KB story of faith season 2 (Episode 31)


Thank u guys with your support today i completed 30 episode with your support and encouraging comments thanks alot and here is episode no.31 first answer to the question that some one asked me how many comments did I expect so the answer is I expect comments from those who liked the episode and i didnt expect much because i know there are many better even i would like to use the word excellent writers from me so i just try every time to make the readers happy so i use to upload it and about comments i cant say anything 😀
now coming back to the story

The episode starts with all the children discussing the mother’s day plan with Abhi and he is ready for helping them….
Abhi : Ok so done I will help you all but now the time is to sleep so better you all leave to sleep and let me go also ok…
Prabhas : Ok papa we are agreed with you but what’s need to go in room sleep here na
Abhi : And why so.. does my son wants his father to be with him…hmm (trying to pamper like a small kid)
Prabhas : No because I know that you will definitely tell maa that I have punched you and then I will be gone so better you sleep here itself and I will go to sleep with ma…. always over acting…..
Abhi : I was showering love on you and you are talking to me like that…
Prabhas ( yawning) : aah Papa why you always try to over react as I know when you are going to do what .. so good night and bhhaiya please take care of him that he shouldn’t tell maa about anything.

Prabhas left and gone to sleep with Pragya and Abhi slept with Pulkit ………
It was morning and as Pragya opened her eyes with the ring of alarm clock she stopped it and turns around and sees that Prabhas was sleeping with her and thought that where is Abhi then she thought that Prabhas is here might be it is possible that he went to his room to sleep.. she smiled for a while and cares Prabhas’s hairs and kissed on his forehead and Prabhas says good morning maa in sleepy tone… Pragya smiles and replies him good morning and leaves for fresh n up…
She was now preparing breakfast and till that time all were awake and Abhi came along with children he was seated on the couch near the dining table holding his stomach as it was still paining Prabhas also came some time later then he notices Abhi sitting like that so he gone to him and said..
Prabhas ( worried): Papa it is still paining ?? sorry papa I didn’t knew that it will be so hard on you sorry but I swear I did it just to wake you nothing else….
He holds his both ears in worry and says sorry to Abhi and Abhi says..
Abhi : Arey its ok it is paining as I ate last night some toasts after u all slept as I was feeling hunger so I ate them and they were dried and I didn’t find anything else in kitchen to eat so I ate them and now my stomach is aching …
Prabhas : Are you sure papa..
Abhi : yes beta now don’t spoil your mood just smile otherwise how will you be able to prepare for today.. hmm
Prabhas smiles and hugs Abhi and says Love you papa.
Abhi : yes yes ok … now leave otherwise your mother will have doubt on us definitely..
Prabhas leaves and joins Pulkit Aryan and all on dining table ..Pragya was serving breakfast and she brought coffee for Abhi and noticed that he has pain in stomach…
Pragya : Abhishek what happened to you why are you sitting here like this..
Abhi : Nothing just a normal stomach ache as I…..
Pragya : Oho now don’t tell me that you ate something last night which you are not supposed to be eat….

Abhi : yes actually you are right..
Pragya : I knew it now tell me what have you ate..
Abhi : that bread…
Pragya : What you ate that bread but why oh god I kept that to make bread crumbs as I thought I will make some crisp tikkis ( a snack made with potatoes u can say fast food also) with them you ate them all…. Oho Abhishek your this habit of eating is really …….. aah what I can say now..
Abhi : hey don’t scold me like that naa I was just hungry so I thought I will eat it then I would be relieved so I will sleep calmly but who knows that this will pain like this… ( in kiddish way)
Pragya : Oho now what else I can do we have to go to doctor..
Abhi looks at children were looking at him and gesturing not to go..so Abhi said
Abhi : No. what is need of going to doctor it’s just an stomach ache na so better you give me one pain killer it will be fine
Pragya : are you sure you don’t want to go to doctor..
Abhi : yes I don’t want to go ..
Pragya : Ok then fine so better you have breakfast then I will give you medicine ok
Abhi nods yes Pragya leaves to kitchen to bring a plate for him and children are looking at him and gestures well done papa… Abhi smiles then Pragya brings Plate full of oranges and sits on the chair near him she peels them and gives it to Abhi and just then she got a call and it was Purab
Purab : hello dii
Pragya : yes Purab tell me what happened today you called me at this morning…
Purab : Actually diii I want a favour from you..
Pragya : Yes ask me what happened..

