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Episode 42
The episode starts with Pragya and Aliya returning to home and by that time Abhi was also at home Pragya and Aliya enters and Pragya look Abhi was very happy then she reminds that how he was expressing his feelings last night she was remembering his face his happiness and she was thinking about the decision which she has to take for herself she is still in dilemma that weather to tell Abhi about that or not she knows that he will never agree about it he will definitely agree with doctor and then he will sacrifice his happiness but he will never agree upon it that I should bear this child what to do should I have to think like a mother save my child or should I think like a wife and think about my husband’s happiness (thinking about herself being Abhi’s happiness) what should I do these all thoughts were roaming in her mind then suddenly a voice came and Pragya came out from her world of thoughts it was Abhi who was calling her..
Abhi : Where were you lost I am calling you …..
Pragya : Nothing ( giving a fake smile )
Abhi ( being excited murmured in her ears ) : What doctor said all is ok na tell me how is our chhotu tell me…

Pragya forgetting her tension hearing his silly questions smiles : yes all Ok nothing to get worry…
Dadi : Arey Abhi let her come in at-least someone was saying to me before sometime that Dadi don’t punish me you can’t punish father of four children and see now someone is forgetting that he is father of four children…. See how he is behaving….
Abhi goes to dadi : Arey dadi you know I am very happy as I will relive that moment I have lost that time because of this rock star carrier but believe me this time I won’t let this happen I will see each and every moment of my child and yes I will record it also
Dadi : Aliya did you looking at his happiness see this silly boy beta Abhi you have to wait for it but now at this time you let her take rest and from now onwards Pragya you will not do any household work understand…
Pragya : But dadi its ok I can do so if I will not do any work na I will feel like I am becoming lazy..
Dadi : Whatever you want to think just think but I will not let you do any work Abhi you take her to the room and let her rest….

Abhi agrees and takes her to the room he makes her sit on the bed and starts talking about that what he had planned for the new coming baby and he again started explaining..
Abhi : You know fuggii I have decided that if the baby will be a girl na then she will be my third princess and you know i will make her bed near Subu’s bed when she will grew up as the trio sisters will be in sequence first the elder one then the younger one and then the junior one and if he will be a boy then he will be our Prince and I will set his bed in Pulkit’s room as with keeping him with Prabhas is totally risk you know last night when you was sitting out what he did I went in his room to check whether he slept or not and you know in his sleeping I think he was watching a dream he took a tennis ball which was kept near his bead and thrown it on me and what did he said Pikachu I am choosing you ( Pikachu mai tumhe chunta hoon) I mean who watch the cartoon with such interest that he has started dreaming then I make him awake and then I make him sleep properly I mean he is doing such things in his dreams if he will do it with him then what we will do… No I can’t take risk I will make him live with Pulkit only…and I will stop Prabhas’s pokemon also

Pragya laughing : Arey but he can’t sleep without mother na till he will not grow up…
Abhi : Oh yes how I forgot that !! ok then we will keep his or her cradle near our bed and I think we will not keep any cradle we will make him sleep on our bed itself right na…
Pragya nods in ok and then Abhi keeps his head in her lap and she cares his hair….
Abhi : You know I thank god that he gave me one more chance to see my child’s child hood…
Pragya was looking at him and thinks he is this much happy how can I snatch this happiness from him he is right he has missed their childhood and then he is getting that chance again so I have no right to take away this happiness for him I will bear this child and whatever will be the result we will see it later and while thinking a tear rolled out from her eyes and drops on Abhi’s face and he looks at her
Abhi : Pragya !! you are crying but why ??
Pragya: Nothing I was thinking something …

Abhi : is anything bothering you please tell me..
Pragya : Please don’t take me wrong but I was thinking that if this child came in your life so will you be able to give love equally I mean if your love divided between children then if that thought came in your mind that you will not love Subuhi or Pulkit like they are not your children and you understood na what I am trying to say…
Abhi cups her face : This will never happen what happen if Pulkit and Subuhi are not our children but they have spent and spending their childhood in my presence in our presence and with us so don’t think and bring this thought ever in your mind as this will never happen hmm now you take rest ok I am going to bring my small army from school…
Pragya laughs and Abhi leaves then Pragya calls the doctor and tells About her decision
Doctor : But Pragya it is not that easy you have to bear more pain if you will go through with this decision of yours then it is quite possible that you will not be there to see your child’s face then think about that Pragya don’t do this as the time will pass you won’t be able to walk for few steps also Please Pragya try to understand as consequences will not good and what about your family your children your husband what will you answer to them….
Pragya : I have thought and I will stick to my decision I can’t snatch this happiness from him and I am saying this being a mother also I can’t take my child’s life I have no rights to do so and don’t think about my life as I know nothing will happen to me I will survive because my love and my children’s love will let me happen anything till they are with me nothing can happen to me and as well as my child also but I have one request from you please don’t let this information reach to Abhishek please it is my humble request
Doctor : Ok but you have to take precautions and u will meet me every week at once I will check your status..
Pragya agrees and cuts the call then she hears that Subuhi was there and She came inside with Prabhas and Abhigya… and the trio were looking angry…
Subuhi : Maa dadi is saying that you are going to bring a new baby in our home..
Prabhas : is it true ??
Pragya : Yes but you all are looking angry why you don’t want any baby in your home ??
Abhigya : No we don’t want ….

