KB story of faith season 2 (Episode 27)

Ok guys here is your today’s episode hope you will like it but first answers to your questions.
Vaishali :- No i dont write these songs Vaishali they bollywood songs from movies i just use the song which suits the situation i think and then i use to translate them in english so that the people who dont understand the language they can also understand them 🙂
Hani : Dear even i havent imagined who will be the best child suits for Arayan character but i assure you when i will find someone suitable i will include him in montage.

now not taking your much time lets go to the story…

Recap :- Abhi ‘s concert , Abhi and Aliya reunited and Abhi comes to know that Pragya’s voice is back….
The episode starts with Abhi thinking to meet Pragya’s doctor tomorrow and goes in there he sees Pragya wandering here and there taking Subuhi in her arms… Abhi goes and takes Subuhi from her then he says.
Abhi : Ok now I will take my sweetu not give her to me …
Pragya gives her to Abhi and Abhi asks..

Abhi : Pragya what was happened why Vijay and Aliya have rift between them ( hoping that Pragya will atleast try to speak) why Vijay doesn’t talks to Aliya as when last time I saw them they were looking happy with each other so what happened that he is not even want to look at her..?
But his effort failed because Pragya not even tried to speak and she written all the incident on the Paper and he read it was written that Vijay Is ignoring Aliya because he thinks that she is the only reason they lose their daughter that’s why he doesn’t use to see Aliya’s face also ……
Abhi : so this is the matter but we have to do something as they can’t spend their life like this they have to forget that..

Pragya agrees and keeps her head on his shoulder and in reply he covers her with his hand ..
In early morning Abhi left to meet doctor and doctor says yes it is sure that if she is humming then she can speak afterall sound of humming also comes from throght so according to you if she is not speaking then you must create a situation where she will be forced to speak and Abhi marked Doctors words and leaves from there…. He comes home and sits on couch thinking how to create such situation then he notices Abhigya and Prabhas photo and thinks yes now their fight will do this… and he calls Purab and Bulbul and makes them understand the plan and Purab and Bulbul agrees then it was 1:30 children were back to home after school and they have completed their lunch also now they all were playing and Abhi, Bulbul and Purab along with Aliya and Vijay were talking about Subuhi’s birthday party and suddenly Abhigya and Prbhas started.. as this time Prabhas’s ball was missed because of Abhigya and he was shouting on her

Prabhas : Oye dumbo with many difficulties we got permission of playing ball inside the home and you lost that also now who will bring ball…. Dada that’s why I always use to say that not let the girls play bat ball with us they don’t know how to play and see this is the result now don’t know where the ball is ???
Abigya : hey idiot how can you say that girls are not good at playing bat ball they can and how you are blaming me as what will happen if you does the same you lost that ball then also you will blame me hah then who will say actually then I will say that boys cant play bat ball they always use to lost ball..

Prabhas gets irked : Actually dumbo you are really a dumbo and I am damn sure that girls are good for nothing like you they are dumb like you only …
Abhigya : No boys are dumb..
Hearing that Abhi gestures Bulbul and she gets up in support of Abhigya ..
Bulbul : yes Abhigya is right even boys don’t know how to play a fair game they always use to cheat and like this they only won and if you have lost the ball then you should go na Prabhas ..
Then Purab stands infavour of Prabhas
Purab : Oh really like girls are always remains loyal towards game na haaha all it is just crap ok actually you girls always use to cheat and blames on us that we are cheating..
Then Aliya also stands in favour of Abhigya
Aliya : Oh great now we girls are cheater then let me tell you that only you starts cheating then we all starts and after all the quote is famous Tit for Tat and so we do with you so why are you fuming just because we are saying truth..
Then Vijay and Abhi also stands in favour of Prabhas

