KB story of faith season 2 (Episode 29)

Ok guys here is your next episode and yup thanks for supporting yr Somu dear your comments make me smile and sometimes laugh also keep supporting like this yr and kaif i liked your star rating way of expressing how much you lliked my episode but i felt bad as previous episode i havent write upto your expectation but i will sure cover that one star very soon for sure and it is possible that i can lose it also god knows anyways thank you bro and Vaishali i liked your grading also dea.. Durga Reshma Abhigya Sharmi Shree Divya Chandru hani sriti reji priti tisha thank u all yr and reji and tisha love your ff so much awesome story line yr and queen pls update your episodes fast as it is good to read them they are very much interesting and my dear somu i am in love with your ff saying it openly without any hesitation girl…
coming to the story

The episode starts with Tanu pointing the knife over the neck of Subuhi she is crying…
Pragya : subuhii leave her tanu please leave her whatever you want whatever your demand is we will fulfil it but leave my daughter don’t harm her please. (crying , worried)
Abhi tries to control Pragya but she is not able to see anything as she is scared from that knife kept over the neck of Subuhi.
Aliya : Have you lost it Tanu you have pointed knife on a child’s neck leave her I said leave… ( angrily)
Tanu : I will not as she is the only way from which I can escape from you people..
Abhi : leave her Tanu otherwise it will not result good for you if anything happens to her then I swear I won’t leave you..( in anger)
Pragya : Please Tanu leave her I beg you please..( crying badly)
Abhi shouts : Pragya what are you doing stop this right now don’t do like this… there is no need to beg to a person like her have you lost it…
Pragya : Abhishek cant you able to see she has kept knife on her neck please give her what she wants please…( cries hard)
Abhi : look at me just look at me she is not able to do something to her and I won’t let this happen also nothing will happen to subuhi ok ….
Tanu : Really Mr Abhishek Prem Mehra do you think like that then let me tell you one thing that I can do anything you want to see the demo see..
Pragya shouts in fear : No…… No…… don’t do please…..

But by mistake point of the knife touches Subuhi’s face so she get minor cut there and it was bleeding and Pragya again worried and goes back to Abhi look Abhishek just give her what she need she want to escape so let her see I want my daughter nothing else just save her please and she folds her hand infront of Abhi and says I beg you please and tears rolled down from Abhi’s eyes looking Pragya in that condition then he noticed the cut on Subuhi’s face and fumes in anger.
Abhi : Look Tanu you want to go so go but leave my daughter as you have already given her pain now no more I won’t let you hurt her more …
Tanu : Seriously then if you want your daughter so just take her but..
Abhi : Now what but..?? don’t tell me now that you want something else from us so you have another condition for us..
Tanu : You have become so smart Abhi after being separated from me actually you are right I want something else I want Pragya …. Send Pragya with me because I have to clear many revenges from her she has to pay for the death of my child… send her with me now… as she is the only way of Nikhil can come out..
Abhi : No way she won’t go with you if you want to leave just leave but if you dare to touch my daughter or any member of my family then look it will turn a worst dream for you I am warning you..
Tanu : Think once again abhi as your daughter is still in my hand send Pragya along with me otherwise….
Pragya : No no please don’t do anything to her I am ready to come with you I will come please don’t do anything to her…( sobbing and crying badly)
Abhi : Pragya come into your senses what the hell you are saying you are coming in her false trap she know she is not able to do anything so she is doing this to us… no I won’t let you do so
Pragya : Abhishek I just want my daughter and for that if I have to give my life I will please let me go…

Abhi holds her hand tight and doesn’t leaves her to go but Pragya struggling from him to leave but he is not just then Tanu said..
Tanu : Ok so Mr. Abhishek time is up you don’t want send Pragya with me so lose your daughter now ..
And Tanu leaves from there along with Subuhi and Cops were at the outside so she make them fear that if they would try to stop her then she will kill her now so cops freezed at that spot and Abhi holding Pragya stood over there looking Tanu taking Subuhi along with her now Pragya was out of control she was becoming dis-balanced mentally as she was only feared for Subuhi now she was shouting her name and continuously begging Abhi to bring her back and Abhi was like what happened to her today I have never seen her like that even when Bulbul jumped off the cliff and when ma got accident also but she is behaving totally different today and he was looking for Tanu car to reach at some distance so that he will follow her with the cops. When Tanu’s car reaches at some distance then he Gestures Purab to bring the car he dicides to follow Tanu
Pragya : I will also come…
Abhi : No I will bring her back you stay here ..
Pragya : No I will come I will come with you she was crying she needs me I will come with you please…

