KB story of faith season 2 (Episode 42)


Thank you so much for your appreciation guys and yes Durga please dont trim your comments yr 🙂 i feel good that you express all your feeling through your comments and yes Kristy i dont know why you dont like army people may some personal issues but i want to show something through it that’s it and Salma dear i am not thinking to reduce my cast as if i thought so i must have done the incident like accident or something else i am inspired by some incidents so i am trying to show them nothing else hope you will understand 🙂 ok now coming to the story..

The episode starts with Pragya saying to Pulkit you decided to join army so soon right and I am not giving you permission for doing so understand and saying this Pragya left from there and Pulkit looks on at her with teary eyes as he was in full believe that she will support him Abhi goes to him and keeps hand on his shoulder and cares his head and Pulkit hugs him in back Abhi cares his head and says you don’t take tension I will make her understand ok he breaks the hug and cups his face then he says as which is my sons happiness it is my happiness ok now smile and wipe these tears come we will talk to her….. they goes to talk with Pragya..she was seated on bed and she was in shock that her son took such a big decision and didn’t told her just then Pulkit and Abhi enters.. Pulkit was holding Abhi’s hand and he looks at him after looking at Pragya and Abhi sees him and gestures him that don’t worry she will agree….
Abhi : Pragya atleast listen to him once why are you doing so…
Pragya : I don’t want to listen anything as I have said no so no I am not agreeing over this silly decision I am not going to allow him for doing so…
Pulkit : But maa. I really want to do so… please maa..
Abhi : What are you doing Pragya you are stopping him for doing what he wants…
Pragya in anger stands up : You know what are you saying Abhishek what kind of decision is this he wants to leave us..!!!

Abhi : Pragya he is not going to leave us he is just talking about joining and doing what he wants and you are stopping him from doing so don’t you want that your son happily accept his job and by the way it is a proud thing na that our son decided to join such a big thing now a days where boys and children are thinking that they will become engeneer doctor or any other choosing any other profession he has decided to live for the country serve for the country yes I know he has done mistake that he didn’t told us that he is doing so but he apologized for that then why are you doing so…

Pragya in anger : I don’t know anything I am saying that he will not go that’s enough..
Pulkit goes to her and kneels down and keeps his head on her lap as Pragya was sitting on bed : maa… I really want to join it because I want to live for my country and become something that I will make your name…. proud….

Pragya was in tears hearing him but she hides them and said to him in full anger : You just shut up Pulkit I said that I am not allowing that’s enough now I don’t want any argument further…
Abhi was now in anger and he shouted : What is your problem Pragya why you are behaving like this have you lost it why are stopping him from doing so
Pragya : Yes I am lost it I am selfish whatever you want to think just think but I am not giving permission that’s it…

Pulkit remains in tears as he was in full believe that his mother will support him but she was not doing so and looking this Abhi was getting more anger and he pacifies him holds his hand and says to Pragya..

Abhi : Fine you are not supporting him so don’t support but I am in full support of him I will allow him to do what he want to do… I will support my children in any way you don’t want to do so then stick to your decision but I am with him……. And I will also see who will stop him from fulfilling his dreams…..

Pragya says fine in anger and leaves the room shutting the door forcefully and looking her in such anger Pulkit was hurt he hides his face in Abhi and Abhi covers him with his hand and pacifies him..

Abhi : You don’t worry I am with you ok don’t feel sad bachha I will talk to her now she is tensed na that’s why she is behaving like this you just relax….
Pulkit : Papa I thought she will be happy with my decision but see I made her angry…
Abhi slightly caring his back : She will be beta but give her sometime..
Pulkit : No she will not I saw her anger she will never agree upon this I will not fill this form papa as she is not happy with this decision I will not do so….

Abhi : don’t say like that understood as I am here na I will make her understand she will agree definitely and never think like that you have to change your interest just because no one like that profession see ( cupping his face) look at me if I have thought like same as you that no one is happy with my profession so I wouldn’t have fulfilled my dreams I must have done something else and then I didn’t have lived my life so I won’t be here it was quite possible that without interest I am doing something else then do you think it will be justice with your choice no na so beta so don’t think like that ever ok and don’t take tension about maa I know why she is not agreeing upon your decision I will make her understand ok you just start your preparations as now I want to see my son in his dream land hmm.. now smile
Pulkit wipes his tears and passes a smile
Abhi : That’s like my boy now go and sleep don’t think about maa’s anger I will see her…
Pulkit nods in ok and then leaves to his room and Abhi goes to Pragya who was sitting in the garden on the swing thinking about the same…Abhi goes to her and sit beside her.. and keeps his hand on hers… and asks gently….