Vijay : Areh leave it we know how much loyal you girls are always tries to cheat..
Abhi : Yea and see when they will see they are loosing then they will start crying and this is their talent haahaha look at your faces just looking like a cat in anger who is going to scratch her head ahahah
And like this in girls boys topic Prabhas, vijay, Purab, Abhi, Rahul, pulkit, comes on one side and Aliya, Bulbul, Abhigya, Subuhi, and Koyal comes on one side and soon the environment of home becomes like fish market they are arguing continuously and hearing that Pragya who was resting comes out from her room and sees them arguing Abhigya with Prabhas, Purab with Bulbul , Abhi and Vijay with Aliya and Subuhi like this all are arguing with each other and the hall was turned into the battle field Pragya rushes towards them and tries to stop but they didn’t she tries hard to stop them but none of them is ready to listen at last with full energy and efforts Pragya tries and she shouts… enoughhhhhh……….. they all then notices her shouting and she was saying
Pragya : What the hell you people are doing you have made this home as a fish market and why all this crap has started why…..

Suddenly she notices that everyone is looking at her surprisingly… then she asks what ?? what you all are looking at me like this.. and then she notices that she is speaking she gets happy and Abhi also becomes happy and gives her a tight hug and indicates to bulbul that plan worked and all are happy but as Abhi Purab and Bulbul was the only who know that this was a plan to argue like this others not so Aliya Vijay and all again started and Purab also forget that it was just a plan and he also started his argument again with Bulbul he starts saying about house hold work being the easy work and the house again turned into fish market and then Pragya noticed it and breaks the hug and again shouted enough what you people are trying to do then Abhigya narrates her all the incident and Pragya says..
Pragya : so you these men think that they can do anything right..
Bulbul and Aliya in chorus : right
Pragya : So let me do one thing today these men will prove themselves that every work is just game for them agreed are you accepting your challenge…

Purab : of course we can …..
Abhi continuously gesturing not to accept as it will be more difficult to handle that punishment and as purab agrees to accept the Challenge Abhi sits down and holds his head today we all are dead… ( gaye kaam se )
Pragya : So today you all will do the work what we use to do all the day… so let me a lot the work Purab and Abhishek you will wash clothes and dishes today Vijay you will make food and ..
Prabhas Rahul and Pulkit was trying to escape silently but Pragya blocks their way and says ..
Prabhas : Not my fault maa seriously I just remembered that I have some home work I will do this see ya
Pulkit : I also remember I have some work left so I will complete it then I will meet you ok maa…
Rahul : Chachi actually I forgotten something at my friends home so I am going to take it meet you later chachi bye..

But Pragya stops there way and says aan hann you guys have work now right but beta tell me one thing that you can complete your work after your punishment also … so let me hand over the work you will do today…. So as Rahul you will teach Subuhi today… Pulkit you will maintain the study room today as everthing is messed up there and yes Mr. Prabhas beta you will do dusting today of all the paintings in your and Abhigya’s room… okay
Pragya finishes her words and all the son and fathers look at each other and says in chorus : Damn we are trapped….
Pragya: NO it is the punishment as you all got included in children fight and make the home like battle ground now this is the only way you will understand..
Abhi : But it was all to make you speak… na Pragya see I did it intentionally na to make you speak… so it was for good work na so why would I bear the punishment after all I did this to make my fuggi speak..

Pragya : Very good Abhishek but because of you they were shouting like that na now you have to accompany them in punishment that’s it now common you all go to work Abhishek Purab go to terrace as you will wash clothes today…
Purab : But dii washing machine is here na not on terrace so why on terrace….
Pragya : Who said you are going to wash clothes with washing machine you are going to wash them on your own as you only said na that it easy to wash clothes from hands so better na wash like that…
Purab looks on.. And Abhi stares on Purab in anger..
Pragya : Aliya …
Aliya : yes Bhabhi ….
Pragya : Give all your and mine sarees and suits which are dirty to your brother he will wash them and give all the dirty clothes to Purab he will wash them…
Aliya : Ok bhabhi…
Pragya : Bulbul….

