KB story of faith season 2 (Episode 23)

Ok here is your next episode guys enjoy it….

The episode starts with Abhi blurting out his pain in front of Purab and Purab is trying to console him and hugs him hard……
Purab : Abhi how can you become weak at this moment as your children need you Abhi be strong yrrr.. you can’t become weak at this moment… you have to be strong you can’t lose your hope Abhi look at me…. there are still 24 hours and god can’t be so harsh that he can’t separate a family like this you see he will definitely do something….

Abhi : I am not losing hope Purab I am just scared as I also lost my parents like this in an accident and at that time we don’t have such money that we could save their life and now I am seeing the same condition that again a mother is there in such condition again children are in that condition and again I am not able to do anything because nothing is in my hand and you know Purab I am just scared for Pulkit if he will not cry and behave like this I am afraid that if anything happened to him then what I will answer to Pragya that I wasn’t even able to care a child…….. I am just afraid for him Purab I am just scared for my son…. And Pragya she will come back I know I have full faith on my love she will definitely be back she will not leave me like this but I am worried for that if till that time something happened to Pulkit so what I will answer her …

Purab : Just relax Abhi realx …… (he gives him water to drink) you know what is special in your family….. you all care for each other you all have full faith on each other whether I talk about your children or I talk about you or Pragya dii you all are together till if you are not together it is your strength Abhi see how your children are trying to behave strong as they know that if their papa is not tensed then it is sure that there mother will come back…….. and your love towards Pragya diii it is not measurable you realised it after some worst circumstances that’s why your love is so much strong that is the reason after losing all the family you found them I know it took time to find them but see you found your love at least this shows that how much strong your love is and see those children they are supporting you and you are worried about Pulkit na I know he is in pain he is not sharing it but I know that he will cry and when he will cry his pain will not measurable so just try to make him cry…
Abhi relaxed by these words of Purab and nods in yes….

Purab : Now look tomorrow is Talent hunt competition of your children and there is necessary as one of the parents should be there with the children so you have to go there we will take care of Pragya dii god knows may be you will be able to make Pulkit blurt out…..his pain..
Abhi nods and then Purab leaves Abhi goes and sits beside Pragya holding her hand and he sat there…. Whole night like this….

It was 6 ‘o’ clock in the morning and Abhi was sleeping holding Pragya’s hand and Purab comes there and wakes him up and said to go with children as the time is of 8 ‘o’ clock for making entries so Abhi leaves for home there he takes fresh n up and take children to the competition and in midway he took some breakfast from the nearby shops and they have them and reached to the venue………. There everyone was registering and verifying their names and completing the formalities Abhi also does so then they were allotted a number by which they were to be called Abhi kneels down to them… and says..

Abhi : Ok best of luck beta… to all of you and yes don’t get afraid as the theme you all got is mother so don’t think about maa and get nervous okk.. She is with you always her blessings are with you and see when you will perform well na then she will open her eyes for sure.. Ok so don’t get sad thinking about her just focus on your aim right now just remember how she was happy when you all told her about you have been selected for this competition just remember her happiness nothing else ok.. just imagine her smile her happiness then you will feel calm ok..
Abhigya : Promise papa we will do it we will not get nervous….
Prabhas : We will papa as we want maa to get better soon ….. we will not cry
Pulkiit doesn’t said anything …
Abhi : That’s like my good and brave children….
He kisses on their forehead… and all leaves Pulkit also leaves but Abhi calls him back..
Abhi : Pulkit…

Pulkit :yes papa ( in sad monotone )
Abhi : today you will not hug your father…. Beta ????
Pulkit goes and hugs him and Abhi gives him an emotional hug in a hope that he would cry but it doesn’t result beside it Pulkit said finally something after long time but after hearing that Abhi was stunned listening his that rude voice full of sadness and Pulkit breaks hug and Abhi kisses his forehead and Pulkit left Abhi was still looking to him leaving like that.. the words which heard by Abhi through Pulkit’s mouth were…

Pulkit : Don’t try to console me papa I know she will come back if she will leave me now then I will think that she never loved me that much like others I will think that I was just a adopted child for her she has to come back papa she has to…
These words said by Pulkit were echoing in Abhi’s mind till he was now thinking that Pragya please don’t test our patience please come back see your dearest loved son is breaking down like this please come back…..

