KB story of faith season 2 (Episode 25)

Ok guys its a update after 3 days and i was getting requests for write it but let me clear that telly updates was not accepting any article those days any ways so as i was not able to post episodes in these three days so i have combined that three days episode in one day itself so today’s episode is little bit long …. so lets go to the story now.

About a week is passed and now Pragya is recovering…slowly and all are behaving normal to her as they don’t want to let her hurt knowing that she can’t speak until she gets well properly..

Abhi is with Rahul and Pulkit helping them in some problems In their homework
Pulkit : Papa can you tell me please that how this linear expression is gonna solve this is troubling my mind I think this book is named mental maths because authors know that it will make children mad and ma also don’t listens she always buys a new for me every year for practice yr…. It’s too much headache to solve these questions….
Rahul : ehh duffer can’t you do one work without taking headache and giving it to others also…
Pulkit : Don’t make fun of it bhaiyya please see I am really fed up of this mental maths arey I have one text book on maths but no … maa always brings it … one extra.. ohhh
Abhi : Pulkit now stop complaining why don’t you concentrate on it…. It will be better na to concentrate so that it will look easy to solve just concentrate on it and yes if you will not do so na then dear I will tell your ma that you was complaining about these books then you know what will she do…
Pulkit: Papa that’s not fare u are blackmailing your son… you can’t do this to me..
Abhi : Actually I can…. Because I am your father .. now stop complaining and look at the question now I am solving one you will solve rest question on your own… ok… now look here
Abhi helps him they finished their studies and then Abhi leaves to Pragya there he sees that Subuhi Abhigya and Prabhas are telling something to Pragya and she is laughing Subuhi is seated on Pragya’s lap Abhigya near her one side of the bed and Prabhas on the other side of the bed….Abhi comes in…
( guys make you clear one thing that Abhi has told all the children that Pragya is not speaking because doctor has advised her not to speak until she gets well he haven’t told them that she can’t speak)
Abhi : Very good all the children troubling there mother wow.. and Pragya how can you be so careless … you should rest at this time…….( little bit scolding tone) Subuhi common get down now let your mother take rest common and go to sleep tomorrow you all have school na common lets go we will sleep now ….
Abhigya : Papa…. No we are talking to ma don’t disturb us….
Prabhas : First time this dumbo is right and see ma is having no problem with that….
Abhi : Oh really..
Subuhi : papa I want to sleep with ma today …
Abhi : ok subuhi you stay here but let me handle these two …. So what did you said you are not going to sleep now and you will not attend you school tomorrow right…
Abhigya : right.. papa you are becoming smart..
Abhi whispers in her ears : So girl if you will not attend your school today then I must tell your ma that you have so much incomplete work in your school notebooks which you haven’t completed yet.
Abhigya (surprised hearing that) : Papa why are you taking serious to my words I was just joking with you after all you are the best na papa and I am your sweet daughter right papa..
Abhi : Hmmm your buttering will not work on me my dear if you don’t want me to let your mother know that your school work is incomplete then you must leave for your room now first complete your work and then go to sleep.. otherwise I will tell her..
Abhigya : Areh papa don’t do this na I will complete the work by tomorrow it self but you don’t let her know please your little daughter is begging you see (making innocence face)
Abhi : Beta I am your father the ways you are trying to convince me it will not work as I have also passed this stage and I know better that when and why a child is gonna make excuses so Miss drama queen it will not work on me better you leave now ok…
Abhigya and Prabhas leave for their room and while leaving Abhigya murmurs damn how that he came to know about that my work is incomplete It must be dada he has told him for sure anyways beta Abhigya go and complete your work otherwise you have to face the big assignments given by ma in punishment of this happening oh god better I should complete it by tonight and get it checked by teacher by tomorrow…..Abhi who was following them said Exactly you have to do this..again Abigya gets shocked that she was speaking low and he heard her… then she again murmurs god it is becoming day by day difficult to hide anything from your parents….. and she leaves and sit to complete her work ….
Here Abhi comes back to Pragya and sees She was making Subuhi fall asleep so he goes to her
Abhi : So she slept … hmm

Pragya who didn’t noticed that he is in the room wipes her tears and turns to him and smiles at him nodding yes and Abhi noticed that she was crying so he gets panic and asks her..
