KB story of faith season 2 (Episode 28)

Ok guys here is your next episode sorry for the late update.. hope you will enjoy it..

The episode starts with Abhi making Pragya understand that he will not let anything happen to Children then Pragya asks..
Pragya : But how will she come here and if she come then she will definitely come to know that this party is for children so we must have escaped from that accident….
Abhi : No she will not as we are calling her after party of children as that party will be for elders and Tanu will come there and at that time we will send children to some other place and that place will be Bulbul’s home with Vijay as he will take care of them there and we will trap Tanu as same we trapped Nikhil we made him confess his crime from his own mouth and Tanu will also do so but for that you have to help us positively will you able to do that…
Pragya : I will do anything for save our family ……
Abhi smiles at her and cups her face and says that’s my fuggiii then he makes her understand the plan and then he says to Aliya ..
Abhi : Aliya Tanu doesn’t know that you are with us now and let her live in that thought and you will call her to the party and make sure that she agrees ok …
Aliya : Sure bhaii I will make her agree for sure…
Then Abhi says let’s get ready for the fun today and get ready to throw that Tanu out of our lives permanently…
All agrees and they leave then Pragya was standing there and was lost in thoughts Abhi noticed it and goes to her and asks…..
Abhi : What happened ??? Still tensed about tonight..???
Pragya : No I was tensed about Tanu why is she wants to destroy our happiness why always she is the only reason for our separation why she is so harsh towards us and why she hates us that much ?? Abhishek does the greed for money is big that it makes a person that much blind so that the person is not able to do the difference between the crime and revenge and what she wants to do is crime not revenge..
Abhi smiles at her and wraps her in his arms and says
Abhi : You know what fuggi you was the one who showed me the real face of her and you was the one who left her without giving any punishment to her that is the only reason that she is thinking that she can do whatever she wants to do and this is the time to give her a punishment and she tried to kill you and make me alone and make our children that much cry you know I saw them in pain Pulkit was in shock it was difficult for me to handle him because he was hiding his pain and our twins they were continuously crying that their sweet fight is the reason you are in this condition and you know Subuhi was crying hard she was not sleeping without you it was very hard to handle that girl who was crying for her mother i use to took her in my arms and then she use to sleep and she holds my hand while she was sleeping till she didn’t completed her nap she doesn’t use to relieve my hand if I tried to do so then she awakes so this much our children got scared that they thought they will lose you and Pulkit … Pragya Pulkit that day cried badly like a small kid Pragya I saw that pain you didn’t I was losing hope to seeing them in such pain but I have to behave strong to make them strong and believe me I can’t forget that how much my children suffered because of her and that’s why I am saying that this time she have to pay for that every pain which she has given to my children if she has given that pain to me so it was possible for me to forgive her but she targeted our children and this time I am not gonna forgive her she wanted to take revenge from you so that’s why you only have the right to tell her that a person who can hear remaining silent can speak also and when the person speaks it has point and now just remove all the negative thoughts from your mind and be prepared for tonight ok..
Pragya : ok…. But tell me one thing
Abhi : yes ask..
Pragya : How will we make her confess her crime on her own…
Abhi : Fuggiiii did you ever heard about ghosts that come with there incomplete last wish…
Pragya smiles : Ok ok I understood but tell me one thing that how will you become ghost because the thing I remember my husband is afraid of ghosts…(smiles)
Abhi : Yes I am but this time we are human and that Tanu is ghost so we are small ghost then her so that’s a different thing…
They both laughs hard and Pragya says
