KB story of faith season 2 (Episode 38)


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The episode starts with Abhi playing carom board with children and then Abhi hit the carom and got foul..
Pulkit : Foul papa foul you hit it wrong now you have to pay penalty..
Abhi : Eh that’s not done I haven’t foul I will not pay penalty..
Abhigya : No papa you have done foul you have to pay penalty
Abhi : I said na I haven’t done foul I will not pay penalty
Prbhas : Papa this is cheating you have fouled this is not done papa you are cheating you have to pay penalty now otherwise we will
Abhi : yes you will say it what you want to say..
Prabhas : we will stop you from playing we will not let you play.. you are out from game that’s it now pay the penalty otherwise you are out

Abhi : Really !!! oh see how much I got scared I am having goose bumps ……
Abhigya : Papa we are not joking….
Abhi : I am also not joking…. Let’s see how you will stop me from playing. I will not pay penalty and I will play also.. nobody can stop me
Pulkit : Oh really papa you want to see then see…
Pulkit picks up the striker and hides it then he says

Pulkit : Now play papa.. play play
All laughs Abhi gets irked..
Abhi : that is not done now this is called cheating Pulkit keep the striker here I said otherwise I will not let you play also…
Abhigya : and how that will happen papa
Abhi : you want to see so see..
Abhi hides all the caroms and now the argument was started between father and children then Pragya enters taking food in room as the time was spent much and in playing everyone was that much busy that they didn’t gone to have dinner also..
Pragya : What the hell is happening here some time before everyone was ok now what is this going on and why…

Abhi answers : Pragya wait for some time let us decide first what is cheating and what is not
Abhgiya : Yes ma let us finish the argument first….
Abhi : ha so where were we
They again started arguing and then Pragya gets irked and goes out of the room but then Subuhi noticed her so she rushed to her and hugs her
Subuhi (little bit emotional tone ) : Maa.. where were you I was missing you I didn’t saw you since morning na that’s why and see this in my leg its paining a lot and you know maa papa scolded me today… you also scold him

Pragya : Oh its paining and papa scolded you also today don’t worry today his dadi will scold him you come we will complaint from her ok….
Subuhi : Papa also having dadi he didn’t told us I will also meet dadi ma she will love me na like Sumonto’s dadi love him ( sumonto is Subuhi’s friend whose dadi comes for taking him to home)
Pragya : Yes my dear she will but first tell me what is going on here why your brother and sister along with you beloved papa is fighting like that…
Subuhi : Oh this actually maa papa done that in game.. that word which is used I don’t remind but yes he hit the carom wrong and then that happened……
Pragya : I think you want to say foul right..
Subuhi : right ma so he done that and then dada, bhaiyya and didi said that he have to give penalty and then papa said I won’t then dada hided that big one carom from which they were hitting other carom
Pragya : Big carom ?? you mean striker!!

Subuhi : yes that one and then papa hided all the caroms and then this fight started but you scold them for this later first take me to dadi na…..
Pragya : haha ok come I will see them later….but first I will let you meet dadi come but don’t tell it to papa ok…
Subuhi nods and Pragya takes her to dadi she enters dadi’s room and Subuhi is hidden behind Pragya..
Dadi : Pragya beta you here what happened is something important ??

Pragya : No dadi actually someone wants to meet you..
Dadi : meet from me !! who is at this time who wants to meet me..???
Pragya : Your grandsons princess I should say beloved princess want to meet her papa’s dadi and want to talk to her also..
Dadi : Really but where is she
Then Subuhi comes from behind of Pragya afraid as she was first time meeting dadi.. but dadi sees her and gets overjoyed and called her
Dadi : Oho so you are papa’s princess come here come here come to dadi beta come here…
Subuhi is holding Pragya’s finger and looks at her asking may I go then Pragya says to her
Pragya kneels down : Go beta sometime before you was saying that I want to meet dadi I will complaint her about papa then why are you not going now…. Go she is calling na..

Subuhi slowly goes towards dadi and as dadi spreads her arms to call her then she rushed to her and tries to go on bed but as the bed was on some height so she was facing trouble on getting on it then Dadi helps her in getting to the bed then she sits on her lap..
Pragya : areh Subu get down from dadi’s lap beta otherwise it will be give pain in her legs na get down like a good girl and sit on bed…
Dadi : Arey let her sit after all she is sat on her great grandmother’s lap and you listen my bones haven’t become that much weak that my grandson’s children can’t sit on it understood…
Pragya : Arey dadi you don’t know first her father has already made her naughty by pampering her that much and now you will do like this then she will definitely go on cloud nine..
Subuhi : No dadi I am not that much naughty I am saying true. You know ma always says this about me and I am saying true Koyal didi is more naughty then me…
Dadi : haah ma is telling lie don’t worry I will scold her but who is Koyal..

