KB story of faith season 2 (Episode 39)


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The episode starts with Dadi telling to everyone that the marriage is after two days so there is no time to rest we have to do much work and all agreed then dadi leaves to her room and all leaves to their respective rooms Pragya remains there with Purvi she was talking to her and Abhi left to his room
Pragya : oooff I didn’t got time to talk to you now I am free we will can talk now….
Purvi : Its ok dii you are having this much work four children one husband which is not less than a kid I can understand…

Pragya : Really !!! why you also going to become wife of husband like him…
Purvi : dii… now you also started first there was only bulbul now you also that’s not fare…
Pragya : madam if you have got married at that time na you would also have a family like us but you didn’t Purvi why did you didn’t married yet…
Purvi : Diii how can I do so as for me your blessings were necessary I lost everyone in family now you and bulbul are only left and you are talking that I should have marry without you no dii….
Pragya cups her face with teary eyes and hugs her then after some time they both also leaves for their respective rooms her as Pragya enters the room she sees that Abhi is making Prabhas sleep as he was again woke up then sudden Abhigya also enter the room and jumps of on the bed…
Pragya : Arey see he is sleeping you are disturbing him don’t jump like this…. Abhigya why you are behaving like kid today and you haven’t slept yet.. why ??
Abhigya :Ma actually see I am feeling sleepy but I will sleep with papa from today onwards and I am waiting only for him Papa please come na

Pragya : Now what’s this new drama will anybody tell me..
Abhigya : Actually maa today morning when papa awake me na then I took as usual a small nap on his lap as I use to do so with you and maa you won’t believe me it was awesome nap and then I decided that I will sleep with him from now onwards that’s it…
Pragya : Abhishek you make her sleep in your lap in morning very good now go and make her sleep also otherwise this girl will not sleep..
Abhi : I won’t let he make sleep..
Abhigya : But why I will not sleep until you will not come and I will sit here only
She sits on bed folding her legs and making her face angry like balloon
Abhi : Whatever you want to do just do but I am not coming you forgot what you did with me sometime before you complaint dadi what was you saying popsii right now go and sleep on your own or take your mother with you I am not going with you…
Abhigya : Papa sorry na but please I am really feeling sleepy come please I cant lose that one beautiful nap please come…
Abhi : No I will not …
Pragya : Abhigya why are you insisting go na sleep its too late..
Abhigya : No papa stop behaving like a girl and come otherwise I will again complaint to dadi that you are not making me fall asleep….

Abhi : yes now I am definitely not coming as I am behaving like a girl right and you will complaint from dadi so go and do so I am not coming…
Pragya : What are you doing Abhishek please let it be na she her eyes she really wants to sleep now stop behaving like a kid its enough….
Abhigya emotionally and about to cry : yes yes why would you make me sleep I am not your beloved like subu na why will you do so with me you only love her not me maa… at-least you come na see you know na I am not able to sleep on my own..
Abhigya goes and hugs Pragya and Pragya lifts her in her arms and says
Pragya : Oho so why are becoming emotional like this first stop these tears and come I will make you sleep….

She was about to leave but Abhi stops her and Takes Abhigya from her hands and then says to her
Abhi : No need to go I will make her sleep
Abhigya looks at him and keeps her head on his shoulder and Abhi can feel that she was sad by his rudeness as she didn’t spoke a single word and after going in his arms just kept her head on his shoulder and wraps her arms on his shoulder and spoke in very soft and sad voice SORRY PAPA
Abhi : Ok ok I accepted but you first promise me one thing that you will not get jealous from Subu
Abhigya : Promise I won’t

Pragya smiles : You make her sleep I will come as i am going to see that does dadi need something or not…….
Abhi nods yes and then he sits on bed and wraps his hand around Abhigya then he says.. very politely..
Abhi : Look my child it is not good you feel jealous from you younger sister beta she is just 7 na and see you are going to become 11 listen beta I love everyone of you equally neither more to elder nor to younger just the way of loving is different nothing else and I feel really bad when you feel jealous with Subu see Prabhas is he jealous that I love Pulkit dada more or Subu more no na then how these thoughts come in your mind beta this is all crap see now stop these tears ok and promise me that you will not do so ever and its your responsibility to save Subu from any problem not to get jealous from her understood…

Abhigya nods yes and again says sorry to him and makes promise also then she hugs him and Abhi says oh my sweet bachha now sleep Ok no more tears now and slowly he starts patting her back gently and Abhigya was slept in his arms and he was also feeling sleepy so he closed his eyes and rests his head on headboard and closed his eyes then Pragya came and saw him like that and Took sleeping Abhigya from his hands and makes her sleep properly and thought that he is also sleeping so she puts a blanket on him and goes in the balcony and starts staring at stars and time spends it was mid night now Pragya was still there and from past hours she was looking at stars then Abhi wakes up for drinking water and finds Pragya was nowhere and then he sees that she is standing in the balcony so he goes there and rests his hand on her shoulder and Pragya comes into her senses then

