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The episode starts with Abhi goes to pick up Subuhi and Subuhi was standing with her friends and was talking about cartoons inside the school as all were waiting for their parents so she was also there waiting for Pragya to come then she sees Abhi coming to pick her up so she gets excited and taking permission from her teacher rushed towards Abhi and while coming she falls down then Abhi rushed towards her he kneels down and picks her up cleans her cloth and she was crying and Abhi scolded her as she got hit on her knee little bit..

Abhi : What is this Subu why you rushed towards me like this I was coming na then what was the need of it see now this your ma will see this na she will surely get panic.. always being excited what’s the need of it beta see you got hurt na…don’t know why all are behaving like this today…
Then he sees Subuhi is crying tears are rolling down from her eyes and got scared as he suddenly started scolding her for her carelessness so he calms down and wipes her tears then he tries to calms her down..also
Abhi : Ok ok now don’t cry you are my brave child na see you didn’t get hurt see but the ground itself got hurt see ohh… see now ground is crying ( there was water in ground ) see how ground is crying that Subu fall on it see na Haww Subuhi beta you got this much heavy that ground also started crying hah..

Subuhi in crying tone : NO I am not that much heavy…
Abhi : Really then let me see let’s check whether papa is able to pick you up in his arms or not if I will not then you have definitely became heavy and if I pick you then you have to stop crying ok
Abhi lifts her up in his arms : woah !! My subu is so light then why this ground is crying like this hmmm Mr ground are you trying to trap my daughter very bad see Subuhi I scolded Mr. Ground now he will not cry and not try to trap you also ok

Subuhi was about to start crying hard : No.. its paining papa …
Abhi : Oh paining so we should go to doctor then he will give you this much big injection then it will be ok na come we will go to doctor
Subuhi : Injection !!! No papa it will pain more..
Abhi : So if you don’t want to go to doctor then stop crying and behave like papas brave girl common wipe out your tears…
Subuhi looks at him and wipes her tears : Ok na see I am not crying now we will not go to doctor right..
Abhi : That’s like my girl ok then on this we will have ice-cream today hmm
Subuhi gets happy : yes but The strawberry vanilla combo and double scoop ice-cream…
Abhi : sure madam should we leave now…
Abhi takes her bag and bottle from her and then they both leaves to car and while going to home they have ice-cream also then they reached home and Subuhi gets down from car and runs inside the home calling out
Subuhi : maaa where are you
On not finding Pragya anywhere she gets sad then Abhi comes in and she goes to him
Subuhi : Papa where is ma she is not at home ???

Abhi : Oho take a breath at-least she is at home Prabhas and Abhigya having fever na so she is with them in the room now don’t make noise ok otherwise they will get disturb na…
Subuhi : Ok then I will go to Bua as she will talk to me then… hmm
Abhi smiles and keeps his hand over her head and shakes it slightly : Ok baba go
Then Subuhi leaves to Aliya’s room and Abhi goes to see Abhigya and Prabhas. He enters in the room and sees that Pragya was keeping cold bandages on Prabhas’s head…
Abhi : What happened ?? again the temperature raised …
Pragya : Areh you …. Yes the temperature is high Abhigya is little bit well now but he is having high fever now I think we should consult the doctor now…
Abhi : I think you are right we should go to doctor come I will take the car you bring him down ok…
Pragya : Ok I am coming just by changing his clothes .
Abhi : ok I will also help ..
Pragya in mild tone : Prabhas bachha still not feeling well

Prabhas in sleepy tone : yes ma..
Pragya : so come we will go to doctor ok get up get up
With her help Prabhas gets up and sits resting himself on headboard but he was feeling cry as his body was paining and was having head ache also…..
Pragya : Very good that’s like my brave boy don’t get afraid of fever right good boy we will go to doctor then this fever will not trouble my son more
Prabhas was crying then Pragya said Arey see papa is also saying that this bad fever will flew away right Abhishek and gestures him to handle prabhas so that she can go and take his clothes to change then Abhi takes him and makes him sit in his lap and wraps him in his arms..
Abhi : yes ma is totally right you know my champ this fever will flew away see once we will meet the doctor na it will go now stop crying see maa has brought new clothes we will change it ok come oh ho Pragya go from here see girls should not remain in room when boys are changing clothes go from here.. (looks at Prabhas ) we will change clothes right Prabhas we will now change the clothes then we will go to meet doctor to send this bad fever away from my son right.