Purab : Actually dii I am going with Koyal she wants to purchase some gifts so I am going with her and Bulbul will be all alone there so can you come here to accompany her..
Pragya : Arey not to worry Purab sent her here na we all are here….
Purab : Actually dii some clients are coming they will bring some important documents today it self so she can’t come there that’s why I was asking you to come nothing else..
Pragya : Ok don’t worry I will come there…..
Purab : Thank u dii
Purab ends the call then Pragya narrates whole matter to Abhi and he says her to go
Pragya : But you are not ok na then how can I ..
Abhi : Arey I am ok you go it’s just a small pain it will be ok after taking pain killer…..
Pragya : Ok then I will take children along with me you take rest then nobody will disturb you..
All children gestures Abhi and Abhi looks at her
Abhi : Arey what are you saying no …. Children will live with me as I will feel relaxed if I will hear their noise and if you will take them along with you so I will feel like I am a watchman who is taking care of this house…
Pragya: ok ok don’t start again your drama now I am not taking anyone with me you take care of yourself and Rahul..
Rahul : yes chachi..
Pragya : Beta take care of them I am leaving ok Subuhi is sleeping as when she will awake and demands for food so just give her grapes to eat as they are kept in the fridge and if she doesn’t eat that so give her oranges as both father and daughter loves the oranges only ok I am leaving now..
Abhi : wait …
Pragya : now what.. happen .. I am bringing your pain reliever wait…
Abhi : No.. not that…
Pragya : Then.

Abhi : I wanted to say that why you will go alone take Aliya along with you na…
Pragya : yes you are right I think I should take her along with me she will also feel well and I will talk to her about that matter also.. but where is she I haven’t saw her since morning..
Abhi : yes you are right smart fuggyy well she is in garden I saw her going there..
Pragya : ok I will take her with me…
She goes to her room and brings Pain killer to Abhi and then she goes to Aliya to ask whether she will come or not then Aliya also agrees to go with her and they both leaves for Bulbul’s home then all the children rushed towards Abhi
Prabhas : thank god she gone I was worried that how we will send her out..
Rahul : Exactly…. she gone ..
Abhigya: Because god is also with us…
Aryan : yes didi you are right..
Abhi: arey baba hold on hold on you are saying god is with you and forget that your father is also with you.. god didn’t do anything …ok
Prabhas : it means you….
Abhi smiles and flash back is shown…
Abhi wakes up in the morning and sees nobody is there then he reminds of the Mother’s day celebration plan last night and thinks how to help them then something strucks in his mind and he calls Purab and narrates him the whole matter so Purab agrees and they decides that Purab will call Pragya and say to her to be with bulbul as someone is coming to meet him for business meeting so she can’t leave home so pragya will agree….

Flash back ends and Pulkit and Prabhas shouts great papa what
a trick you have used and they hug him saying that papa you are the best… Just then Subuhi comes to Abhi and sits in his lap
Abhi : Hey you woke up my dear..
Subuhi : I was woke up with Abhu didi papa.. I was searching something in my bag that’s why I came late down papa my colours are finished I need them as I want to draw something..
Abhi : really then that great my sweetu ok we will get a new pack of colours for my princess ok but before doing so you have to eat something you must be hungry na…
Subuhi : yes.. but I want Apples to eat …
Abhi :Ok baba come we will eat ok….
He feeds Subuhi he cuts apple into pieces and feeds subuhi with his hands and then he says
Abhi : now you people tell me what’s the plan as we have not much time for preparations ok so hurry up…
Prabhas : yes papa actually we need your help as we need some material as what we have is finished so we need more now I need some chart papers and coloured sheets..
Abhigya : I need some florescent sheets and kite paper.. and yes a white T-shirt also
Pulkit : I need some net cloths and some coloured papers and yes some pictures also..
Aryan : Mama I need some sketch colours and water colours also..
Subuhi : Papa colours for me also..
Abhi : Ok hold on hold on make a list of the things what you people need and one of you will come with me we will go to shopping then ok..
Abhigya : Ok papa…I will come with you
Subuhi : Papa me also please…

