KB story of faith season 2 (Episode 35)

ok guys i think most of the regular readers didn’t liked the yesterday’s episode anyways it is quiet possible that they haven’t read it Episode No. 34 anyways sorry for those who didnt liked it and yes Thank you for those who read and commented also thank you guys keep commenting now comming to the story but before that a question to you all which you have to answer genuenly ” In this episode Pulkit is talking about some decision what decision is that any guesses please leave it in the comment box”

The episode starts with Prabhas throwing water on Abhigya but mistakenly it falls on Aliya and Vijay then Abhigya sees it and laughs and says…
Abhigya : hahah Idiot you can never win from me see what happened now you have to bear Aliya bua’s anger..
And saying this all in Prabhas’s ears she left from there and then Prbhas looking at Aliya scared and shouted “sorryyyyyyyy Bua I didn’t do it intentionally it was because of mistake only it is because of confusion miss interpretation misassumption misconclusion lack of concentration and….. sorry bua ” and with scared expression he left from there and directly rushed to kitchen and hide himself behind Pragya… Pragya understood he is scared definitely he has done something mistakenly…. So she asked to him and there Aliya and Vijay both were looking at each other clue less as they were thinking what does he blabbered….. then both goes inside the screen shifts to Pragya where Pragya is asking to prabhas..
Pragya : Hmm my dear son is here so what’s the matter what have you done now….
Prabhas : Ma nothing it was just mistake I didn’t did it intentionally ma I swear…
Pragya : Ok Ok but leave me otherwise you will get burn as I am cooking right now na the oil drops will jump and fall on your hand so stay far ok go and sit there and tell me what happened..
Prbhas : Ma first that Abhigya splashed water on me then I just wanted to do the same with her so I began to chase her but…..
Pragya : yes continue please what happened after but…
Prabhas : ma it mistakenly falls on…..
Pragya : Prabhas now complete it na… it mistakenly fall on whom ??
Just then Aliya and Vijay comes in and Abhi noticed them and asked
Abhi : Arey why you both are this much wet is it raining outside ???
Hearing to him Pragya thought that whom he is now saying like this and then she went out and Prabhas followed her and he is still hidden behind her then she saw that it was Aliya and Vijay
Pragya : Arey why you both have bathed outside the bathroom was available inside our house na…
Aliya : Areh Bhabhi we don’t have bathed outside we have just trapped in your son and daughters fight and see this happened…
Prabhas : ma I told you na I didn’t did it intentionally seriously I am saying it was mistakenly happened..
Pragya : Oh so that’s why you were there and hidden behind me .. anyways Aliya and Vijay go and change otherwise you will catch cold…
Aliya and Vijay leaves then Abigya says..
Abhigya : yes ma that’s why because he is a scared cat haha Prabhas I have already told you that don’t mess with me it will be always harmful for you..
Prabhas : Maa see na … she is teasing me now I have said sorry to bua Ok dumbo now stop teasing me.. maaa please make her understand na…
Pragya : you both shut up always in both of your fight someone else is trapped Abhigya what was the need of throwing water on him you must have complaint to me na then I might have seen him so why you took decision to yourself… and Prabhas you why you want to do tit for tat always you must have said to me that ma see what Abhigya has done but no both will took decision to yourself..
Abhigya ( scared tone) : maa I was just angry on him he was teasing me continuously.. so.. I lost my control over my anger and did so
Prabhas ( scared tone) : maa i was also angry when she splashed water on me and run away..
Pragya : what did you said anger right very good everyone here has their own anger by the way can anyone tell me why this happened Subu you tell me what was happened ..
Subuhi narrated the whole incident then Pragya said..
Pragya : This all was happening and Abhishek you was the reason first of all then when they did this you didn’t stopped them also right…. great very good and Pulkit you also didn’t stopped them you all were enjoying their fight right very good….. I think make you people understand is just waste of time because none of you is ready to understand that anger in not the solution of every situation.. but no you people will do what you want to do so do it. But yes if it harms then don’t come to me again understood….