Pragya : Purab and Bulbul’s daughter now a days they are in Delhi for some work they will return by day after tomorrow
Dadi : Oh by the way you can leave us both alone Pragya I will talk to my granddaughter…
Pragya smiles : You talk to her dadi and I am going and I will go to Abhishek as playing with children he has also became a kid and they haven’t eaten food yet ..
Pragya leaves then Dadi talks to Subuhi …
Dadi : So your name is Subu.. right
Subuhi : No dadi my name is Subuhi you know all call me Subu as they thinks that this name is short na like Abhigya didi is called Abhu and I am called Subu…

Dadi : haha right and who trimmed your name like this..
Subuhi : Who else will do so dadi Papa has trimmed our names as he says that his own name is not big na everyone calls him Abhi not Abhishek only ma use to call his full name because he has said her to do so then he said that our name should be short as we are rock star daughters…
Dadi : Really !! then what he usually use to call your brothers… tell me
Subuhi : Oh he don’t call them by short name because their name can’t get short na see bhaiyya’s name is Prabhas so if he will cut his name then what will he call him Prabhu haha that can’t happen dadi and Dada’s name is Pulkit so if he will trim his name then what he will call him Pullu or pulk hahaha dadi that also can’t be happen na….
Dadi : haha you are this much small but your talks are that much big beta anyways what was the complaint you wanted to do with me…

Subuhi : Oho I forgot you know dadi today I falled in school while coming to papa and my knee got hit see and papa scolded me for that so ma told me that you are his dadi and then I thought that ma and papa are elders from us so they can scold us so you are elder from them so you can scold them na so I decided that I will complaint it from you dadi you will scold him na…
Dadi : Of course I will beta you see tomorrow in morning itself I will scold him how dare he scolded my doll…

Subuhi : NO dadi not tomorrow because he can escape also he will refuse that he hadn’t scolded me so better you say to him now that he will not scold me… from today onwards…….
Dadi : Haha ok we will go but let them have food first.. Ok
Subuhi nods Ok and then screen shifts to Abhi’s room there all are still in argument but suddenly Prabhas felt tired and lies on Abhi’s shoulder and begins to sleep then Abhi stops and looks at Prabhas just then Pragya enters and sees it and scolds..

Pragya : Offo enough Abhishek stop it now what the hell you people are doing see because of you he is about to sleep have you noticed him just fighting like kids…
Abhi Pulkit and Abhi makes innocent faces like kids and then Pragya says
Pragya : Oh ho not again make faces like this because this time it will not work anyways Abhishek Pulkit and Abhigya go and have dinner I will be with him here I will feed Prabhas go hurry up
Pulkit and Abhigya leaves but Abhi remains there and says

Abhi : I am not going today I will feed my son with my hands ok you go and bring our food here itself ok
Pragya : Ok I am bringing you make him stay awake don’t let him sleep without having food and medicines

Pragya goes and brings two plates one for Abhi and one for Prabhas but Abhi gives one to her and Abhi and Prabhas eats in one plate then after having food Abhi makes Prabhas eat medicines and then he sleeps and they both leave to hall where Abhigya and Pulkit was watching TV and Abhi also joins them the trio was watching tom and jerry on it they were enjoying but just then dadi comes down shouting….. she was looking extremely anger she was shouting Abhi’s name Pulkit and Abhigya gets scared and goes to Pragya she tells them that she is their dadi and they gets happy but looking her in anger they didn’t went to her but Pragya goes to dadi..
Pragya : Dadi what happened ?? why are you shouting like this is anything wrong happened ??
Dadi : Where is Abhi I want to talk to him call him..

Abhi feels extremely happy that for scolding she called him but at least she called him after a long time so he went in front of her
Abhi : here I am dadi…
Dadi : How dare you do that…
Abhi : But what I have done dadi….
Dadi pulls his ears and all laughs : how dare you scolded my granddaughter….
Abhi gets shock : I didn’t scolded anybody seriously dadi…. Leave my ears its paining..
Dadi : You haven’t scolded anybody then why I got complaint you have scolded Subuhi she told me..
Abhi : Subu when did I scold you tell me and you complaint her also
Subuhi : you scolded me when I fall in school in morning didn’t you scolded me papa don’t lie bad habit..