Bulbul : Yes diii..
Pragya : make vijay understand how to make food as today he will make food for his company and make sure he knows how to wash dirty dishes ok..
Bulbul : yes dii….
And Pragya leaves from there .. and Abhi and Vijay starts punching Purab and they were saying its all because of you who said you to go in to the character so deeply idiot they both leaves from there looking Purab angrily..
Abhi and Purab are at terrace in shed they are washing clothes Aliya continuously giving them dirty clothes and she leaves saying Bhai wash them properly no stain should be on any of the clothes otherwise you have to wash them again..and she leaves Abhi gets irked and Throws a detergent soap bar on Purab it hits his head

Purab : Ouch Abhi yr… what are you doing why are playing with this soap bar yr. already I am fed up of these clothes I wonder that how these ladies use to handle this kind of work…
Abhi : wo hoho ho look whose saying this I told you na that it was a plan then who said to you to get in to the character deeply and start fighting genuinely see how this results we have become washer man today…
Purab : Sorry na then why did you make this plan you must have tried something else..
Abhi : Oho now this is also my fault that I have tried to make my wife speak Mr. Purab I just tried to make her speak and I didn’t know that you will get into the character so deeply and on this topic Pragya will turn again into Lady Mogambo again aahhh after almost 9 years I have seen her just because of your stupidity….
Just then Aliya arrives with Abhi’s clothes and gives it to Purab and abhi says to Aliya..
Abhi : why do you and your bhabhi don’t do one thing go and take all the clothes of whole campus area we will wash them also you are continuously bringing clothes who wears this much clothes in a day yr….
Aliya : Bhai it all are yours…ok now stop complaining.. and complete your work fast….
Abhi : yes yes I think this detergent bar and detergent is so cheap in cost that why you are giving this much clothes too wash… ( han han ye sasta sabun hai tabhi itne kapde dhulwa rahe ho)
Aliya : Just think whatever you want to think bhai…

And she leaves smilingly Abhi gets irked and start beating clothes with the small bat…
While Abhi and Purab was washing clothes Pragya and aliya and Bulbul were looking them hidingly and laughing on them… and then they left that place and some one near to home was listening song whose voice was too high so Abhi and Purab was able to listen that song then suddenly Abhi said..
Abhi : Purab can you hear that song….
Purab : Ofcourse yr…
Abhi : Actually this song suits on every married person ..
Purab : How… ??

Abhi : see when we are at age of 5 to 15 then we look dreams in night …. When we are growing up like 15-25 we use to see someone special whom we gonna make our partner in our dreams and when we come to age of marriage like 25-35 we fall in love with someone and when we are married to that person and become little bit mature like at age of 35-40 we use to say that why we done this mistake of falling in love and the rest of life we are going to do ta thaiyya …. Only means dancing on our wife’s finger.. ( dekh jab hum 5-15 saal k hotey hai tab humari aankho me sapna hota hai jab hum 15-20 saal k hote hai tab naino me sapna hota hai ar jab hum 20-35 saal k hote hai tab sajna par dil aa jata hai…fir jab 35-40 k hote hai tab sochte hai kyu sajna par dil aa jata hai.. ar mere bhai mje lagta hai fir baki umar ta thaiyya hoti rehti hai..)
Purab : Oye drama king today you only saying that because you have to do work na otherwise not Pragya diii beta you use to make her dance on your finger.. understand.
And while all these convo they washing and they ended up with that work now they were putting clothes on ropes tied on terrace to make them dry…. Abhi was facing difficulty in spreading the saree on the ropes so he again got irked and murmured what the hell is this is this a saree or a tent of a circus damn it is so irritating… and this much clothes of mine I wear this much clothes in a week… I have to stop this now I will wear only one pair in one day….

On other side Pulkit, Rahul, and Prabhas finished there work then Pragya said to him don’t do such mistakes from next time ok they trio nods yes and then Pragya said them to leave….
And on Abhi’s side They finished their work and then Pragya hand over them the work of cleaning the carpets.. with the stick and said they are hanged in the backyard you may leave now for this work also Abhi and Purab gets irked and leaves from there in anger.. Pragya smiles..Now Abhi and Purab are beating the old carpets there is much dust in them and then abhi says..
Abhi : Abey this much dust it seems like this carpet was in some of the desert …
Then they burst out their all anger on those carpets and by that time it was the dinner time its 8 : 00 in the clock and Abhi and Purab was on the dining table after having a bath as they were feeling tired and Vijay brings the food and serves to them…. And the food was looking good but when abhi took one chapatti and tried to eat it so it was too hard.. and Abhi and Purab were too tiered thinking what to do now…
Abhi : Vijay brother ….