She left from there murmuring “ everyone have their own anger father will become angry he will slap everyone daughter will become angry so she will harm someone son will become angry so he will teach lesson not even a single person have control over his or her anger” and then she brought one plate for Abhi and served food to him Abhi is still looking on her and thinking that why I am the only reason for her anger always why I always make her angry then Pragya was about to leave but he holds her hand and said
Abhi : You also come na we will eat together…
Pragya relives her hand with a jerk : No I am not hungry at all because I have ate too much of anger today so the dose of mine has completed… and now I am not hungry at all…
And saying this she leaves hearing this from her Abhi was stunned by her answer then after sometime Pragya goes to room after completing the work and all the children are studying as their exams are near… then after sometime Abhi also goes to room and sees that Pragya is sitting holding her head on bed looking as she is having a headache so he goes and sits near her and Pragya senses that he is there so she leaves the bed and was about to leave but Abhi holds her hand and makes her sit again Pragya was still angry Abhi makes her sit and keeps his head in her lap..
Abhi (calmly): still angry on me…. ??? I am sorry I lost my control over myself so it happened i didn’t thought about that really but you know na I always lose my control over myself when I am angry…
Pragya : who said that I am angry on you upon that matter… I know you was the one who made that plan of reuniting Aliya and Vijay making Purab as bride so at that moment I forgot anger upon that matter….. Aliya told me all the incident over the phone..
Abhi : you are not angry over that then why are you not talking to me lightly… why are showing this much ignorance towards me…
Pragya makes Abhi get up from her lap : because I don’t want to talk to that person who use to kill his family when they are still alive…
Abhi looks clueless : what ? when I did this what are you talking about I have no idea really…
Pragya : Oh so you have no idea about what I am talking about…
Abhi : No
Pragya : I am talking about dadi you said all are dead so how dadi is alive..
Abhi was stunned
Pragya : What happened shocked hearing that I came to know that she is alive…… how can you think this Abhishek I am still shocked thinking about that..
Abhi comes to his senses : How did you came to know and yes I didn’t said it ever that she is not alive I just said no one is alive… now tell me how did you came to know..
Pragya : You forgot your phone at home someone was calling on it I picked up the call so I was shocked it was Purvi who was talking to me thinking it’s you…
Flashback is shown….
Pragya waiting for Aliya’s call to know what is happening there then suddenly she noticed that Abhi forgot his phone and it was ringing and with some unknown number and she picked up the call and Purvi was on the other side and Pragya was shocked hearing her voice and she was saying that JIJU DADI IS FORCING ME TO PRE-POND THE MARRIGE DATE SHE IS SAYING THAT I HAVE TO DO MARRIGE NOW AS SHE THINKS THAT MAKING THE BOY WAIT IS NOT GOOD IT IS QUIET POSSIBLE THAT THEY WILL BREAK THE RELATION AND WILL MARRY THEIR SON WITH SOME OTHER GIRL AND SHE BELIEVE THAT YOU WILL NOT COME WITH DII.. HERE JIJU PLEASE DO SOMETHING I DON’T WANT TO MARRY WITHOUT DI’S BLESSING PLEASE FIND HER SOON PLEASE AND IF SHE IS NOT SO I WILL REMAIN UNMARRIED MY WHOLE LIFE PLEASE DO SOMETHING JIJU OK DADI IS HERE I AM CUTTING THE CALL… and she ends the call flashback ends
Pragya : Now if you think that I can share your problem so you can tell me otherwise its ok today I came to know that still you don’t want to share some matters from me I think you think that I can’t share and solve your problem so it’s ok…
And Pragya was about to leave but Abhi stopped her and said her to sit
Abhi : Its nothing like that
Pragya : so how according to you how is it…??
Abhi : I didn’t told you about that because dadi don’t want to see my face she is angry on me to such an extent
And saying this tears rolled down from Abhi’s eyes and Pragya sees it and wipes his tears…
Pragya : Abhishek what happened ?? what was happened why she is angry and please stop crying or please burst that pain out…. Please…
Abhi : I am telling you that day when the terror attack took place and I made you and children escape in that truck ….