Abhi : What happened you never did this to anyone then why doing with him…
Pragya : Because I don’t like that profession
Abhi : when you was married to me you didn’t liked that rock music but you never stopped me from doing so but now you are doing this with him why ???
Pragya turning her face other side : You will not understand….

Abhi : oh yes I will not understand as when you brought him with you and named him as your son so I didn’t understood that right and when you took decision to not to tell anyone about him so I didn’t understood you are right Pragya I have never understood you that what you want and what are you up to..because if I have understood you ever so I have answer that why are you behaving weird ok you right Pragya actually you know what I am thinking and what is bothering me but I haven’t understood you ok then the topic is over as I will not understand what is bothering to you I am going to sleep you sit……

Pragya realises that he is hurt by her words and Abhi was actually hurt he was about to leave but Pragya holds his hand and stops him then Abhi sits again and Pragya turns her face towards him and ABhi notices that she was crying and then Pragya without saying any word to him she hugged him and Abhi rests his hand on her back..

Pragya : I am not agreeing Abhishek because he is saying to do that in which his life will be in danger everyday every moment. Everyday news comes on T.V that today this officer got died because of saving us from terrorist or due to war on border or due to militants many families suffer because they lost their children Abhishek everyday there is atleast one article that today a mother lost her daughter someone lost their son so then how can I agree upon his decision tell me….when everyday newspapers and tv news are filled with those articles… tell me how can I agree…
Abhi : I agree with you Pragya but because of this reason that you are afraid of losing your son that doesn’t mean that you will stop him doing that which he wants this is not done its just same like a bird is stopping her children from learning that how to fly just because the bird is afraid that if her child will fall down it will be no more someone will finish him…. Pragya that is not the way you are thinking……

Pragya : But think from a mothers heart Abhishek how can I send my child there at that place where there is fear at every moment of losing life… I know I haven’t given birth to him I haven’t kept him in my womb till 9 months but Abhishek i am his mother and he is my son I am worried about that if anything happened to him then what will happen to me…
Abhi : shhh don’t think these stupid things understood just think that he will be a successful person and yes you are saying like this that if something happen to him how will you live then what about me Pragya you know I don’t know what bond I share with him beside being a father but I am telling you if anything happens to him I feel more restless than you and don’t think that he will leave you just think that when he will return after his training and when he will be awarded for his duty then who will be more happy and who will be person whom people will praise it will be you Pragya people always praise a mother if her son is serving for country so leave those thoughts Pragya as nothing is kept in those negativities just think that when he will do so na then we will be named after him People will not say that see Pulkit Mehra son of Abhishek Mehra and Pragya Mehra the son of rockstar is going but they will say that see these are the parents of Pulkit Mehra….

Pragya we will have our identity from his name he will not known from our name and not in case of Pulkit I need this in our every child’s case that they became such a person that we should be known from their names not from our names they should get their identity think about it as I am very proud that he took such decision…. You know he was saying that if you are not happy then he will not fulfil his dreams he will do something which you like and I know My fuggii is not like that selfish that she will let anyone break their dream because of her…
Pragya looks at him : Ok give me some time…

Abhi : Ok but think about it soon as I can’t see him like this hmmm
Abhi leaves and Pragya remains there..thinking about Abhi’s words after sometime she also leaves for her room while she was going to room she sees that Pulkit was still awake and sitting on the study table resting his head over the table and putting the table lamp on and off it was clear from his face that he was sad over Pragya’s behaviour Pragya also feels the same so she silently goes to him and keeps her hand over his head and Pulkit turns to see then he sees Pragya and gets up and makes her sit on his bed. And keeps his head over her lap..
Pragya : Hmm so angry with your mother… that she doesn’t understand your feelings…
Pulkit : No who said that I can’t be angry upon you….
Pragya : Are you sure you are not angry upon me that I didn’t support you in your decision…
Pulkit : No maa I am not as I know why you are not agreeing upon my thoughts..
Pragya : Really you know it then I want to know that why is it so…
Pulkit : Because you have negative point of view that people who serve for country only face martyr nothing else… but maa that is not true…
Pragya : Very good my son understands what I am thinking Anyways I have a good news for you
Pulkit : What good news maa..

