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Sorry guys for the late update but i was not here as Somiya told you and yes after coming i read all your ffs yr.. they were too awesome..
Somiya ji.. : apki mai kya kahu i loved that looka chhupii yr it was sooooo cute i can’t describe how was i feeling while reading that it was so awesome yr… i laughed and i smiled in all the episode i loved that episode but i was sad as there was only one episode of yours i thought when i will come back i will read all of your episodes together anyways thoda hai par mera hai 😉

Tisha : You rocked girl as always it was awesome as Abhi’s anger Abhigya reunion and yes ofcourse that paste eating it took almost one 40 minutes to read your both episodes and both were awesome..
Naveena : Your writing is awesome yr i always read your ff with out a gap it was two awesome yr..
Reji : rock on yr…
and all the new ff writers and all the old one whom i forgot also you keep showering Abhigya love like this as i think it wont happen in original serial before 1000 episodes so better we will enjoy these ffs
Now coming to the story as you all know i was not here and i haven’t uploaded any episode so today i have uploaded a little bit long hope you will like it. so lets go to the story

The episode starts with Vijay convincing Aliya to forgive him for the last time and she is ignoring continuously in Vijay in anger holds Aliya’s hand and says
Vijay : Enough yr Aliya now how much anger will you show to me and by the way it was also your mistake na that you didn’t told me ever not even confessed to me that you love me and all of a sudden you are showing this anger just because I danced with that Rimi Oh common Aliya she is my good friend and by the way Your brother was also doing the same and Purab also… so why you are showing anger on me…
Aliya is not looking at him so he turns Aliya’s face towards him and says..
Vijay : Aliya…. Aliya at-least answer me something why are you so quiet it means you will not forgive me na…

Aliya : What’s the need of answer and what answer I can give you Vijay as when i need you more at that time when any women will need her husband then at that time you was not there because you was angry on me you couldn’t understand that I left everything for you everything even thought of revenge also but you didn’t realised my love at that time and you left me alone as you thought that it was only my mistake and you left me alone to bear that pain and you didn’t want to see my face also na then you saw me jealous while you was dancing with that Rimi so you realised that but let me tell you one thing that now I don’t have such potential to prove my love Vijay because I lost all my hopes last night So.. you are enjoying that Rimi’s company so better you go with her and stay with her and why you will stay with her better you go and marry with her then it will be easy for you because then you will not see my face and I will be satisfied as you are happy with her you have no tension that you have a responsibility of your son and you have one wife also…. What else I can say..

Aliya leaves and then Vijay calls her continuously…..
Vijay : Aliya .. wait Aliya please listen….
She leaves and Vijay looks on …
At night Vijay was sitting in the garden and Abhi was in his balcony looking at the stars then suddenly he noticed that someone is there in garden sitting there he thought that who is there at this time so he went to see there and there he saw that Vijay was sitting alone in the garden on the swing and thinking something Abhi goes and sits near Vijay.. and keeps his hand on his shoulder then Vijay comes in his senses and looks at him
Abhi : what happen brother .. you this time here in the garden why… is there any problem…
Vijay : what else problem I can have bhai !! I made a mistake so I am now facing the result nothing else…

Abhi : So Aliya didn’t convinced hmm…
Vijay : Yes yr.. she is not even looking at me then how will I convince her now she is insisting me to go and marry Rimi. This is too much yr… how can I marry someone else.. yr she is behaving like a small child now how will I make her understand…
Abhi : Don’t worry yr give her some time she will be Ok you don’t take tension as her anger is of only few days.. now go and take rest hmm…
Vijay : Hope so…
Abhi : definitely yr.. she will forgive you now go and I am also going because if Pragya didn’t find me in room at this time na then she will think that I am again in Kitchen and eating something which I shouldn’t be…
Vijay and Abhi both laughs and leaves for their respective rooms
At morning everyone is at the dining table after children left to school Pragya and Abhi are having breakfast and spending their time with each other then suddenly Vijay comes and says…
Vijay : Bhai have you seen Aliya anywhere as I haven’t seen her since morning
Abhi : No I haven’t seen her but why are you tensed as she might be in the garden…
Pragya : No she is not as I gone there to bring the book yesterday Subuhi was reading there so she left it on the table so I was went to bring that in morning but Aliya was not there…
Abhi (tensed) : what !!! So did you called her have you tried her phone…
Vijay : yes many times but she is not picking up the call…

