KB story of faith season 2 (Episode 33)


Thank you guys for the appreciation but what i think i am the worst person see how in every two or three episodes i make you people emotional yr…. i think i write much see how many people cried because of me in last episode sorry yr… so i have put some lightm light moments in today’s episode hope you will enjoy and yes Tisha and Razia dont think like that yr.. that you dont have siblings see who so ever use to call you dii/bhaiya anything just find your happiness in that word its just my opinion further it depends on choice i hope you people will like today’s episode so now coming to the story..

The episode starts with Aliya in kitchen preparing lunch as everyone has to leave for work children for school Vijay for Office and Abhi for his institute.. and Pragya in room making everyone awake and Abhi is getting ready
Abhi : Fuggii where is my jacket yr… I have kept it last night on the couch now it is not here where is it…
Pragya : Arey baba I washed it… and you wear this now ..
Abhi : what !!! you washed that it is my lucky jacket yr I will not go without it anywhere I want that only.
Pragya : what do you mean by lucky jacket it was so dirty that it was stinking you know from how many days it was not washed so I washed it and you have to wear this one stop this nonsense of lucky jacket..
Abhi : No I will wear that only not any other jacket I am telling you..
Pragya irked and throws the jacket on bed : ok then it is wet totally water is rinsing from it and it is up on the terrace to dry go and wear it like that… and if your mind got changed then I have kept this one here wear it…
Abhi : this time I am forgiving you for that sin but if you did it again I will punish you definitely..
Pragya : Wow now you will punish me for washing your jacket haah.. and now let me know what will be the punishment can you tell me…
Abhi holds her and pulls towards him and wraps his hands around his waist : then the Punishment will be that you have to spend a full day out with me only me and you no one else….
Pragya : Hmm than I will wash it for sure…
They both smiles and just then Abhigya comes in and Abhi and Pragya compose themselves and then Abhigya says
Abhigya : Ma my tiffin…. where is it that idiot is saying that you will not give it to me as you are going to make me keep fast and dada is also saying the same..
Pragya smiles : Nothing like that Bua is making your tiffin
Abhigya : It means both the brothers again pulled my legs now they gone ma I swear now I will not leave them
She runs and Abhi says carefully lady bheem otherwise you will fall on stairs. And they both laughs on her… Then Abhi says to Pragya that there is one party in his institute today because one of my colleague is going to marry so it is the best chance to fulfil our plan you make understood Bulbul about plan and I will tell Purab then ok so meet you at evening after the party..
Pragya nods ok and Abhi kisses her forehead and hugs her says bye.. she smiles and he leaves..
It was evening and Aliya was waiting for Vijay to return then she finally asked Pragya and she told her that he has gone to Party along with Purab and Abhi.. Aliya gets sad face and says oh.. then after some time Pragya gets Bulbul’s call and she says..
Bulbul : Dii where did Jiju and Purab gone…
Pragyav: they are gone to Party along with Abhishek I told you na..
Bulbul : Di they have made you fool actually they are having fun here and dancing with some girls here dii they haven’t take us to party along with them as they won’t get chance to dance with someone else na if we are with them see I followed Purab and they all are dancing infront of me with some other girls diii I suggest you that you also come here with Aliya and see what our husbands are doing…
Pragya : really Bulbul is it so if it is true na then I won’t forgive Abhishek for that really I am coming there with Aliya you wait there.. ok
Bulbul : Yes diii come fast… I am looking over them till then..
And she cuts the call and in the Party Abhi and Purab winks at each other and then starts singing and dancing with the girl who is good friend of Vijay also he name is Rimi so he is also enjoying his company and the Party is for both the girls and boys.. so everyone is enjoying
Abhi and Purab dancing with Rimi :

Abhi :
happening you are happening
mukhade pe tere haale jaisi baaliyaan happening (round like moon are your earrings, happening)

Purab :
o tune aankhon mein jo surama laga liya happening (and when you adorn your eyes with collyrium, happening)

surama: collyrium applied to the eyes and eyelashes to embellish them

Rimi showing attitude :
wasl ki minnat kare hain, saare aashiq jid kare hain (all of my lovers are striving to meet me)
gaal mein dimple padein hain, iname kitane dil pade hain (dimples are on my cheeks, and numbers of hearts are fall in it)
rakh lon main sab sambhaalake (let me keep them all properly)

happening yeah happening
mukhade pe mere haale jaisi baaliyaan happening (round like moon are my earrings, happening)
mere gaalon pe shabak jaisi laaliyaan happening (red like (shabak?) are my cheeks, happening)
then Vijay also joins both of them
happening happening happening happening

