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The episode starts with Abhi Purab and Vijay sleeping in the garden and they woke up as sun rays were falling over their face..
Abhi rubbing his eyes : Arey we were slept in garden but why…
Purab : why are you asking so from me how will I know I am strange to myself that how I slept here..
Vijay holding his head: Arey why we are unable to remember anything what was happened last night…
Abhi : don’t know yrr my head is roaming around I am still feeling like sleepy yr…
Purab : let’s go inside and get fresh n up then we will think about it…
Vijay : Yes you are right…

The trio gone inside the house and there haldi preprations were going on and the trio without coming in notice of anyone get inside their room and get fresh n up the after sometime Pragya sends Subuhi to her room to bring her mobile so Subuhi wents in and sees that Abhi is seated over the bed holding his head. Subuhi goes in…
Subuhi : What happened papa why are you sitting like this ??
Abhi : Hey my little princes come…
Subuhi : Papa what happened why are sitting like this ??
Abhi : Beta nothing just head ache nothing else by the way where is your maa yesterday also I didn’t saw her and now also she is not visible it seems like she has become invisible..
Subuhi : No papa ma is in the kitchen you know last night one thief entered in our house and he ate all the snacks in the kitchen and juice also….
Abhi remembers somehow that he was the one who did that and then dadi and Pragya caught him also.. Subuhi shakes him and he comes into his senses..
Subuhi : Papa your head is paining na wait I will say to ma she will give you medicine and it will be fine wait I will send her..
Subuhi lefts and Abhi looks on her and smiles and thinks my cute princess she can’t see me in pain god please make this innocent happiness like this forever…..screen shifts to Subuhi who reached to
Pragya by that time and there Pragya was keeping all the belongings on their right place as her husband has made blunder last night by playing badminton over there with the kitchen utensils Subuhi goes to her…..
Subuhi : maa… listen..
Pragya : What happened beta why are you shouting like this…
Subuhi : ma papa is having headache please go and give him some medicine na…
Pragya : oh so your papa woke up…

Subuhi : yes ma and he is having headache also so please ma go and give him some medicine…
Pragya : Ok I am going you go and play I will go ok …
Subuhi : Ok ma but go fast ok…
Pragya : ok my dear now go and play I am going…….
Subuhi left and after sometime Pragya goes with lemon water in her room and there she saw that Abhi was lying on bed covering his head with pillow trying to forget about head ache it seems as it was major…. Pragya goes inside and Abhi knows that she entered the room by the voice of her anklets…
Abhi : so you are here you got time for me now ??
Pragya doesn’t spoke any word she goes and picks the pillow from his head and makes him awake and gives her the lemon water Abhi knows that she is angry but can’t guess why as he didn’t remember what was happened after dadi send him out from the home.. Pragya after giving the lemon water to him she folds the bedsheets which were spread over bed because last night Abhigya and Subuhi were slept with her and in the morning when she got busy in work both of her daughters were sleeping and they wake up late so after that time she entered the room and then she was keeping all the stuffs on right place she was busy then ABhi holds her hand.. and makes her sit near him and he rests his head over her lap…
Abhi : you are angry upon me right but please do something as without feeling your hand’s presence this headache will not get relieved so…
Pragya massages his head and spoke very calmly and gently : When you can’t control over yourself by drinking this much then why you drunked that much hmm..
Abhi : I was drunked really??
Pragya : You didn’t remember anything what you done last night the blunder by you..after drinking

Abhi : Blunder what have I done Fuggii please tell me as I am unable to recognise what have I done….
Pragya : don’t worry I will show you what you have done…Pulkit…( she calls out)
Pulkit : jee maa..
Pragya : beta bring that video of last night papa wants to see..
Pulkit : ok ma
Pulkit goes and brings his camcorder in which he recorded all the doings of Abhi and Purab with Vijay after drinking and Pragya goes to wardrobe to keep blankets and then giving that Abhi Pulkit leaves and Abhi sees the vedio and feels guilty that unintentionally just in his ego he questioned her love Abhi was feeling extremely guilty and after keeping the camcorder aside he goes to Pragya and says
Abhi : So you are angry on me right !! actually you must be I have done such a wrong thing I don’t know how it happened but really I didn’t did it intentionally
Pragya : help me in keeping this blanket hold that one please
She hands over the blankets to Abhi and keeps it in the cupboard carefully and while keeping she says to him..