Abhi tries to control as he is shook from inside looking Pragya like this so he was not able to look that Pragya once more so he agreed..
They went in the car followed by Police and then at one point Tanu’s car stopped and there was no mechanic also so she ran from there along with Subuhi but till then Abhi along with Purab Pragya and police was there so she noticed them and started running towards the cliff Abhi and all also followed her and then they reached to the point where there was no way to run so Tanu felt that now she is really traped but till this girl is with me I am safe…. Then Abhi and Pragya along with Purab also reached there and cops were there and they covered all the way of tanu to escape…
Abhi : Tanu leave her it’s enough don’t test my patience just leave her otherwise I don’t know what I will do with you just leave her…
Tanu : Do you think I am fool Abhi just stay there don’t even try to become smart otherwise I will throw her down the cliff then you will surely lose her..
Pragya : Tanu what’s wrong with you ??? you are targeting a child does the mother inside you is died how can you do so being a lady..
Tanu : yes she is died as you are the only reason for that neither you have told the truth about my child to Abhi nor I have got panic and lose my baby you are the only reason for that Pragya
Abhi : Enough Tanu just leave her I said

Abhi starts moving towards Tanu and Tanu was continuously warning him not to come near otherwise I will throw her I am not joking and Abhi was not listening to her and from other side Pragya was getting out of control looking Subuhi in danger she was shouting don’t do that Abhishek listen to her otherwise she will harm her… But Abhi was not listening to anyone he was just looking at the Subuhi’s face which was calm as she was sure that her papa will save her she was not even crying and looking that confidence and faith on Subuhi’s face he forgot all his fear at that time and continuously moving towards Subuhi as a result Tanu wanted to show that she is not telling lie she pushed Subuhi and Pragya was shocked to see that she pushed her she shouted Subuhiiii just then Subuhi was about to fall but Abhi ran and holded her hand and took her to his arms and saved her then Pragya felt relieved but Tanu was irked so he pushed Abhi. Abhi was stood at the end of the cliff so when Tanu pushed him he lost his balance and fell down Pragya was in shock fainted at that moment on the spot imagining the result and Tanu got happy that Abhi is no more and Pragya will suffer now but Abhi was escaped as while falling he hold a branch there from his one hand and Subuhi in other hand and Tanu noticed that she was irked more now so she started throwing stoned on Abhi’s hand and the cops were trying to warn her they fired bullets in air so that she will got afraid but all was waste it was looking like tanu was have gone mad and she was continuously trying that Abhi leave that branch and fall down along with Subuhiii and looking this Purab in anger move towards Tanu to slap her Cops were continuously saying her not to act further otherwise this will not be in favour of her

but seems as tanu was becoming mad she was going to stab Purab but at that moment one of the cop fired on her and the bullet hits in her back and she fell down at the spot and fainted then they were taking tanu along with them and just then Purab heard some voice which was coming from down the cliff he noticed that it was Abhi holding Subuhi .Subuhi was saying that Papa I am scared Abhi was himself scared of height but for saving his daughter he forgot that fear also and they were hanging on a branch of the tree he said to Subuhi beta don’t look down just look at papa just look at me ok… Purab noticed them and got happy then he called one of the cop to help and with their help Abhi and Subuhi came out of danger zone and were safe now Subuhi hugged Abhi tightly as she was very much scared and Purab Hugged abhi as he was happy that he was safe and then Abhi noticed Pragya fainted there and he hand over Subuhi to Purab then rushed to Pragya ..

Abhi : Pragya … open your eyes what happened to her Purab ????
Purab narrated the incident and Abhi got paniced as he was already worried for her looking in that state.. and looking her fainted he got more worried for her Subuhi was also crying looking Pragya in that condition then Abhi Purab along with fainted Pragya and Subuhi left for home there Bulbul and Aliya was felt relieved that all were safe but worried for Pragya Abhi said to Aliya to bring some water and said to Bulbul to go with children as they shouldn’t come here before Pragya gain conscious Bulbul says no I won’t go leaving dii in this condition Abhi makes her understand that you go we are with her here and calls the doctor Aliya comes with water and Abhi sprinkles water on Pragya’s face but she didn’t gain conscious now he was extremely worried about Pragya all the time her reactions were getting rewind in his mind and he was worried for her then the doctor arrived and examines her

Abhi : she is ok na is anything serious doctor ( worried)
Doctor : Hold on Mr mehra Hold on take a deep breath as your wife is ok she is just fainted because of shock she will gain conscious after 3 to 4 hours I have given her medicines she will be ok in this time interval for sure nothing to worry about her
Abhi felt relieved and sat beside Pragya holding her hand
Already two hours were spent Abhi was sat beside Pragya losted in thoughts again and again the face of Pragya during that incident was rewinding before him and he was thinking that I have never seen her like that she lose all her control over her that time but how just then Subuhi comes to him and she was crying
Abhi : areh my bachha again started crying why beta as I told you na that papa don’t like tears so why are you crying beta…
Subuhi : No one is there for playing with me and I want to play…
Abhi holds her in his arms : Oho so that’s the reason then ok I will play with you but on one condition

