KB story of faith season 2 (Episode 24)

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First of all thanx to all the supporters Kaif,, my dear somu durga, reshma naveena vaishali and all the rest of the commenters thank you from the bottom of my heart 🙂 thank u soo much and Naveena tisha Somiya love and inspired by your ffs yr please kindly upload your ff regulary and all the FF writers doing good job yr better reading them rather than watching the original one ughhh its irritating anyways.. lets come to the story….

The episode starts with Abhi asking to Bulbul desperately how is she I want to meet her.. I can talk to her tell na bulbul why are you so silent your silence is scaring me please this is not the time to make pranks.. please tell na Bulbul..
Bulbul : Yes Jiju you can meet her but can’t talk to her ( afraid voice)
Abhi : cant talk to her but why Bulbul …??

Bulbul : jiju ( afraid voice) because…
Abhi : what because Bulbul tell me na.. now you are scaring me…
Just then doctor comes and says because she can’t speak Abhi is stunned hearing that he then comes back into his senses and doctor asks Abhi to come with him Abhi goes….
Abhi : How is this possible doctor I mean to say how can she lose her voice how is this possible.. that was just an accident how can she lose her voice in that accident.(worried..)
Doctor : Look Mr. Abhishek it is true that it was just an accident but as you know how horrible the accident was and the way she was in the pool of blood so believe me we were facing difficulties to save her but see the miracle she gain consciousness and don’t you want to know the reason Mr. Mehra
Abhi is looking on doctor clueless… Doctor says she become conscious hearing your children’s voice because at that time Mrs. Khanna was looking some of the programme in which children were singing and see the effect tears rolled down from her eyes…. This is not miracle than what is it we doctors will call it miracle Mr Mehra because the patient who was not gaining conscious from 42 hours after doing so much efforts also that patient responded just by hearing some voice.. any ways there is nothing to worry about because this voice loss is temporary.
Abhi : temporary voice loss ??? ( surprised expression)

Doctor : Yes as it is because of effect of medicines because of that high dose which we were giving to her to save her life and the medicine got reacted that’s why her voice gone once she will get ok then slowly she will gain her voice also but it will take time you have to keep patience and yes don’t let this thought affect her that she has lost her voice ….
Abhi : ok I will… try my best..doctor.. can I take her to the home doctor……??
Doctor : yes you can take her to home but one of our doctor’s team will go with you as because she has to be kept under observation ok but after once she gains conscious as from the effects of high dose she is sleeping we will observe her then you can take her and she need full rest also….
Abhi nods in yes and leaves the room doctor’s word is still echoing in his mind and he is walking towards her room losted in doctors words.. just then Abhigya shooks him he come back into senses then Abhigya says to him….

Abhigya : Papa you said that ma has woke up but she is not..
Abhi kneels down : Beta she is but doctor has given her medicines so she is sleeping right now nothing else…
Abhigya : Ok papa then we will stay here only till ma wakes up today we will not go without talking to her….
Abhi : Ok bacha but at this time come out of room all of you let her sleep and go and sit with maasi ma I am coming as I have to bring some medicines for her ok..
All comes out and Abhi goes with Purab to bring medicines there Purab sees Abhi tensed and then he asks him

Purab : Abhi what happened yr dii is ok na then why are you looking tensed ??
Abhi narrates the incident and says to him..
Abhi : See how my destiny is playing games with me first I lost her then I found her and see the time wasn’t spent much and now I will not able to hear her voice..
Purab : Abhi I can’t understand why are your thoughts becoming negative why are you becoming so weak brother at the stage you have to behave strong you are becoming weak if you will say like this who will make understand children when they will come to know that their mother can’t talk to her and by the way doctor has told you na that she will be able to speak when she will be Ok then why this much thoughts are there in your mind just keep positive thoughts in your mind as it is just a difficult time which will be spent soon …Ok

Abhi feels relieved by Purab’s word and they both leaves there Abhi goes to see Pragya there she is with children and subuhi is saying something hearing that Pragya is smiling as she is weak she can’t respond much so she is smiling looking that Abhi thinks when she is happy in this situation then you have to keep her happy like this at least you will be able to see her smile Pragya looks Abhi Abhi turns around and wipes his tears and enters the room with smiling face and song humdard plays in background…
Abhi comes in the room with the smiling face and goes to Pragya she is lying on the bed and smiling on Subuhi’s silly talks then Abhi sits near her and keeps his hands on her cheeks she holds his hands and music plays ..
Pal do pal ki hi kyun hai zindagi ( why is the life is only for just a moment or two)
Is pyaar ko hai sadiyaan kaafi nahi ( For this love centuries are not enough)
to khuda se maang loon ( So let me ask god)
Mohalat main ik nayi ( for some more time anew )
Rehna hai bas yahaan (I have to live just here)
Ab door tujhse jaana nahi (I have not to go away from you..)
Jo tu mera humdard hai (Now that you are there to share my pain )
Jo tu mera humdard hai (Now that you share my pain,)
Suhaana har dard hai (Every pain is beautiful)
Jo tu mera humdard hai (Now that you share my pain,)

Abhi says to Pragya you have started playing bad games with me na.. he is smiling with teary eyes and Pragya smiles in reply they both smiles at each other and then nurse came in and says to all to go out at it is time for her scheduled checkup …. They all leaves then Abhigya Pulkit and Prabhas Subuhi left to home with Purab and Bulbul and Abhi stayed with Pragya as in night only one person is allowed to stay in hospital… Abhi is talking to Pragya and he is saying something to her on which she is continuously smiling then he sits near her holding her hand and starts caring her head and he sees the calm face of her she is feeling comfort holding his hand and a smile is on their face on which Abhi is staring and again the music plays..
Teri muskurahatein hain taakat meri ( Your smiles are my strength )
Mujh ko inhi se ummeed mili (I got hope from them only)
Chaahe kare koi sitam ye jahaan (Whatever atrocity the world does to me)
In mein hi hai sadaa hifaazat meri (in them [these smiles] is my safety..)
Zindagaani badi khoobsoorat hui (My life became very beautiful,)
Jannat ab aur kya hogi kahin (now where else would heaven be..)
Just then Pragya opens her eyes and looks that Abhi is continuously staring at her so she gestures him that what happened he replies in gestures nothing… he keeps his hand on her eyes saying her to sleep…and the music plays.