Now Abhi was more tensed so he was trying Aliya’s phone again and again but she was not picking up the phone and now all were tensed Abhi was seated holding his head Vijay was wandering here and there and Pragya was trying to calm Abhi down as he was now becoming anger.. so she was continuously trying to calm him then at that time Aliya enters and Pragya was the one who noticed her and she goes to her and Abhi follows her and Vijay was stood there looking at her…
Pragya : Aliya where was you all were tensed.. for you and why was you not picking up the call ..
Abhi ( anger ) : where is your Phone why was you not picking up the call damn it… can you imagine what situation we were going through…(concerned)
Pragya : Relax Abhishek I am talking to her na relax let her answer at-least…
Aliya : I was gone to court to complete some incomplete work which I should have done much time before…
Pragya : which incomplete work Aliya and what was the work in court..
Aliya goes to Vijay and hand overs some papers to Vijay and Vijay opens them and gets shock as they were Divorce papers..

Vijay : what is this Aliya divorce papers for what …??
Aliya : Now you are free you can go with whom so ever you want to go I have signed them now there is no need to stay in this bond which is just a responsibility for you…
Vijay : have you lost it.. Aliya what are you saying do you have any idea….
Abhi : What is this Aliya ?? do you even know what are you saying ??
Aliya : I have decided Bhai as there is no need to stay in that bond where your companion wants to prove your love before him and doesn’t understand that under what situation is there partner going through… so there is no need of this bond which is just a responsibility for him… so it’s better that we will stay apart..
Abhi : just because he did a mistake so that is not the way you will divorce him after all what you will answer to Aryan have you ever thought that …
Aliya : He is my son he will understand that why his mother is doing so …
Abhi was now fuming in anger on this silly happening of her and was about to slap her but Pragya stopped him..and Aliya left from there Vijay was standing stunned there as he didn’t expected that Aliya will took such a step…
Pragya : What are you doing Abhishek she is in pain and you are going to punish her you should have make understand her na and you are showing anger on her..
Abhi : So you go na make her understand that she is doing wrong as I have tried my best don’t know how this thought came in her mind to divorce….
Pragya : What’s new for me as she is your sister you also did same na just because u were in thought that Tanu is bearing your child you was forcing me to divorce so that you can marry her if I haven’t told you the truth then we were not here together at this time we must have gone apart this time..

Abhi : that matter was different Pragya now why are you talking about that matter which shouldn’t be discussed now …
Pragya : I am not talking about that matter Abhishek I am just showing mirror to you that she is doing the same in misunderstanding as you done.. earlier that time dadi make you understand but today dadi is not here so it is our responsibility to make her understand…
The argument between Abhi and Pragya was going on and it was slowly changing into fight the Vijay came in between and said…
Vijay : arey pragya bhabhi , Abhi bhai please now why you both are fighting as this is not the way because of us you both are fighting now..
Pragya : I am not fighting Vijay I am just trying to make him understand that anger is not the solution of everything…
Vijay : Bhabhi you go from here I will handle him…
Pragya : Better Vijay as he will not listen to me now…I am going to convince Aliya ..
Pragya leaves from there and then Vijay calms down Abhi and they both sit calmly on the couch and Pragya goes to Aliya she was folding the clothes there
Pragya : Aliya what are you going to do you are going to ruin your own world Aliya..
Alia : I know very well bhabhi what I am going to do..
Pragya : No you don’t know as you are going to make same mistake as your brother made earlier he was also going to divorce me because of misunderstanding and you are also going to do the same ..
Alia : there is no misunderstanding Bhabhi I have seen very well at that time he was very happy..
Pragya : No Alia you didn’t know anything as it was our plan to make u realise your love for Vijay and we were happy that you both will be together now but no we were wrong as our plan had back fired us you misunderstood the whole incident and now this is the result …
Aliya : What !!! it was your plan …???

Pragya : Yes it was our Plan now go and apologise to him as you have misunderstood him…
Aliya : If it is that so I have made a big mistake Bhabhi I have to rectify it…
Then Aliya rushes to Vijay but as she goes down in the hall she observes that Vijay was not there and Abhi was sitting there alone holding some papers in his hand…
Aliya : Bhai where is Vijay .. time before he was here na so now where did he went..
Abhi hand over the papers to Aliya and there was a letter also in which was written..

my dear wife aliya you know you have made me free from all the tension and now i am free as you have also given leagal permission to me to marry someone else so i thougt that it is a good opportunity for living my life and yes don’t take tension about aryan as i have no problem that he will live with you so as i have signed those divorce paper as per your wish and as n0w i am free so i am going to marry rimi today itself as why should i do late in good doings so best of luck for your further life and yes if you want to come to give blessings to my new wife you can come here for sure the address is the durga temple near the twinkle marriage hall.. your ex-husband vijay…

