KB story of faith season 2 (Episode 30)

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The episode starts with Abhi sat in Balcony and writing something in a diary he is lost in thoughts somewhere and Pragya brings coffee for him she finds him in balcony and goes to him. She keeps her hand on his soldier and Abhi comes into his senses he sees Pragya at back so he slightly and silently hides that diary inside the chair …
Pragya : what are you thinking you I have called you several time you didn’t answered ( calmly)
Abhi : areh you come na sit…. Does the children slept? (Smiling)
Pragya : yes they slept but you didn’t answered my question tell me what was you thinking ??
Abhi : nothing I was just feeling restless so come here.. and just looking to the stars it feels relaxed to see them.
Pragya : Abhishek you are hiding from me !!! (Calmly) tell me what’s the matter because you come here only when you are tensed for something… I know it very well
Abhi takes her hand and holds it : nothing I was just tensed about Aliya and Vijay i am not able to understand that how we gonna unite them as Vijay is not understanding the situation and Aliya is not trying to even talk to him I am tensed as Aryan is growing up day by day what will be the impression on him of this fight …… what will they answer him that what is the reason of such a rift between his parents….. I was just thinking about that nothing else.
Pragya : I was also wanted to talk on this matter as I am also noticing that Vijay completely thinks that this was Aliya’s fault but it was only an accident nothing else no one was responsible for it…

Abhi : yes I think we should talk to them separately I will talk to Vijay an you talk to Aliya…
Pragya : I think this will be better I will talk to Aliya about that .. oh see I forgot I brought coffee for you come have it…
She was about to leave but Abhi holds her hand from back and says
Abhi : Today bring the coffee here na here I will drink here see under these stars …. It feels relaxed here ..
Pragya smiles and nods in yes… they both have coffee under the sky which is full of stars..
The scene shifts to Boys room and there Rahul and Pulkit and Prabhas room they are talking about something with Aryan
Prabhas : dada don’t you think that we are forgetting something na I have a strong feeling that we are forgetting something for sure.
Pulkit : yes chhote but what are we forgetting I am not able to recognise what we are forgetting..
Rahul : What you people are talking about what are you forgetting I am not able to understand what you both are talking about ??
Prabhas : yes I got it dada I remember tomorrow is mother’s day.
Pulkit : Oh you are right tomorrow is mother’s day yr how can we forget that we have to surprise ma.. we should plan something for her ..
Prabhas : Exactly dada we have to plan something for her this is the only day after all when we make ma happy …
Rahul : Ok you both can you tell me how will you prepare for it and what gift you are going to give chachi…
Prabhas : Arey bhaiya we haven’t thought about that but here the question is how we will prepare for that as ma will be at home so first we have to send her out of the home otherwise how will we prepare for mother’s day..
Aryan : Bhaiya may I say something…
Prabhas : Yes bhai speak…
Aryan : Bhaiya I have never made mother’s day yet as I don’t know when it falls..
Pulkit : arey Aryan there is no specific day for celebrating mother’s day just love your mother everyday its mother’s day for her understood.. and if you asking for the day then I must tell you that it falls in first weekend of May.. every year..
Aryan : yes bhaiya but this time I will also gift something to Mummy as she gifts me many times but I didn’t give her..any gift till now
Rahul : But my brothers how will we purchase gifts for mother do you have money..???
Prabhas : No bhaiya we don’t have money and this is the problem but wait a minute why we should worry about money papa will give us na
Pulkit : yes you are right papa can help us but what if he told everything to maa then …
Rahul : yes he is right as chachu can’t keep secret anything he will surely blurt out everything once chachi will show her anger to him…or when he will talk to chachi for sure as he always ruins everyone’s plan like this last time we told him that we are giving surprise party to bulbul chahi on her birthday but while doing pranks on chachi he blurted out that and our surprise was no more surprise

Prabhas: Aah there is no scope of celebration then forgot all that and go to sleep…just a minute one can help us..
Pulkit : now who…??
Rahul : aeyy duffer do you forgot about your sisters that’s why I always call you duffer..
Pulkit ( in kiddish way) : Bhaiya don’t call that na..
Prabhas : yes bhaiya is right dada absolutely right as now only that Dumbo can help us she will handle papa…. As we will say to her to keep papa busy with her so he will not get time to talk to ma and then he will not be tell anything to maa..
Pulkit : yes you are right she will handle him but one of us have to go to her na to call her and tell her about the planning …
Rahul : exactly but the question arises who will go…
Prabhas : if I will go then she will definitely start showing her attitude and then our fight will start and then as a result maa will wake up and all plan will got flop ( agar mai gaya na to fir wo apni akad jhadna shuru kar degi ar fir humari ladai ho jayegi jise sun kar ma jaag jaengi ar fir ho gaya humare plan ka banta dhaar so ye to bhool hi jaao ki mai jaane wala hoon)
Rahul : Ok then Pulkit.. you will go…

