KB story of faith season 2 (Episode 26)

Thank u guys for your support and yes for your appreciation also i feels happy while reading your comments and not taking your much time this is your next episode.. 🙂

The episode starts with Pragya trying to console Aliya and that time her phone rings.. it was Abhi she answers the call and Aliya gets up… from her lap
Abhi : Hey Fuggiii how are you ?? and all ok.. there.??
Pragya wants to say that she is angry but she can’t so she notices the bangles and starts shaking them …
Abhi : Ok ok baba I understood you are angry on me as I didn’t called since I reached Delhi but believe me I was really busy so that I was didn’t got time to call you now sorry and tell me how are you…??
Pragya smiles on other side and and shakes her bangles in happiness…
Abhi : see I told you na that these bangles will tell me how you are and you know it is better to understand like that rather than typing and provide pain to your fingers….
Pragya laughs and keeps her hand on mouth so her bangles make some sound….
Abhi : see you are laughing out loud… fuggiii that’s why I make you wear those bangles that even if you make small movement through your hands they will shake and I will come to know whether you are laughing crying scolding children or missing me badly…
Pragya smile and then Abhi asks….
Abhi : Where are the children and how are they ?? Are they all troubling you.. and have you take your medicine on time..??
Pragya remains silent and Abhi says ok now let me do one thing I am doing video call come on it ok he cuts the call and then video calls her and Aliya hides as she doesn’t want to show her face to Abhi..
Abhi : so now tell me Where are my small rock stars and yes where is my sweet doll and how are they ??Are they all troubling you..
Pragya gestures in No… and then they talk till late night at last Abhi ends the call as Pragya was feeling sleepy and then after ending the call Pragya notices that Aliya slept holding her saree Pallu..so she cared her head and thought that she is sleeping like a child then she also slept there ….
Next day it was Abhi’s concert and he was getting ready for that just then his phone ringed and this was Prabhas on that side.. he was calling from Pragya’s phone
Abhi : hey Pragya I know you called me for wishing me best of luck na I know…
Prabhas : Arey hold on papa let the person on the other side speak give a chance to him also …
Abhi : Hmmm so it is you Prabhas haan….
Prabhas : Of course papa its me I called you to say best of luck to you and rock the stage today ok we are watching T.V and yes we will cheer you from here…..
Just then Abhigya takes the phone from him he shouts
Prabhas : hey dumbo how dare you I was talking to him na…
Abhigya hey idiot you know what just talk to my hand and I also wanna talk papa as he is my father also na..
Abhigya : Papa how are you and you didn’t called us also you forget us na….
Abhi : no madam I didn’t forget anyone of you beta I was just busy and by the way you both are fighting again na why don’t you stay normal like a decent brother sister.. haah
Prabhas and Abhigya shouts in chorus : because there is no fun in it ….
They laughs hard and then Pulkit comes and takes the Phone..
Pulkit : Papa all the best and yes I want to say something can I demand ???
Abhi : Of course you can tell me what do you want ???
Pulkit : Papa I want that you should rock the concert today as that nobody should forget that it was rock star Abhi’s come back..
Abhi laughs on other side and says ofcourse anything else doctor Pulkit …..
Pulkit : Papa…. don’t say me doctor na.. as I want to become something else..
Abhi : Really then tell me what my son want to become ?? I want to know..
Pulkit : You come back papa then we will talk about that as this is not the right time….
Abhi laughs : Ok sir now can you give the phone to Subuhi I haven’t talked to her she must be angry on me…
Pulkit gives phone to Subuhi and tells her that it is papa on the line she gets excited and takes the phone from him….
Subuhi : Papa !!!!
Abhi : oho my girl there how is my little daughter haah
Subuhi : Not well….. papa..
Abhi ( panics ) : why what happened is everything alright what happened to you bachha…
Subuhi : Nothing like that papa just missing you I am missing you a lot because no one is here who make swings me in the air like bird as you use to do today I am very sad because you don’t took me with you . you left me alone here ..
Abhi : So my beta is sad today as she is missing papa hmm
Subuhi : hmmm ( sad monotone )
Abhi : not to worry my dear today after concert papa will come to you ok I will leave tonight from her e then you will be able to talk to me ok ..
Subuhi : really you will come tonight for sure na..
Abhi : For sure beta I will be there ….. now tell me where is ma is she ok you are not troubling her na right..
Subuhi : She is resting papa and yes we are not troubling her ..
Abhi : Ok then I have to leave you all take care ok and yes don’t trouble anyone ok.. bye my dear…
Subuhi : Ok papa I will not byee..
Abhi ends the call and here Aliya was smiling looking such a bonding between Abhi and his children she was thinking that Bhai has forgotten all his pain in this small world of him hope he will forgive me for my doings.. just then Pragya comes from back and keeps her hand on Aliya’s shoulder Aliya looks back and she says
Aliya : Bhabhi why you got up I mean you need proper rest naa then come on you will not do more work as I am here I will handle all the things …
Pragya gestures her its ok and makes her sit again and takes her face in her palms and gestures that this Aliya is good then the old Aliya . Aliya feels shy and Pragya smilingly gestures that this expression of yours is new and they both laugh.. Just then Vijay and Aryan comes from out as they were went somewhere and Aryan rushes to Aliya and Vijay leaves without even noticing her…
Aryan : Ma that Park we went in today was too awesome there are many rides and they have very big area to play cricket also ma this place is so good..
Aliya smiles as she saw this innocent happiness on Aryan’s face after a long time and she thanks Pragya for that and Pragya smiles in reply and then Aryan leaves to play with other children..
It was 4 ‘o’ clock evening everybody was on the couch infront of T.V in the MM as concert of Abhi was going to be start… so all were set to see him and the Concert starts and Abhi makes his entry all fans were hooting and cheering Abhi…. Abhi….. and here in MM all children were hooting then Pragya stares them and they sit silently there …. Abhi came on stage and says..
Abhi : First of all thank u all to giving a warm welcome to me as I am back after eight years and I want to say that I am here again today only because of my children and my wife so I am dedicating today all songs to them….My first song will be for my wife who gave me strength to face this stage again and Second one for children as they encouraged me to do this again and like this I am dedicating this concert to my small world and that every person who loves his/her family more than anything..
All shouts and on this happily and cheers him and here in MM all children gets happy and Pragya teary eyed as he is happy this much after a long time…Abhi started singing… and says for all those who love their wives like me…. He says common and Pragya’s face is projected on his back ground and he sings
mujh mein safar tu karti rahe (you keep travelling within me,)
har ik saans mein guzarti rahe (keep passing with every breath..)