Subuhi : condition papa how I will fulfil it ??
Abhi : Just promise me you won’t cry like this from now onwards on small things just promise as you are a brave child na…
Subuhi : Ok but I want to play now… no one is there to play with me..
Abhi : Ok we will go to park for play now go and wear your shoes we will go out.. come on..
While Subuhi wears shoes Abhi calls purab and Bulbul and tells them that Pragya is fine nothing to be worry and they both got relieved there..
Subuhi : Papa how to wear these shoes see I am not able to tie laces also… (innocent face )
Abhi laughs : arey silly ( buddhu) girl you have worn the shoes in opposite legs you have worn right shoe in left leg and left shoe in right leg come I will make you wear and teach you how to wear such shoes… he says to Aliya to stay with Pragya she nods.. Abhi takes Subuhi to the down stairs and then he makes her wear shoes and teaches her to tie laces.. while he was making her wear shoes..
Subuhi : Papa …
Abhi : Hmm..
Subuhi : I was thinking that can we have an ice-cream also … please..
Abhi pats her head : so ma was right you are becoming more naughtier haann anyways we will not have one ice-cream ..
Subuhi gets sad and Abhi smiles on her face and takes her in his arm and said…
Abhi : because…… we will have two ice-creams

Subuhi gets happy and they both leaves to park and Abhi tells to Aliya as when Pragya gains conscious please call me and tell me immideately Aliya nods ok
Aaliya was seated beside Pragya and she was also thinking about the same as Abhi was Aliya was thinking that your children are so lucky bhabhi that they got mother like you seriously I have heard till now that a mother can sacrifice to save her children’s life but today I saw it also seriously you are great bhabhi and she slept beside her in sitting position after some time Pragya starts moving her head as the incident was rewinding in her mind and just she remembered that Abhi and Subuhi falled from Cliff and woke up shouting Subuhiiii in shock and hearing that Aliya also wake up Pragya was so scared so she started questioning Aliya about Subuhii and Abhi
Pragya : Aliya where is Abhishek Subuhi where is she they are fine na tell me please
She shook Aliya asking and Aliya was saying that they both are fine but Pragya was not listening to her she woke up from bed and said I ii will find them I will go to them you all are not telling me she was about to leave just then Abhi holding Subuhi in his arms entered the room Subuhi was holding balloons in her hand seeing them Pragya felt relaxed

Subuhi : see ma papa took me those balloons they are good na I love balloons
Pragya just rushed to her and took her in her arms and hugged her tightly she was kissing her forehead and was crying with relive that she is safe… and Subuhi saw her crying and wiped her tears and said Ma please don’t cry papa told me that who cries a lot na they are not brave and you are my brave ma na so please don’t cry…. Pragya smiles on her and then Subuhi goes to Aliya says
Subuhi : Bua does bhaiya came Rahul bhaiya Prabhas dada Abhu dii and Araya bhai did they came buaa I want to show them these balloons and yes I want to give them ice-cream also papa have brought for them all..
Aliya takes her in his arms : Aw really for me also na ( subuhi nods yes) actually gudiya your brothers and sister are there come we will show your balloon to them they are playing in their room…
Aliya takes Subuhi from there and then Abhi goes to Pragya and Pragya notices him then Abhi goes near her and Pragya hugs him tightly and tears rolled down from her eyes she says
Pragya : I was scared I was scared today Abhishek I thought I will lose you and Subuhi today I felt like my world was going to end ……
Abhi : Arey how will I leave you like this I will not let this happen I told you na so and by the way Fuggii don’t take tension when I will die na I will surely I will take you along with me as how will I survive in that world without you ..
Pragya breaks the hug and slaps him Abhi was shocked and looking towards her reaction holding his cheek… then Pragya blurts out

Pragya : How dare you thought that you will die don’t you dare talk like this again understand as I am sure I will become mad without you I will not be able to handle myself….. you are my life and these children are my life and I want nothing else just you all nothing else I want from my life understand..
Abhi hugs her again and said sorry I won’t say it again and tears rolled down from his eyes seeing this much love for him in her heart and he tries to pacify her and they both sit on a couch near them and Pragya was hiding her face in him as she was feeling relaxed now that Abhi and Subuhi was safe now no worry for her and Abhi was sitting covering her with his arm lost in thought that there love is becoming so strong day-by-day now he was assure that Pragya will not leave him never-ever ….

Precap : Mothers day celebration..

Ok i think now after reading the episode you guys must have cursed me about this too much filmy story and you will think that what happen to me that i wrote this filmy line for ending Tanu’s track so my answer is nothing is happen to me i was just fed up of this dragging nothing else so i ended up her track like this and now you will ask what happend to Tanu after that is she alive or dead well i will disclose it in next episode and yup sorry again if you didnt liked it sorry from the core of my heart for making the line filmy..
last but not the least please do comment and please dont think that next one will also worst like this please stay tuned as i have many much emotions to show 😉 🙂

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