Pragya : Now we should leave as we have to send invitations for party and of course you have to go for buying gifts otherwise you know that your daughter will get angry and you wont accept it ….
Abhi pulling her cheeks : of course afterall she is rock star Abhi’s daughter she must have gifts actually not gifts so much gifts… so you prepare I will back with preprations….. Ok..
They both laughs again and leaves Pragya sent invitations to all guests and Aliya called Tanu and she agreed to come and just then Abhi enters with lots of gifts and as the gift boxes were touching that height that he was not able to see anything in front of him so he was coming inside holding those gift boxes and everyone was busy in preparations Pragya was instructing about the decoration and she didn’t noticed Abhi coming and Abhi was not able to see as everything was hidden behind those gift boxes so as he came inside He was coming and Pragya was coming from other side and they both bumped into each other and all the gift boxes fell on Pragya continuously one by one she shouted Ouch
Pragya : aah my head What the hell….. (holding her head )
Abhi saw that and gets into his senses
Abhi : Oye fuggi cant you see that someone is coming from outside ..
Pragya : Really is it like that then where were your eyes gone while you was coming in and what is this ..
Abhi : Arey I was hidden behind gifts na….. how will I able to see… then
Pragya holding her head : Yes sure you come always like this and on every birthday make all the gifts fall on my head like this ok and by the way birthday is of Subuhi na then why this much gifts you brought can you tell me….(in anger)
Abhi : Areh…. It is Subuhi’s birthday I know but all the children are equal so I brought gifts for them all and I will do like this on everyone’s birthday so every child will be happy…
Pragya : you and your Pampering are the only reason they are becoming this much naughty ..
Abhi : Eh Pragya how many time I have said that don’t say..
Pragya : Ok ok I know the rest but if you have finished your lecture on children so help me … to get up…
Abhi : oh sorry I forgot that you fell down …
Pragya stands with his help and said to Abhi
Pragya: Now come lets keep these gifts in room other wise if your all of them came here na they will definitely not wait for the party…
Abhi and Pragya takes gifts to the room and hides from children then Pragya was leaving then while she was leaving the room Abhi holds her hand and pulls back towards him and wraps her in his arms…
Pragya : Arey what are you doing leave me as there is much work left till now I have to all the arrangements also leave me…
Abhi : Arey hold on baba why you are so busy all the time you have no time to spend time with me that’s not fare anyways So Mrs. Mehra don’t you need any gift from your husband … hmmm ( smilingly)
Pragya : What gift my husband will give to me as he has no time for his wife he is always busy in work whether it is playing with children or his rock concert so I have no idea that he will bring gift for me..
Abhi : haha funny good taunt Fuggii well your husband don’t have time for you but your boyfriend have so he has bring this to you…
Abhi gifts her a gown …Pragya was amazed to see that and she said..
Pragya : Abhishek it is so beautiful but why have you bring this gown as you know na that I don’t wear such things without any reason and this is just a birthday party so its not necessary to wear it here.
Abhi : Who said to you that you are going to wear it today..??
Pragya : Not today ??
Abhi : No….
Pragaya : so when..?? (clueless)
Abhi : When Mrs Pragya Mehra will perform her debue song for first time on stage…
Pragya : What are you saying Abhishek …. You know it is not going to be happen ….
Abhi : Actually I got a call of producer today who want to launch you as a new female voice of people… he wanted you to perform on a stage so I said that you will do it as I wanted my rock star fuggii back..
Pragya : seriously it is….
Abhi nods yes and she was happy hearing that Abhi wants to restart her carrier as a singer… she hugged him again tightly in happiness.. and Abhi too..
It was evening time all preparations were done only the balloons were remain to be decorated so all were blowing the balloons and just then Abhi came from upstairs and saw Pragya blowing balloon so he started laughing hard and Pragya was irked on him as he was laughing..
