KB story of faith season 2 (Episode 40)

Thank you guys for your precious comments and with your support i have completed 40 episodes today and so i am very happy over that thank you so much and yes sorry for the late update also so here we go with the story…..
Episode 40
The episode starts with all the guest going to the home after giving their blessings to the to be bride Purvi.

All the guests are gone and now dadi says to Pragya…..
Dadi : Pragya you have told ladies na about the sangeet function that is going to be held tonight…
Pragya : yes dadi I have invited them in evening itself they will come on time…
Pulkit : Dadi sangeet function !!! does this function is interesting or boring like the last one was ?????

Prabhas : Purvi maasi is it necessary to apply this green colour paste which exactly looks alike spinach paste or the paste made by green leaves I mean you can marry without it also na…
Abhigya : you shut up idiot you will not understand as this mehendi increases out our girls hands beauty…
Prabhas : Oh yes I forgot like your flour box increases your lady ghost personality just like that na… haha right na dada
He shares hi-five with Pulkit
Abhigya : If you haven’t suffering from fever na then I must have told you that what it results when you mess up with me understand…

Abhi stares at her: Abhigya……
Abhigya ( doing her face down ) : Sorry..( in innocent way)
Dadi : Arey how they both fight this is not good na anyways beta th is function is not for men and boys so you people will go with your fathers in outhouse okkkk…..
Pragya : Dadi you don’t take tension of them as if they will not fight na it will be difficult for them to spend their day… without fighting
Dadi : Ok ok Abhi did you understood what I said…
Abhi : But dadi its not done we are also member of this family then why boys should be out we will also come and see….

Dadi : No I said na this is not for boys and men that’s It and if you will not agree then remember that scale….
Abhi : Ok ok I will take them out don’t talk about that scale…..
Abhi murmurs : I am going right now but I will definitely see that what these ladies are going to do in ladies special…
Abhi along with Purab and Vijay and Purab, with Prabhas and Pulkit goes to outhouse where all the other men are enjoying their food and discusses the plan that how to go and see that what is in that ladies special sangeet…….
Purab : But how we will go inside Abhi think about that as it is not so easy there are so many ladies inside….

Vijay : Brothers we can go in a lady attire .. I mean dressing up like a lady…
Abhi in taunting expression : Yes of course then when they will caught us then they will welcome us with shoes and sandals very good Vijay proved today that you can give worst ideas…
Vijay : Oh hello I never use to go in such functions ok you were asking so I suggested and by the way why are you both getting desperate to go inside to see what your wives are doing so I have to tell you that my wife is also inside but I am not desperate see..
Purab : Arey stop fighting yr and think about the way to look what is going on inside and Vijay what if they are making joke of us then what !! we have to see na..
Vijay : yes yes you are right now I will also see….arey Abhi bhai tell us something yr… you are thinking from very long time…

Abhi : You want to see the function ???
Vijay and Purab : Yes of course…
Abhi : Then come with me…
Purab : But where ???????
Abhi : We will go inside kitchen from the back door and we will look from there as today kitchen is locked because the cooking arrangement is in outhouse so we can see from kitchen window and we will enter there from back door because kitchen is locked from inside but its back door is open I always use to go from there as when in mid night I feel hungry so we can watch whats going on from there itself……
Vijay : Great idea bhai…. We can go there….
Abhi : arey it’s a rock star idea now come let’s see what is going inside….

They all get inside the kitchen and Abhi brings his both the sons with him and as they silently get inside and as Abhi comes inside he collects some snacks and soft drinks and keeps it near that place from where they all are going to see the function….
Vijay : This man will surely make us dead today…
Abhi : What did you said say it again I will tell you then who will die today…
Purab : Arey you both stop you both are become relative now but still fight like two brothers are fighting….
Abhi : Arey Purab you first let him tell that who will make him dead then I will tell…
Purab : He said to me…not to you ok now keep silence please….
Abhi : Then it is ok…..
Prabhas : Arey papa enough yrr otherwise you will definitely make us caught…
Pulkit : Papa if we are saved today then tomorrow we will definitely go dead because maa will definitely come to know that where the snacks went as no one gone to kitchen today then who ate those definitely it’s you na….