Jo tu mera humdard hai (Now that you share my pain,)
Suhaana har dard hai (Every pain is beautiful)
Jo tu mera humdard hai (Now that you share my pain,)
Its morning Abhi is gone to sign discharge papers and Bulbul is with her she is talking to her about how the children got saved from Tanu and Pragya is listening to her..
( Guys make you clear one thing that Pragya doesn’t know that she can’t speak she is thinking that because of weakness she is not able to speak)
Abhi comes in and says…
Abhi : Oho miss chatter box you started here also let her take rest as we taking your dii to home you can talk to her there also there will be much time….. for you at home ok..
Bulbul irks and while they were fighting Prgya slept.. then Abhi again taunted Bulbul
Abhi: see with your continuous bak bak she was not able to sleep now slept…
Bulbul : Jiju she doesn’t slept because of me she slept by getting boared with our fight and you are blaming me…
Abhi : Ok madam I am sorry is it fine now please let her sleep as rest is very much necessary for her we will talk about it later..

They both leaves for home and pragya is also shifted from hospital to home.. and there Pragya is taking rest and Abhi is sitting beside her closing his eyes Pulkit comes to Abhi and says
Pulkit : Papa I want to ask you something..
Abhi : later beta now maa is sleeping and I am also feeling tired.
Pulkit : Please papa…
Abhi : Ok baba tell me what is bothering you..
Pulkit : Not here papa maa.. will get disturbed..
Abhi smiles : Ok sir come we will go where you will say ok…
They both leaves Pulkit takes him to the another room and then Abhi asks..
Abhi : Now say what is bothering you..??
Pulkit : Papa you are hiding something from us na… that doctor also has called you to his cabin yesterday what did he said is there something wrong …… because you are looking tensed
Abhi (shocked but controls himself) : No beta nothing like that why are you taking tension for that everything is fine beta and that doctor called me to tell about medicines and schedule of medicines…
Pulkit : Papa ……( in monotone)
Abhi : yes beta…
Pulkit : You are lying to me….

Abhi : No beta why would I say lie to you….
Pulkit : Papa you are saying lie because you are not looking at me while answering..
Abhi : Its nothing like that who told you this all rubbish that if a person is not looking to you while talking then the person is telling lie… its nothing like that..
Pulkit : ma told me this that if someone is not looking to you while talking it means the person is hiding something from you… now papa no more lies please tell me what is the matter you said naa.. I am your eldest son and more than a father you are my friend so papa please tell na what is the matter….
Abhi holds his face in his palms… and says boy you are younger you are just 16 but how you are able to understand everyone’s pain… hmmm it means it will be difficult to hide anything from you now..
Pulkit : of course as I am my ma’s dearest and papa’s love ( hugging Abhi) now tell me what is the problem I know I can’t solve it but it will reduce your pain and you will feel good…. Now tell me papa….

Abhi : Ok baba I am telling as it is becoming difficult to hide something from you and your maa..
Abhi narrates what was happened in Doctor’s cabin… Pulkit was stunned hearing that.. and Abhi noticed it.
Abhi : That’s why I was not telling it to you see now you will cry and seeing you all your brother sister will cry watching you cry and I can’t see your pain ….
Pulkit : Who said I will cry papa I will not and why are you afraid of this reason doctor has said na that she will gain her voice once she will get well then why so .. after all she is weak and she has to be rest and yes you know I have read it in my science book that medicines have worst side effects also so I am glad that this is just a minor side effect not worst ……. And we are there na we will not make her realise that she can’t speak… we all after all her voice..
Abhi shooks Pulkit’s hair with his hand and says so you gonna be doctor hmmmm junior doctor Pulkit Mehra …hm
Pulkit : Papa…. See you fuzzed my hairs you know how much time it take to make them well for looking dashing….( fake anger)
Abhi twists his ears : oho dashing ….. cleverness from your father ( achha bachhu apne baap se hoshiyari) let me tell you one thing that these dialogue will not work on me..
Pulkit: ok papa sorry now leave my ear its paining …

Abhi leaves his ear and they both laughs and hugs each other and Abhi thinks now I am sure that anyone of us will never become weak because we are together and we have a bond …. A very good bond which will never break…

Precap : Pragya comes to know she cant speak, revelation of person doing phone calls and the lady in veil.

Ok guys today i have written the precap to make you free from tention that who was the lady in viel and when will it be reavealed and yes again sorry if got bored… Just one thing i want to know from you all that should i continue story like this slowly or should i skip the content please genuinly answer i will wait for your answer please kindly answer its a humble request and now time for today’s question for you all which you have to answer for sure i want to know what will be your answer…..
Question : What will be Pragya’s reaction when she will come to know that she can’t speak ? kindly answer..please
till then stay tuned..

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