The competition starts and all the contestants represents their talent someone sings on topic maa.. someone acts on it and someone dances showing the presences of mother.. jury is appreciating all the talent and this was now chance of Prabhas his name was called Abhi looks at him and gestures him all the best Prabhas smiles and decides that he will sing a song today….. so Prabhas starts singing….

Prabhas :
tu itni dur kyu hai maa bata naraj kyu hai maa ( oh maa why are you so far from me.. why are you angry upon me like this )
mai tera hu mujhe bula le tu gale fir se laga le tu ( I am your beloved son please call me and give a tight hug to me )
o maa pyari maa o maa pyari maa ( o ma my dear ma )

teri aachal ki chhaya ko meri ninde tarsti hai (see how my eyes are desperate to sleep in your lap )
teri yaado ke aagan me meri aankhe barsti hai ( in garden of your memories my eyes are filling and showring tears like rain )
paresa ho raha hu mai akela ro raha hu mai ( I am tensed ma I am crying alone)
mai tera hu mujhe bula le tu gale fir se laga le tu ( I am your son please call me and give a tight hug to me )
tu itni dur kyu hai maa bata naraj kyu hai maa ( why are you so far from me maa)

Prbhas gets emotional so he stops singing and nods thank u to judges.. and leaves the stage.
Hearing such a painful voice and the way in which song presented by Prabhas everyone got impressed and gives him standing ovation…. And on the other side Bulbul was sitting with Pragya and watching the live telecast of the competition on her phone she also began to cry looking such a pain in Prabhas voice …… Abhi was feeling emotional seeing his children in pain
Then again some children presented now it was turn of Subuhi so she came and looked towards Abhi and Abhi smiled on her so she also started singing…..

Maa mujhe apne aanchal mein chhupa le ( Maa hide me in your protection )
Galey se lagaa le ( hug me tightly so I feel comfort)
Ki aur meraa koi nahin ( nobody else is for me there besides you)
Phir na sataungi kabhi paas bulaa le ( I will never trouble you again please call me near you)
Galey se lagaa le (please hug me tightly)

Ki aur meraa koi nahin ( nobody else is there for me..)
Ki aur meraa koi nahin ( nobody else is there for me..)
She sung and she was about to cry just then Abhigya comes and pacifies her for some time and accompanies her
God mein teri aaj tak main pali hoon (I am grown up in your lap )
Ungli pakad ke teri maa main chali hoon ( I have learned walking by holding your finger)
Tere bin mujhko ab kaun sambhaale ( now you are not here who will handle me and control me)
Galey se lagaa le ( please hug me)
Ki aur meraa koi nahin ( nobody else is there for me)

Ki aur meraa koi nahin ( nobody else is there maa….)
Finally tears rolled out from Subuhi’s eyes and Abhi gestures her not to cry so she controls herself and Abhigya takes her from there because parents were not allowed at the competition area so Abhigya consoled her and the jury was dazed as the girl of just 6 years old sung that song so well with full emotions now it was Abhigya’s turn….

So abhigya decided to play a flute on song so she played the tone.. of same song which subuhi was singing and then she recited some lines on mother after hearing which again people were impressed and were praising them and Abhi was tensed about them whether they should not break their confidence now at this stage remembering their mother… the lines were…

Mother she is the one who loves her so much (Maa vo hai jo humko itna pyar karti hai)
That much love that we are not able to understand that love (Ki kabhi kabhi hum khud us pyar ko samajh nahi pate)
Mother is the one who makes us belives that we are the good persons that much good (Ma vo hai jo hume ehsaas dilate hai ki hum kitne ache hai)

That there is no one good than us we are the best (Humse achha koi hai hi nahi)
Mother is the one who becomes happy when we are happy (Ma vo hai jiski khushi humari hasi sse hai)
Whose sadness is seeing her children in pain (Jiska dukh humare dukh se)
Mother is the person without whom we cannot live in this world (Maa vo hai jiske bina hum jee nahi sakte)
I cant define what is mother but at last I can say that she is everthing to us (Maa sab kuchh hai…)

