient looks when he is suffering from starvation and this is the reason that Abhi is trying to fulfil all her wish he takes care of everything her diet chart is prepared by him that what will she eat and what will not with the help of Shweta and he is following it also he himself checks her what she is eating what she is drinking and in his absence he tells everything to dadi and Aliya that what to give her what to not and even inquires about her condition every time on call….. one day Abhi was with Pragya in her room and suddenly Pragya demanded Pav bhaji for her
Abhi : Pav bhaji but Pragya you haven’t tasted it and now you are demanding it..
Pragya : I don’t know anything I want that’s it..(In kiddish way)
Abhi : Ok I will bring it but you stay here ok don’t even try to get up from bed as you think that no one is in home then you will wander here and there then don’t even think about that understood..
Pragya ( in kiddish way) : Ok na now stop scolding me and bring it for me I will not get up from here…

Abhi : Ok I am going.. I will be back in just 15 minutes
Pragya nods ok and Abhi leaves it was about 10 minutes spend Abhi left dadi and Aliya who was gone to temple returned and were sitting on the couch in living room then Aliya heard that something fallen down so she rushed to see as the voice was came from Pragya’s room so she rushed towards her room and when she opens the door she gets panic as Pragya was crying holding her head she goes to her and holds her
Aliya : Bhabi what happened bhabhi…
Pragya ( holding her head) : do something Aliya its paining a lot please my head Aliya please do something
Aliya calls Abhi and Abhi was at the door so he rushed towards the hearing that to his room and there he goes and see Pragya in that state and gets panic so he rushed to hold Pragya and says to Aliya to call doctor…Pragya was crying hard Abhi was becoming emotional seeing her crying like this she was crying in much pain Abhi was asking what happened but she was unable to answer but she answered…
Pragya : Abhishek this headache it seems like someone is trying to tear my head I can’t tolerate it please do something please…

She cries hard and getting panic Abhi shouts at Aliya that where is the doctor Aliya tells she is on the way Abhi was trying to divert her mind from the headache he was rubbing her back slightly he was trying to give her a head massage but failed as it was increasing Pragya was now holding pillow trying to cover her head then he just took her and hugs her tightly to make her feel comfortable he was continuously saying relax and caring her head just then Shweta arrives and checks her and gives her injection and tells Abhi that it was a normal headache but because of her this state she is unable to tolerate it that’s why she was crying like that and she told to him that don’t be worried about that a lot please I am writing some medicines keep giving them and yes don’t forget to keep bandages on her head as it will relive her keep the cold bandages on her ok Abhi one thing more these are just because of those injuries because that didn’t got time to get healed so don’t be panic as this was beginning now she will have to face more as the time will pass she will become like a lifeless body and it is quite possible that in last days of Pregnancy she will become as much weak that she will be unable to walk even for a distance so be ready and make you mind set as you have to take care of her in every way and yes try to keep children away from her as if they will look her like that then they will got more tensed about their mother I hope you understand what I am trying to say Abhi nods yes Shweta leaves and Abhi goes to look Pragya looking her in that state he again start cursing himself for that day then goes to her and sit near her then dadi comes in and keeps her hand on his shoulder Abhi asks Aliya to stay with her and goes out dadi follows him

Dadi : Abhi what have you thought how will you keep children away from her as she will never agree and children will not agree over that without knowing the reason that why are you doing so…
Abhi : I don’t know dadi but I have to do so now I have to do this god knows how much she has to bear
Dadi leaves and then Abhi calls Bulbul and says to her something and then he goes to kids they were in their room talking about something.. Abhi stops his steps outside the door as they were laughing and having fun then he consoles himself and goes inside…
Abhi : Hey my dears are having fun right..
Subuhi : Yes papa bhaiya was telling us some of the funny scenes of cartoons which he use to watch on computer always
Abhi : Ok ok beta I have to say something to you
Abhigya : Say na papa
Abhi : Actually beta I am going to out of station because of some work and maa will also join me so for some-days so you have to live at your masi maa’s home so I was here to say pack your bags as you have to go there..
Prabhas : But why papa if you are going so go na we will live here with Bua and dadi they will take care of us..