Pragya : Who said I am angry with you I am not as I know you was frustrated over what happened
yesterday but believe me it is just a game which women use to act when the bride is going to leave the city or village after marriage so I think you didn’t know about that so reacted like that so I am not angry upon you..
Abhi : really you are not angry upon me…
Pragya turns towards him : Yes baba I am not its ok as I made your fun you made mine all the things got balanced…
Abhi hugs her : thank you soo much I was feeling very much guilty as I made fun of your love..
Pragya : Hmm that must be the reason for my anger but it is not now stop all this and take rest…. As in evening it is marriage and I don’t want that my husband looks tired in it so take proper rest and yes I am angry upon you on one thing..
Abhi : really on what??
Pragya : That why you drunked ?? promise me you will not drink this much
Abhi : I promise but on one condition..
Pragya : and what is that..??
Abhi : I want a tight hug from my sweet wife so that I will believe that she is not angry upon me..
Pragya laughs and rests her head over his chest and Abhi covers her with his arms.
Abhi : You know fuggii you understand me very well that’s why you are my life if anything will happen to you then I will become a lifeless body..
Pragya : don’t say like that as today is good day and you are talking like this it’s not good ….
Abhi : Ok sorry but I want to ask did you prepare for that what dadi told us to do…

Pragya : Of course I have planned
And she makes him understand the plan and ABhi agrees then she leaves the room and Abhi takes a nap..screen shifts to Purab came and after taking bath he slept again and Bulbul came in room and takes a jug full of water and throws it on Purab and he wakes up with shock
Purab : What happened why you are making me awake like this ??
Bulbul: there haldi is going to be start and you are sleeping here
Purab feels Bulbul was in anger : Bulbul yr why are you angry upon me what I have done now…
Bulbul : right you haven’t done anything I had done last night after getting drunk right
And taunting him Bulbul left the room and Purab looks her remaining clue less then screen shifts to Aliya’s room ther Vijay was also sleeping so Aliya was in full anger on him after last night so she went inside the bathroom and brings one bucket full of water and with full force she throws it on Vijay and he gets up in shock…
Vijay : Are aalu..
Aliya in anger : What ??
Vijay : I mean Aliya what’s this you will wake your husband like this ??
Aliya : I have many ways but this time it was suitable so I used it now without doing any drama come down within five minutes understood..
She left the room and then after sometime Vijay and Purab was standing on one side and they were talking..

Vijay : what is this yrr first I am having this head ache and then Aliya didn’t let me sleep also
Purab : same here bhai Vijay Bulbul also did the same but I wonder where is Abhi he is not here..
Vijay : I think Bhabhi has given him solid punishment so he is not here may be of cleaning the whole room..
They both laughs and shares hi-five then they see that Abhi was coming from upstairs and he was looking fresh there was no sign of tiredness on his face.. and Vijay and Purab was shocked to see that Abhi comes and first he goes to meet Pragya…
Abhi : hows it’s looking see
Showing his dressup he has worn a white shirt and black pant and an black waistcoat over it or you can say half coat..
Pragya : looking like a buttler ..
Abhi : Really !! then I am going to change it…
Pragya : sure you must change it but not the full attire
Abhi : then…
Pragya takes him aside and removes his half coat and then she opens his sleeves button and folds them to the size of elbow and says…
Pragya : now it is ok for the haldi function..
Abhi : hmm like this I am looking like an employee in my office