Flash back starts Pragya saying to Abhi not to move otherwise it will explode please don’t move she is crying hard and saying please don’t move at-least this time listen to me please and Abhi as usual not listening to her and moves and then an explosion occurs and Pragya shouts No.. and Abhi saving Rahul fell on the other side saving him and the truck in Pragya was seated moved Abhi was in unconscious state with Rahul after sometime he gains consciousness and remembers everything then he first looks Rahul who was fine and was breathing well then he took him to some safe place then he started finding that truck but finds it nowhere and he breaks down and starts crying shouting Pragya’s name and continuously saying why always mee why remembering that moment then after some time he comes into senses and tries to find other family members so he goes to that place where he saw them at last time but he finds there everywhere were dead bodies lied on ground the scene was looking very much horrified so he got scared looking that and then controlling himself started searching everyone there and found that everyone was dead Dasi, Raj, Mitali, tai ji, taya ji… everyone and he was broken down thinking that now he is all alone he lost his wife and kids now he lost his family also and then he notices that dadi is still breathing but she was sinking she was saved as she was much far away when the blast occurred but it was much effective so she just came into its effect and this was the result she was injured and sinking then Abhi got happy knowing that hope of his life came dadi is still alive so he rushed lifting her up in his arms to help and as there was no scope of help from anyway so he was getting panic and now he was out of that village then he saw one home there and gone there and begged for help and luckily it was a doctor’s home so he thought thank u god this time you helped me you have given me at least one reason to live thank you so much.. then he let dadi stayed with that lady doctor who was treating her after a 12 hour struggle dadi was out of danger and then Abhi gone to take bodies of his died family and he completed all the rituals which are done at the time of death and Abhi was sad then he returned to dadi and dadi was sitting on a bed there and she asked about if he done all the rituals then she asked if Pragya and kids also but Abhi stopped her and said Please dadi don’t say that because if something will happen to them then there will be no reason for me to live Pragya and kids are saved dadi and then he told dadi everything that how Pragya and kids are saved then he said that I can live in hope dadi that I will find them one day but I can’t live with that thought that they are no more dadi was stunned and then she jerks Abhi and said She was saying that don’t do that and you didn’t heard her why Abhi it is your mistake that my bahu and grandchildren are not with me you always use to do what you want na you will never listen to anyone Abhi was shocked as dadi was scolding him in such a harsh way dadi was continuously scolding him and said Now Abhi it was your mistake that I lost my Bahu and grandchildren now you will find them I don’t know how but yes you have to do so till then I will not leave to Mumbai with you I will stay over here only because there is nothing left for me there and dadi left from there then time was passing Abhi called Purab and told everything to him he helped Abhi and took a small home there and dadi was living there with Abhi and Rahul then dadi was becoming restless as it were already six months were passed and no clue of Pragya and kids were found yet then one day dadi again started blaming Abhi and said you are the only reason for that if you have listened to her that day then you both were must be together but no Abhi you didn’t do that and now from past 6 months you are giving me false hopes Abhi said dadi I am saying na I will find them but don’t know why I am unable to do so I have given their pictures in police stations they are searching them dadi says do you think these small town police men will do their work so genuinely Abhi I said to you that if you will be unable to find Pragya and children so don’t show me your face again and now really I don’t want to see your face ever because the person who can’t take care of his family can’t be my grandson get out from here and don’t show me your face until you find your family Abhi begging dadi to don’t say like that but dadi says strictly to leave the home with his stuff and Abhi remains in tears then Abhi backed to Mumbai and he stayed at Purab’s home and then one day remembering Pragya and his old days and marriage he went to Pragya’s home there he sees that door was open and someone was in there he checks out and it was Purvi he was shocked to look her there and Purvi welcomed her forgetting everything and told him that it was Aliya who trapped her and she was innocent she haven’t did anything then she asks about everyone and he tells everything including about dadi also then she says what if dadi doesn’t want to meet anyone from your side but I can stay with her there na jiju as no one is there for me now so what I will do here better I will go and live with dadi and Abhi agrees and smiles at her emotionally and keeps his hand on her head then someone enters the room and says What is this Purvi why the door is open see you are living here alone and it is not safe anything happen to you yr.. why don’t you ever imagine that if something will happen to you then what will I do then Purvi calms him down and then the person noticed that Abhi was sitting there and asked to Purvi Abhi the rock star at your home but what he is doing here and Purvi tells him that he is her jiju then she introduces him with that boy Jiju he is Manmeet we know each other from the time of college and you know when no one believed me that I am not the culprit he was the one who doesn’t disbelieved me jiju we love each other very much …. Then Abhi says so did you married Purvi says not yet then Abhi says so want to marry they both feel shy and Abhi understands and does their engagement and then talks about marriage but Purvi refuses and said jiju we will not marry till you find dii the day you will find her I will agree for marriage and till then I will go to dadi to take care of her Manmeet also agrees and says bhai we will not marriage without our elders blessings and Manmeet’s family also agreed on that then Purvi leaves to dadi’s home….