Pragya : What happen you woke up did you need anything ???
Abhi nods no : What happen didn’t slept till now…..
Pragya : No just didn’t feeling sleepy so came here it feels calm here in this balcony I feels free from every tension here…
Abhi covers her in his arms : yes you are right looking up in the sky even just two or three stars are there but still it give us calmness….
Pragya looking up at sky : Abhishek …
Abhi : hmm..
Pragya : today I am very happy It seems like happiness has returned to our home…. Dadi forgave you Aliya changed and yes see after a long time we are going to celebrate some happy moments in this house..
Abhi : Yes and you know all the happiness returned as you returned these children came in my life my world has became happy from that moment it self…

Pragya smiles and rests her head on his chest….
Abhi : Ok I think we should take rest now as tomorrow’s day is going to be very busy and from tomorrow on wards you will not get time for me also ..
Pragya : why ??
Abhi : have you forgot dadi has returned and she will not leave you for a moment also so definitely you will not get time for me…
They both laughs on it and then went to sleep..

It was morning everyone was busy in Mehendi preparation Pragya was busy since morning itself and she was not having time to rest also all the responsibility was on her as Bulbul was not arrived yet and she alone was managing all the work all the children were busy with Dadi Subuhi was with Abhi time was passing it was afternoon all were having lunch Pragya was serving then Dadi asks
Dadi : Pragya come you also have lunch keep this we will take it our own..
Pragya : No dadi there is much more work I will eat later you people eat where are Abhishek and Subuhi they are not at home???

Dadi :They are out in the garden but promise me you will eat food…
Pragya : Promise dadi but you first call Abhishek and Subuhi to have food I am going as I have to see weather the girl who will apply mehendi has come or not…
Pragya leaves from there and Abhi along with Subuhi comes there and sit on the dining table..
Abhi : Dadi where is Pragya she is not serving today… and doesn’t she ate today with us…
Dadi : she was here but left just now and she said she will eat later after finishing the work…
Abhi : what does she said she will eat later !! then she will definitely not eat dadi I have said her many times that there is no need to manage all household work on your own but no she doesn’t listen always use to say that there is no need of keeping maid or servant and this Aliya also accompanies her in this …..

Dadi : Its ok but Abhi you have food after that I want to talk to you about Aliya come to my room ok..
Aliya looks on Abhi and Abhi says yes to her later he goes to dadi and she tells something to him and says to tell this to Pragya also Abhi agrees……

It was evening Abhi was looking desperate because already 6 hours were spend of one day and he didn’t saw even shadow of Pragya as she was sometimes not at home gone out sometimes Abhi was busy with children so he was now becoming restless and this time also he didn’t saw her as when she came in room to change for the function Abhi was with dadi and this was the reason he doesn’t know that how his wife is looking today and then he also got ready and gone down and finally this time he manages to see her she was wearing a red suit stugged with white metallic small dot shape stars the suit was simple but on her it was looking extremely beautiful and on her and her long braid on which a small head ornament is there with specs on her eyes she is looking stunning today Abhi is not able to concentrate his view on any other thing he is lost in her mesmerising beauty and she was with ladies then suddenly someone calls her and she leaves but ABhi was still lost in her and then a butler came and asks him for snacks and then only he comes back into his senses and reminds that Pragya must haven’t ate food so he goes to find her. Pragya was going to call dadi as ladies were calling her for some traditional singing ritual dadi was left to her room for taking some rest as she was down with them since long time so she went to take rest Pragya was going but someone drags her and takes her in another room it was none other than Abhi ..
Pragya : Abhishek !!! what are you doing leave me I have much work today….
Abhi : Why should I leave you !!! you know six hours are spent and I haven’t seen your shadow yet why are you this much busy as Aliya is there na wait for some time here only….
Pragya : What are you saying everyone must have waiting for me there..
Abhi : shh don’t speak understand you want to go then go but first come here sit and eat this as I know you haven’t ate anything since morning and I will not listen any if and but..
Pragya : Arey I have ate seriously…
Abhi : Oh really then tell me what have you ate…
Pragya : I have ate ahm …. Ah…. Some Pakoras…

