KB story of faith season 2 (Episode 36)


Thank u for your support guys but dont stop commenting please as your response is only my inspiration and yes answer over PUlkit’s decision guys i am not going to separate him with his parents but yes by arrival of dadi some twist is there and what decision Pulkit has taken will be disclosed in Purvi’s marriage i can only tell you that that will make the story totally different hope you will like what i am thinking and hope you will support me also… now coming to the story

Its morning Pragya was slept in sitting position caring Abhi’s hair and Abhi was sleeping calmly then Alarm clock ringed and Pragya was sleeping Abhi gets up hearing the sound as he was saying to turn it off but Pragya didn’t woke up so Abhi’s nap broke and then he sees that Pragya was in deep sleep it seems as she was tired so Abhi decided to not to disturb her so he woke up silently and gone to fresh n up himself making Pragya sleep properly on bed then after that he gone down Aliya was already preparing for breakfast as Vijay have to go office and Arayn was having exams so she woke up early today

Abhi : Areh Aliya woke up so early today what happened haah didn’t slept last night to wake up this much early..right …(joking manner)
Aliya : Bhai stop joking I use to wake up early from past 10 years not new for me… Ok !! because Vijay have to leave for office and Aryan have his school at 7:00 so he will leave at 6:30 and it is already 5:45 so I have to prepare lunch for him by the way this time Bhabhi use to come down how you woke up so early Bhai..
Abhi : Ahh Pragya is sleeping still……. I think she was tired so she is sleeping like this because she didn’t woke up to stop alarm also so I thought that let her sleep… by the way where is the mini armed force didn’t they wake up yet…

Aliya : Bhai they are kids not mini armed force and yes they haven’t wake up yet because Bhabhi use to make them awake every morning and today she is sleeping so….
Abhi : arey they are of course like mini armed force you are new to them na you don’t know my children stay some days with them they will tell you what the original headache is called and yes you have looked the trial your self yesterday have you forgot any ways today I am going to make them awake …
Aliya : Ok bhai…
Abhi leaves to wake up children and he went first to Abhigya and Subuhi’s room there he makes Subuhi awake and she gets up in one voice of Abhi and
Subuhi : Good Morning Papa ( little bit sleepy)
Abhi : Good morning dear now common get up fast like a good girl common and get ready also
Subuhi : Papa I am not sleeping see I am awake and I will be ready fast but there is one problem
Abhi makes her sit in his lap : And what is that problem may I know..
Subuhi : Papa Abhu didi is sleeping see now who will make me bath and make me ready as maa also not came here by the way where is ma
Abhi : Ma is taking rest as yesterday she was tired na so we will not disturb her and yes today Aliya Bua will make you bath ok then go fast and say to Bua to make you bath and ready
Subuhi : Ok papa see I will go and come soon but you make Abhu didi wake up ok
Abhi smiles : Ok now go my grand amma…

Subuhi leaves then Abhi goes near Abhigya and cares her head softly and tries to make her awake
Abhi : Abhigya… common baccha wake up now this is not the time to sleep common wake up ….(softly)
Abhigya covers herself totally in blanket and then from inside in sleepy tone : Ahh.. papa why are you making me awake in this mid night please let me sleep na
Abhi : Beta this is not midnight this is morning common wake up get up fast..
Abhi removes her blanket and her hairs were messed up but she was not ready to wake up so Abhi holded her hand and take her in his arms and she hides her head in his shoulder and Abhi goes near window and opens the curtains and the sunlight touches Abhigya’s face and she awakes
Abhigya : Papa.. why you make me awake I was dreaming na you broke my dream….
Abhi : Arey now stop this drama of dreaming and see Subu who is younger from you she woke up in single voice and you are still sleeping I am trying to awake you from last 10 minutes… now get up and get ready fast then come to take breakfast.. ok

Abhigya : No I will not first you hug me like you hug Subu and let me sleep in your lap for five minutes as maa.. also do the same…. You make Subu sleep in your lap na I will also..
Abhi : Abhigya you are jealous of your younger sister very bad beta I love you both equally na then why are you saying like this and by the way madam you are already in my lap..
Abhigya : I am not jealous I just need small nap of five minutes papa please otherwise I will feel sleepy whole day..