Flash back ends
Abhi : that’s why purvi is with her she is taking care of her..
And Abhi began to cry hard tears was rolling down from his eyes and he again keeps his head in pragya’s lap and bursts out his all pain..
Abhi : I again and again said to her to forgive me fuggii but dadi didn’t listened to me she send me away from her I was all alone without her I was unable to share my pain with someone that pain which can be shared with either your soul mate or your parents I don’t have parents fuggiii but dadi was my everything why did she did this to me fuggiii why she left me at that time when I needed her most and even she said that she don’t want to see my face how fuggiii how I felt no one can know…. I was like my mother is saying to me that I am not her son fuggiii but you know na I did that to save you people I did that to keep you alive as I already afraid that I lost everyone in my family Fuggiii you are not angry on me please say on that you know na I done this all to save you but just the mistake was that I didn’t listened to you that time…… why dadi is not forgiving me you when I met you people I tried to call her but she always use to say don’t dare to call and cuts the call she is not forgiving me fugiii she is not…… she must have scold me beat me but why did she said fuggiiii that she will not see my face fuggiii I was all alone no one was there for me… now from that incident when you and all are away from eyes for a little time interval also na I get scared imagining that day I get scared Fugiii really….
Tears are continuously shedding from Abhi’s eyes and Pragya is also crying hearing to him and she is consoling him then suddenly Abhi gets up and cups Pragya’s face and said
Abhi : now you will not leave me na please tell me you will not leave me na you and children will remain with me forever na tell me Pragya tell me you will not leave me
Pragya is looking at him she is looking in his eyes in which the pain of living alone when he needs his family most that pain is clearly visible through his eyes then Abhi shooks her and asks again
Abhi : tell me na fuggiii you will never leave me again
Pragya nods yes : yes I will not leave you never ever me and your children will always remain with u… till I am alive I will be with you
he hugs her tightly and Pragya can feel the worry of him and she tries to console him then she breaks the hug and wipes Abhi’s tears and says
Pragya : you don’t worry I know something was there that’s why I have said to Purvi to bring dadi here with making any excuse I know something was happened surely otherwise you won’t hide to me all this you don’t worry she will forgive you for sure and if she will not na I will not talk to her see then she will come to know that how it feels when your loved one stop talking you see then she will surely forgive you now stop crying like this naaa I can’t see you like this you have bear a lot and whenever you have broken down like this I haven’t felt good please stop Abhishek control yourself
and screen shifts to outside the room where Pulkit was standing and he heard all things he was came there to ask something but stopped hearing Abhi and Pragya talking then he thinks I know ma that hearing someone’s talks like this are bad manners but I have done it and now I am confirmed over my decision I am not confused now and he leaves from there then screen again shifts to Abhi and there Abhi hugs her again and Pragya says
Pragya : by the way Abhishek you always cry like silly girls that’s why I think that why Prabhas use to cry like this he totally resembles you na
and hearing that Abhi smiles and says
Abhi : you know how to make me smile that’s why I love you
Pragya : Areh of course otherwise I will lose my silly rock star naaa. And then I will get the emotional fool husband..
Abhi breaks the hug : what do you think I am emotional fool ….
Pragya : do you think I am a clown…
Abhi : yes..
Pragya : what ?
Abhi : that’s why you make me smile always..
Pragya : you…
She picks up the pillow and throws it on Abhi and Abhi forgetting all just started to play with her with pillows they both were having pillow fight then after sometime Abhi becomes tired and fell on bed and as he fell he slept and Pragya was seated near him and thinks I know how to make you smile because your smile is my life and yes if you will be happy then I will be happy how can a wife stay happy when her husband is in pain…

Precap : Aliya and Vijay’s remarriage along with Purvi and Manmeet’s marriage and entry of someone new in the house everyone is happy..

Ok guys hope you will like the episode now i am leaving it up to you because i got less response in yesterday’s episode but i was happy that i made you people laugh so i hope you will like it

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