Abhi : Heyy Pragya are u crying….
Pragya nods no..
Abhi : no you are lying to me I can see you are crying ..
She gets emotional and hugs him he says what happened why are you crying….. is there any problem you can tell me …. Abhi reminds then that she can’t speak and then he comes to his senses and breaks the hug
Abhi : so you come to know that you can’t speak.. hmmm
Pragya nods yes and tries to say something then Abhi wipes her tears and gives her the paper and pen then he says just write it …. Pragya writes on it that I know I can’t speak for few days but I am not sad over that the thing which is bothering me is that nobody is able to understand what I am trying to say from them i know this also that it is just a side effect of medicines but still it hurts na…. now I am not able to tell a story to my children also I can’t talk with them I can’t answer to their question nothing this is the only thing which is bothering me Abhi reads it and smiles at her and hugs her then he says to her
Abhi : Fuggiii you will never change you know as I was also worried for the same but then I realised that there is no need of worry as the reason one is that you will speak as this dose of medicines will end and second reason that we will take care of everything that you need before you speak it will be before you we will manage that third one is that we are your voice even when you have no voice and last but not the least ( in joking tone to make her cheer up ) as you are not speaking so we are free to play pranks as there is no one who will scold us for our pranks….
Pragya breaks the hug and stares at him .. he says arey joking baba…just joking she punches him on his shoulder lightly he says aah fuggi you are so weak till there was a power in your punch she again punches at his shoulder and hugs him and they both laughs
Abhi : you know fuggii I always want this child remain alive in you till this child is alive in you. You are so cute hahaha sounds good cute fuggi…
And they both again laugh. Then Abhi says ok baba see you haven’t ate your food also till now come let’s have it… he feeds her with his hand and she smiles at him then she also feeds him with her hand then she offers a bite again to Abhi as he was going to eat it just then pragya eats it and laughs at him he is feeding her and she Is feeding him again Pragya does the same she was about to do the same that she was again going to eat after offering it to abhi but this time Abhi holds her hand and takes his share and grabs her finger into his teeth also lightly then he leaves it and gestures her not to play pranks like this with him smilingly and then they both share a cute moment Abhi and Pragya feeding food to each other… Pragya is happy and Abhi is happy seeing her laughing like this..

Time is passing and Now Pragya is able to work as she is fine now but not fit so she manages to do the small house hold work like helping children in their homework, keeping stuffs at there right place etc… and as the time is passing the date of concert is also coming near and Abhi does not remember about it he forgot everything in taking care of Pragya…
Pragya was in study room she was maintaining the book shelf which was looking like any danger zone if by mistake anyone will took out any book from it so all the books will fall like any avalanche on the person for sure .. so she was busy in maintaining all the things..Abhi comes back to home as he was went somewhere and calls out for Pragya but he doesn’t finds her anywhere so he thinks that she must be in room he goes to room and finds that Pragya is not there also.. so then he thinks that it is quite possible that she is in study area I must look out there he goes to study room and he finds her there maintaining the books he goes to her and says
Abhi : Here you are…. And I was searching for you in here and there in the house and by the way what are you doing here have you forgot doctor has prescribed you proper rest so why are you here Pragya how can you become so irresponsible towards your health….
He is scolding and Pragya is listening then suddenly he stops speaking and notices that Pragya is staring at him with anger eyes and in expression like she is saying again the mellow drama started..
Abhi : what ??? why are you looking at me like that… now what wrong I have said…
Pragya gestures him to look over the mess up condition of the study room..
Abhi ; so what ?? I needed help of these books as I have to help children in their studies so I just read them…
Pragya gestures him that like this you use to read books at least you can keep them carefully na… she turns around and continues her work…. Then Abhi holds her hand and says
Abhi : Ok leave it for now later I will help in keeping these books on right place.. come with me I have brought something for you come..
Pragya gestures what Have u bring..?? Abhi just dragged her to the room without answering any question of her …. There he makes her sit on bed and asks her to place her ankle on his leg Pragya gestures him asking why ???
Abhi : Arey baba just keep it na then I will tell you why??