Abhi irked : Oho so I have scolded for your betterment na and you haven’t ate ice- cream then tell me… till you done this aaahhh dadi please leave its paining…
Dadi : Again you scolded her wait I will tell you today you will get punishment Subuhi beta bring that big scale please today I will teach your father a lesson….
Abhi scared : Areyy dadi what’s the need of scale please dadi you will beat a father of four children that is not fare my self-respect will get hurt na dadi please see all will not respect me then if you will beat me with that please try to understand na..
Dadi : So what if you are father of four children you are still a child for me and I will not spare you first you did a mistake then you tried to hide it also….
Abhi : Areeyyy dadi please na…
All were laughing as Abhi was scared like a kid is scared from his mother when she us going to beat him then hearing that Abhi made eat subuhi ice-cream while returning from school Pulkit and Abhigya also said to dadi…

Pulkit : Papa that’s not fare you made her eat ice-cream and didn’t brought for us dadi punish him he always use to do so….
Abhigya : Popsiii you gone today you always use to bring everything for subu only na dadi from my side also now popsiii whatever unfair you will do with us na we will tell It to dadi..
Dadi : without any hesitation say this to me as he has become more naughty I will make him straight he has grown up so elder na that I said go so he gone and never came back and not even tried to talk to me and now he will scold children for small happenings also wait I will tell you today..

Abhi : Areyy dadi leave it na sorry I won’t do it again promise but please this time leave me..
Children shouts : No dadi don’t please otherwise he will scold us again that we made him punished by you
Abhi : Areyy Pragya why are you standing there silently you are enjoying that your husband is going to be beaten and I have said you that these children are not my children they are my enemies see which child gives punishment to their father like this dadi please forgive this time na
Subuhi brings the scale and gives it to dadi and dadi turns to Abhi with it and Abhi more scared of her punishment and tries to free himself from her hands and he gets successful to but dadi began to chase him and Pulkit and Abhigya also Dadi shouts Abhi stop there otherwise if I will caught you then I will beat you more so better stop now Abhi shouts no I will not and abhigya and pulkit chasing him he jumps over the sofa they comes in front of him then he jumps back he jumps on the table and this time
Abhigya shouts : Popsiii why are you scrolling like a monkey you know you can’t escape today
Abhi : hey girl first you stop calling me popsii understood and another thing is do you think I am mad that I will come down I will not

but this time he trapped and all have trapped him but he jumps down from the table and hides behind Pragya and holds her from back and says my dear wife save me today as see they all have become my parents today please save me as now only you can save me
Dadi shouts : leave her and Pragya you go from here today I will not leave him
Abhi pleads dadi then Pragya says

Pragya : Ok ok hold on dadi this time better you leave him as you are also tired now he will not do it again and you people you can escape from his anger with help of dadi but I will not spare you for any of your wrong doings understand and yes for that dadi can’t stop me now leave from here you have made everyone tired today see dadi is huffing because of you people.
Dadi : Ok if you are saying them I am leaving him but next time I won’t spare him for this ok…
Dadi leaves and Abhi feels relaxed and rests his head on Pragya’s shoulder and she also cares his face and Abhi says…
Abhi : thank god you saved me fuggii you are my only hope you are great that’s why I love you so much
Pragya : Now stop buttering hmm by the way it was great fun to seeing you scared like a kid haah
Abhi : Really you didn’t liked it… and you are making my fun you know how much I scare from her punishment
Dadi : Abhiiii…..
Abhi : coming dadi damn she has forgiven me today but punished also and now she will not let me remain with you see she called me now

He kisses her cheeks and leaves and Pragya blushes.. and murmurs he will never change today the old Abhi is back ….Abhi goes to dadi
Dadi : do you know that Purvi is engaged and she has to marry also
Abhi : yes I remember and I know that you was coming so I have talked with Manmeet’s family and they have decided the day after tomorrow for marriage so I also agreed..
Dadi : ok so it means we have less time and we have to do much preparations for haldi mehendi and yes Sangeet also and Yes Pragya plan only ladies sangeet men will be not allowed in that ok..
Pragya nods and everyone leaves to their respective rooms after having discussion for marriage and Purvi was blushing while they were talking about marriage

Precap: No precap

Ok guys lets see what is going to be happen in this ladies sangeet and yes durga you are right the songs i use are movie songs but the situation in which i fit them is mine imagination 😉 so now not wasting much time in my chak chak i am leaving you with that thought that what blunderr is going to be happen in this ladies sangeet 😀

Credit to: Surbhi

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