Pulkit : Areh bhaiya are you out of your mind if I will go na then she will shout on me definitely as I am the one who always disturb her while sleeping during exams and she will definitely shout that there is no exam so why am I here and why I am awaking her ( are bhaiiya pagal ho gaye hain kya aap mai gaya na to fir to wo zaroor hi chillayegi kyuki ma k kehne par mai hi use padne k liye exams k time jagaata hoon ar ye bat meri use bilkul pasand nahi ar agar mai gaya na to pehle to vo chillaegi ki mujhe kyu uthaya ar fir bhai mai to gaya uska gussa .. na baba na mai nahi jaunga)
Rahul : she is your younger sister still you both are afraid from her how shame..
Prabhas : Bhaiya she is a tigerss while sleeping and if you will disturb her while sleeping it means you are giving your head in tigers mouth…
Pulkit : Exactly bhaiyya …. Only ma can handle her while she is sleeping she can only handle her
Prabhas : By the way Rahul bhaiya you are sending us to her to awake her why don’t you go and bring her here..
Rahul (stammers) : me m.m.m how can I go as I don’t go in girls room while they are sleeping ….( actually he was scared hearing the Abhigya description while she was sleeping)
Prabhas and Pulkit laughs on that and then Rahul..
Rahul : what if we can’t go Aryan can go as he has good bonding with Abhu also..
Aryan ( scarely) : me bhai why are you sending me she will definitely kill me according to your description…( bhai mujhe kyu bhej rahe ho agar jaisa ap bata rahe ho vaisa hi hai to didi to mujhe maar hi dalegi fir)

Pulkit : areh she will do nothing to you as she has good bonding with you na see the moment you have come to our home she is playing with you only… she is very good in nature with you so she will definitely don’t do anything to you I am even we are sure…
Pulkit brain washes Aryan and he only thoughts that Abhigya will not do anything to him so he agrees to go to call Abhigya and Prabhas says
Prabhas : k bro if you have decided then listen to me carefully be aware of maa and bua as anyone of them shouldn’t know about what we are up to so go like a undercover cop ok be aware..
Aryan : Ok bhaiyya I will go as like you say but what if mummy or Mami cought me then what will I do..
Pulkit : then you just say to them that you were going to ask something from her..
Arayn : ok bhaiya so don’t worry I am going..
Aryan leaves and as he leaves Pulkit Prbhas and Rahul shares hi five and says trapped and laughs then they peaks from the door of their room as Aryan was going to call Abhigya and as he was going Pragya comes out from her room she was going to keep those coffee mugs in kitchen and she sees Aryan going to Abhiyga’s room..
Pragya : Aryan…
Aryan gets panicked : yes mami
Pragya : come here..
Aryan : yes mami..
Pragya : you didn’t slept yet what are you doing and why you are going ?
Aryan : a.. mami I was going to Abhu didi’s room..
Prabhs, Pulkit, and Ayan who were peeking out of door and watching Aryan and they listened to him then they all pat their head and Prbhas said I definitely knew that he will do some mistake ( satyanas mujhe pata tha ye marwaega) Pulkit says shh keep quiet just see then they all again concentrate on him..
Pragya : Abhigya’s room but why beta ??? did you need something then ask me is anything special …??
Aryan : No mami I just wanted something from didi.. as I have given her something and she didn’t returned me that so I was just going to take that.. nothing else mami…
Pragya smiles and cups his face : Ok but don’t take time as its going late na and you should sleep till now ok..
Aryan nods yes and leaves And the trio who were looking at him take the relived breath and Prbhas says that boy is so smart.. Rahul and Pulkit agrees….Aryan goes to Abhigya’s room and luckily she was awake at that time she was completing her homework Aryan goes to her…

Aryan : Abhigya didi..
Abhigya : yes Aryan you here did you want anything ??
Aryan : actually didi Bhaiya has called you he wants to talk something with you so can you please come..?
Abhigya : Who wants to talk to me at this time Prabhas …?
Aryan : No no didi bade bhaiya ….
Abhigya : dada or Rahul bhaiya who is calling Aryan ….
Aryan : yes didi Rahul bhaiya has called you..
Abhigya : this time ok we will go come
Aryan : No didi not this time he has said to come when everybody sleep in the house …. Will you come.. ???
Abhiyga : Ok I will but this time you leave ok I will come for sure as something must be important that’s why they have called me…
Aryan leaves and goes to room there he says to all that she will come they all feel like ahhh thank
god she agreed then it was late night everyone was slept in the MM and then Abhigya goes to the
her brothers room leaving Subuhi alone as she was sleeping…
Abhigya : Bhaiya you called me this late night why ??
Rahul : Actually my cute little sister we need a favour from you
Abhigya : Bhaiya favour from me how???
Prabhas : actually my cute sister tomorrow is mother’s day so we were planning to do something for
Ma and we need your help..