Pragya : you can do what you want.. you want to join that army na you can do so but only one condition..
Pulkit becomes happy and being in over joy : All conditions are accepted maa just order I will fulfil it..
Pragya : Hmm so you have to return home whenever you will get some relieving time.
Pulkit : this is not the thing to say maa as you know I can’t live without you so definitely I will be with you and by the way I am not going this year I can only go when I clear that NCC exam
Pragya : Ok baba ok relax don’t make noise as others are sleeping and only you are awake understood… now go and sleep..
Pulkit : Ok but first I will tell this to Papa that my sweet maaa… agreed..
Pulkit was jumping like a small kid got the toy of his choice and Pragya looks at his happiness thinks that what was you doing Pragya you was snatching this happiness from him and then screen shifts to Pulkit who was running in excitement so his leg slips and he falls down his elbow gets injured but he was on cloud nine this time as he was going to fulfil his dream so he got up and rushed in Abhi’s room and he finds that he was standing there in balcony.. he goes and hugs him…
Pulkit : Papa love you soo much papa..

Abhi : arey what happened to you first leave me otherwise I will fall from balcony and my leg will get broke and beside treating me you mother will break my second leg also….
Pulkit : oh sorry but papa she will not do so you know she agreed…(being overjoyed)
Abhi : Really …!!!
Pulkit nods yes
Abhi : that’s the great news now give me my fees as I made her agree na..
Pulkit : Offo papa always being in fun mood
Abhi smiles and noticed that Pulkit’s elbow is bleeding… so he gets panick
Abhi : Show me your hand how this happen Pulkit always being so careless as usual being in your happiness you did this..
Pulkit : leave na papa it is not paining and why are you getting panic its ok…
Abhi pats on his head : Mr Ok I will tell you what is paining come here and sit don’t move from here
He makes him sit on the chair and then takes the first aid kit out and bandage him he was scolding him and Pulkit was hearing like a small kid and pragya was looking all this standing over at the door then she reminds Abhi’s word that I DON’T KNOW WHAT BOND I SHARE WITH HIM OTHER THAN BEING A FATHER BUT YES IF ANYTHING HAPPENS TO HIM I FEEL MORE RESTLESS then she comes back into her senses and goes to them and says..

Pragya : if father son love is over then may I ask something
Pulkit : Oh maa come na see Papa is behaving like you please make him understand that it is not paining…
Abhi : You sit here understood every time being careless always see now what he has done and saying its not paining but look at his face when the ointment touches his wound silly boy
Pulkit was listening to him keeping his head down then Abhi reminds Pragya was talking that she wants to ask something so he says
Abhi : You was going to ask something then ask na..
Pragya : Pulkit how this thought of becoming an army officer came into your mind I mean no one is in that field from our home so….
Pulkit : actually ma I thought that earlier but I was not sure about that but that day I heard Papa was telling you about that terror attack by which the family got separated sorry for doing that but then I was sure for my decision as I thought that my family suffered a lot because of that I will not let any other family suffer like that If I will be able to save at least one family I will get happy and I decided that I will join Army not for myself but yes to save people from those bad peoples….
Abhi and Pragya looks at each other and they both were having tears in their eyes that what Pulkit had said then they both controls themselves and Abhi hugs Pulkit feeling proud over his decision

In morning everyone was on dining table having their breakfast and Abhi told about Pulkit dadi and she was also happy Pragya was serving breakfast and while she was coming to Abhi she feels like world is roaming around her eyes and gets dis-balanced but balanced herself holding the chair next to her anyone didn’t noticed it as Abhi was busy with Rahul as he was leaving for Kota tonight and Dadi was talking with Abhigya Prabhas and Subuhi… Aliya and Vijay was busy in talking with each other and their son Aryan… time spend and Pragya was working in her room again she feels like same as she was feeling in morning this time she was about to fall down but at that time Abhi enters and holds her and makes her sit on the bed Pragya holds her head and Abhi giving her water…..
Abhi : Are you ok what happened to you I told you not to do much work as this is not good you are not well properly but you don’t listen to me
Pragya : No I am ok its nothing like that just feeling tired….