Prabhas smiles and leaves from there Abhi changes his clothes and tries to divert his mind and after sometime Abhi comes out with taking Prabhas in his arms and hands over him to Pragya and says
Abhi :Fever is too high he was sweating very much all the clothes are wet
Pragya nods and then he calls out Aliya and Aliya comes out from her room..
Aliya : Bhai you called me what happened??
Abhi : we are taking Prabhas to doctor so will you please take care of Subuhi as pulkit will not wake up now he is sleeping and Abhigya is taking rest so
Aliya : you don’t take tension of her bhai as she also slept while talking with me she was sharing her school day with me and slept
Abhi : Oh that’s good then we will return soon come Pragya..
Abhi along with Pragya leaves in car Pragya was at back seat with Prabhas
Abhi looking in rear view mirror : Don’t know what is happening today is such a bad day…

Pragya : Why what happened ?
Abhi : See our twins have fever and Subuhi also got injured…
Pragya panicked : what but how and why didn’t you told me earlier..??
Abhi : areh not that much injured only fell on ground that’s why.. but really today is not the good day see our all the children are not well..
Pragya : yes you are right
They both talking to each other reached to the clinic and then Doctor told them that Prabhas is having viral fever so it will take about two to three days to get well and prescribe some medicines to them Abhi takes the prescription and goes to bring medicines after leaving Pragya and Prabhas at home here Prabhas was sleeping so Pragya makes him sleep properly one bed and then goes to prepare some food and do some welcome preparations she left to do that and now she was in kitchen preparing dadi’s favourite dishes then Aliya comes to her
Aliya : Bhabhi you are here I need to talk to you about something
Pragya was very busy in her work so that she was not having time to talk
Pragya : Yes Aliya tell me what’s the matter..??
Aliya : Bhabhi actually after four days is very special day me and Vijay was married that day
Pragya : So marriage is the matter ..
Aliya : No no actually it is our marriage anniversary na..

Pragya : so anniversary is the matter….
Aliya : No bhabhi… actually it is our marriage anniversary so I need your help as I want to gift something to Vijay..
Pragya : Offo Aliya again you changed the matter first you decide what is the matter whether marriage is the matter anniversary is the matter or the gift is the matter…
Aliya : Bhabhi it is confirmed that gift is the matter..
Pragya : Ok so we will talk about it later as dadi is about to come and I have much work Bulbul is also not here to work me and I can’t ask you to help as if you will come here then definitely Subuhi will wake up so please help me
Aliya excited : Dadi is coming she is alive I will meet her today..
Then suddenly she reminds something and gets sad pragya notices it and says
Pragya : don’t worry she will forgive you ….hmm
Aliya smiles and leaves from there then Abhi comes back and calls pragya she answers she is kitchen so he goes to her and gives the medicine and asks about Prabhas she answers that he is sleeping and then again Aliya comes holding Subuhi she was crying
Aliya : Bhabhi now I can help you as she is awake now and don’t know why she is crying she is not even keeping leg down…
Pragya takes her and sees that her knee was swelled so it was paining Abhi says
Abhi : Ok you complete your work I will handle her.
He Takes Subuhi from Pragya and takes her out in the garden then Aliya helps Pragya work was almost done so Pragya was going to see Prabhas just then the doorbell rings and Aliya says Bhabhi you go I will see so Pragya leaves and Aliya opens the door it was Purvi she hugs her and welcomes her in home dadi followed by Purvi comes in and gets angry looking Aliya there and starts shouting in anger