Pragya shows some uff expressions and does the same as Abhi said then Abhi asks her to close her eyes she does and he took out one pair of beautiful anklet having some sweet sounding ghunghroo (Salangai) with it… Abhi makes her wear it and then he asks her to open her eyes.. she opens and he keeps her leg down and Pragya gestures done ?? now should I leave ?? she was about to leave but as she kept her leg down she heard some sound and then she notices on her leg and looks those anklets which Abhi make her wear and she looks on him he was looking her with a smiling face and Pragya asks in gestures that what is this why u brought them for me I have never worn them after the day of our marriage..
Abhi : I will answers all your questions first you wear this…
Then he gives the pairs of glass bangles to her and she is looking at him happily thinking what has happened to him today.. she wears it and shows to Abhi…. And asks him to answer now…Abhi hugs her from back and says..
Abhi : my dear fuggii I know you are thinking that why today I have brought these bangles for you so my answer is I brought these anklets because if you will wear this so wherever you will walk I will know because of their sweet sound and this doesn’t means that I am doing so because you can’t answer my questions I am doing so because I will be able to know your presence in this home where ever you are I will find you with the help of these anklets sound.. and I have brought these glass bangles for you so that they will make me understand how your mood is (in joking manner) look fuggi many papers are wasted in that chit chat talks now there is no need of it as these bangles of yours will make me understand what are you trying to say. Pragya breaks the hug and gestures him that no need of it we have phone also so we can talk by messages and smiles in attitude then Abhi oh really what will you do when the phone will get dead or the battery becomes zero and if the light is also not there to charge it or the phone balance become zero of if the telecom services blocked your number …..then my dear fuggii only these methods will work ok.. Pragya shows him the power bank Abhi gets irked and says what if this will lost somewhere then Pragya smiles seeing him irked and pulls his cheeks Abhi looks at her and says see these are making sound which are telling that how much happy you are…. And he hugs her … and sees that it is her time to medicine so he gives her the medicine and then he gets a call and he takes excuse from her and attends the call it was Purab who called him to remind him about the concert and he was refusing and after some conversation on Phone he cuts the call and again goes to room there Pragya gesturely asks him about the call he says nothing important…. Pragya asks him there is your concert na day after tomorrow so have you prepared for that ????????? Abhi now irks
Abhi : Areyy why you all are forcing me to do that concert I will not do that..
Pragya stares at him angirily…
Abhi : what …. I had said I will not so I will not …..
He was about to leave but Pragya stops his way
Abhi : Now whats this yr Pragya leave my way …
Pragya ignores his words and nods in no..
Abhi : Pragya this is not done you can’t force me to do that concert why are you forcing me like a kid I am not going to fulfil your this silly demand like this now leave my way…
Pragya nods no.. and gestures him that you have to go.. otherwise you have to sleep in outhouse..
Abhi : Now you will blackmail me like this….???
Pragya nods yes….
Abhi : No you can’t .. …. I will not let you do so..
Pragya sees Abhigya coming inside then she calls her and she comes Abhigya comes near her and she geaturely make her understand that Abhi is refusing to go to concert and call all your brothers and sisters today if he will not listen to us about doing the concert then he will have to sleep in outhouse…Abhigya goes and calls Pulkit Subuhi Koyal was also there at that time Prabhas and Rahul they all came and agrees with Pragya and they all stood near Pragya and stopped Abhi going inside and Abhi says now you all will support her Rahul Subuhi even you also not supporting me they says of course because this time she is right and you are wrong and Pragya shows the expression of saying you are going that’s it Abhi gets irked looking all this and says……..
Abhi : Hey Pragya that’s not fare yrr…. So will do this now huh.. you have created a full army of children that is not done yr… why are you insisting like this… why don’t you understand that who will take care of your medicines you are not well till now yet you are saying me to go how can I do so I will not go that’s it…
Pulkit : Papa why are you taking tension of ma we all are here na we will take care of her … but you please go..
Abhi : But Pulkit..
Prabhas : No ifs and buts papa you are going that’s it.. agreed Dumbo ??
Abhigya : Totally agreed idiot.. papa you have to go as we want to see your concert we want to see our rock star papa back..
Rahul : And I want my rock star chachu back ..