Abhi gives her water and asks her to take rest Pragya nods and Abhi leaves after sometime everyone was there at the airport to see off Rahul and after Rahul left they all back to home while entering to home Pragya again felt the same but this time she fainted on the spot Abhi holds her and gets panic as she was not opening her eyes so he takes her to the room and calls the doctor everyone was tensed over there that what happened to her suddenly then doctor comes and examined Pragya and comes out of the room and Abhi goes to her Doctor says congratulations Mr Mehra you are going to be father hearing that Abhi was like how to react on it he was feeling overjoyed that he was going to be father again then doctor said just send her tomorrow to clinic we have to do some tests Abhi agrees and gets inside Dadi blesses Pragya and after dadi left Abhi hugged her tightly and tears rolled down from his eyes Pragya breaks the hug…..
Pragya : Why are you crying like this…
Abhi : I am not crying I am happy as today I got a chance again…
Pragya : chance again ???( looking clueless)

Abhi : yes you know because of my work I lost the chance of seeing my babies first crawling how they started speaking how they took their first step everything just because I was busy in work and then when I got time then we…… and I lost their childhood but now I have decided that I will give full time to you now and this time I will not let anything destroy this happiness….
Pragya was looking at his eyes continuously she can see that how much he was happy and he was expressing his feelings how he was extremely happy with that news Abhi was completely lost in his happiness he was continuously speaking about his thoughts and Pragya was looking at him as she was seeing some other kind of relieving happiness in his eyes he was looking like he is going to be father first time this time he was not looking that he is father of four children it seems like he is hoping to relive his childhood as when he met Subuhi he was like the same she was confused about his reaction as his love for every child is of a responsible father a friend a brother everything but the only thing for which he lost was everyone’s childhood he didn’t saw any of them growing old she cant understand his love for children as he gives importance to everyone…… Pragya was lost in her thoughts looking a Abhi’s face and he was continuously telling that I will do this I will keep the child like this and she was hearing and like this the night spent and In morning everyone was in hall Abhi was waiting for Pragya as he was taking her to the clinic with him for tests but at the time Abhigya and Subuhi comes and says to him to leave them to school today they want to go with him…Abhi tries to make them understand that he is going with Pragya but they both insist him and Pragya says…

Pragya : Its ok you go with them I will manage….
Abhi : Ok but take Aliya along with you…
Pragya : Ok now leave otherwise they will be late…
( guys make you one thing clear that none of the kid knows what happened last night as while entering to home all rushed to their room so they don’t know what was happen)
Abhi leaves with kids and Pragya with Aliya reached to hospital as and she gone to meet her doctor Aliya was said to wait outside here the tests were completed and doctor comes out and it was looking from her face that the results are not good..
Doctor : I was right Mrs. Mehra you are pregnant but..
Pragya being tensed : But what doctor is anything serious…
Doctor : Mrs. Mehra actually there is something serious you can’t bear this child being a doctor I will advice to abort this child….

Pragya was shocked : But why doctor why you are saying to abortion… tell me please what is the problem…
Doctor : Mrs. Mehra I have read your reports you met an accident about four months earlier and the accident was major it took almost two months to recover and because of that you can’t carry on with this pregnancy..
Pragya looking clueless over her
Doctor :look your external injuries are healed but your internal injuries those wounds are still not healed and if you will carry on with this pregnancy then it will be dangerous for your life you will play with your as well as your child’s life Pragya think about that once….
Pragya was shocked after hearing that and she said I need time to think about that Doctor said please do fast as the time will pass you will have to bear a lot think about that ok..
Pragya nods and leaves the room she was remaining in thoughts and comes out. Aliya sees her and shooks her than she comes into her senses..
Aliya : Bhabhi where were you lost what doctor said Is everything fine…
Pragya giving a fake smile : Everything is fine…
Then Aliya asks to leave and they leaves for home while going Pragya was confused that what to do weather to go with doctors advice and save her life or to look at Abhi’s happiness and give him his happiness screen freezes and splits one side Abhi’s happy face is shown and one side Pragya’s tensed face…

Precap : Abhi asks children to stay at Bulbul and Purab ‘s house they refused to do so, Abhi shouts on them in anger all get scared with his anger


Thank you all for your support and i want to share something that i am inspired by some real incidents so i want to show them hope i will get your support..
Hope you will enjoy this episode ok to know further stay tuned

Credit to: Surbhi

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