Pragya : hmm so I can suggest you one thing go and wear your white kurta on it you look so good in that..
Abhi : if my fuggii is saying that suits on me so definitely I will wear it just wait for a moment I will be back..
Pragya smiles and Abhi leaves with a smiling face and from far away Purab and Vijay were looking all this clue less the Purab said
Purab : Vijay !! when we woke up in the morning we all were in the same condition na then how is this possible..
Vijay : even I was thinking the same that when we were in same condition our both of our wives are angry on us and see him Bhabhi is treating him like nothing has happened.
Purab : right don’t know what he has said to her…
Then they see that again Abhi was coming down and this time he changed his dressup now he was wearing white kurta with blue jean and Pragya gestures him looking handsome from distance and Vijay and Purab was looking this then Abhi goes to them and they asks to him
Vijay : In morning you was with us in same condition na I mean you was also feeling head ache na then how you are looking so fresh we are still feeling sleepy….. and Bhabhi is not angry on you yr Aliya is treating me like I have done a crime..

Purab : Yes right Bulbul is also treating me and we saw that Pragya dii is talking to you as you haven’t done anything how is it so!! She is not angry upon you how…. I saw she was helping you in selecting your dress also…
Abhi : Areyy hold on hold on you what I have told you yesterday that she is my fuggiii my love so she proved it you know what we three have done last night after that I was scared that I have to do many efforts to convincing her but I have not as she forgave me and I also was feeling guilt as what have I done with her so…
Vijay : last night ???
Purab : I didn’t remember what was happen
Abhi : exactly I was also not able to recognize but Pragya showed me the vedio and you know what we have questioned their love last night in drunked state and we also make them embarrassed infront of people also you know how I was feeling when I saw that vedio so better accept my opinion and say sorry to your better half….
Purab : really we have done a mistake.. unintentionally we have done so but we have done wrong..
Vijay : yes that’s why I was thinking that why ALiya welcomed me with full bucket of water but what to do now…

Purab : just go and say sorry and make efforts to convince also..
Vijay : By the way Abhi bhai is so lucky see this much time has spent to their marriage but the love is still like the newly wedded couple
Purab: exactly see till now dii use to tell him that what he has to wear and look at us Bulbul always orders me to not suggested anything…
Abhi smiles : Areh leave it now and go convince them otherwise in evenings wedding they will leave you along with Purvi
The trio leaves Purab goes to Bulbul and talks to her and then screen shifts to Abhi he looks and winks at Pragya and gestures her something and then Pragya gestures something to Bulbul and Bulbul to one other girl in the girls group and when Vijay was going to Aliya someone spreads water on Aliya intentionally and goes from their and Aliya was in anger so when she turns around to see who was this she sees Vijay and since she was angry on her she starts finding something to take revenge but she couldn’t so she takes the haldi bowl which was kept nearby and throws it on Vijay and then Vijay does also the same in reply and then Abhi Pragya Bulbul Purab and dadi also applies haldi on Vijay and Aliya and then Abhi murmurs in Pragya’s ears HALDI COMPLETED and all does that then after some time Purvi’s haldi also done and Pragya was going to keep that haldi bowl but as she was going Abhi drags her to the corner…
Pragya : Abhishek what are you doing leave me..
Abhi : arey hold on let me also apply haldiii on you..

Pragya : Abhishek its not my haldi understood it is of Purvi and leave me now as only two hours are left for wedding leave me….
Abhi getting closer : Arey what if it is not your haldi I have heard that it increases beauty so let me apply it on your face your beauty will increase with this and then My fuggii will look extremely beautiful…
Pragya : Mr…. hold on leave me what happened to you after dadi has returned you are behaving very fear less….
Abhi takes her hand in his hand: Because as dadi has come so kids are busy with her and I have much time to spend with Mrs Mehra…
Pragya : hmm but this time leave me because I have to go to Purvi as she is bride and I have to take care of her needs today understood..
Abhi : no I will not…