Aliya gets shattered reading that letter and loses her balance and sits there on the couch and Pragya shooks her then she hands over the letter to Pragya and then she reads it..
Pragya : what is this Abhishek he was going and you didn’t stopped him also how could you do so..
Abhi : How can I stop him as your dearest sister-in-law wanted him to do so . so he gone and said that why should we do late in good doings..
Pragya : what ?? He left and you let him do so…
Abhi : yes and now I am also going to attend his marriage and yes don’t try to argue with me over that…(he leaves)

Pragya : Aliya don’t sit here I am saying better you should leave for the address which is given here please hurry up reach there before they complete there all the rituals.. did you understand..
Then Aliya comes into her senses and says to Pragya..
Aliya : I think you are right Bhabhi but how as Bhai also left and see the time anytime children could reach home then…
Pragya : You don’t think about them I will take care u just go Aliya…
Aliya leaves and soon she reaches at the address there she sees that Vijay was seated with the Rimi her face was covered with veil and Priest was reading chants the marriage was going on and then Aliya goes there and pulls Vijay from his seat and holds his collar and says…
Aliya : How dare you thought that I will let you marry someone else I will surely kill you if you did so and before you I will kill this girl who is going to took over my husband from me….
Aliya pulls the girl up as she was in veil then suddenly she starts scolding her then she removes her veil then everyone was shocked as the bride was none other than Purab.. then Purab says
Purab : Thank god Aliya you reached on time otherwise I would have married Vijay and then Bulbul could have killed me yet ..
Every one laughs as Aliya feels shy and hides her face in Vijay then a flash back is shown
Pragya left to Aliya’s room and then Abhi Vijay sit silently then suddenly Abhi spoke that if Aliya wants you to remarry so go and remarry then Vijay was shocked and said what are you saying and Abhi winks at him and then he makes the plan that Vijay will write a letter then leaves for temple and this time not to tell Pragya also then he calls Purab and tells everything to him Flash back ends and then Aliya goes to Purab..

Aliya : By the way Purab why was you going to marry Vijay …. Ok don’t tell me Bhai made this plan right…
Purab : No actually he made this plan and did this with me to give punishment to me as day before yesterday me and him were treated by Bulbul very well so he is just giving me punishment nothing else and Abhi I am telling you one thing from now onwards I will not accompany you in any of your doings understand ..
Abhi : Arey Purab listen don’t react like this na ..
Purab : No I will not and yes.. don’t you dare to try to stop me understand …
Abhi : Now you are really behaving like a girl Purab you I think it is the effect of this dress.. you should remove it I was right as you both husband wife are good at acting you go into the character so deeply..
All laughs.. then Purab gets irked and leaves from there after removing that brides dress then Abhi stops him and says sorry to him Purab says its ok then Abhi says..
Abhi : thank god you forgave me otherwise I would have been die till now..
Purab punches him hard : Oye actually Prabhas says right that you are full of over acting ..
All laughs then Aliya says..
Aliya : Bhai… if Purab has forgiven you so what you both go home as you both are going to die really…
Abhi and Purab looks at each other clue less then suddenly they both said in chorus…
Abhi and Purab : Oh shit….!!!

Abhi : Pragya …
Purab : Bulbul….
They both rushed to their cars from the temple and both were murmuring
Abhi : Abhi beta you gone today you haven’t told anything about this to fuggiii now you have to bear her anger god please save me this time next time I swear I will not hide anything to her
Purab : Oh god please keep bulbul calm as she has told me to bring Koyal from school today and I was here now what will she do with me ….
And all were laughing looking at them then Vijay said..
Vijay : now no one can escape neither Purab from Bulbul nor your Bhai from Bhabhi ji…
Aliya looks at him and punches him in his shoulder then says …
Aliya : if you would have left me today na then I might be doing the same …
Vijay : sorry
And they both hugs each other and there Abhi was reached home there he entered and sees that Pragya was feeding Subuhi and Prabhas was telling something to her and Pulkit and Abhigya was fully concentrated on their food then suddenly Abhi goes and sits on the dining table hoping that Pragya is in good mood there Subuhi was sharing her school day with Pragya..
Subuhi : Ma you know today one new student came in our class he is very mischievous like Pulkit dada and Prabhas dada..
Pragya : hmm is it..
Subuhi : Yes ma… and he was teasing all the girls in the class he is very naughty ma as like Prabhas dada always use to tease Abhu didi just like that..
Prabhas : Oye chhoti what did you mean that I am naughty…