Dadi : Purvi you also started telling lie you told me that no one lives here and we can live here after meeting doctor we will leave from her right but what is she doing here then….
Dadi was shouting and hearing this Pragya came out and asks Aliya who has come why is it so noisy And dadi looks upstairs hearing that voice and Pragya also sees that it is dadi so she rushed down to her and dadi hugs her tightly and tears rolled down from her eyes and then she hugs Purvi and then dadi asks
Dadi : You are here you didn’t think about inform me na… who am I then you will inform..
Pragya : Its nothing like that dadi Abhishek tried a lot to tell you even Purab and Bulbul also but you didn’t talked to anyone one day I also called but without attending the call you declined the call why this much anger dadi.. why??
Dadi : don’t take his name in front of me as it was only his mistake that you was separated from me for this much time..
Pragya : Dadi it is not mistake he just tried to save us and think about that moment when he has not done so It was quite possible that we would also have died..
Dadi : don’t talk like this now beta and don’t try to take his side also.. as I am not going to forgive him so easily and by the way what is she doing here we have boycotted her then also she is here with you trying to behave innocent…..
Pragya was stunned by dadi’s word because she has never said like this to anyone then why now but she remained silent and just then Abhi holding Abhigya in his hands come from outside he was
talking to her and laughing he didn’t noticed dadi was there and he was saying

Abhi : see Pragya me and my daughter are very much hungry bring us some snacks please ( looking at subuhi) my subu will eat snacks na what will she eat tell me…
Subuhi : I will not eat snacks I will eat sandwiches papa.
Abhi says so sandwiches and turns to say it to pragya then he sees that dadi is standing there and smiling at him he thinks that she has forgiven him and making Subuhi sit on the couch he starts moving towards dadi with tears in his eyes in hope that she will hug him and forgive him but no as he started moving dadi said
Dadi : Pragya beta where is my room I want to take rest I will not live in between some guilty peoples…
Abhi was stunned that dadi yet not forgave him and then dadi leaves to her room showing expressions like her mood is spoiled looking Abhi and Aliya and Abhi remaind in tears Pragya noticed it and goes to him and said give her time everything will be alright hmm Abhi nods and goes to his room there where Prabhas was sleeping he checks his temperature it was low now and he was seated with Abhigya they both were talking…. Pulkit was also there Abhi thinks now it is ok as I felt somehow relieved looking them smiling…and Pragya went to dadi
Pragya : Dadi what is this I saw that you was smiling looking him happy but pretending to be angry na why is it so you know because of this behaviour of yours your grandson was crying last night..
Dadi : I know but doing so was necessary because after that incident he was losing hope that he will find you someday and I was not able to see him like this losing hope as it seems that he was leaving his life so I took that decision now I am looking that he has overcome from that situation now…
Pragya : I knew that you can’t say this to your grandson…

Dadi : right but tell me one thing who was that girl in Abhi’s arms and he was looking so happy with her…
Pragya narrates the whole incident and dadi hugs her then screen shifts to Abhi as he enters the room..
Abhi : all here what was going on wont you share with me..
Abhigya : Nothing papa we were just trying to divert his mind as he was just thinking about fever after all he is idiot na…
Abhi thinks to divert Prabhas’s mind
Abhi wrapping prabhas in his arms : Oye don’t say like this to my sweet dear son ok he is not idiot.. Ok we will play one game I will ask some questions you will think and answer them
Abhigya and Pulkit : Agreed..
As they also want to make Prabhas forget about fever..
Abhi looking at Prabhas : shall we start hmm??
He nods and then Abhi goes and brings one flute out then he starts singing………..
Abhi :
Dekho dekho kya woh ped hai, chaadar odhe ya khada koi ( see there is it a tree or someone is standing there hiding himself in any blanket )
He was pointing towards the window from which a tree in the garden was clearly visible all children were looking there.
Then he questions again in singing tone ….
Baarish hai ya aasmaan ne chhod diye hai nal khule kahin ( is it raining outside or some has left the taps open in the sky )