Abhi : Ok ok drama queen but just five minutes ok..
Abhigya agrees and Abhi sits on bed and makes her sit in his lap then he wraps her in his arms and cares her head and pats it gently and Abhigya sleeps like a small baby is sleeping and Abhi looking at her and remembers how she always use to sleep in his arms only when she was small baby and how he use to sing lullaby for her then after exactly five minutes Abhigya opens her eyes and says
Abhigya : Good morning papa… ( hugs him tightly)
Abhi : woah !!!!!! now it is your morning …
Abhigya : yes
Abhi : Ok so then get ready fast and come down ok…
Abhigya : Ok I will come in just 15 minutes Papa and yes love you papa I slept very calmly in these five minutes…. So I have decided that from today onwards you will make me sleep and I will sleep like this only…..
Abhi : Ohoo!!! Then what will you do when you will keep this habit when you will grow old then ??
Abhigya : so when children grow old then they lose right of sleeping in parents lap ??
Abhi : yes of course..

Abhigya : then I will never grow old because I can’t bear a loss of such a beautiful sleep I will never ever grow old papa …
Abhigya leaves and Abhi smiles at her and thinks silly girl then he leaves for waking up Prabhas and Pulkit there he goes to their room and looks that Pulkit was not there but Prabhas was so he went to wake up Prabhas first..
Abhi : Prabhas common wake up fast see its being late common..
Prabhas : Papa again… why you are awaking me this time let me sleep for some more time na..
Abhi : No chance of that get up now common leave the bed.
Prabhas : Papa just two minutes please.. then I will surely wake up…
Abhi : No two minutes you are already late Mr. get up …..now….
Prabhas gets up and Abhi says..

Abhi : Now no more sleep common go and take bath fast and where is Pulkit he is not here…
Prabhas : Papa firstly you have awake me in such morning and now you are asking that where is dada how would I know as I slept early last night and then dada was not here…
Prabhas murmurs : first of all he woke me up in this morning and now playing quiz quiz with me see which father use to do so with his son..
Abhi : I heard that Mr. I don’t know of others fathers but yes your father will definitely do so by the way you gone early to bed last night still feeling sleepy ok boy I am giving you just five minutes to leave your bed after that I will put you in cold water tub if you didn’t wake up understand
Prabhas : ahhh Papa why are you doing this with this small child…. This is dadagiri
Abhi : this is not dadagiri bachhe this is your fathers papagiri understood now get up otherwise the cold water is waiting for you
Prabhas says ok ok and leaves the bed and then Rahul comes out from bathroom and Abhi asks him about Pulkit so Rahul tells him that
Rahul : he was studying in study room last night as he has exam tomorrow so he was studying late night there don’t know he came or not..
Abhi : Ok I will see and yes keep an eye on him Rahul not let him sleep again ok
Rahul nods yes and Abhi leaves for study room there he sees that Pulkit was sleeping on a couch it seems like he slept while reading because his book was in his hand it was open so Abhi goes and sits near him and gently takes the book from his hands and keeps It aside then he smiles looking at his face which is looking like a child while sleeping he gently cares his head and calls out his name and Pulkit hearing that wakes up.

Pulkit : Papa …. You here is it morning
Abhi : yes it is morning but why you slept here haan.
Pulkit : Good Morning Papa I don’t know when I slept here I was studying last night.. that’s what I remember.
Abhi : haha good morning… Ok ok so you can sleep but first go and make yourself fresh then again you can sleep ok …
Pulkit : No papa its ok I am ok no need of sleeping again
Abhi : beta your eyes are telling you haven’t slept properly so better you take a proper nap otherwise you won’t be able to give exam with fresh mind which is necessary ok..
Pulkit nods ok and Abhi keeps his hand on Pulkits head and leaves again to Prabhas to look weather he has took bath or not because he was sleeping again when Abhi came to Pulkit so he went to see and when he goes there he saw that Prabhas was not going to take bath even he was playing in the morning itself without taking bath so Abhi goes to him

Abhi : I knew it you haven’t bathed till now …….may I know …. Why is it so..?? ( mje pta tha tumne nahi nahaya hoga par kya mai jaan sakta hu ki kyu nahi nahaya abhi tak)
Prabhas : Papa bad and dirty people takes bath you only told me na that bad people need to clean themselves and your son is good boy and clean and see I am not dirty also na so why I would take a bath.( papa apne hi to kaha tha jo gande hote hain vo nahate hain to mai ganda thodi hi na hun).
Abhi pats on Prbhas’s head : Even animals also use to bath mr. not only dirty and ugly people now go and take bath otherwise you will become ugly and starts stinking also then you will be no more good boy understood..
Prabhas :But papa … I don’t want to take bath now as today is not our school also so I will bath later not now..