Abhi : Ok baba you both will come to me but first make list at least don’t forget anything as we will not be able to go again and again as the time is less your maa will return at evening itself..
All goes to make list and just then Purab comes and Abhi greets him and Koyal is also with him
Koyal : Morning Bade papa where is didi and Bhaiya ??
Abhi : Morning junior Bulbul all are there on the table preparing for the surprise to be given by them to your masi ma..
Koyal : bade papa I also need something can I include myself..
Abhi : wow today you are behaving like a good girl is anything special..
Purab : of course she will as today she have much work no time to play she has decided that she will also give surprise to bulbul
Abhi laughs and Pulkit comes to him..
Pulkit : Papa do we have any childhood vedios or photos of Abhigya and Prabhas.. I need it as it is the main part..
Abhi : Of course I have but why do you need them ..
Pulkit: it’s a surprise na please..
Abhi : Ok baba I will give it to you come with me… Purab you please see them I will be back just in a while.
Purab nods yes and Abhi leaves with Pulkit he gives him some vedios and photos of Abhigya and Prabhas and he says thank u papa Abhi smiles and shakes Pulkits hairs Pulkit leaves and Abhi thinks that the days which never celebrated in this house now I am helping them in celebrating that aah children really make your world full of fun.. and he also leaves Abhi comes down
Abhigya : Papa we are done we made the list.. shall we leave now..
Abhi : Ok then show me what we have to bring

He sees that they have written all the crafts material in the list only arts and crafts material was there…. So he asked.
Abhi : ok so this all is just art and craft materials you people are not gifting anything to your mother ??
Prabhas : who said we are not gifting anything to her we are giving her..
Abhi : so what are you gifting you have written nothing to bring as a gift….
Pulkit : Papa you don’t take tension of gift as we have decided and we have that gift…
Abhi : Ok as you wish so come Abhu Subuhi come beta lets go..
They both leaves and Purab remains with them at home and then Pulkit says to him chachu come help us na we want your help please help us to select some photos which are looking best
Purab : Yes sure…
They starts preparations… and after some time Abhi along with Subuhi and Abhigya came back to home then Pulkit says ..
Pulkit : Chachu it seems they arrived..
Purab : yes let me see you complete this ok till then I will keep him busy..
Pulkit: Ok chachu…
Purab leaves and Rahul says to Pulkit..
Rahul : It is good that Purab chachu and Subuhi is with chachu otherwise he had called till now to chachi and since they both are with him he didn’t called chachi yet Abhigya was right….
Pulkit : Yes she took right decision at right time…
Flash back starts Pulkit and Prabhas left to call Abhi and then Abhigya says to Rahul and Aryan..
Abhigya : well Bhaiyaa I have a better idea someone else is there who can keep busy papa better then me.
Rahul : and who the person is can you tell me …

Abhigya : who else Bhaiyya Papa’s little princes ( she winks at him)
Rahul : areh you are right how we forgot her .. Ok done then you will help us in preparations ok….
Flash back ends..
Abhi : have you done your preparations Ma is about to come beta..
Purab : exactly she will not wait much with this excuse just one hour left hurry up..
Prabhas : we are done papa just give us the material we said to you to bring as that’s the last part which is left
Abhi : Ok but hurry up …
Subuhi : Papa I need your help please will you help me…. I want to draw something…
Abhi : sure my bachha come I will help you..
Abhigya : Papa I am also coming..
He takes her into his arms and heads towards her room and here Koyal goes to Purab
Koyal : Papa I also need your help..
Purab : For sure my nightingale come I will help you
And he kisses her forehead they both leaves and Abhigya says
Abhigya : What I said bhaiya
Pulkit : yes madam you was right now come otherwise we will be late…they all leaves
Abhigya also leaves he follows Abhi and goes with him….

Precap : Abhi Pragya and Purab bulbul thorows a party Vijay dances with some other girls Aliya feels jelous..

Ok now thank one again guys i know today was nothing special in this episode but i didnt got time today for writing so i just written this for not making you wait so in next episode you will see what the juniors have planned for mothers day till then enjoy these preparation ….. and for further update stay tuned..;-)

Credit to: Surbhi

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