Rimi :

jahaaan se hum nikalate hain, wahaan mausam badalate hain (from wherever i go, the season changes there)

hawaayein chumkar jaayein, sitaarein saath chalate hain (the wind blow by kissing me and stars walks along with me)

Vijay sings :
hamako karane de gulaami, dil mein apane rehane de (let us be your slave, let us be in your heart)
roj karate hai salaami abb toh apana kehane de (we salute you everyday, at least now let us make yours)

aaye sabhi mere liye mere liye sabhi aaye (has come everyone for me, for me everyone has come)
jaan apani lutaane ko (to lay down their lives)

Abhi and Purab :
happening you are happening happening
mukhade pe tere haale jaisi baaliyaan happening (round like moon are your earrings, happening)
o tune aankhon mein jo surama laga liya happening (and when you adorn your eyes with collyrium, happening)

and just then Bulbul Aliya and Pragya enters in the party and Vijay gets shock to see Aliya and Aliya feels extremely jealous seeing Vijay dancing with Rimi happily and then Purab and Abhi winks at each other that plan worked .. And continue dancing and in a mean time Aliya is on peak of jealousy so she goes to stage where all the three were dancing and Bulbul also forgot about plan so she also was on peak of anger they both went to the stage and pulls their husbands from there then Abhi winks at Rimi and she starts teasing Aliya and along with Bulbul also gets teased

Rimi teasing Aliya :
takabbur hum kisi ka bhi kahaan najaron mein rakhate hain (the arrogance of anyone, where do i keep in my eyes)

Aliya in irked manner trying to show that she loves Vijay a lot..:
mohabbat ko tumhi jaise sada kadamon mein rakhate hain (people like you always keeps love in feet)

Rimi in replying manner :
hamse jamino aasmaan kahe tumasa haseen na koyi hai (the earth and sky says to me that no one in beautiful like me)

Aliya replies :
tumase hawaao mein uda karein jinaki jameen na koyi hai (and people like you fly in air, of whom there is no earth)

Then Aliya and Bulbul wraps their saree pallu in their waist and goes to Abhi and Purab and Abhi and Purab in scared tone sing…

Abhi and Purab scared tone :
hamane bulaaya nahi, hamane sikhaaya nahi (we haven’t called, we/i haven’t taught)

apani khata nahi sachchi mein (it’s not our fault we are saying true)

Aliya and Bulbul in anger tone
Aliya :
tumane bulaaya use tumane milaaya use (you called her, you made to meet her)

Bulbul in warning manner :
dungi saja tumhe achchhi main (i will give you the good punishment)