Vijay : yes ….
Abhi : May I have a saw or an axe please..
Vijay ( shocked) : why ??
Abhi : Nothing just we don’t have habit of eating such stiff and rough and tough food…nothing else so if you will give us the weapons then it is quite possible that we will be able to cut it otherwise our teeth don’t have that much strength to eat such a stiff food ….( bhai vo kya hai na hume itna majboot ar tikau khana khane ki aadat nahi hai )
Finally Abhi Purab and Vijay went to sleep with hunger as Pragya gave punishment to them that they have to eat food made by themselves and the food was not good ….
In room Abhi was trying to sleep but unable as he was unable to bear his hunger just then Pragya came in with a thali in her hand and kept it on the table then she sits near Abhi and cares his head but he was pretending that he is angry and said

Abhi : I know you are here I have told you already that I will know where are you because of those..
Pragya interrupts : Ok baba I know you are angry on me now just come we will have food don’t show your anger on food and I know my boyfriend is very much hungry so I will make him ear food with my hands ok..
Abhi melts down and gets up to eat Pragya make him eat food and then he keeps his head on Pragya’s lap and as he keeps he sleeps .. Pragya cares his hairs … and says…
Pragya : it was necessary to make you tiered to such an extent that you sleep properly because I know that you didn’t slept properly because of me and children so sleep well and wake with fresh mind tomorrow ….
She was looking at him with smile as while sleeping he was looking like a kid sleeping
In other Room Purab was also restless as he was hungry so Bulbul took food for him and he pretend to be anger on her then Bulbul holding ears said sorry to him and Purab melts down and hugs her then they both have food…
In Aliya’s room Vijay was trying to sleep as he was also hungry so Aliya brought food for Vijay
Aliya : Vijay …. I know you don’t wanna talk to me but please have some food atleast
Vijay doesn’t said a word to her and even he doesn’t looked at her just took that plate from her hands and went out of room…Aliya remains in tears and Pragya was looking this she thought that I have to do something this rift will create a bad impression on Aryan I will talk to Abhishek reagarding this….
Next morning Abhi and all woke up and all were in fresh mood and thanking Pragya for making them that much tired so that they slept like this after a long time…. Then Subuhi comes there and sits in Abhi’s lap

Subuhi : Papa you know what is today…
Abhi ( clueless) : no beta I don’t know …
Pragya : today is your princess birthday..
Abhi : really is there my princess’s birthday today ??
Subuhi : yes Papa and I want too much gifts today…
Abhi : Not only gifts beta we will throw a grand party and we will call all your friends today.. ok…

Subuhi becomes happy and leave from there shouting I will tell it to all Abhi and all laughs on her.. then something strikes in Abhi’s mind and he calls all of them to a room there he says to them
Abhi : Now we will play our trump card today let the game be finished and let today make the day that Tanu will be out of our life.. for ever..
Pragya : Abhishek but how no this is not safe as she can do anything she is very dangerous I cant take risk on my daughter… no abhishek no…
Abhi : Pragya try to understand not now then never ….. we have to do this and believe me nothing will happen to our children I am there we have to make just tanu confess her crime nothing else and if we will not do this today then I am sure that she is planning for purab to be trapped next and I cant let this happen Pragya nothing will happen … ok so just relaxed… Tanu believes that we are dead so that is the plus point for us..
Pragya : How can you say this as your concert was telecasted na then she will have definitely come to know that you are alive…..
Aliya : No bhabhi she doesn’t know as she was not in India that time she was in U.S. that time because of some of her modelling contract…

Abhi ; and that concert was only for India it was telecasted only here ….
Pragya : ok then I will help you in every manner as I have full faith on you that you will never let anything happen to us…
Abhi hugs her and says just today my dear just today from today onwards we will end up this chapter of Tanu forever…. You see..

Precap : No precap..

Guys hope you will enjoy today’s episode and please do comment please…:-) and yes Thank u all for your support thank u soo much so keep supporting and stay tuned for further update.. 😉 😀

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