shaamo subah tu mera (all the time, you are mine,)
tere bina kya mera (nothing is mine without you..)
do jism jaan ek hai (we are two bodies and one life,)
na hona kabhi tu juda (never be separated from me..)
teri meri kahaani (your and my story,)
hai baarishon ka paani (is like the water of rains,)
ban ke jo ishq barse (which rains like love,)
teri meri kahaani (your and my story..)

dekho na kaisi ijaazat mili hai (see, how we have got permission (from Divinity))
ek doosre mein hifaazat mili hai (we have got safety, security in each other..)

suddenly he starts imagining that Pragya is coming in front of him wearing that black saree in which her look is stunning she comes near him and sings with him keeping her head on his shoulder….

jeene ki saari zaroorat mili hai (We have got fulfilled all the needs that are there for life,)
ye jaam hai jaisa yoon hi (This drink that it is, it should remain)
hamesha hamesha rahe jis tarah (just the way it is, forever, forever..)

suddenly he comes out of his imagination and smiles that it was his illusion and starts singing again.

shaamo subah tu mera (day and night you are mine)
tere bina kya mera (without you nothing is mine)
do jismo jaan ek hai ( we are two bodies one life)
na hona kabhi tu juda (never be separated from me)

hum se ye jo bhi harqat hui hai (whatever this thing that has happened through us,)
mohabbat mohabbat mohabbat hui hai (it’s love, love only love which has happened..)

This time Pragya imagines that she is with him and singing with him …

kuchh itne hain hum tum (we are so much (complete) together )
kami kuch nahi hai (that there is nothing that is lacking,)
jitna bhi jeena hai (however much I have to live,)
tujhko hi jeena hai (I have to live (with) you only,)
jeete rahein jis tarah (whatever way we live..)