Abhi : really !!! then look in my eyes and say it again that you have ate….
Pragya : amm… I haven’t ate ( making kiddish face )
Abhi : I knew it you haven’t ate anything now eat this…
He makes her sit on the chair and removes the cover from the plate.. Pragya was shocked to see because he brought Maggie for her
Abhi : Don’t look like this as this is the only thing which I know how to make without any blunder and there was much time in dinner so I brought this
Pragya : Its ok but I can’t eat this …
Abhi : now what’s the problem in this now don’t tell me that you don’t eat Maggie common yr.. everyone loves eating it…
Pragya : No I eat it but my hands…
Abhi : Now what happened to your hands…
Pragya shows him her hands and Mehendi was there on her both hands..
Abhi : offo that’s the problem then there is no problem my hands are not having mehendi I will make you eat.. by the way today I saw my girlfriend she was looking stunning you know in red suit but then I saw my wife in red suit and long braid then I thought that my wife is looking more beautiful in that red suit and long braid which is touching her waist and believe me someone will die today looking at her….

Pragya blushes : Really !!! you know one thing my husband is also looking stunning today as he has worn white kurta and paijama he is looking extremely rocking…
Abhi smiles at her and he makes her eat Maggie and after that he cleans her face Tu hi tu har jagah plays in Back ground… then they were both smiling at each other
Abhi : have you written my initial on it…
Pragya : why would I that is only for new becoming brides and I am not new bride..
Abhi : You are not looking less than new bride anyways what’s the plan today for sangeet…. You are accompanying me or not..
Pragya : Mr why would I accompany you…
Abhi : Areh why you are declining to become my partner in dance today…
Pragya laughs : have you forgot that this time dadi has kept ladies sangeet and it will be in mid night only between ladies all the men will be out of the house understood now come down as if no one will find us down na then definitely there a searching Abhi Pragya mission takes place…
Abhi laughs and they both leaves….and Abhi says by the way dadi hasn’t done this good keeping ladies sangeet …Pragya says stop complaining.. they both goes down and pragya again gets busy in ladies group and Abhi was standing in corner just then Purab and Bulbul enters and Bulbul first goes to meet dadi and then to Pragya but beside talking with her she makes her sit and says a girl to apply mehendi to her hand and Purab goes to meet ABhi and there then there Pulkit along with Prabhas and Subuhi goes there

Pulkit : Papa it is soo boaring what kind of fun is this..
Prbhas : yes papa see this boaring outfit..
Subuhi : yes papa do something this is so much boaring…
Abhi : really this is soo boaring…
Purab : so rock this party in rockstar style what do you think..
Pulkit and Prabhas in chorus : Agreed ….
Subuhi : me too…
Abhi : Then come lets rock the party
Abhi goes and suddenly the music starts playing and people focus towards the music so they see that Kids were dancing and Abhi along with Purab and Vijay was also joining them and they were dancing on the song Mahi ve…. And Pragya was laughing at them and Abhi looking her happy becomes more happy and dances with them… as they were looking extremely cute
Mahi ve mahi ve, that’s the way mahi ve (My Sweetheart, that’s the way my sweetheart)

Purab :
Tere maathe jhumar damke(On You head tinkles a chandelier)

(It is here being referred to the Ornament worn on the forehead, in the parting of the hair)
Tere kaanon baali chamke hai re (Mahi ve) (In Your ears, the ear-rings are shining (My Sweetheart))
Bulbul feels happy and joins Purab and Abhi then screen shifts to Pragya where Abhi goes to her
Abhi indicating her bangles and anklets :
Tere haathon kangna khanke (In Your hand there is chiming of bangles)

Tere pairon paayal chhanke hai re (Mahi ve) : In Your feet there is jingling of Your anklets (My Sweetheart)
Pragya feels shy as dadi was also with her and feels happy also then Purvi was also enjoying her mehendi function and then Prbhas and Pulkit comes and shouts in Pragya’s ears Mahi ve ( my sweet heart) Pragya pulls their cheeks Abhi tries to convince her to join them but Pragya remains there…

Abhi and Purab in chorus pointing towards their wives:
Nainon se bole rabba rabba (You speak with Your eyes, Oh Lord!)
Mann mein dole rabba rabba (You dance in my heart, Oh Lord!)
Amrit ghole rabba rabba (You produce nectar, Oh Lord)
(It is here being referred as to producing sweetness in a relationship)
Tu soniye (You, my beloved)

Kids join them and they all dance on
Jind mahi ve soni soni aaja mahi ve : (You are my sweetheart, my beloved, come to me my sweetheart)

Everybody sing soni soni aaja mahi ve (Everybody sing, Come to me my sweetheart)

Pulkit and Prabhas :

That’s the way mahi ve (That’s the way my sweetheart)

Abhi to Pragya :
O teri aankhen kaali kaali (Your eyes are black)
Tera gora gora mukhda hai re (Mahi ve) (Your face is white (My Sweetheart))
This time Abhi drags her to the dance floor forcefully lifting her up in his arms and all hoots wooo Pragya again feels shy…. But joins him in dancing
Purab to Bulbul :
O teri rangat jaise sona : (Your glow is like gold)

Vijay to Aliya :
Tu chaand ka jaise tukda hai re (Mahi ve) : (You are seeming like a part of the moon (My Sweetheart))

Abhi to Pragya :
Tere gaal gulaabi rabba rabba (Your cheeks are rosy, Oh Lord!)