Vijay is shocked Aliya is jealous like this and then he goes to Pragya and sings…
Vijay :
aaj inaki hai shaamat bhul jaayenge sharaarat (it’s his adversity today, he will forget the mischief forever)
And there Rimi sees all this and decides to leave
abb toh chalati hoon, khuda haafis main karati hoon ( i am going now, i am signing off)
happening happening happening…..
Pragya smiles and says : not happening
Then all leaves from there and Abhi tries to stop Bulbul as she has forgot that it was there plan of uniting Aliya and Vijay and she is continuously punishing Abhi and Purab and she is on peak of Anger imagining that Purab was dancing with that girl so closely so she picks up the broom which was near by her and starts beating Abhi and Purab both at last Pragya comes there and saves them and reminds her that this was plan she feels sorry and Abhi says
Abhi : very good first you have broken our back almost and now you are saying sorry very good .. ( wahh pehle to hume itna mara ki baithne yak hade hone layak nahi chhora peeth tod di maar maar k ar ab sorry bohot ache pehle kisi ka katl karo fir bolo sorry galti se ho gaya )
Purab : Abhi yr I think we need to go to doctor now and yes somewhere else from there as I don’t think that today it is safe to live with her I will come with you today as this plan was very heavy on us ( Abhi mje lagta ab hume direct doctor se milna padega ar fir hume kahi ar chalna chahiye kyuki aj bulbul k sath rehna khatre se khali nahi hai are ye plan to humpe bhari pad gaya yr..)
Abhi : you better stay shut up Purab last time you got into the character deeply and this time your wife does the same last time you and this time this bulbul last time because of you we have to bear that punishment of doing household work and this time because of her we are broken like this aaooouchh pragya your sister has killed me today ( tu to chup hi reh last time tu character me ghus gaya tha is time teri biwi character me deeply ghus gayi mere liye naya kya hai pichhli bar teri wajah se hume ghar ka kaam karna pada tha ar aj teri is Bulbul ki wajah se hum aise toote foote pade hain aaah…. Mar dala pragya tumhari behn ne aj)
Purab : that’s not my fault na yr this time this Bulbul aahh you beated us so hard Bulbul its really paining yr….( Maine kya kiya yr is time to is Bulbul ne aaaah bulbul bhot zor se mara hai yr tumne )
Abhi : Pragya everyone is speaking something you won’t say anything to her…( Pragya sab kuchh na kuchh bol rahe hai tum kuchh nahi bologii)
Bulbul : sorry na jiju see I was forget about that plan that’s why this all happen sorry na please..
Abhi : Purab you handle this chatter box I am leaving with Pragya ( Purab ab tu is bewakoof ko sambhal mai Pragya k sath jaa raha hun.)
He rests his hand on Pragya’s shoulder and tries to get up with her help and then leaves with her in some unbalanced manner then the screen shifts to Aliya and Vijay Aliya is fuming in anger and then she bursts her all anger on Vijay and he is listening silently as he has seen Aliya first time jealous first time for him like this
Aliya : Wow you don’t need to talk to me right from past two years I am trying to convince you that it was just an accident but you was not listening to me then I thought that I am the one who really hurt you a lot and every day I was dying in guilt that I have made a mistake that’s why I lose the person whom I love but today I came to know that I was wrong you didn’t loved me ever you enjoy very much of others company than mine you use to stay out from the home full nights full day but I didn’t complained you as I thought that you don’t want to see my face that’s why you didn’t use to come home but today I came to know that this is the reality you enjoy very much …… thank you very much Vijay thank you very much for giving this reply of my love thank you……
She was shedded in tears and then she left the place from there and Vijay was continuously looking on her as today Aliya confessed that she loved him to much and he was not able to understand that Abhi and Pragya was looking all this from outside and smiles at each other and says plan worked then they also leaves for home…
Everyone is back to home Abhi is lying on bed as his back is paining from Bulbuls attack and Pragya is treating it with hot pad…
Abhi : Aaah Pragya one day will come that this Bulbul and Purab will be awarded with best actor an actresses award as they both gets into character very soon now I come to know that why they didn’t joined the Bollywood if they will do so and allotted any role of hero or heroine and the scene is to kill the villain then because they have got into the character so deeply so they will definitely kill that person in reality I am sure ohhh do it lightly yrr its paining…..
Pragya smiles : Areyy why are you behaving like kid and I had told you earlier that this can happen but no you won’t listen to me na now face this…
Abhi : Fuggii yr stop scolding now it’s already paining….
Just then Abhigya and Prabhas comes in to ask something to Pragya and they sees Abhi lying on the bed and screaming in pain when Pragya is touching that hot water pad on his back so they laughs on him..
Prabhas : haha Papa who broke you like this ( papa aise kisne fod diya apko ab)
Abhigya : ma did he commented on a girl so he is in this condition ( ma kya papa ne kisi ladki to chher diya jo aise tote foote pade hai ye)
And they both laughs hard Abhi gets irked..
Abhi : I didn’t understand sometimes they are my children or my enemy always use to make fun of me …..( kabhi kabhi samajh nahi aata hai ye mere bachhe hai ya dushman hamesha mai hi milta hu inhe Mazak banane k liye…)
Pragya : Arey why are you saying like that just keep quite abhigya Prabhas what you both need can you tell me…
Abhigya : actually ma I need something to eat I am hungry
Prabhas : me too ma
Pragya : ok I am coming till then go and let him take rest ok..
They both leaves and Pragya also after making Abhi fall asleep and then she gives some snacks to them to eat and then they both leaves from there to their room…

It was morning next day and children went to school and Abhi was at home as due to treatment by Bulbul last night he was having a slight pain and they were sitting in the hall then Aliya comes there and Vijay followed by her he was trying to convince her that he did a mistake so Aliya should forgive her and Aliya was only ignoring..
Vijay : Enough na Aliya see it was my mistake that I just misunderstood you now please forgive me…
Aliya : Now why are you saying this from me go and tell Rimi she will understood well as you enjoy her company most..
And Aliya goes to kitchen and brings some fruits from there and Vijay is following her wherever she is going then Abhi stops Vijay…
Abhi : arey stop Mr… why are you trying to chase my sister like this should I tell you that you will be punished ..( joking manner)
Vijay : Oh common yr Abhi its not joking time she is not listening to me… yr convincing your wife is much difficult task in this world you can convince a Prime minister but not them as they will give such answers you will be stop speaking… damn…
Abhi : Yes I can understand … your problem as I also have one na… and believe me she is more dangerous than yours ……
Pragya : I heard that Abhishek…
Aliya : don’t try to be oversmart bhai I am here on stairs…
Abhi : Hey fuggii I was just making him understand that he should make her understand that how much he loves her and see we can do so…
Vijay : and how this will happen …
Abhi winks at Pragya then she goes to Aliya and the Abhi sings..
Abhi :
Chadh Ke Oonchi Deewaron Pe, Hum Elaan Karenge (After climbing up on a tall wall, we shall declare this)