Abhi : No beta you have to go how much work will Aliya bua do see she have to take care of her home then dadi is also with her dadi’s responsibility is also on her then her own family and Bulbul has to spent all the time with children so she will manage with you all..
Abhi was trying hard to make them understand but none of them were agreeing and this time frustrated Abhi shouted on them in anger I SAID YOU HAVE TO GO THAT’S FINAL YOU ARE GOING THERE AND I DON’T WANT ANY ARGUMENT FURTHER all of them got scared then they all goes and hugs him and says Papa don’t be angry please don’t shout you want us to go na we will go there but you don’t get angry on us please we don’t like our angry papa Abhi hugs them and they all agrees while all of them went to call Aliya to help them in packing there stuffs Pulkit remains there and goes to Abhi who was seated over the bed and he says to him I know something is happen to ma otherwise you will not become this much tensed I know there is something for sure but I am sure that this will solve soon Abhi looks at him and Pulkit leaves Abhi looks on and thinks how will I tell you people that what is going to be happen if something happened to her how will I tell to you people…..All the children left with Aliya to Bulbul and Purab’s residence saying bye to him
About 8 months were completed and 9 was about to complete and now Pragya’s condition was worst as she was looking like someone has suck all the blood from her body she was looking like a cancer patient looks at his last stage when he is about to die her eyes have become dull became dark her face has become very much dull she is unable to talk in loud voice she can’t walk without help of someone as she can’t get up from bed without anyone’s help and looking her in this situation Abhi is more angry on himself and even now for a moment he also started hating with his unborn child but next moment he realises that it is not his mistake he was pretending to be strong but as the time was passing Abhi’s fear was increasing he was every moment living in this fear that what will happen to her and still on her face there was no mark of fear on her face and this was his only strength and then one day the time came Pragya was having labour pain and they all rushed to hospital taking her there Abhi was seated with Pragya on back seat and Aliya was driving the car and dadi was seated infront seat with her Abhi was holding Pragya’s hand and trying to keep Pragya awake as if she slept then the complications will increase so he was trying hard to keep her awake and in about 15 minutes they reached to hospital and there Pragya was laid over the stretcher and were taking towards the labour room Abhi was holding her hand still but suddenly Pragya’s eyes closed and Abhi’s hand relieved as she losed his hand and Abhi at time stopped over there as like someone has freezed him there like someone has putted cold chilled water over his head and looks doctors were taking her to the labour room then Dadi notices it and goes and shakes him slightly
Dadi : What happen Abhi beta keep patience beta everything alright

Abhi looks at her and then stammers it was clear from his face and stunned expressions that he was totally scared his fear was overcoming on him now his fear was at peak
Abhi (stammer) : da dadi wo she she closed her her eyes dadi..
Dadi : All ok beta she is just faint nothing else beta relax
But Abhi was full scared his fear of losing her was clearly visible from his eyes after sometime Doctor came out and Abhi rushed to her
Abhi : She is fine right nothing happen to her..
Shweta : Abhi I want to tell you something we can save either mother or the child as the complications are more and I was quiet sure that this situation will come for sure now you have to decide..

She was speaking and Abhi was looking at her stunned but when she was about to complete her sentence Abhi interrupts..
Abhi : Save her save the mother Shweta did you heard that save Pragya as she can become mother again and if she will not then also I am not worried because we have our world fulfilled we have our children but if anything will happen to her then she will not return again so just save her damn it..
Shweta : Abhi relax calm down not get impatience she will be alright hmm..
And she leaves Abhi stood over there and waiting for the doctor to come out again and give him the news that all is fine his wife is alive and so happens doctor came out after some time and Abhi and all again rushed to her there he asks to her
Abhi : how is she is fine na.
Shweta : What can I tell Abhi you go and see your self…
Abhi was shocked hearing that and he was totally scared now as he was not having such potential to go and check in how she is and screen freezes on his that expression

Precap : No precap
Important message to divanshi dear i havent forgot about that but yes i have set that for further episodes you will soon be able to look Pragya as singer again and till then you have to wait and another message for aqsa DEAR I CANT UNDERSTAND HOW SOMIYA TOLD YOU THAT THIS FF IS BOARING BECAUSE SHE IS READING IT REGULARLY AND COMMENTING ALSO AND ALL HER COMMENTS ARE POSITIVE ANYWAYS IF I LIKED THAT YOU TILL WASNT COMMENTED BUT NOW COMMENTED AS YOU FELT THAT THIS IS NOT BOARING AND IF IT BECAME BORAING TELL ME THAT PLEASE I WILL ACCEPT IT WITH HAPPINESS 🙂
Ok guys i dont know you liked todays episode or not but yes i have tried to give my best and if you liked it please comment the best part today and for further updates stay tuned 😉 and last but not the least thank you KBians 😀 for supporting me

Credit to: Surbhi

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