KB story of faith season 2 (Episode 4)


Recap :- Abhi leaves for Raigadh.

The Episode starts with Abhi leaving for raigadh and all comes to see off. All are talking to him before leaving…..
Rahul :- Chachu u will come back soon na I will wait for u pls try to come soon.
Abhi :- Beta Yes I will sure come back soon beta and yes don’t shed in tears after my leaving be strong and brave boy OK.
Rahul nods yes and Abhi goes to Purab.
Purab ;- Take care of your self OK.
Abhi nods and they all have a hug Abhi leaves.
Scenes shifts to Pragyas home
Pragya :- Pulkit………… Abhigya……..Prabhas………..Subuhi……… hurry up beta otherwise u all will get late today.
She murmurs to her self Oh god How much it is daring to take care of four shaitans.
Abhigya:- Ma we heard that you were saying us shaitan na.
Prabhas and Subuhi :- Yes we also heard that.
Pragya shows ooops expression and turns around and sees the four and standing with hands on their waist.
Pragya :- So what…. If you heard that I am your mother and have full right to use such words for u all now stop staring and have breakfast otherwise u will be have punishment for late coming.
They all have breakfast and leaves for school.
In school It is Music period of class 2nd and the new teacher enters. It’s Subuhi’s class
Abhi :- Good morning students I am your new music teacher And my name is Abhishek.
All class wishes him good morning.
Abhi :- so…….. dear children I will not waste time in introduction we can do it while taking class also so we will learn to play music instruments today.
Children :- yes sir……..
All are playing something and Abhi is watching out them playing.
Abhi :- OK not to worry who cannot play not to worry I will teach u.
Its Subuhi’s turn Subuhi plays the same tone which Pragya use to play when she is alone.
Ha har ghadi har pahar.( same tone akshay Kumar plays with flute in movie thank u.) Abhi notices and reminds that how Pragya use to play this for him.

Abhi is surprised and says
Abhi :- Stop…. Beta !! how fluently you are playing this on piano what is your name and who taught u this.????
Subuhi :- Ma taught me Sir she use to play this when she feels sad.
Abhi :- Who is your ma beta ?
Subuhi :- PRA…
And the bells ring for leaving the school as it was half day so Abhi says OK beta now u go tell me next time
all leaves.
Abhi thinks about that playing of Subuhi.
Pragya:- OK you all are home go fast and have a change as I have told u we are going to Park today.
All four rushes and Prabhas and Abhigya comes changing fast and sits on sofa.
Abhigya:- ma are u keeping sandwiches for eating in park.
Prabhas comes and slaps on her head.
Prabhas :- So this dumbo will eat sandwiches today.
Abhigya:- How dare u u hit my head now I have to combe my hair again. And don’t call me dumbo OK. (angrily)
Prabhas :- Actually u are right u should not call u dumbo I should call u grandma of all dumbos the senior dumbo.
Abhigya shouts ma…….
Prabhas :- See your face Abhigya it already looks like the swollen bread and you will eat sandwiches hahahaha.
Abhigya again shouts ma…….
Pragya comes in and scolds them.
Prabhas keeps teasing Abhigya in gestures.
She gets totally irked and leaves from there.
Pragya :- these two will never behave normal after all looks alike of father In nature and reminds her nok jhok with abhi.
Scene shifts to Abhi sitting in car and travelling to home but suddenly car faces some technical problem and abhi gets out of car he is looking here and there. Pragya comes at the same place with her four children and passes from back of Abhi at some distance she didn’t notice Abhi.
When Pragya passes from back of Abhi then he feels that like pragya is somewhere near him he starts looking here and there desperately but couldn’t find anything but saw a lady going with her children towards the park who is actually Pragya but he doesn’t know because he has seen her from back.
Abhi :- I know you are here I know You are here somewhere (mujhe pata hai tum yahi ho yahi kahi ho)
I can feel your presence I can feel your presence you are here yes fuggi you are here.( mai tumhari maujoodgi mehsoos Kar sakta hu mje pata tum yahi ho fuggi.)
Pragya is sitting in park and all are having fun but when
As Abhi says Fuggi an air stroke (hawa ka jhoka) touches Pragya’s face And a voice touches her ear and she starts looking here and there.
Pulkit notice her and says :- What happen ma..
Pragya :- Nothing I felt someone has called me .
Pulkit :- Leave it ma may be its a illusion .
She says yes and thinks How can you understand it as the voice I felt was fuggiiii…… but anyways it is quiet possible that its my illusion because I think a lot of him. Allah wariyan plays in background.
Screen splits and shows Abhi and Pragya’s face.

Precap:- Someone In Pulkit’s class bad mouth about Pragya and he starts fighting in anger and Abhi enters the class…..

Guys thank you for your feedback and I am happy that you all are telling your problems and I feel happy to resolve it out And pls be loyal like this. Sorry for dragging Abhi and Pragya Reunion you all might have got bored but believe me I have added more stories between so have patience plss its mah humble request . So till then stay tuned and keep commenting and give or suggestions also . 🙂

Credit to: Surbhi

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  1. ohh god u increased my excitement through this episode today’s episode was awesome eagerly waiting for this episode loved today abhigya love for each other love u abhi&pragya

  2. surbhi super yaar, good ff .I really liked nd go ahead

    1. Oh my god naveena its u I can’t tell what I am feeling now because I am a fan of yours ff yr you and somiya are just awesome. Thankuuuuuu soooooooo much :-). 😀

  3. I like u r fan fiction

  4. Superb episode… While reading tz my heart beats fast with so much curiosity that when abhi n pragya vl meet nu… Bt ur ff s full of interesting… I wish abhi n pragya vl meet as soon as possible…

    1. Thanks Durga 😀

  5. Reshma Pradeep

    Superb yaar….Its Really interesting……

  6. its really fantastic but reunite abhigya asap plzz ya but ur thought s really awesome…..

  7. Pagli itna creative mind kahan say aaya i must say k jahan sab ki soch khtam hoti h wahan say tumharee start hoty h ..awesome, awesomeness

    1. hahahaha Somiya aisa nahi hai 🙂
      mjse achha b log likhte hai like u ,naveena, Tisha…..
      By the way thank u yr.
      Tumhara hi intzar rehta hai mje ki tum kab upload karogi mai kab padhungi kab likhungi. 🙂 :-D. 😉

      1. Surbhi, ahm i m sorry ,ahm i think my surprise is gonna dissapoint u but thanku so so so so so so much, keep writing well i too am waiting for ur next update

  8. make them meet early

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