Abhi : So you won’t agree like this so bachhu now till you will not take bath I will not leave you now common take off your shirt and go to bath common
Abhi takes Prabhas to bathroom and he makes him take Bath and while doing so Abhi says beta it is ok that you have said to me that you will not take bath if you will say this to your ma na then you will definitely receive a flying rolling pin (belan use to make rotis) and believe me its speed will be more than 180 km/h understood ( ye to theek hai tumne mujhse kaha ki mai nahi nahaunga agar Pragya se kaha hota na to tumhe udta hua belan milta seedha sir par ar uski speed mera yakeen mano 180km/h se jyada hi hoti) Prabhas says I know papa that’s why I said it to you haha then Prabhas applies soap and plays with it also ( he can do so after all he is just 10 years old na 😉 ) Prabhas makes his beard and moustaches with the foam of shampoo and asks to Abhi
Prabhas : Papa see is this suits me..??
Abhi : yes very well now I have two ghosts in my house

Prabhas : papa this is not fare you are calling me ghost
Abhi : so beta better you stop playing with this shampoo foam na
Abhi washes his soap and shampoo by putting water over him and then Prabhas goes into bath tub to make him-self properly clean and comes out
Prabhas : Papa done I have bathed give me towel now and you go out as I will change my clothes here
Abhi : What done see this soap is still here on your arms go and clean it first after that you will done
Abhi sends Prabhas again and then he gives towel to him and Prabhas comes out of bathroom in his waist and shorts then he goes and stands near the mirror shaking his wet hairs here and there so the water droplets are going on the nearby stuffs as he haven’t even touched the towel to his head..
Abhi : Prabhas what is this yr.. why are you troubling me like this did you use to trouble your ma also like this first of all you have taken bath so late and now you are making late in getting ready..
The a sound comes from near the door someone was saying Exactly and Abhi turns around to see and he sees that it was Pragya… standing near the door and she was awake and even she was looking fresh also
Abhi : when did you wake up
Pragya : just half an hour before and then I came to know that today you are making him bath so just came here to see…
Abhi : Oh ok tell me then is this boy usually use to do so or he is doing it specially today with me only..

Pragya : Of course as he is troubling you less otherwise he would haven’t bathed till yet and if bathed he would not get ready so soon if get ready so soon then he will take time to set his hairs he have so many tantrums….
Abhi : oho Prabhas stop doing this see you are spreading water of your hairs here and there come here now..
Prabhas : offo papa you are talking like ma.. why ?? ma is enough na to scold me like this then why are you trying to act like her…
Abhi : Oho !! so now I am talking like ma you wait there I am coming … sorry fuggii today I will not leave him he is irritating me now…
Pragya laughs at him as he went to chase Prabhas and then he catches him and says beta I am your father so don’t need to be over smart form me ok then he takes towel and sponges Prabhas’s head and then Prabhas wears clothes and gets ready then they all went down to have breakfast there Abhi sees that Subuhi was seated on the couch and shaking her legs Abhi goes to her
Abhi : now why are you seated like this.
Subuhi shows him shoes and he understands that she is unable to tie laces so he kneels down and makes Subuhi wear the shoes and then they all have breakfast and Abhi takes Subuhi to school and Vijay takes Aryan to school.
After sometime Abhi returns home as after dropping Subuhi to school he went for his work place and then after completing it he was back and he sees that Pulkit was seated over the couch and studying so he goes and sits on the couch near him he was just seated then he noticed that Pulkit was feeling that much sleepy that he was about to fall his head on table but Abhi keeps his hand on table and protects him from getting hit by table he calls out his name and Pulkit wakes.. with sudden response..
Abhi (scolding in worried tone ) : What is this Pulkit you haven’t slept right I said na to take proper rest this is how you will give exam beta what’s the need of taking such tension it’s just an exam now go and take proper rest go..
Pulkit : Papa I tried but this books starts roaming in my mind and I am unable to sleep so I again started studying.
Abhi : This is not good you have to take proper rest come lets go to your room and sleep come..
Pulkit : papa but my revision…
Abhi : It’s just revision na if you will study one thing again and again you will definitely forget everything now come I know you have already completed your course now come ..
Pulkit : but papa….