All were smiling as Abhi was smiling and hearing them dadi asked Pragya that what is going on Pragya tells its your grandson who is trying to make children smile and now you know dadi he can see tears in my eyes for a moment but if you will say anything to kids then he will not stay calm..
Dadi : really then we should must see come
They both goes there and see that all children were looking happy and Prabhas was also smiling now

Ho hum dekhe yeh jahaan waise hi jaise nazar apani ( this world is just like that what we want to see it depends on our point of view)
Goes to Prabhas and tickles him Prabhas starts laughing then he sings..
Khulke socho aao, pankh jara failaao (come we will think to geather spread your wings of mind)
Rang naye bikhraao, chalo chalo chalo chalo naye khaab bunle ( spread some new colours in your mindset and come lets build up some new dreams )
And Prabhas starts laughing ….
Then he starts acting and takes Subuhi in his arms and sings and this time Abhigya and Pulkit also accompanies him…
Sa pa dha re ga re ga ma pa sa
Bum bum bum, bum bum bum bole
Hey bumchik bole, are masti mein dole ( Bum Bum Bhole we will enjoy this moment fully )
Then he sits and makes Subuhi sits in his lap near Prabhas and all are seated near him and he asks in singing
Bhala machhliyaan bhi kyun udati nahin, aise bhi socho na ( why fish don’t use to fly sometime think about this also )
Socho suraj roj nahaaye ya, baal bhigoke yeh budhdhu banaaye hame ( think weather this sun use to take bath daily or he is just making us fool by wetting his hairs)
Saare taare tim timaaye, ya phir gusse mein kuchh badbadaate rahein ( these stars twinkling genuinely or blabbering something in anger )
Khulke socho aao, pankh jara failaao ( come lets think about it and spread the wings of your mind )
Rang naye bikhraao, chalo chalo chalo chalo naye khaab bunle ( spread some new colours in your mind and then build up new dreams )
Then he reminds about Pulkit that how he was taking tension of exams so this time he targets him and Subuhi accompanies him and Abhigya Prabhas laughs

O rat ratke kyun tanker full, tanker full, tanker full ( oho why filling your tanker by learning everything unnecessarily )
Aankhein band toh dabaa gul, dabaa gul, dabaa gul ( if you close your eyes your mind bulb will get fuse means you will forget everything like that)
O band darwaaje khole re, khole re, khole re, khole re ( stop this stupidity and live tension free)
O ja bindaas bol re, bol, bol, bol, bol re ( stay tension free always)
Main bhi hoon, tu bhi hai ( you are here and I am here)
Main bhi, tu bhi, hum sab milke ( me you and all these your siblings we will enjoy)
This time he sits near Prabhas and Pulkit and Subuhi Abhigya are seated near them in bed and Abhi asks them to imagine..

Aisi rangobhari apani duniya hai kyun, socho toh socho na (why our world is so beautiful just think about it)
Pyaar se chunake inn rango ko kisine sajaaya yeh sansaar hai ( who has decorated this world with these beautiful colours)
Jo itani sundar hai apani duniya, uparwaala kya koi kalaakaar hai ( this world of our is so beautiful is the god is artist or painter ??)

Pragya and Dadi was looking from outside the room all children were happy and Prabhas’s mind was also diverted from his weakness he was also enjoying and Abhi was playing with them Dadi was having tears in her eyes and said to Pragya that this Abhi was lost somewhere now he is here Pragya keeps hand on dadi’d shoulder and then they both leaves from there and in the room Abhi was playing with them Prabhas was also playing they all were playing carom board Subuhi was in Abhi’s team and he along with Prabhas Abhigya and Pulkit was playing and all were happy….

Precap : No precap

first of all sorry to those who dont like to read the songs i am really sorry but i will say it again that i put them to just full fill my imagination to complete the episode please forgive me for that and yup thanks alot for supporting me and i will say that keep supporting like this keep commenting and today i will like to know the best scene so please tell me about it in the comment box please and yes for further twists and turns stay tuned as i am going to take a different turn in a story 😉

Credit to: Surbhi

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