KB story of faith season 2 (Episode 3)


Recap:- Abhi and Pragya are separated in a terror attack and now they are living in different areas Abhi is living with Raj’s son Rahul Purab Bulbul and their daughter Koyal. Pragya is living in small town area and living with four children aged Pulkit a 16 years old boy Subuhi a 6 years old girl and Abhigya and Prabhas who are twins and are 10 years old. Abhi is still searching for Pragya and goes in the room where her large picture is painted and cries hard reminding his memories with Pragya. And Pragya on other side reminds her memories with him and suddenly the four of them enters Abhigya starts saying bad.

The episode starts with Abhigya asks Pragya ma was you crying ??
Pragya : no

Abhigya; no ma you are lying you was crying see your eyes are fill with tears. By the way why are yoy crying ?? No don’t tell me you was crying remembering papa ma you always use to cry remembering papa and you only have told us his name which is “Abhishek prem Mehra” and never showed us even a photo of our papa and why are you crying remembering him as he does not worried about us when he left us so why you use to remember him.
Pulkit intrupts : Abhigya he is her husband as usual she will remember him naa
Abhigya in anger and rude voice: you don’t try to interrupt as you are not our real family member dada.
Pragya shots : abhigya
Abigya: what wrong I have said ma.
Pragya slaps her hard and she runs out of room crying hard the Pragya sits on the bed and cries her self and says go Prabhas and Subuhi go and take care of her Pulkit you also go they all go out side and

Subuhi says: dada ma is also crying who will console her you go na dada make her stop crying
Prbhas support her and says : yes dada Subuhi is rright we will take care of Abhigya you go to ma.
pulkit goes inside and says : ma why you slapped her for me as I am not your own son.
Pragya : now I will slap you if you will say like that.
Pulkit : ma you love so much to your husband na.
Pragya : say him papa if you call me ma otherwise dont call me ma also.
Pulkit : ok you love papa a lot na that’s why you named Abhigya and Prabhas after your name that is Abhigya =Abhi+Pragya and Prabhas = Pragya+ Abhishek
she takes his face in her hand and says yes I love him and you only understand this as you are the eldest son of mine and Abhigya she is loved by him a lot by birth so she is just angry with him I know but the tone she used to talk with u today was not right just then Abhigya enters and apologises to Pragya and says
Abhigya : sorry ma I cant see you crying so in anger I said to dada like that
Pragya : you have to learn how to control your anger otherwise u will become light hearted and you all are mamas brave children na then why do you hurt me by behaving like this. Pragya consoles her and says now go and apologise to dada as he is hurted by your words Abhigya goes to Pulkit and says I am sorry dada you will forgive your younger sister na he smiles and they all have hug Subuhi comes in crying

Pragya : now why my little princes is crying
Subuhi : you don’t love me that’s why you don’t call me to hug you.
They all laugh on her cute reason to cry and says ma we will never see you hurt pls don’t cry
Pragya: ok baba now come we will have a lunch I have made your favourite dishes.
they all rushes to change and then to dining table and all are discussing about day and they tell her that
ma today our music teacher not arrived and he will come tomorrow
Pragya : oh that’s great and what about your results when it is coming ??
they says its next month ma as our teacher will return next month she has gone somewhere for vacations she says oh great.

Scene shifts to Abhi Talking to Pragya’s photo and someone comes in and keeps hand on her shoulder he looks and sees it is Purab.
Purab : Abhi you loved them so much God cant be so harsh for you see you will find them one day as you know you escaped them in some truck.
He tries to cheerup Abhi and says when are you going to Raigadh??
Abhi : Tonight ….
Purab ; No as today is Koyal’s burthday and i have kept party as you are going and you will not attend our wedding aniversary also which is after two days so I have kept a combined party today. So you are not going today you are going tomorrow morning it self.
Abhi : Ok baba as no one can win with you and your daughter in argument since you have marriged Bulbul.

They both laughs.
At nigh it is party and Purab sees Abhi not taking interest in party and looking here and there so he plans something with Bulbul and they both goes to Dj and says play something on which everyone can dance he says sure. Dj plays the song gore mukhde te The song starts and Purab forcefully brings Abhi on dance floorThe song starts
Chheti chheti chal nahi te, chand jag javega
Kale shamiyane vich, kora nazar aavega
Dede tera rang tere rang rang jaavega

Chaiyaan mein tu dhoop soniye
Ki lewe tu mol soniye
Main jado jado tennu takiya
Te dil jaave dol soniye
Gore mukhde pe, gore mukhde pe
Gore mukhde pe zulfan di chaava
Haaye main mar jaavan soniye