Abhi stares : Pulkit….
Pulkit : Ok coming…
Abhi takes Pulkit to his room and Pulkit lies on his bed but he is unable to sleep as he is worried for exam as the school is new for him and he didn’t know how the questions will teachers give so Abhi makes him understand
Abhi : Don’t take tension Pulkit just think as this is your own school all your worries will be out just think that you know everyone in this school every teacher every one you will feel better… now just relax and take proper rest ok… and it’s just 11th standard na then if you will scare like this then next year how will you give your boards exams just keep your mind calm ok everything will be fine don’t take such stress… ok
Pulkit feels relaxed and keeps his head on Abhi’s lap..
Abhi : Arey you children always use to sleep in lap doesn’t matter whose lap everyone has a habit of sleeping in lap.. strange Pulkit does it suits you that a16 years boy is sleeping in lap….
Pulkit looking at Abhi’s face : Papa just because I am in teen age so this means I don’t have any right to sleep in lap I can’t behave like a kid… you are saying like this ma… never said like this.. can a son can’t sleep in his father’s lap..
Abhi : Oho everyone is drama king and queen here ok come sleep….
Pulkit smiles and again keeps his head in his lap and sleeps calmly seeing Pulkit slept perfectly Abhi slowly keeps his head on pillow and gets up from there and then he puts blanket over him and slightly moved from there putting off the lights and closes the door then again he thinks that why Abhigya and Prabhas are not here so he goes to look them but just then Pragya comes out of her room and goes down Abhi sees her and follows her then he stops her and asks..
Abhi : Pragya ….
Pragya turns : haah when did you came I didn’t heard your car sound..
Abhi : It’s about half an hour but where were you and haven’t you looked over Pulkit see he haven’t slept since last night just in exam tension and where are the two little ghosts…
Pragya : He haven’t slept yet !!! even I had said to him that to take proper rest but he didn’t listened wait I will talk to him…
Abhi : No need as he has slept just now I made him sleep strictly …. But you didn’t answered where are Abhigya and Prabhas..

Pragya : Oh then its ok well I was with Abhigya and Prabhas they both have fever…
Abhi panicked : Fever but how at morning they both were fine na.. then suddenly fever..
Pragya : Relax no need of getting panic as yesterday both pladyed with water na Prabhas was totally wet so he caught fever and at morning the fever was low sod you didn’t felt it but it was in morning also..
Abhi : Ok then how Abhigya got fever as she was not wet then ??
Pragya : Did you forgot Abhishek they both are twins and as an effect as one will caught fever the other one will surely have fever but thank god this is only in case of fever or cold nothing else..
Abhi : oh so how are they now…
Pragya : sleeping but soon will get up..
Abhi : did you called doctor ..
Pragya : no need of it as it is normal fever if it will not cured then we will consult doctor now relax come I will bring coffee for you…
Abhi : No better you bring coffee in room I will sit with them
Pragya smiles : Ok but don’t make any noise they have just slept after I have gave them medicines.
Pragya leaves and Abhi goes and sits beside Abhigya and Prabhas… he was patting their forehead gently so that they will not wake up Pragya enters the room and gives coffee to him then she asks
Pragya : did the temperature become low or still high…
Abhi : NO this time it is little bit low…

Pragya : Cant understand why they both do so when they know that they will become ill with playing like this now see having fever now both will not sleep whole night till the temperature doesn’t get down they will not feel relax…
Abhi : let it be na they are kids after all they are only 10 years old but can’t understand why all are behaving like this they both are having fever Pulkit was not sleeping in exam tension Pragya I am telling that we have to keep an eye on these four otherwise they will play with their health like this only….
Pragya : I am saying this to you from day 1
Abhi : Ok Ok I understood and yes one thing I forgot to tell you dadi is coming by tonight itself as Purvi called me and informed that they are coming from train and they left Punjab yesterday itself..
Pragya : Dadi is coming today so I have to prepare much I have to leave please will you look them for some time …
Abhi : whats the need of saying please in it of course I will …
Pragya : Oho I forgot it is 1:00 on the clock it’s time to take Subuhi from school
Abhi : Wait you stay here I will go to pick up her ok…
Abhi leaves and Pragya sits near them….

Precap : No precap…

My dear KBians i know you will think that what i write in precap i dont show it so let me clear one thing i write precap for set of episodes not for single episode and hope you will like this episode i know nothing was special in it but next episode will not be so much boaring and yes now time to thank you people thank you very much my heartly thanks to those who commented for the first time really i was happy that i have so much fans haha jokes a part thank you so much Kbians hope i will make you satisfied with my ever episode and yes Ritika and Muskaan thank u so much yr…. and vaishali no need to be sorry dear as i know what the 12th does dont know about where you live but i have done 12 from delhi and belive me in delhi 12thees have to give four preboards and then final board yr…. full year spend in giving exams haha but enjoyed alot you also enjoy dear and yes of course all the best for your boards in advance …
Ok now for knowing what the turn the story is going to take stay tuned and yes sorry if you didnt liked the episode…

Credit to: Surbhi

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