Abhi : Ok ok I am keeping it now see out as the function is going to start…..
They all looks out from the window and see that ladies are performing some acts dancing on songs and of course making fun of boys and the first girl who started the function is Koyal….
Koyal : hello aunties didis and Dadis please pay attention as it is my favourite maasi’s sangeet function so mummy has told me to talk to you people like this
All laughs at her and Bulbul stares at Koyal but Koyal holding mike she didn’t noticed that she hadn’t off the mike and she says
Koyal : What !!! why are you looking me like this I haven’t said anything wrong… you know mummy this is your problem you said to me to say like this and now you are staring me like this…
All again laughs and Bulbul holds her head and says

Bulbul : I have done something definitely wrong in my past birth that’s why I have a daughter like her as a punishment….
Pragya : Areyyy Bulbul don’t say like that see her innocence ….
Bulbul : Yes of course I will see it as after all she is my daughter na…
Dadi : and totally resembles you…
Everyone laughs on that and Bulbul feels shy… then again Koyal announces
Koyal : Now without wasting the time let’s start the program…
And screen shifts to Purab there he was saying to Abhi
Purab : Oh they have make my daughter anchor today and she is the show starter today that’s not fare… I will make her understand that don’t come in these ladies talk from now onwards see how my innocent daughter Is trapped between them…
Abhi : haha what did you said Purab your innocent daughter hahaha if you are talking about innocent like you then my brother let me clear your misunderstanding that she is totally your wife’s daughter as she resembles her in every way….
Purab : Yes just like your son resembles Pragya dii…

Abhi stunned : Purab my brother are you ok you are becoming the third Bulbul…
All laughs on him and then he says look there now what they are doing…..
Koyal : everybody do you know when mummy was not married to papa what she use to think about papa when she came to know that papa loved her and he was not proposing her so what was her reaction…
All the women shouts of course beta tell us….
Koyal : Mummy dear play the music please
Bulbul plays the music as the song was of her choice and she was playing the song with her mobile and it was on loudspeaker and the song starts then Koyal starts dancing and ABhigya was acting as she is Purab and Koyal was acting as Bulbul… so they start dancing on song Aj k ladke…
Koyal showing attitude of Bulbul at that time…
Aaj Ke Ladke I Tell You (Today’s boys, I tell You)
Kitne Lallu What To Do (They are so naïve, what to do)

Koi Mujhe Poochhe How Are You (Some ask me how are You)
Koi Mujhe Bole How Do You Do (Some ask me how do You do)
Kabhi Koi Mujhse Na Kahe (No one tells me)
Oh My Darling I Love You
Then Abhigya comes and acts as Purab saying to bulbul and there Purab was becoming angry and his face was turning red in anger and ABhi and Vijay are laughing over his situation…
Abhigya :
Aaj Ki Ladki I Tell You (Today’s girls, I tell You)
Nakhre Waali Sun Le Tu (They throw so many tantrums, listen to this)
Hey Aaj Ki Ladki I Tell You (Today’s girls, I tell You)

Koyal :
Accha (Is that so?)

Abhigya :
Nakhre Waali Sun Le Tu (They throw so many tantrums, listen to this)
Na Main Poochun How Are You (I don’t ask them how are You)
Na Main Bolun How Do You Do (I don’t ask them how do You do)

Koyal :
Oh Shut Up
Abhigya :
Abhi Yahi Main Kehta Hoon (Now I just tell them)

Oh My Darling I Love You
Hey Oh My Darling I Love You
Oh My Darling I Love You
(Abhigya was acting as Purab is wishing Bulbul everything like good morning, hi, hello asking for lunch and talking to her like friend but not confessing that he loves her and suddenly one day he proposed her but Bulbul was showing tantrums)
Screen shifts to Purab and there he was in anger and about to jump out of that window from where they were looking all that scene…. Abhi and Vijay controls him..
Purab : Arey leave me I said they are showing totally wrong when I did this to her I will tell her she is making my fun…