Pragya : now why are laughing can you tell me whats going funny here.?
Abhi : how can I remain silent as I am looking that a balloon is blowing balloon hahahah…
All laughed on that and Pragya gets irked now more
Pragya : Oh really if you think that this is that much easy so come accompany us na in blowing balloon..
Abhi : Yup sure… I will
Abhi started blowing balloon and he was over confident that he knows how to blow balloons while he was blowing he blowed the balloon that it bursts on his mouth and all get scared with that sudden voice then they all looked towards abhi and laughed hard….. as the balloon was bursts out on his face and the torn pieces of balloon was stuck on his face and he was like what happened to me…?? So all were laughing hard looking at him then Abhi looks at Pragya and Pragya was laughing hard and said well done Abhishek well done well blowed that balloon also hahahaha Abhi gets irked looking that she is laughing on him but he calms down looking her laughing like that and thinks that I will do this again and again anytime to look you happy like this .. then they all continued to work now the balloons were also ready and all the things were ready and guests were also started coming and Subuhi was in Abhi’s arms and saying..
Subuhi : Papa you are the best I loved it papa ..
Abhi : really does my daughter liked it that much then I want something from my princess also..
Subuhi : But I am too young I can’t even work also no body will give me work so how will give you gift…
Abhi laughs : Beta no need to work till your papa is there just give me one thing give me a kiss on my cheeks bachha …
Subuhi : Really so that thing I can give you that much ( she spreads her arms)
Subuhi gives a kiss to Abhi on his both cheeks both were happy then suddenly Pragya came there
Abhi : Subu bachha give that gift to ma also then she will come to know that how much her daughter liked the arrangements…
Pragya : gift what gift ….
And subuhi kisses on her cheeks also she gets happy and said hmmm naughty girl so this was the gift hmm
Subuhi nods yes and Pragys kisses her in reply on her forehead then she says..
Pragya : Ok its time to cake cutting come on
They all goes for cake cutting Abhi gives gifts to subuhi Prabhas Abhigya Pulkit and Rahul and all gets happy then Prabhas says
Prabhas : Papa you are great maa can you tell me whose birthday is next I think its dada’s birthday it’s a great opportunity that anyones birthday is there papa will bring gifts for everyone
All laugh on that and Abhi taps Prabhas’s head he says papa… that’s not fare Abhi says everything is fare… Prabhas interrupts and says hahaha what love and war ma look filmy papa hahahaa all again starts laughing Abhi says
Abhi : Pragya your son is walking comedy channel always use to crack jokes and tauniting everyone
Pragya : Just like you
And she leaves from there
Abhi : yes … wait a minute what does I look like comedian..
He turns to see but noticed that she left from there so he said again escaped….
Birthday party was over now the time was for elders party so Abhi sent all the children with Vijay as he was not interested in that party but Subuhi was not ready to go she was insisting that she will remain with Abhi so he doesn’t sent her …. Tanu was arrived at the party Abhi noticed her car and said to Pragya to come we will hide for sometime and said to Aliya to start out our plan… Aliya nods yes and goes to receive Tanu
Tanu : Aliya my dear how are you ???
Aliya : fine as always but see where I had kept party today ..
Tanu : Yes its really good to know that you took over this MM after the death of Abhi and Pragya now we will rule over their earnings
And she passes the wicked smile and Aliya in reply too and Aliya thinks now you are finished Tanu as you tried to kill my brother now you wont be spared… see what I will do with you today.. then some one announces the special performance by Aliya on stage..
Tanu : Woww you gonna perform at your party so what are going to do.??
Aliya : Just wait and watch dear hope you will enjoy this performance..
And Aliya leaves and all the lights got off and a focus light comes on stage focusing Aliya and some music plays then Aliya starts her performance Pragya was singing from background and Tanu was thinking that Aliya has started singing she sings so well…. The performance starts..
Aliya :