Subuhi : Please papa ……
Koyal : Bade papa you have to go otherwise my self-respect will get destroyed … Oh my god how my silly friends will treat me that my bade papa can’t sing he is a fake rock star no it can’t happen bade papa you have to go I don’t know you have to go that’s it because Koyal Khanna can’t see her self –respect getting destroyed…(in attitude) bade papa you go
Rahul taps her head : Oye over acting enough han enough every time being mellow drama queen looking you this Abhu has also learnt this mellow drama now stop this otherwise I will tell Purab chachu about this..
Koyal (scared) : Bhai why are you bringing papa in between the conversation don’t tell him na and why are you taking seriously I was saying this to make bade papa agree that’s it…
All laughs at Koyal and Rahul’s convo… and Abhi finally agrees and says ok as I don’t think that you all will let me leave this concert so I will go all gets happy and Abhi say so I have to pack my bags now as the concert is in Delhi so let me leave for pack my stuffs…. Hey Pragya now can you help me in packing…. Pragya nods yes…. He leaves Pragya smiles looking at him and thinks that after a long time you are going to live your life again so how would I let this happen how would I let you leave this just because I am not well..
Abhi is in room sitting on couch closing his eyes and Pragya comes in Abhi says now you come in ?? have you got time for your husband now ?? Pragya Is amazed that his eyes were closed but still he recognised me then Abhi opens his eyes and goes to her and says
Abhi : I have said na these anklets of yours will tell me where are you hmm so you won this time again.. haan
Pragya smiles in reply
Abhi : So my dear fuggii can your boyfriend have his old rock star look ..
Pragya smiles and nods yes….. and brings all the old rock star stuffs out in which his favourite guitar his wrist bands were included and Packs his stuffs and Abhi is about to leave… so he hugs her and says take care to her and kisses her forehead Purab was there to drop him to airport abhi leaves and while leaving he hugs all the children and says to Abhigya and Prabhas no more fighting when I am not here ok and Subuhi no more troubling demands for ma…. Ok Pulkit take care of ma Rahul take care beta ok…
Rahul : yes chachu..
Pulkit : you don’t worry papa we will take care of her very well…
All nods bye to him and Abhi leaves…
Abhi has left for Delhi and Pragya makes all the children fall asleep and then she also leaves for her room where Bulbul is already present Bulbul and Pragya are having some talks as Purab is not returned yet so they are still awake…. But soon they both fall asleep while talking and some one enters in the dark room and looks at Pragya it was again the same lady who saved Pragya and Abhi’s life she looks at Pragya and about to leave but as her shadow falls on Bulbul so she awakes and sees her she thinks her some thief and cleverly holds her from back and Pragya because of noise gets up and sees Bulbul struggling with someone so she puts the light on and then removes the veil of that lady and Bulbul and Pragya both were shocked Bulbul sees her and says
Bulbul : Aliya you …… why you are back again now after almost 12 years now you have came again to destroy our happiness I can’t believe it you still not changed how a person gets so low just to take revenge I can’t even imagine that …..
Aliya wants to speak to justify herself but bulbul don’t even given a chance to speak her view and Pragya tries to make bulbul understand that let her speak but Bulbul doesn’t agrees and tears are continuously shedding from Aliyas eyes Bulbul scolds her and blames her badly and Aliya without saying even a single word leaves from there… after some time Purab arrives and asks the reason for not sleeping yet so Bulbul narrates the whole incident
Purab : what ??? are you mad or what Bulbul how can you do so at least she was came back after such a long time…. And you don’t even given a chance to speak her….. how can you be so harsh Bulbul how……
Bulbul ; Purab whats wrong with you how can you take her side as you know what she has done to us…
Purab : yes I know Bulbul but I wanted to talk to her because she is the only one who saved Abhi and Pragya dii yes she saved them she was the person who admitted them in hospital.. I was also shocked when I saw her signatures on the formalities papers…
Bulbul was shocked and now she was thinking about why Aliya did so… and they all decided to meet Aliya next day and we will ask her why was she came here for what reason she is back now for what ????

Next day bulbul Purab and Pragya went to meet Aaliya and they were shocked to see that Aliya is living in that small just two room flat. Pragya was the one who knocked the door and Aliya opened the door and sees Pragya standing there she gets shock to see her then she says..