Abhi and Vijay : Bhai control we know your anger is dangerous if you will go out like this then this house will get burn from your anger control yourself…
Purab : yes laugh as this was my time now that’s your turn will also come the I will tell you that what the anger is…
Screen again shifts to the place where function was going on and now this was Aliya’s turn so she shows that how Vijay was when he was not married they all are showing there husbands nature how they were before marriage actually they were making fun of them as Purvi can enjoy a lot before her marriage…. So this time Aliya was on stage.. the song plays and Aliya acts on it…. The song was yaron sun lo zara apna ye kehna ( as Vijay was goon before marriage)
Yaaro Sun Lo Zara Haan Apna Ye Kehna (Friends! Listen to (Heed to) what I am saying)

Jeena Ho To Apun Ke Jaise Hi Jeena (If You want to live life, then live it like I do)
Gaadi Bangla Nahin Na Sahi Na Sahi (If there is no car or bungalow, then also no problem)
Bank Balance Nahin Na Sahi Na Sahi (If there not enough bank balance, then also no problem)
TV Video Nahin Na Sahi Na Sahi (If there is no TV or video, then also no problem)
Suiting Shirting Nahin Na Sahi Na Sahi (If there is no suits or shirts, then also no problem)
Inki Humko Kyon Ho Fikar (Why should we worry about all this?)
Jee Lo Jaise Mast Qalandar (Live life like an euphoric/happy go lucky person)
The screen shifts to Vijay who was shocked to see that Aliya is doing so… then he was getting anger on that and ABhi and Purab was laughing on him then the screen again shifts to ALiya who was showing that Vijay was very fear less before marriage and how he was a perfect goon …

Humko Dekho Hum Hain Yaara Apni Marzi Ke Raja (Look at me, I am the king (master) of my own will)
Duniya Bole To Maza Hai Na Kaho Khud Ko Raja (If the world calls You that, then it’s worthy, don’t call Yourself a king)
Naam Appun Ka Munna Bhai (My name is Munna Bhai)
Hum Karein Vo Jo Dil Mein Samaay (I do what all what I feel like doing)

Arre Dhanda Kiya Na Kiya Kya Fikar (Even if You did business or not, it doesn’t matter)
aun Aaya Gaya Duniya Mein Kya Khabar (Who came and went from this world, who knows)
Is Duniya Se Tum Jo Rahe Bekhabar (If You remain unaware of this world)
Kabhi Duniya Tumhein Na Bhulaaye (Then may this world one day not forget You)
Yaaro Sun Lo Zara Haan Apna Ye Kehna (Friends! Listen to(Heed to) what I am saying)
Jeena Ho To Apun Ke Jaise Hi Jeena (If You want to live life, then live it like I do)

The screen shifts there from where all were looking at the function and there Vijay now was in anger and about to jump out of window….this time Abhi and Purab stops him….
Abhi : Bhai bhai relax… stay calm otherwise we will be thrown out of the house….
Vijay : Arey leave me I will tell them how I was before marriage these ladies are showing much and total lies…
Purab : Now who will make us die..

Abhi makes there fun : Arey my dear brothers please stay calm and concentrate now that what they are going to do…
Sreen again shifts to the function there this time the turn was of Pragya all were insisting her to act as how Abhi was but she was feeling shy and was not going ladies were insisting her to go but she was continuously refusing…. And looking this Abhi feels proud and feels himself on cloud nine and said to both vijay and Purab
Abhi : See this is called love see your wifes doesn’t love you but see my fuggi she can’t make fun of her husband see this is called a true wife…
Purab : Don’t feel this much happy as dii left from there…
Abhi looks there and all the lights were off as Pragya was agreed to show Abhi’s act and as this was Abhi’s act so it was special also so she acted and the song was lagi mujhe sundar har ladki and Bulbul Aliya along with some other girls are accompanying her…
Pragya wearing goggles and acting as Abhi’s attitude was as before marriage…
Shilaa maalaa belaa lilaa
Ritaa gitaa sitaa oe oe oe oe