Vijay to Aliya :
Chaal sharaabi rabba rabba (Your walk is intoxicating, Oh Lord!)

Purab to Bulbul :
Dil ki kharaabi rabba rabba (My heart is uneasy, Oh Lord!)

Tu soniye(You, my beloved)

Kids calling their mothers :
Jind mahi ve soni soni aaja mahi ve (You are my sweetheart, my beloved, come to me my sweetheart)

Everybody sing soni soni aaja mahi ve(Everybody sing, Come to me my sweetheart)
Then Pragya goes to Purvi and Bulbul sings for their sister and Abhi with Purab and Vijay are looking them standing and smiling
Bulbul :

Barse rangini kaliyaan hai maheki bheeni bheeni(The rain is colourful, the wet flowerbuds are giving fragrance)

Baje mann mein halke halke shehnaai re (In my heart, there is a slow melody of the Shehnai)

(a reed instrument which is famous for it is played mostly in Indian weddings)

Pragya :
Jitne hain taarein aanchal mein aa gaye saare (All the stars that are there, have come into my lap)

Dil ne jaise hi li angdaayi re (As soon as this heart started streching)

Abhi comes forward as he is not ready to let the environment getting sad so he again drags Pragya

Abhi :
Hey… tu jo aayi sajke mehndi rachke (When You came dressed up, putting henna on Your hands)

Chal bachke o soniye (Be careful while walking, My Beloved)

Dil kitno ka khaaye dhajke o soniye (So many hearts are shaking now, My Beloved)

Dadi goes to Purvi as after marriage Purvi is going to shift in Punjab so everyone there is happy as well as sad also so dadi sings this time…

Dadi to Purvi :
Chanda meri chanda (Moon, Oh My Moon)
Tujhe kaise main yeh samjhaaoon (How should I make You understand)
Mujhe lagti hai tu kitni pyaari re (I find You so much lovely)
Mujhe lagti hai tu kitni pyaari re (That I find You so much lovely)

O khushiyaan jitni hain (Oh! All the happiness there is)

Sab dhoond dhoondke laaoon (I want to find all the happiness)

Teri doli ke sang kar doon saari re (And add it to Your wedding palanquin) Teri doli ke sang kar doon saari re (Add it to Your wedding palanquin)
And this time Pragya reminds of her marriage as how Sarla pampered her while she was going to be married and on her mehendi and she gets emotional and about to cry so she leaves the place and goes in corner Bulbul was following her but ABhi stops her and follows her and Pragya cries hard remembering her mother and Bulbul knows but she has no more memories of her marriage so she controls herself and Abhi goes to Pragya all children also follows them and she cries hard there and Abhi keeps hand on her shoulder she turns around and hugs him there Purab and Vijay handles the function Abhi knows that Pragya is remembering Sarla ma most so he takes her to room and there he gives her water and asks her to relax she was sobbing and Abhi again hugs her

Abhi : enough Pragya why are you crying please don’t cry I know you are crying remembering ma but please its Purvi’s marriage if you will cry then who will give her strength please stop…
Just then kids come in and looking Pragya crying like this they also become emotional and tears rolled out from their eyes also

Pukit : papa what happened to her why she is crying ???

Subuhi : Ma please stop crying na see if you will cry then I will also cry

Abhigya: she is right ma please stop..

Prabhas : papa please tell me why she is crying…

Abhi : Nothing beta just reminded her mother Pragya please stop crying looking you crying like this children are also crying

Pragya controls herself and breaks the hug then ABhi gives her water to drink she drinks it and wipes out tears of children they share a family hug………………. And Abhi says

Abhi : now please come and join the function otherwise people will think that not your Purvi masi but your mother is going to marry again…

Pragya breaks the hug and punches him on his shoulder then Abhi says aahh that’s why I think why this Prabhas use that punching trick he is just like you na all laughs over that and then goes down and joins the function……

Precap : ladies special sangeet….

Ok guys lets see whats going to be happen in next episode and yup dadi has talked something about Aliya it will be disclosed in day after tomorrow’s episode so till then enjoy this one and yup please forgive me again for song 🙂 😉 and for the upcoming twist and to know about the new member stay tuned 😀

Credit to: Surbhi

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