Then Aliya shooks her that what happened and she comes into her senses and smiles on herself that she is missing him that much and nods in nothing to Aliya and again sees the concert of Abhi..

shaamo subah tu mera (all the time you are mine)
tere bina kya mera (without you nothing is mine)
do jism jaan ek hai (we are two bodies on life)
na hona kabhi tu juda ( don’t get separated ever )
teri meri kahaani ( your and my story )
hai baarishon ka paani (is just like water of rains)
ban ke jo ishq barse (which rains like love)
teri meri kahaani ( your and my story..)

The first song gets over and Abhi went to take a break and the fans are very much happy after that wonderful performance then he again goes back to stage and announces that this is for my beloved and I think every parents beloved children In MM all children starts hooting and there in Concert a picture of Abhi with children is projected… Abhi starts singing
meri duniya, meri duniya, meri duniya tu hi re (my life, my life, you are my life)

meri khushiya,meri khushiya,meri khushiya tu hi re (my happiness, my happiness, you are my happiness )

raat din tere liye sajde karu, duyaien maangu re (i am bowing down day and nights, i am praying for you)

mein yahan apane liye rab se teri balaayein mangu re (i am asking to god to give me your problems)

o o o o o o o………

tune hi jeena sikhaaya, hum logo ko accha inshan banaya (you taaught us to live, you made good person)

He remembers Abhigya and Prabhas’s childhood as how he use to play like kid with them and Pragya and Abhi got new life after their birth he became a changed person and while this time picture of Abhigya and Prabhas was projected in back ground…

zindagi hai tera saaya, anjanao ko seedha rasta deekhaya (our life is your shadow, you have shown a right path to us (unknown/strangers))

He remembers his moments with Pulkit as after he met them he was totally changed and became a responsible father and tried to fulfil all the duties of a father and while this time Pulkit’s picture was projected in BG.

tu nai ek roshni le aai hai jeevan ki raahon mein (you have brought a new light in the path of life)
This time he remembers his moments with Subuhi as when he met her he lived his childhood again and make him a kid again… and subuhi’s picture was projected in BG.

har ghadi guzre teri, saari umar abb meri baahon mein (now let your life spend in our arms)

This time all the children’s picture i.e., Abhigya, Prabhas, Pulkit, Subuhi, Koyal and Rahul was projected and all the fans were happy and on the other side in MM pragya was getting happily emotional seeing his love for family… all were happy and as the Performance was end the Producer goes to Abhi and says so the rockstar Is truly back with bang congratulations Mr Abhi you are back…. Abhi wa happy as his career was started again with a boost.. He leaves for Mumbai after the concert ending immediately as he promised Subuhi that he will come tonight for sure and soon he reached to Mumbai and then to home there he enters and all the children were playing there and Purab and Bulbul was also seated there looking after them and laughing on Subuhi and Koyal’s innocent talks Subuhi was the one who noticed Abhi and rushed to him shouting papa Abhi took her into his arms and All of them then goes to him and starts saying it was awesome papa no match for this concert papa it was awesome Abhi laughs and kisses all of them on their forehead and then asks about Pragya as he was all the time worried for health only so he first wanted to see her and as Subuhi answered that Pragya is in her room so he rushed towards the room and Purab and Bulbul tried to stop him but he didn’t listened and rushed then Purab and Bulbul were worry because Aliya was there with Pragya and they were worried for Abhi’s reaction so they also followed him…Abhi goes to his room and open the door desperately for talking to Pragya but after opening the door he was shocked to see that Pragya was sitting and Aaliya was there with her they both were talking like nothing was happened in past Abhi was fuming in anger but he controlled himself and called out Pragya she was happy to see and goes to him and hugs him Abhi was looking at Aliya in anger and Aliya was looking at him in fear as what he will do now Abhi hugs Pragya back and then Pragya breaks the hug and Abhi asks..
Abhi : Why she is here and what is she doing here ??
Pragya tries to calm him down..
Abhi : Ok then you are busy with her it seems you forgive her but let me tell you I can’t do so because I don’t have such a big heart ….
Pragya tries hard to make him understand but he leaves the room Aliya is shedded in tears and Pragya makes her understand that I will see him you don’t take tension and then she follows hin Abhi goes to another room Pragya gestures Purab and Bulbul to come as he is angry they goes to Abhi and Abhi bursts out in anger that why Aliya was present here Purab narrated him the incident and the accident that happened with Aliya and Abhi was sad in heart but didn’t want to show he is still not agreed to forgive her and leaves the room and followed by Purab and Bulbul but Pragya stops them and gestures wait Abhi was leaving when he heard that Subuhi was playing piano and Pulkit was singing… a song Prabhas goes to him and says papa come see what we have made for you come na Abhi doesn’t wanted to burst his anger on children so he agreed and goes with them.. there Pulkit was singing..

sapnon ka wo aangan kahaan (where is that courtyard full of our dreams,)
darpan bata bachpan kahan (O mirror, tell me where is my childhood..)
seedha saral tha jeevan jahaan (that in which life was simple and straightforward,)
darpan bata bachpan kahan (tell me O mirror, where is the childhood..)