Pragya :
Dil Ki Sun Ne Waalon Se Hi, Hum Pehchaan Karenge… (We’ll get acquainted only to those who listen to their hearts)

Abhi :
Aur Nahi Kuch Padhna Humko, Hum To Heer Padhenge (We don’t want to read anything else, we’ll only read Heer)
(Referring to the tragic love saga Heer Ranjha)
Ishq Chashni Se Hum, Apne Dil Ke Kuvein Bharenge (With the sweet syrup of love, we’ll fill the wells (bore-wells) of our hearts)

Pragya repeats :
Aur Nahi Kuch Padhna Humko, Hum To Heer Padhenge (We don’t want to read anything else, we’ll only read Heer)
Ishq Chashni Se Hum, Apne Dil Ke Kuvein Bharenge (With the sweet syrup of love, we’ll fill the wells of our hearts)

Then Pragya goes to Abhi holds her hand and tries to make understand Aliya that how it feels when we hold a hand of the person whom we love
Pragya :
Jab Bhi Uska Hum Haule Se Haath Zara Pakdenge (Whenever we’ll slowly/softly hold the hand of our beloved)

Then Abhi sings :
Life Ke Background Score Mein Senti Violin Baja Karenge (A sentimental violin will start playing in the background)

Abhi and Pragya in chorus :
Dil Ki Maan Ke, Seena Taan Ke, Ishq Karenge, Ishq Karenge (After heeding to our hearts, with full confidence, we’ll fall in love)
Arre Dil Ki Maan Ke, Seena Taan Ke, Ishq Karenge, Ishq Karenge (After heeding to our hearts, with full confidence, we’ll fall in love)
Ho Ishq Karenge, Ishq Karenge., Ishq Karenge, Ishq Karenge (We’ll fall in love, we’ll fall in love)
Arre Dil Ki Maan Ke Seena Taan Ke (After heeding to our hearts, with full confidence)
Hey… Ishq Karenge… (We’ll fall in love)

Aliya reminds again the last night moment then tears rolled down from her eyes and Pragya goes to her and wipes her tears and makes her understand that if you love him you should forgive him…just like me..
Pragya :
Khwaab Aankhon Se Yun Chhalke, O Saathi Ban Ke Do Pal Ke (Dreams are flowing out of my eyes (like tears), as if they’re my companions (for just a couple of moments))
Haan Tu Bhi Dekh Le Yaara, Haan Mere Saath Mein Chalke (O partner, You also observe this by walking beside me)

Then Abhi comes and makes Aliya understand that the day has come Vijay has understood his mistake you should forgive him….
Abhi :
Ho Aisa Aayega Ek Din, Har Koi Gayega Ek Din (A day shall come, when everyone will sing)
Jo Tujhse Rooth Ke Baitha, Wo Dar Pe Aayega Ek Din (The one who is upset from You, that person will also come to Your doorstep)

Then Abhi push Vijay towards Aliya that go and convince her she is your wife not mine… and Vijay balances himself then he also sings…
Vijay :
Ho… Sach Kehte Hain Hum Toh, Jab Bhi Koshish Zara Karenge (We speak the truth, if we put in even a little bit of effort)

Slow Motion Main With Emotion, Laakhon Phool Jhadenge (In slow motion and with emotions, millions of flowers shall wither)

Arre Dil Ki Maan Ke, Seena Taan Ke, Ishq Karenge, Ishq Karenge (After heeding to our hearts, with full confidence, we’ll fall in love)

Soniye… Ishq Karenge, Ishq Karenge, Ishq Karenge, Ishq Karenge (O sweetheart, we’ll fall in love)

Maahiya… Ishq Karenge, Ishq Karenge, Ishq Karenge, Ishq Karenge (O my beloved, we’ll fall in love)

Ishq Karenge…( We’ll fall in love)
Vijay is trying to convince Aliya and then Abhi and Pragya looks at each other and smiles thinking that atlast we have done it..then Abhi keeps rests his hand on Pragya’s shoulder ……

Pracap : No precap..
Ok guys i am leaving you here with the thoughts that weather Aliya will forgive Vijay or not so keep thinking and yes please kindly leave your comments as it helps me in making the episode better and for further twists and turns Stay Tuned 😉

Credit to: Surbhi

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