Juli simaa paaro nimaa nitaa
Pritaa mitaa oe oe oe oe
Shilaa maalaa belaa lilaa ritaa
Gitaa sitaa oe oe oe oe
Juli simaa paaro nimaa nitaa
Pritaa mitaa oe oe oe oe
While Pragya was acting on these lines Abhi was cule less that what she is trying to show he was drinking juice then suddenly as Pragya acts on next lines Abhi’s eyes got widen and the juice which he was drinking bursts out from his mouth and Purab and Vijay starts smiling on him… as Pragya was acted on
Badi mushkil men huun dil Mein basaauun main kise ( I am feeling too much trouble as whom to give my heart )
Lage mujhe sundar har ladaki oe hoe (every girl here is looking beautiful)
Ho paise vaali yaa kadaki oe hoe (weather she is rich and wealthy or any normal girl)
Then Pragya acted like to make her jealous how Abhi use to praise every girl weather she is looking beautiful or not and she describes it.. and looking that ABhi was getting restless as now it was becoming difficult to control his irkenss and Purab and Vijay was continuously laughing on him..
Laal laal hain gaal kisi ke (someone cheeks are red)
Kisi ne suramaa daalaa achchhaa (someone has put surma in her eyes )
Koi suraiyaa koi hai naragis (someone is looking like suraiyya and nargis the beautiful actresses)
Koi lage madhubaalaa (someone is looking like madhubala)

She tells in gestures that he praised them like this but how those girls were see I will tell you then she shows the act
Haraa haraa hai teraa dupataa Kamiz nili hai (your dupatta (scarf) is blue in colour and your suit is green which doesn’t match with eachother)
Shakal hai teri hasin lekin Akal se dhili hai (you are so beautiful with your face but dumb from your mind)
Teri aankhon pe kyaa khub Mardaanaa chashmaa lage (these men’s goggles are looking fantabulous on your eyes)
Tuu to kudarat kaa bigadaa Huaa karishmaa lage (you are looking like natures blunder disastrous miracle)
Koi hai lambi koi hai naati Kisi ki bigadi hui hai kaathi (someone too long from him in height and some are too short and some are not good in height as they are fat or very much slim… )

Abhi looking at her murmuring in himself that Fuggii when I did this you are making fun of mine and there Pulkit and Prabhas in chorus said wao papa means girl should be with you doesn’t matter how she is looking hahahah very good and ABhi gets irked and screen shifts again to Pragya…
Now Abhi was getting out of control and somehow Purab and Vijay along with Pulkit and Prabhas controls him and the screen again shifts to Pragya…
Lage mujhe sundar har ladaki (every girl is looking beautiful for me)
Ho paise vaali yaa kadaki oe hoe (weather she is rich or poor)


The act ends and now Abhi was totally out of control as Purab and Vijay was making of fun…
Purab holding his stomach : hahahaa trues love hahaha…
Vijay : Bhai true wife also ahahahaha…… now this is called true wife really…
Abhi was extremely irked and he was warning them both to not to make fun of him but none of them were listening and laughing hard then Abhi got extremely irked and throws the bottle of juice which he was drinking on Purab and then Purab finds something but he couldn’t find so he again throws the same bottle on Abhi but by mistake it hits on Vijay and then he finds something to throw and he finds one small glass he was about to throw then Abhi says
Abhi : oye Vijay are you mad this will hit yr my head will get injured find something else to hit me understand ( oye pagal hai kya lag jayegi kuchh aur dhoondh)

Then vijay sees one knife and points it on Abhi then he says
Abhi : Oye have you gone mad this knife !! do you want to murder me if you want to hit find something else yr..
Then Vijay finds a plate and about to hit Abhi then he comes into his senses and thinks that I am hitting him and he will tell me that what should I use to hit him he is making fool of mine continuously so this time Vijay doesn’t agrees and throws the plate on Abhi but he missed and they starts throwing different items of Kitchen on each other and as hearing the sound of utensils being falling all the ladies got alert and then Pragya and Dadi says we will see and goes to see there Prabhas and Pulkit notices that they are coming they try to alert them but none of them listen then Prabhas says…

Prabhas : Dada leave them we should leave from here saving ourselves as if ma will caught us na then remember that dusting and helping in homework punishment…
Pulkit : You are right chhote come we should leave from here before ma could reach us..