Raaton Ko Chura Loon Neendein
I’ll steal Your sleep at nights
Din Mein Chura Loon Tera Chain…
I’ll steal Your peace during the day
Catch Me If You Can Baby
Catch Me If You Can

Music Plays
Dhen Te Nan Ta Nana, Dhen Te Nan Ta Nana
Dhen Te Nan Ta Nana, Dhen Tan Tan…

Purab accompanies her:

Dil Mein Chhupaya, Na Kisi Ko Jo Bataya (The one which was hidden in the heart, that which was a secret)
Ab Nazron Se Hone Laga Woh Expose (Now it is getting exposed from the eyes/gaze)

Aliya :

Ae… Hothon Pe Aaya Na Kabhi (The one which never came on the lips)
Samajh Na Paya Koi (And which was never understood by anyone)

Raaz Woh Dhadakta Hai Dil Mein Har Roz (That secret is beating in the heart every day)

Raaton Ko Chura Loon Neendein (I’ll steal Your sleep at nights)
Din Mein Chura Loon Tera Chain… (I’ll steal Your peace during the day)
Catch Me If You Can Baby
Catch Me If You Can…

Again the music plays
Dhen Te Nan Ta Nana, Dhen Te Nan Ta Nana
Dhen Te Nan Ta Nana, Dhen Tan Tan…

Tanu thinks that some thing is weird why Aliya is performing on such song
Then suddenly one more Focus light falls on stage and it was Abhi Tanu was shocked to see him and was thinking how he eascaped and she was worried now then Abhi gone near her and started singing walking around her and showing the expression that you gone today

Abhi :
Saaya Hoon Main, Chhod Ke Jaata Nahi (I’m a shadow, I don’t ever leave and go)

Pakadna Chaaho Agar, Haathon Mein Aata Nahi… (Even if You want to catch me, You can’t)
Then Tanu was thinking about Pragya and in mean while again some light fall on stage and it was Pragya and she came near her and started singing smiling at her fear

Likh De Yeh Dil Ki Hi Dhadkan Se Aage (Write it on my heart beats)
To Raftaar Hai Yeh Meri (That this is my speed)

Tanu was stunned looking her fine and in shocked then Pragya came near her and clapped in front of her face to bring her in senses and sings

Main Saamne Hoon Tere (I’m in front of You)
Phir Bhi Mujhko Yeh Dhoondhe Nigaahein Teri (Still Your eyes search for me)

Then the light which was falling on Abhi and Pragya got off and again focused on Aliya and Purab and Abhi and Pragya hide there then Tanu thinks that this might be my illusion how they both can escape from such a big accident they are only Aliya and Purab she was trying to convince her self that it was just imagination..nothing else if Abhi and Pragya were alive then they must be here na.. and started to concentrate on Performance again..

Purab :
Dil Mein Chhupaya, Na Kisi Ko Jo Bataya (The one which was hidden in the heart, that which was a secret)
Ab Nazron Se Hone Laga Woh Expose (Now it is getting exposed from the eyes)

Aliya indicating that she is hiding the truth of murder :
Ae… Hothon Pe Aaya Na Kabhi (The one which never came on the lips)
Samajh Na Paya Koi (And which was never understood by anyone)
Raaz Woh Dhadakta Hai Dil Mein Har Roz (That secret is beating in the heart every day)
Aliya and Purab in chorus :

Raaton Ko Chura Loon Neendein(I’ll steal Your sleep at nights)
Din Mein Chura Loon Tera Chain…( I’ll steal Your peace during the day)
Catch Me If You Can Baby
Catch Me If You Can…

Again music plays and again the light falls in same manner and this was Bulbul who was holding the light sequence
Dhen Te Nan Ta Nana, Dhen Te Nan Ta Nana
Dhen Te Nan Ta Nana, Dhen Tan Tan…

Purab looking at bulbul and Bulbul was smiling

O Tere Naina Di, Sharab Mainu Chadh Gayi Ni (The alcohol from Your eyes has made me intoxicated)
O Tere Naam Di, Khumari Mainu Lad Gayi Ni… (The sound of Your name has made me intoxicated)
Abhi was looking that and said to Pragya these love birds will surely destroy our plan prgaya said I think soo then Abhi gestures Purab in anger face to concentrate on Tanu otherwise she will understand what is happening with her Purab gestures sorry and again joins Aliya

Purab :
Raaton Ko Chura Loon Neendein (I’ll steal Your sleep at nights)
Din Mein Chura Loon Tera Chain… (I’ll steal Your peace during the day)

Catch Me If You Can Baby
Catch Me If You Can…
Again light falls on Abhi and Tanu again got scared and Abhi goes near her

Abhi :
Chaahun Jise Usko Main Paa Ke Rahoon ( What I desire, I achieve/attain)
Woh Chaahe Ho Aasman (Even if it is the Sky)
Main Us Tak Ja Ke Rahoon (I’ll reach it)

Giving expression that this time she will not be able to escape..