Pragya : Dadi…( shockingly)
Abhi leaves her : dadi I was just talking to her nothing else…
Pragya laughs hard and leaves from there Abhi looks clueless and then he turned around and see that no one was there so he smiles thinking trapped and Pragya while leaving said better luck next time….. Abhi smiles continuously on how she use that trick to make him fool….Just then the watchman calls Abhi and says sir one postman is there and he is saying the letter is important so he can only give it to you. Abhi says ok you stop him there I am coming. Abhi goes to take the letters and he signed and came to his room to look that what were the letter as one was on the name of Rahul and one was at the name of Pulkit so Abhi read it and he was happy reading the letter which was for Rahul and shocked after reading the letter which was for Pulkit.. so he decided to talk about it after the marriage get over….
Here everyone was getting ready for marriage and Pragya goes to ALiya she was wearing a brown coloured saree but Pragya goes there and said to her to wear the saree which she has brought for her which was actually given by dadi she gives it to her and the saree was looking like a bridal saree
Aliya : Bhabhi whats the need of it … it is bridal saree why you brought it for me..
Pragya insists her so she agrees and then Pragya blind folds her and as Aliya asks why are you blindfolding me bhabhi Pragya says it is surprise and on the other side Abhi also does the same with Vijay and they both brings them down and makes them sit in the mandap with Purvi and Manmeet then Abhi and Pragya removes cloth from Aliya and Vijay’s eyes and then they both get shocked as they were going to be married again
Aliya : Bhai bhabhi what’ this you are…
Pragya : yes you are going to be married again Aliya you asked me that today is your anniversary right but we didn’t know it right that when you got married so we made a plan for making you both remarried and done your haldi remember you played haldi holi that was done by us only and this plan was made by the person you will come to know very soon…
Abhi : Exactly now start the rituals…
The marriage was going on everyone was happy and then the time came to Kanydaan Pundit called who will do the kanyadaan then Dadi shouts I will do the kanyadaan of both of my daughters Aliya get teary eyed and dadi does the kanyadaan marriage completed successfully and Aliya Vijay and Purvi Manmeet was seated on stage now as dadi has called some dancers to dance on some wedding songs so they all are watching it they were dancing
Banno ki mehndi kya kehna (The brides henna is wonderful)
Banno ka joda kya kehna (The brides wedding dress is wonderful)
Banno lage hai phoolon ka gehna (The bride seems as if she is a flowery ornaments)
Banno ki aankhen kajrari (The bride’s eyes are black with kohl)
Banno lage sabse pyaari (The bride looks the loveliest)
Banno pe jaaon main vaari vaari (I marvel at the bride’s beauty)

While they were dancing on these lines Abhi was looking Pragya and Pragya was looking at Abhi and then suddenly one of the dancer dragged them both on dance floor and they both firstly were hesitating to dance with each other as there were many people around them so but then they felt comfortable as both the son were hooting “”wooo maa you rocking maa…”” and daughters were hooting “”papa you rock it papa…best show them.. you are the best “” so they got happy and started dancing..
Abhi ( as Pragya was hiding her self behind Dadi ) :
Banno ki saheli, resham ki dori (The bride’s friend, a silken tie )
Chhup chhup ke sharmaaye, dekhe chori chori (Secretly and silently, she blushes and looks furtively )
Yeh maane ya na maane main to ispe mar gaya (Even if she believes it or not, I’m dying for her)
Yeh ladki haay Allah haay haay re Allah (Oh God, this girl, oh God… (how fascinating she is) )
Abhi drags Pragya on the dance floor again and she ties up her duppatta on her waist and accompanies him as both the son were shouting in her favour..

Pragya :
Babul ki galiyaan na chad ke jaana (I will never leave my father’s house)
Paagal deewana isko samjaana (You crazy and mad one, understand that)
Dekho ji dekho yeh to mere peeche pad gaya (Look, look at this one who trailed after me )
Yeh ladka haay Allah haay haay re Allah (Oh God, this guy, oh God… (how fascinating he is))
Now the environment was became happy as most of the couples including Bulbul and Purab was also accompanying them and Abhi was full enjoying it along with Pragya then he goes to Pragya and holds her hand..