Pragya : But why….??
Abhi was standing at the door listening to them…
Prabhas : You will bring new baby and it will be too small
Subuhi : It needs care and always it will cry to go in your lap or Papa’s lap
Abhigya : And then no one will love us Papa will not take us in his lap..
Prabhas : You will not make us sleep by caring our hairs..
Subuhi : You and Papa will always stay with that baby then Papa will no more love us and you will no more love us then what we will do.. so we are saying please don’t bring it..
Tears rolled down from their eyes as they were thinking so.. Pragya laughs and Abhi also comes in he takes Abhigya and Prabhas in his arms and Pragya makes Subuhi sit in her lap..
Pragya wiping her tears : Arey baba who told you all this nothing will happen like this beta…
Abhi kissing their cheeks : Ma is right why you thought like this as you all are our elder children and the one who is coming will be junior from you naa and when you all were small like them we also treated you all like that
Subuhi : Really !! so you always use to make me sleep with you when I was small ??
Abhi : Yes of course and you know this Abhu didi of yours she always use to stay in my arms never get down and use to sleep in my arms only.. and this your Prabhas bhaiya of yours he always use to stick with your mother never leave her at any cost..
Pragya : And this little princess she always use to sleep with me only she always use to go only with two persons either Abhigya or me neither Prabhas nor Pulkit this silly princess ( rubbing her nose on her gently)

Abhi : Now stop crying you all on this silly reason as if this baby will come na then someone will be there to call didi to our Subu and Abhu is already the elder sister from subu and prabhas will become bade Bhaiyya and Pulkit dada will be the elderest one isn’t that good…
Abhigya : then you will love us like this then also na you will make us sleep na and you will play with us also…( asking like a kid)
Abhi : yes baba nothing will change as you are my sweetoos na
Prabhas : Promise…
Abhi : Pinky promise ( tangle his short finger to their finger)
Subuhi : Then you both will play with us like this only na..
Pragya : Yes baba and now you all stop crying ok

She hugs her and then Abhi wraps them and they shared a family hug then someone shouts from outside may I join this family hug Abhi looks it was Pulkit standing outside he calls him widening his arms Pulkit goes and they all shares a family hug
About four months were spend and now Pragya was having a flaunting baby bump and Abhi was taking care of her every need he was caring her fully like what a wife expect from her husband but the effect was little bit visible on Pragya of that what doctor told to her now the condition was that if Pragya does little bit so she get so much tired and the children were seeing that as the time was passing the baby bump was flaunting one day Abhi Pragya were sitting in their room and Subuhi aong with Abhigya and Prabhas came there and jumped on the bed…
Abhi : hey completed your homework ???
Prabhas : time before now we all are free so thought that we must talk to maa…
Abhi : Ok what about dada..?

Prabhas : He is studying …
Abhigya : as we have one query ??
Subuhi : yes I also have the same question ??
Pragya : and what the question is ??
Abhigya : We are noticing that you are becoming fatty day by day but only from your stomach..
Prabhas : yes and why is it so….
Subuhi : do you have started over eating ???
Pragya and Abhi laughs hard and then says to them…
Pragya : No beta nothing like that ???
Abhi : she is not becoming fatty her tummy is looking like this because baby is growing up…
Abhigya : You mean baby is in this tummy papa !!( shockingly )
Prabhas : It means baby is in tummy ??

Abhi : yes ….
Subuhi : it means maa… eated that baby why maa why you ate him
Abhigya : we should stay away from her she has eaten a baby….
Prabhas : maa how can you do so you ate a baby seriously !!
Pragya pats on Abhi’s shoulder : always telling lie to them it is nothing like that I haven’t ate baby it is because I am eating medicines na that why it is just reaction..
Abhigya : Really !! then where is the baby ??
Prabhs : if you haven’t ate it then where is the baby tell us
Subuhi : why are you hiding him we want to see him..
Pragya laughs : Baby is with doctor as he is taking care of him god send baby to doctor and doctor takes care of that baby till nine months and then when doctor feels that baby is ok then he will give him to us..