Aliya ( happily) : Bulbul, Purab, Bhabhi come na.. please come inside ..
They all goes inside and they are shocked to see the small home fully maintained Bulbul and Purab are looking over the house and Pragya is thinking that she never called me Bhabhi but she called today what’s the matter is she really changed or again it is some of her traps..?? All sits on the sofa there and aliya asks..
Aliya : What will you people take tea coffee..?? or should I bring something else…??
Bulbul and Purab looks at each other and then Purab says
Purab : Nothing we don’t want anything we are just here to ask you something….
Aliya : yes sure ask na… and yes I won’t let you people go without having food after all you people come to my house for first time..
Bulbul : Stop this drama of being good Ok and just tell us that why are you pretending to be what you are not…. (rude voice)
Aliya gets sad hearing her words : I am not doing any drama Bulbul I was genuinely asking…
Purab : Why have you came back Aliya in our lives can you tell us first you saved Pragya dii and Abhi from that major accident and then Subuhi from goons and you signed those formalities papers also in hospital I mean what do you want what is left now Aliya now for what you are going to take revenge from us now we haven’t done something we were not in your contact also so why are you doing this and last night you came to home also for what Aliya….???
Tears shed from Aliyas eyes..: I am not back for any revenge Purab and why would I do so I have my own family I just wanted to save my brother and his wife and that girl I saved her because she is a child and I know how it feels when you lose your child… and I was gone there last night for seeing Bhabhi nothing else..
She was explaining them that she is not going to harm anyone but Purab and Bulbul was not ready to agree then Pragya suddenly get up and goes to Aliya she keeps her hand on her shoulder then she gestures her not to cry and hugs her
Bulbul : diiii what are you doing you know what she has done to us in past till also you are forgiving her how can you do so dii..
Pragya makes her understand through the message that i forgive her because she is telling true.. I can feel this through looking in her eyes she is saying true she is genuinely changed and if she is not then this time she will be not forgive for her sins now.. because she has save our lives and she saved my daughter also so if she is not changed then just think that I have repaid her for her doings …. Hmm Purab and Bulbul agrees and Aliya is looking her emotionally and Pragya sees her and smiles just then a boy about eight years come from outside and comes to Aliya Aliya introduces him as her son Aryan….
Aryan : Mummy I am hungry have you made food na ???
Aaliya introduces him to Pragya Bulbul and PUrab happily and Aryan goes to Pragya..
Aryan : So you are Pragya mami …?? Mummy told me about you always that how dedicated person you are your values your doings everything she always told me that you are a good person and I always wanted to meet you see god heard me I met you today…….. by the way ma where is papa…
Aliya : yes he is there… inside his room you go there…
Just then Vijay comes out from room and greets Pragya and all and ignores Aliya she tries to hide her sadness but Pragya feels something is weird………so she decides to inquire about it later… she offers her to move to MM with her family… Aliya resists but on forcing Pragya she agrees…. And they all leaves to MM and there all children sees Pragya bringing Aliya Vijay and Aryan so all rushes to Pragya but stops seeing them with her as they don’t know who are they but Rahul gets shocked and speaks Aaliya bua…in slow tone.. Pragya gestures them to come so they all move towards her and hugs her Subuhi goes and sits in Pragyas lap and looks at Aliya and says
Subuhi : Ma you know this aunty saved me that day…
Pragya smiles at her then they all asked who are they and Rahul tells..
Rahul : Aliya bua she is our bua Abhi chachu and Papa’s younger sister she is.. but chachi did you forgive her I mean you have brought her here so I thought …
Pragya makes him understand not to think more she is here and she will live with us from now onwards …. And she sends Aliya Vijay and Aryan to take rest.. Bulbul Purab and Koyal leaves for home…
It was late night Pragya was making Subuhi fall asleep by holding her in her arms and resting her head on her shoulder she was roaming here and there patting Subuhi’s back and while she was roaming she saw Aliya in her room sitting silently resting on bed and thinking something she was looking sad Pragya was continuously feeling that this was not that Aliya whom they Punished years ago she is totally changed and then she thinks that Vijay is also with Aryan in other room so she thinks to inquire she makes Subuhi lies on bed in her room and goes to Aliya she is sat there Pragya sits besides her and notices that Aliya is lost in some other world then she thinks how to talk then she sees a note pad kept there on the table and picks it up she writes something on it and while writing her bangles make sound hearing which Aliya comes back into her senses and asks..