Abhi holding Pragya’s hand :
Lab kahe na kahe bolti hai nazar (Whether the lips speak or not, your gaze say it all)
Pyar nahi chupta pyar chhupane se (Love cannot be concealed)
Pragya relieving her hand from him goes little bit back :
Roop ghoonghat mein ho to suhana lage (If a beauty is concealed in a veil, then it looks pleasant)
Baat nahi banti yaar batane se (It’s not the right thing to do by the telling the name of the partner)
ABhi resting his head over Purab’s shoulder :
Yeh dil ki baatein dil hi jaane ya jaane khuda (What the heart has to say, only heart and God knows)
Yeh ladki haay Allah haay haay re Allah (Oh God, this girl, oh God…)
Then Abhi again goes to Pragya and unbound her dupatta which she covered on her waist and put it on her neck like girls use to carry and then Pragya frees herself from him and sings….

Pragya relieving herself from ABhi :
Mangne se kabhi haath milta nahin (Sometimes wishing is to no avail)
Jodiyaan banti hai, pehle se sabki (Everyone’s match is predestined)
Abhi in challenging expression :
Oh leke baaraat ghar tere aaonga main (O, I’ll take the wedding procession and come to your house)
Meri nahin yeh marzi hai rab ki (This is not my will, but God’s)
Pragya showing that it cant happen in joking manner :
Are ja re ja yun jhooti muthi baatein na bana (O go, go away, don’t talk such nonsense)
Yeh ladka haay Allah haay haay re Allah (Oh God, this guy, oh God…)
The performance got end and all were happy and function was also completed happily and then Vidaai also completed and then all went to home and after sometime Abhi and Pragya were in room and Pragya was coming out of washroom after taking a bath she noticed the letters kept on table and she asked to Abhi whose letter are these then Abhi sees it and grabs the letters and says..
Abhi : This letter are of Rahul (he hides that one is of Pulkit) as he has cleared IIT and he has been called to Kota to complete his IIT he has cleared his enterance test so… I will give it to him..

Pragya overjoyed : Really that’s a great news now we will have one engeneer in our home great..
Abhi : yes I will come just giving back to him..
Pragya nods ok and feels something is fishy.. Abhi goes to Pulkit and Prabhas’s room and then gives Rahul’s letter to him and he got happy then he said Pulkit to meet him in study room and looking his expressions Pulkit got scared but agreed and left to Study while he was following him Pragya saw it and then she follows him in Study room..
Abhi : What is this Pulkit you haven’t asked us once taking this decision… how can you do so..
Pulkit : Papa I wanted to tell you earlier but you all were busy in preparations so I didn’t told you about that.
Abhi : But beta we always have time for you children you must have told at least me that you are going to do so beta you know this is about your full life and you should have consult us before doing so…

Pulkit : I am sorry papa but I have decided to do this as now this is my happiness…
Abhi : Becoming an army officer is your happiness joining BSF (BORDER SECURITY FORCE) is your happiness you know what can it result and have you ever thought that what you will say to your maa she will never agree beta as you know how much she is concerned for you
Pragya was hearing this from outside and she was totally shocked hearing that and she was like someone has took out ground from her feet as her son is talking to join BSF
Pulkit : I know papa but I like it Papa army officers are my inspiration papa please try to understand.. and papa this is just an NCC clearance exam if I will clear it then only I will be able to join it I have to clear these exams then they will call me for training for four years and then only my training will be completed and I am not going now exam is next year please papa let me give it….
Pragya shouts from outside No I will not allow you to do so Abhishek you tried to hide this from me now you father son will do so with me just because you are afraid that I will not let you do so….

Abhi : But Pragya …
Pragya shows hand to him and says let me finish first Pulkit you decided to join army so soon right and I am not giving you permission for doing so understand and saying this Pragya left from there and Pulkit looks on at her with teary eyes as he was in full believe that she will support him Abhi goes to him and keeps hand on his shoulder and cares his head and Pulkit hugs him in back Abhi cares his head and says you don’t take tension I will make her understand ok he breaks the hug and cups his face then he says as which is my sons happiness it is my happiness ok now smile and wipe these tears come we will talk to her…..

Precap : Pragya faints down and Abhi gets tensed

Ok guys here is your episode i think nothing was special in it today but i revealed that decision of Pulkit today and now i have a question for you all that what do you think Pragya will agree over this decision of Pulkit as he has took the decision which anyone wasnt expecting…… and guys please leave your answer please and for further update stay tuned…

Credit to: Surbhi

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