Subuhi : Really maa but if doctor is taking care of baby then why you are eating medicines
Abhigya and Prabhas in chorus : Exactly
Dadi comes in : because baby will live with maa somedays and for that she has to stay healthy that’s why she is eating those medicines
Prabhas : Oh so that’s the matter ok I will tell it to dada that Ma is getting fatty because of medicines as he will also get confuse na that why she is becoming fatty
Abhigya : Right I am also coming
The trio leaves the room and Pragya again hits on Abhi’s shoulder
Abhi : Why are you becoming angry yr I have told them right and you lied to them
Dadi : You haven’t done the right thing as this is not their age of knowing such things understood
Pragya : Exactly…
Abhi : Oh so how will they know

Dadii : when they will be at that age they will understand on their own then you haven’t need to tell them that what should be happen and when understood..
Abhi : Ok ok sorry na it was my mistake now forgive me….
Dadi : Abhi let Pragya take rest and come with me I want to talk to you….
Dadi and Abhi came out and Dadi was looking little bit tensed
Abhi : What happened dadi you are looking tensed
Dadi : Beta have you seen Pragya how much she is weak
Abhi : Yes but I thought it is because of pregnancy na..
Aliya comes there and says..
Aliya : NO bhai there is something else as I have also seen this stage but not became weak like this

Dadi : Exactly beta matter is something else as I have seen ages and seen that this never happened in any case Abhi this is not good if she will be weak like this then it is quite possible that it will be dangerous for your child also
Abhi : I think you are right dadi as at time of our twins also she was not like that…but if is it so then what can we do as she will never tell her problems..
Dadi : I think you should talk to her doctor..
Aliya : Dadi is right Bhai..
Abhi agrees and next day he went to meet the doctor secretly
Doctor : Yes Mr. Mehra was anything serious that you came here is Mrs. Mehra alright…
Abhi : Yes doctor ( hesitatingly ) Actually no Shweta she Is looking very weak and as I know when she was Pregnant at the time of Abhigya and Prabha she was not like this I thought her weakness is just an effect which comes at time of pregnancy but dadi told me that…. You understood I think what I am trying to say..

Shweta ( She is family doctor of Abhi ) : Actually Abhi I understood what are you trying to say and I can’t tell you as being a friend to Pragya I cant tell you about that…
Abhi : You cant tell you about that being a friend to Pragya but you can tell me being a doctor right … as your profession doesn’t permit you to hide anything from the patients family..
Shweta : But…
Abhi ( little bit rudeness ) : tell me shweta what you both are hiding from us..
Shweta doesn’t said anything and gave Pragya’s report and then she told everything to Abhi and Abhi was like someone has stabbed him with a sword he was feeling weather to feel for Pragya or his child as they both were in the mouth of death then Shweta shakes him and he comes into his senses..
Abhi ( stammering as he was very much tensed now ) : is is there any way to save them…
Doctor : there was the way abortion but now it is not possible as much time is spent and now the complications are more so it is not possible now the only thing is we have to wait till delivery of child..
Abhi : Shweta please tell me please that is there any way to save her…
Shweta : first of all Abhi please don’t think that she will die because you know she has full faith in you that you will not let anything happen to her Abhi you know what she told me when she was finalising her decision
She narrates the whole incident

Abhi : So she told this to you now can you tell me Shweta how much pain I have to bear now ( tears rolled down from his eyes as he was thinking about the result )
Shweta : Abhi be patience if she is sure that nothing will happen to her then nothing will happen to her understand and yes it is true that she has to face lots of problem further but if you will be with her your support will be with her then she can bear any problem and I am not saying this she herself use to say this ….
Shweta tells Abhi how to take care of everything and then Abhi with a heavy heart leaves her cabin and while moving towards his car he was all lost in his thoughts that how Pragya kept smiling hiding all her problems and he was regretting that why he showed this much happiness why he became this much happy that Pragya took this decision…. Sapna jahan dastak na de plays in background
he remembers all his moments with Pragya and has anger in his eyes for himself that is he didnt have showed that happiness to her then she havent picked up such a step and he stop the car and hits his hand in staring wheel and screen freezes at abhi in anger thinking about Pragya and Pragya smiling while thinking about the new coming baby of her…

Precap : No precap
Sorry guys for the late update but as i told you that i am busy with some of my assignments so i am not getting time to upload and i am telling you that my next update will be on Monday and my dear Kristy i am really sorry if have hurt you relly very sorry dear but the fact is our actual heroes are the army men only as we cant survive if they are not there for us and i respect them with the core of my heart and dear you are just 15 dont think much about that just see it as a story because in real life you are not going to see happiness all the time i hope u will understand what i am trying to say and for my other fans thank to you all 😀 and yes dont think that Pragya is going to die….. please keep patience please hope you will understand 🙂 but it is the time to check Abhi’s Patience that weather he believes on his love or he is just afraid of everything means losing this time lets check it…..
till then shabba khair bye bye and yes namashkar 😉 we will meet on Monday now

Credit to: Surbhi

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