Gore mukhde pe zulfan di chaava
Haay main mar jaavan soniye

Ho kehti hain meri sakhiyaan
Munde hounde ne rasiyaan
Kehti hain meri sakhiyaan
Munde hunde ne rasiyaan
Malai makhan che batiyan sohneya
Jeh tu vi munde nikla chor
Tu vi mere dil di dor
Teh main javangi kis ore soneya

Chor nahi haan main dildaar azamaale
Ik vaari karle tu iqraar
Kabhi chhodenge na tumhe Rab di kasam
Hum karenge itta tumhe pyaar

Chhaiyan mein tu dhoop soniye
Ki lewe tu mol soniye
Main jado jado tennu takiya
Te dil jaave dol soniye
Gore mukhde pe, gore mukhde pe
Gore mukhde pe zulfan di chaava

Abhi is dancing with Koyal and suddenly he imagines that Pragya is dancing with him
Yeh jo ishq di baazi hai
Badi chanchal shehzaadi hai (x2)

Qaid haundi azaadi hain soneya
Lagan lag jaaye jo ek baar
Ye naa choote, choote sansaar
Karna main nahi karna pyar soneya

Pyar pyar ke rahi aitbaar karke tu dekh
Saath main nibhaunga tera
Tu jo dena dil saanu akhaan te bithaungaa main
Tujhse yeh vaada hai mera
Jamengi jodi khoob sohniye

But his imagination breaks as Koyal jerks him he is happy and make Koyal stand on his legs and she dances they all are happy
Ki lewe tu mol soniye
Chaiyaan mein tu dhoop soniye
Ki lewe tu mol soniye
Main jado jado tennu takiya
Te dil jaave dol soniye
Gore mukhde pe, gore mukhde pe
Gore mukhde pe zulfan di chaava
Haaye main mar jaavan soniye

Gore mukhde pe zulfan di chaava
Haaye main mar jaavan soniye

The party ends with happiness
Pragya and all were talking
Pragya: Ok eat the dinner fast and go to sleep and we will go to picnic tomorrow I have saw a good park near my office and tomorrow is your half day also
They all fill with joy. and says yipiieee……
Its morning and all see off to Abhi.

Precap :- Abhi’s car get some technical problem s he stops at road in Raigadh and Just then Pragya and all children passes from back side of Abhi. Abhi is looking here and there.

Guys I know you all will curse me as i have started the episode from little bit back but as i said If u are feeling confusion so pls tell me the confusion point I will clear it through the reply of your comments. Pls guys keep commenting as it helps me in improving my ff. Guys Pls keep commenting and I am going to tell you that this season is going to be full musical there are many musical situations so to know them stay tuned and keep commenting.
But pls tell me what confusion you are having plsss.

Credit to: Surbhi

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  1. nice..story going continue

  2. nice but my suggestion is (don’t take me wrong) we want more scenes and i am not a north indian i am a tamilian so i dont know much hindi songs so i am bored off reading those songs which i can’t understand. i love ur ff a lot but include more scenes than uploading full songs may be make the songs short and upload scenes more pls

    1. Thanks Vaishali I am happy you told me that problem its OK I will add more scenes to it. and yes pls be loyal like this I will like to solve these confusions.

  3. Amazing awesome, fabulous and i hav no words to explain ur creativity ,u r best….. By the way not on fb but so u hav account on insta…….. Instagram

    1. Hehe thanks somiya and yea I have it linked through Facebook so better u give me or instagram adrss I will follow you 🙂

      1. well for instagram i hav :Anzeela Aziz yes i have two names ?? well my real name is Anzeela Aziz, somiya is my nickname…… Give me urs so that i could follow u

    2. Well I am OK with Somiya. 😉
      And my IG handle is Surbhi Tiwari and profile picture is of Zareen Khan. 🙂

    3. Yar actually i can’t find ur insta id… My insta id is Anzeela Aziz with profile pic overthinking kills happiness

  4. No surbhi according to me all my confusions r cleared n ur ff s superb n interesting… Eagerly waiting for ur next episides that when n which episode pragya n abhi vl meet..

    1. Thanks Durga Well Abhi and Pragya reunion will be after episode 5.

  5. Hai Surbhi… I agree with vaishali bcz I’m a south indian n don’t take me as wrong

  6. Hai Surbhi.. I agree with vaishali bcz I’m a south indian n don’t take me as wrong k

    1. No Manu its not like that say it open heartedly I assure u that I will sure solve your problem and yes I am very thankful that you all are telling your share of problem. 🙂

  7. Well i m also agreee wit vaishali i dont know much hindi songs so plzz dont mistake me however ur ff is really awesome yaaa really really supebb

    1. OK sharmi I can understand your thoughts so u have not to worry I will surely resolve it and thanks for sharing problem 🙂

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