Aliya : Bhabhi you here… when did you came I didn’t came to know anyways what happened and what are you writing on it…
Pragya gives her the note she has written Aliya reads it and it was written “ if I will not write then how will I talk to you as I can’t speak for some days and you won’t understand gestures so easily so ….
Aliya : No need bhabhi I will understand don’t write again and again just tell what you want to talk with me( smilingly) and your bangles are also telling your mood….
Pragya smiles and gesturely asks what happened I was feeling that there is a rift between you and Vijay Is there any serious problem.. Aliya says no nothing is like that Pragya agains gives a note to her Aliya reads it and there was written that no there is something you are hiding something I can see you are in pain I can see it In your eyes clearly…. Aliya gets emotional and rests her head in Pragya’s lap and bursts out in tears and says….
Aaliya : I paid for my sins Bhabhi I paid I paid very high cost of it Bhabhi just because my greed I lost her I lost my own daughter bhabhi ( Pragya gets shocked hearing that she lost her daughter Aliya continues ) I lost her… that day that day I understood that extra greed always kills your happiness I lost my child bhabi I lost her..
She was crying hard and apologising continuously and cursing herself continuously she was crying hard….. Pragya was consoling her and she wakes her up and takes her face in her palm and wipes her tears then she asks what ?? and how did this happened..Aliya narrated the incident..
Aliya :
After the birth of Aryan Vijay was totally changed he stopped all his wrong work he became a honest person just after the birth of Aryan but I wasn’t satisfied with that as I was seeing that all my intentions are going to be failed but I managed to accept this that he has changed and doing a 9-5 job like a normal human we were happy as I started loving Vijay but the greed doesn’t end so easily it was in one of the corner of my heart Aryan was just 3 years old when I came to know that I am again going to be mother and we all were happy and Vijay was on cloud 9 but the happiness was not for more days as the months were passed and one day someone came to meet Vijay to give a contract about killing someone again and he offers 50 crore and hearing that amount the greed which was hidden somewhere in my heart it raised again but Vijay was this much changed that he refused to do so on that much huge amount also and then a rift created between us I was at last stage of pregnancy and Vijay and I was having argument over that contract as I was saying to accept that offer and he was not ready and in anger I took the knife in my madness and started blackmailing him that if he will not do so I will cut my vein I was in hope that he will get scared and accept because we love each other very much but something worst happened he was coming to stop me from doing so and I was stepping back continuously and I didn’t noticed that table at back and I striked with that table and fell down and cried in a pain Vijay rushed me to the hospital there doctor examined me and that was a birth of a baby girl bhabhi but she was dead I gave birth to a dead child and it happened all because of me my mistake I begged I cried infront of Vijay after all I was mother I begged in front of him to forgive me but Bhabhi that was the day he didn’t spoke even a word from me till now he doesn’t speak to me he used to ignore me till now…… and Bhabhi then one day after a long time I met tanu I was going to pick-up Aryan from school then she met me one day and she took me to her home there she told all her plan to me then I thought that I should tell you I have lost my brother and my family because of my stupidity may be it is possible that god will forgive me if I save you all from her as I know bhai will never forgive me so I called bhai on his number and started warning him by changing voice as I knew that if he will hear my voice he will not believe on me but I think he ignored and one day again Tanu called me and told me about her plan of killing you people and kidnapping so I thought to aware you again but till that time I was late she had done her work and I was feeling like I lost in saving bhai and you but I saved Subuhi then I saw that you and Bhai were alive so I took you to the hospital believe me bhabhi there was no any bad intention behind that believe me….
And she again kept her head in Pragya’s lap and cries in guilt Pragya was stunned that one incident changed Aliya tears came from her eyes and she was caring Aliya’s head to pacify her…

Precap : No precap
so guys how was the episode today leave your comments and yes sorry if you didnt liked it and got bored after reading such a long episode..
And if you liked it so today you have to mention again the best part of the episode in comments box for sure.
and for further happenings stay tuned.;-)

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