Then Pragya came and sings
Pragya :
Ho… Jisko Main Haasil Karoon (The thing that I achieve)
Phir Na Jaaye Woh Bachke Mere Haath Se (It can’t escape me)
Pehchan Le Tu Yeh Aadat Meri (Get to know about this habit of mine)
Main Mukarti Nahi Baat Se… (I always fulfil my promises)
giving expression that I will neither spare you nor forgive you this time .. and Tanu was now sure that they both are alive

Purab Aliya Abhi and Pragya in chorus :
Dil Mein Chhupaya, Na Kisi Ko Jo Bataya (The one which was hidden in the heart, that which was a secret)
Ab Nazron Se Hone Laga Woh Expose (Now it is getting exposed from the eyes)
Ae… Hothon Pe Aaya Na Kabhi (The one which never came on the lips)
Samajh Na Paya Koi (And which was never understood by anyone)
Raaz Woh Dhadakta Hai Dil Mein Har Roz (That secret is beating in the heart every day)
Raaton Ko Chura Loon Neendein (I’ll steal Your sleep at nights)
Din Mein Chura Loon Tera Chain…( I’ll steal Your peace during the day)
Catch Me If You Can Baby
Catch Me If You Can…

The Performance end and then Tunu was surrounded by Pragya and Abhi that time then she said
Tanu : so you both are alive and Aliya you trapped me in this right …
Pragya : who said we are dead Tanu as we are not till the love is alive in our heart we will not leave this world so easily…
Abhi : you have almost killed her but see my love bring her back to my life…
Pragya : And now your game is over Tanu… now your game is over..
Tanu : But how is this possible as I have hit her with the car in full speed and I saw her in pool of blood and Abhi you are alive as I saw you was hit by Nikhil’s car so how Is this possible..
Aliya : This is all possible because I saved them I left doing conspiracies as I lost my own child due to that money but you tanu how can you fall so low that you will target these small children to make money you didn’t changed after losing your child na how can you be so low tanu…
Tanu : Oh stop giving lectures you cowered I didn’t know that you will become like this then I wouldn’t have told you my plan….
Abhi ; Now nothing can happen Tanu you cant escape also as Police is outside the home and you have confess your crime with your own…
Pragya : I have forgive you that time for ruining my happiness but not this time as you tried to make my children cry I won’t forgive you this time…
Tanu notices Subuhi standing hiding behind the pillar so she took the knife kept on table and start scaring them that she will do something to herself otherwise let her go…
Abhi : These things will not work now as we wont let you go from here you have to pay..
Tanu : Oh really
She goes and drags Subuhi to her self and placed the knife over her neck Subuhi got scared and starts crying Pragya got afraid and shouted Subuhi…
Tanu : Let me go otherwise I wont leave your daughter Abhi… and her birthday party will turn into her funeral….
Abhi is shocked over this step of her and screen freezes there and divided Pragya worried face and Abhi’s shocked face and Subuhi’s crying face is shown…..

Precap ; no precap
Ok guys sorry if you didnt liked the episode as it is becoming little bit filmy but i want to tell that i have just tried to make it interesting nothing else and yup thank u for your support guys thank u soo much and yes please comment as i am noticing that the new ff’s are comming and the no. of comments are reducing please guys keep commenting it helps me in improving the story…. ok then now the question arises that how will Abhi save Subuhi will he able to save her or Tanu will escaped with the help of Subuhi lets see..
till then stay tuned
😉 😀

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