They both very carefully leaves from there and Abhi Purab and Vijay continues their fight and dadi and Pragya reaches the kitchen and as they opens the door they both get shocked seeing that Vijay was holding a Milk boiler and Purab a jug and Abhi was holding a frying pan and the trio were fighting like they are fighting in battle ground but none of them noticed that Pragya and Dadi are standing at door as they both stood silently and staring at them then Purab was the one who noticed that first that Pragya and Dadi are at the door so he stops and get scared then Abhi said
Abhi : now what happened come fight you were laughing na come I will see fuggii for that later but first you I will see you both
Vijay : Arey what you will tell I will tell you first….
They didn’t noticed Dadi and Pragya as they were standing facing back towards the door..
Abhi : Oye Purab what happened why are you showing us expressions like someone is at our back..
Purab nods yes
Vijay scared : You want to say someone is at our back..
Purab nods yes…

Abhi : really someone is on our back side ???
This time Pragya says yes… and Abhi with widen eyes and scared expression turns around and looking Pragya gets shocked as dadi was also with her…
Dadi : may I know why you all are in kitchen and if you are here then why are you fighting with these utensils
Abhi : No dadi we were not fighting….
Pragya : Really then why this frying pan is in your hand….
Abhi looks at his hand and hides it in his back : Areeyy this we were trying to play badminton with it nothing else…
Pragya : Badminton with frying pan great and as you are playing badminton with frying pan Vijay is playing the same with the milk boiler why to catch the cock and Purab is playing the same with this Jug why Purab you was also trying to catch the cock ?? and by the way which is your cock this Bowl….
Abhi being smart : Areyy fuggiii you are became so smart you caught us right and now I think we all are gone..
Dadi : Exactly you all are gone I know why you three are here you all were looking at our function right I told you Abhi that this function is not for men then also you came here why….
Purab : No dadi we were here actually for…
Abhi : arey leave it Purab they came to know now no need for making excuses dadi you are making fun of us right that’s why you said that this function is not for us right…
Dadi : you will not understand and yes I will tell you know not agreeing with me what will result for you now tell me whose plan was this…

Purab and Vijay with scared expression points out at Abhi and Abhi scared no it was not my plan….
Dadi holds Abhi’s ears and says if you want to get rid of punishment so leave from here without any disturbance otherwise I will punish you infront of all ladies
Abhi : no noo………. We are leaving
He leaves with them both and Vijay said
Vijay : I told you that this man will make us die see he did so today we have to become embarrassed in front of Bhabhi and dadi
Purab : Arey leave that topic first tell me when we went inside we were six in count then how it was possible that when we Pragya dii and dadi came there we were only three in count
Pulkit : because we went from there as we doesn’t wanted to be punished
Abhi : very good your father was in trouble there and you left him …
Prabhas : Ohhh over acting papa we tried a lot to inform you but you was so much interested in playing badminton with those utensils…
Abhi : Ok ok I understood but one thing we have to do now we have to teach a lesson to our wives now as they represented our personalities in wrong way now we will show them how it feels when someone makes your fun….

Purab : right I am ready..
Vijay : mee too..
Abhi : Pulkit Prabhas come lets do the mini concert again this is the time to show these ladies that what is meant by men’s sangeet
He shares the plan.. all agrees…
The function inside was going on and then suddenly all ladies listens the voice coming from outside and they all goes to look there and they looks that Abhi Purab and Vijay were performing on song which was little bit teasing song and all the trio was shocked looking their husbands like this…
Abhi comes to Pragya :
Aaj Bata Doon Khul Ke Main Dear (Let me be frank with You today, my dear)
Pyaar Ye Mera Koi Dhauns Nahi Hai… (My love is not a deception of any sort)

Purab comes to Bulbul :
Kab Tak Kaatun Teri Galiyon Ke Chakkar (Till how long should I roam around Your lanes)
Ab Tak Koi Response Nahi Hai… (As I haven’t received any response from You till now)

Vijay goes to Aliya :
Din Bhar O Din Bhar Tere Peeche Daudun Kutte Ki Tarah (All day long, I run after You like a dog)
Raat Bhar Main Sadun, Jaise Chhat Par Ullu…( All night, I remain awake like an owl)
Then the trio sings in chorus and Pragya ALiya and Bulbul were looking them like what happened to them suddenly as they three were in drunked state

O Tere Pyaar Mein Mujhko Kya Mila Hai (In Your love, all that I have achieved is)
Babaji Ka Thullu… Babaji Ka Thullu..(Nothing)
O Iss Pyaar Mein Mujhko Kya Mila… (In this love, all that I have achieved is )
Babaji Ka Thullu… (Nothing)