Pulkit : Yes ma you also supporting her that’s not fare..
Pragya : Arey let it be na she is your younger sister and all the youngers are like this blaming their elders so you don’t mind just complete your food and go to study exams are near na…
Abhi tries to check her mood : Oye boys don’t try to scare my little doll han otherwise it will not good for you I am telling you both …..
Pragya stares at him : yes right otherwise you would have been punished for that…. Because he has full authority of punishing peoples right Abhishek..
And Subuhi goes to Abhi’s lap and Pragya leaves from there Abhi thinks Damn too high the anger is beta Abhi you gone today just hope that you get food to eat at-least then Abhigya says..
Abhigya : Papa jii….
Abhi thinks Papa jii what happen to her : yes what happen today why you are giving that much respect to me..
Abhigya : What have you done today… ma is in full anger today..
Abhi : Really but why I haven’t done anything …
Prabhas : stop telling lie G papa G.. because we know you have done something for sure anyways not our problem you have done something so you have to bear her anger…
Pulkit : Yes papa G You G today G gone G…

Abhi : Arey hold on this much G airtel 4G girl also haven’t used this much G that you all have used in these 5 minutes..( arey ruko itne G to airtel 4G wali ladki ne bhi nahi lagaye hongey jitney tum logo ne mere aage pichhle 5 minute me laga diya hai)
Subuhi : Don’t try to escape papa because ma’s anger has the speed more the speed of 4 G
Abhigya : I think Subu you are right the anger is having the speed of 4G so the punishment will be of umm….. han at the speed of 5G.. right idiot..
Prabhas : right dumbo.
Abhi irked : Arey who are you my children or my enemies beside telling me some way to calm her anger down you are scaring me..
Pulkit : Then who told you to do a mistake now bear punishment also huh…
Abhi : Pulkit bachhu I will see you later..
Subuhi : Papa don’t scold dada na I will make her understand that a girl should not show attitude to her husband I know that Seema aunty always use to say this from her daughter-in-law I have heard this…
Abhi : Oye who taught you all this things and who is this Seema aunty..
Abhigya : Arey you forgot papa our neighbour in..
Abhi : Ok ok I understood that lady na from whom you learned how to convert your-self in lady ghost….. and where Subuhi use to play all the day..
Hearing that word lady ghost from Abhi’s mouth Prabhas who was drinking water that time burst out into laughter and all the water fell on table
Prabhas : Hahaha lady ghost hahaha Dumbo now everyone knows what you exactly look alike hahahaha papa you nailed it hahahh papa really..

Abhigya gets irked : you idiot shut up I said otherwise I will not spare you….
And Prabhas was continuously laughing then Abhigya got more irked and splashed water of all glass on Prabhas and everyone was shocked on their expression then suddenly all of then burst out into laughter and Prabhas started chasing Abhigya holding glass of water in his hand and he was shouting wait Dumbo I will not let you go like this today you gone… and all were laughing hearing that Pragya came out from kitchen and asked why you all are laughing then Pulkit indicates his finger towards Abhigya and Prabhas and Pragya holds her head and says again started now he will not leave her until he didn’t splash water on her and screen shifts to Abhigya who was running gone to garden and Prabhas blocked her way and said you gone today see now there is no way of escaping he was about to throw water on Abhigya but she holds his hands and again water was on Prabhas and Abhigya laughed hard and said you are really an idiot and then she runs from there and now Prabhas was extremely irked so he looked here and there and saw a small bucket and he filled it with water then runs after Abhigya and now Abhigya was trapped he was laughing at her that and saying

Prabhas : now how will you escape Dumbo see Razia is trapped in goons ( haha ab kaise bachegi bachhu dekh Razia fas gayi gundon me..)
Abhigya : look you are my beloved brother na so why you are doing so… brothers are for sisters safety na then which type of brother you are look dear if you want to pull my hairs then pull them but don’t wet me hah… otherwise I will have cold then you will not like this na right..
Prabhas : Oh h oho ho emotional black mail but let me tell you this will not work on me this time you will have to bear that haven’t you heard that tit for tat now you have made me totally wet now will be in the same condition you must have thought this before making me wet..
Abhigya was saying no and then Prabhas throws the water on Abhigya but she moves aside and water fell on Aliya and Vijay who were coming from there and Prabhas expression was shocked and screen freezes there…

Precap : No precap
Ok guys hope you will enjoy this and yes a new twist is there so to know that what is that stay tuned 😉

Credit to: Surbhi

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