As Pulkit started singing the next part of the song Abhi remembered how Aliya and he use to play in their childhood Aliya remembers how he get panic when even a small cut is on her hand and they both were standing separately all were there Abhi hides his tears but Aliya cant

bhai se yaari, beheno se masti (friendship with brother, fun with sisters,)
uDti patango jaisa tha mann (the heart was like flying kites..)
jitne the rishte, saare the mann ke (all the relations were those of the heart,)
un mein na uljhan, na thi jalan (there was neither trouble in them, nor jealousy..)

hoti na thi anban jahaan (where there was no fighting,)
darpan bata bachpan kahaan (O mirror, tell me where is that childhood..)
seedha saral tha jeevan jahaan (that in which life was simple and straightforward,)
darpan bata bachpan kahan (tell me O mirror, where is the childhood..)

Abhi leaves from there and Pragya gestures aliya to go and talk so she does Aliya goes to Abhi and foldes her hands in front of him and says sorry bhai I know I had made many mistakes but will you please forgive your Aliya for last time as she want to be with her brother till she lives and she cries Abhi this time can’t control his emotions and Holds her hand and wipes her tears gesturing her not to cry and he hugs her they both bursts out in tears and cries hard hugging each other Aliya was continuously crying and Abhi was pacifying her though he was also crying as today he got his innocent Aaliya back …Pragya was looking all this from outside of the room and then she smiles and gestures done sign to all of them and all of them i.e., Purab Bulbul pulkit Abigya Prabhas and Koyal Subuhi were smiling and happy for Abhi then a flash back shown ..
Pragya making all them understand to make Abhi agreed on forgiving Aliya and if he not then children will sing that song which is related to childhood then he will remember his childhood and surely both brother sister will get united then because then they will remember their childhood and he will forgive her for sure…. Flash back ends and Abhi is pacifying Aliyah
Abhi : now stop crying see what has happened you ruined your own life naa that’s why I always use to scold you that this will harm you one day…
Aliya : Bhai it was my mistake which I am repaying now..
Abhi : No don’t say like that see don’t think what you have lost just think what you have got now you have your son your husband with you and now your Bhai is also with you now don’t think about that bad times ok now stop crying..
Just then Pragya enters with the food and gives it to Abhi and Aliya then she keeps hands on Abhi’s shoulder Abhi says ‘
Abhi : thank u…… you give my sweet Aliyah back to me today this is the wonderful gift I got today…
Pragya smiles at him and he holds her hand again which is kept on his shoulder then she gestures that you both spend time with each other I will make your sweet headache sleep ok
Abhi : Oye fuggiii how dare you don’t call my children headache ok ….
Pragya gestures ok baba sorry its ok they both smiles at each other and finally Aliya also smiles Pragya leaves and Abhi says
Abhi : Today I will feed you with my own hands today I will feed my sister hmm
He smiles on her and feeds her with his hands and after that he makes her sleep on his lap also and Aliya thinks because of my stupidity I was missing this love and she sleeps calmly in Abhi’s lap and Abhi thinks you don’t worry Aliya whatever the rift is between you and Vijay we will sought it out.. after making her asleep he goes to his room but stops outside and gets shocked as he saw Pragya was making Subuhi sleep and she was humming a lullaby today then Abhi hears that she was humming so he thinks that this means she can speak and just because she is in dellima that she can’t speak she is not speaking I must consult to the doctor tomorrow morning on this matter….

Precap : No precap
Guys thank u for your support and yes i am clearing one doubt that the pictures in montage was cropped by tellyupdates last time but i have recreated it hope you all will like it and i have tried it to make it according to story and comming to todays episode please leave your comments in comments box for sure and silent readers please comment and Somuuu dear i am in love with your ff so girl better you upload it regularly haa…
ok now for further twists and turns stay tuned……

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