Vijay goes to Aliya and says :

Mere Phone Message Ka Na Kare Reply (She doesn’t reply to my phone messages)
Shaayad Side Mein Baitha Hoga Bada Waala Bhai (Maybe her elder brother is sitting beside her)
Maine Saari Kamaayi Tere Upar Lutaayi (I’ve showered all my earnings on You)
Mere Mummy Daddy Ne Bhi Meri Waat Lagaayi (Even my parents made my life difficult (because of this))
Main Toh Cheekh Cheekh Bolun Tujhe Pyaar Karun (I scream and say I love You)
Tu Toh Ho Gayi Hai Behri, Tujhe Deta Nahi Sunaayi, Sunaayi, Sunaayi… (But You’ve gone deaf it seems as You can’t hear it)
And aliya was looking him shockingly as what the hell he is speaking
Abhi to Pragya :
Dil Ye Humaara Shaitaan Bahut Hai (My heart is devilish)
Darling Tu Bhi Beimaan Bahut Hai (And darling, You’re also quite dishonest)
Saying that she has made fun of him inside..
Purab goes to Bulbull :
Dekh Ke Tere Cheeks Pe Laali (Looking at the redness of Your cheeks)
Apni Neeyat Bhi Badal Gayi Saali (My intentions for You changed)
Naam Ke Tere Main Ratta Maarun(I chant Your name all day long)
Bhajan Karun Ya Karun Main Qawwali(Should I sing Bhajans (Hindu devotional songs) or should I sing Qawaalis)
Bulbul was looking in anger on Purab as she was thinking how dare he drunked like this I will tell him tomorrow
Purab Abhi and Vijay in chorus:
O Hi Hello, Hi Hello, Hi Hello Tu Toh Karti Hai Gairon Ke Sang (You say hi hello (You greet) unknown people)
Hum Toh Pakde Khade Teri Saree Ka Pallu… (And I am standing here holding Your saree’s pallu)

The three ladies were now on peak of anger as their husbands were totally drunked and children were laughing on their father a lot
Abhi goes to Pragya and rests his head on her shoulder and sings Pragya looks him angrily…

Love Ke Main Aage Laachaar Ho Gaya (I’ve become helpless in front of love)
Pyaar Nahi Mujhko Bukhaar Ho Gaya (I’m not in love, I feel as if I’m ill)

Purab goes to Bulbul and says :
Tu Jo Bulaave Coffee Date Pe (When You call me on a coffee date)
Hum Toh Pahunche India Gate Pe (I reach India Gate)

Vijay goes to Aliya :
Hum Jo Bulaave Aao Betho In My Car (When I call You to sit in my car)
Na Aati Tu Banaati Hai Bahaane Hazaar (You don’t come making a thousand excuses)

The trio in chorus :
O Din Bhar, O Din Bhar, O Din Bhar Tere Piche Daudun Tattu Ki Tarah
(All day long, I run after You like a moron)
Ho Banaras Ya Delhi Manali Ho Ya Kullu… (May it be Benaras, Delhi, Manali or Kullu)
(These are just some names of cities/towns of India)
O Tere Pyaar Mein Mujhko Kya Mila Hai (In Your love, all that I have achieved is)
Babaji Ka Thullu… (Nothing)
O Tere Pyaar Mein Mujhko Kya Mila… (In Your love, all that I have achieved is)
Babaji Ka Thullu…( Nothing)

And while they were singing this the trio got faint and Dadi says now let them sleep here itself when they will wake up in morning I will tell them that what are they going to be face Bulbul says right dadi they have became mad just we made little bit fun of them their ego got hurt they must have some lessons I am with you dadi….

Precap : revelation of twist


ok sorry for four songs i know many of you will curse me as i have put four songs as these songs are funny songs and suits on the situation so i have put on it now what is going to be happen with Vijay Purab and Abhi it is has to be seen as they have done a blunder today in this episode so again sorry for the four songs and yes late update also guys so hope you will forgive me for that in hindi i am saying gustakhi maf and in english i am saying that please forgive me for that and if you enjoyed and liked today’s episode so please mention the best part in the comment box till then stay tuned 🙂 😉

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