Abhigya: oye idiot come to the point you called me cute I understood that you have called me to trap me for sure….
Pulkit : That’s why I say that my Abhu is smart.. see she caught us
Abhigya : Dada stop buttering come to the point why you all have called me …
Prabhas : so listen we want to give surprise to ma and for that we need papa’s help and as you know he can’t keep any secret so you have to handle him…
Abhigya ( shocked) : Ary are you all are out of your mind you called me to put my head in Lions den.. if I will do this na I will be definitely finished for sure as already papa every time use to spy on me that what am I doing if he comes to know that what we are doing then definitely I will be finished….( are pagal ho gaye ho ap sab sher k muh me hath dalne ki bat kar rahe ho ekk to vaise bhi vo meri har cheez par nazar rakhe hue hai ar agar mje bhejoge unhe sambhalne to mai to gayi kaam se fir) bhai if you want to kill me then kill me directly na why are you giving such punishment to me no I will not go..( Bhai agar ap mujhe marna hi chahte ho to direct maro na aise punishment kyu de rahe ho na baba na main nahi jaungi)
Rahul : try to understand na Abhu nothing will happen we will save you from Chachu and if these brothers will not accompany me I will save you ok but please help us don’t you want to give surprise to chachi on mothers day…
Abhigya : Ok if you are saying then I will do so but what I have to do…
Pulkit: Nothing just keep Busy papa with you so he will not talk to ma then he will not reveal the secret also….
Abhigya : Ok I will try..
Prabhas : not try … you have to do this for sure otherwise he will spill beans on our plan
Abhigya : Ok I will do that ….
Pulkit : so let’s go it’s time to talk to papa come Prabhas. Abhigya you and Rahul bhaiya along with Aryan Plan the gift till then we are going to call papa ok
All nods yes and then Prabhas and Pulkit leaves to call Abhi there they goes in Abhi’s room when they got satisfied that Pragya is sleeping they go to Abhi and tries to wake him but he is sleeping in a deep sleep so he is not responding to them so Prbhas and Pulkit start doing efforts Prabhas tickels in his ears but Abhi doesn’t wake Pulkit murmurs in his ears but Abhi moves his hand as the mosquito was humming in his ears at last Pulkit and Prabhas get fed up and Prabhas is irked now he whispers to Pulkit…
Prabhas : Enough is enough he is our father or Kumbhkaran whatever we are trying to do is failed enough dada sorry to say but I have to use that trick….( bas bhot ho gaya ye papa hain ya kumbhkaran dada bas bohot ho gaya sorry but ab mujhe ye karna hi padega)
Pulkit : Are you out of your mind it can result bad on us….
Prabhas : I know it can but what else we can do he is not awaking and we heed his help also so what else do you have any other way ??
Pulkit: No …
Prabhas : so help me now hold his mouth tightly ok
Pulkit holds Abhi’s mouth
Prabhas : ready dada..
Pulkit : Ready….
Then Prbhas punches in Abhi’s stomach and Abhi gets up in shock he tries to shout but as his mouth was covered with Pulkit’s hand so his voice got muted ( the punch was not tight but since it was on stomach so it effected) and Prabhas gestures and murmurs him..
Prabhas : Shhh you want to scold then scold us later but at this time come with us quietly ma shouldn’t get up..
Abhi holding his stomach walked out of room with Pulkit and Prabhas and went to their room..
Abhigya : papa what happened ???
Pulkit : your brother used that trick …
Abhigya : What you did that again if ma came to know na then idiot you will definitely gone…
Prabhas : yes I know but there was no other way to wake him up as our all efforts was wasted he was sleeping like he is sleeping after many years so…
Abhigya : oye idiot you know na last time you used that trick on Dada then ma haven’t let you join that boxing academy again and this time you did this again and this time ma will not leave you for sure..
Prabha : yes but…
He was about to say but Abhi interrupts..
Abhi holding his stomach : Arey hold on first tell me why you punched me like that which son punches his father like that …… ( arey ladna chhoro ye batao aisi kya baat thi jo tum logo ne mere pet ka band baja diya aisa kon sa bachha karta hai apne baap ke sath)
Prabhas : sorry for that papa but we were trying to wake you from last half an hour you didn’t wake how you sleep papa just like a sleeping beauty..
Abhi : Areyy so you will do this to me Prabhas you know you have punched me so hard that my kidney could have come out through my mouth ( arey jag nahi raha that to aise maroge kya …. Kya hota agar mere muh k raste kidney bahar aa jati…)
Pulkit : wait a minute this can’t happen papa this is impossible kidney can’t come out through the mouth..
Abhi : the way your brother have punched me it is quite possible …
Rahul : ok ok these are the later one talks just focus on the target chachu tomorrow is mother’s day and they want to give surprise to chachi so they need your help ……
Then they make Abhi understand the Plan and he agrees to help…..

Precap : No precap
Ok guys sorry that there was no more Abhi and Pragya scene today as you know i am going to celebrate mother’s day so lets see what planning and surprises did these juniors are planning for Pragya and yes you will ask that i didnt mentiond about tanu so let me tell you that i ended her character so she wont return now….
so for looking out that surprises given by juniors stay tuned ..
😉 😀

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