She got full marks for these lines and now that was a turn of Pulkit he was called he came with his some instruments and he was singing a song Abhi was tensed as Pulkit was looking so sad..
Pulkit started singing
O jheena jheena jheena re uDaa gulaal ((as if) a light strip of color is flying in the air,)
maai teri chunariya lehraai (O mother, (in such a way) your scarf flies..)

rang teri reet ka (the color of your ways,)
rang teri preet ka (the color of your love,)
rang teri jeet ka hai layi, laayi, laayi.. (the color of your victory, it has brought..)

rang teri reet ka, rang teri preet ka (the color of your ways, the color of your love,)
maayi teri chunariya lehraayi (O mother, your scarf waves..)

jab jab mujhpe hai, uTha sawaal (whenever there has been a question over me,)
maai teri chunariya lehraai (O mother, your scarf has waved..)
jheena jheena re uDaa gulaal (like a light strip of color flying in the air)
maai teri chunariya lehraai (O mother, your scarf flies in the air..)

For some time he stopped playing and singing as he was remembering the moment when Pragya use to support him when someone scolds him for no reason then he comes back to his senses and starts singing again…
jag se haara nahi main (I haven’t lost to the world,)
khud se haara hoon maa (I have lost to myself, O mother..)
ik din chamkoonga lekin (One day I’ll shine though,)
tera sitaara hoon maa ((after all), I am your star O mother..)
maai re, maai re..( O mother, O mother,)
tere bin main to adhoora rahaa (I remained incomplete without you.)
maai re, maai re..( O mother, O mother,)
mujhse hi rooThi meri parchhaayi (Even my shadow is angry with me..)

o ho.. meri parchhai, tera khayal (My shadow, your thought,)
maai teri chunariya lehraayi (O mother, your scarf has waved..)
jheena jheena jheena re, uDaa gulaal (like a light strip of color flying in the air,)
maai teri chunariya lehraayi (O mother, your scarf flies in the air..)
He ends his performance there and nods thank u with a sad face ……

He also got standing ovation from jury as his song brought tears in everyone’s eyes but there was a tie in two boys Pulkit and one of his opponent so Judges decided to perform a musical drama and the topic is same so Pulkit and all decided to show their best moments with Pragya and the first team came and gone they got positive marks so the competition was tough now then this was the turn of Pulkit and all so Abhigya was playing Pragya’s role and Pulkit and Prabhas as usual her son and Subuhi was not allowed to this act as she was in junior team so they three presented the drama..
Prabhas and Pulkit was singing song holding Abhigya’s finger
Teri ungli pakad ke chalaa ( I learned walking holding your finger)
Mamta ke aanchal mein palaa ( I grew up in your love’s shadow )
Maa.. o meri maa ( mother o my mother )

Prabhas :
Maa.. o meri maa ( mother o my mother )
Main tera laadla ( I am your beloved son )

They show Pragya’s anger how she use to twist Pulkit’s ears on his mistake how she scolds Abhigya and Prabhas when they fight all the moments so tears were rolling out from Prabhas’s eyes and Abhigya was controlling herself………. They were continuing the act……
Banke tera saaya main tujhko thaam lun ( I will hold your hand till I live becoming your shadow)
Uthke rab se pehle main tera naam lun ( I will take your name before god after awaking in morning )
Rakhun tujhe palkon tale ( I always honour you like god )
Pooja karun teri ( I will always worship you )
Tere siwaa tu hi bataa ( you only tell me without you)
Kya zindagi meri ( what is my life )
Main to tere sapno ke ( I will resemble like your dreams )
Rang mein dhalaa ( I am coloured in your colours )
Teri ungli pakad ke chalaa ( I learned walking holding your finger )
Mamta ke aanchal mein palaa ( I grew up in your love’s shadow )
Maa.. o meri maa ( mother o mother )
Main tera laadla ( I am your beloved son )

Bulbul was watching the act on mobile she was also crying and a tear fallen from Pragya’s eyes on Bulbul’s hand Bulbul noticed it and shouted and called doctor and doctor said congracts she is out of danger now she has responded and now she will gain conscious In about an hour….. this is totally miracle Mrs Khanna as she was not responding from two days and now suddenly she responded and it is truly a miracle… Bulbul gets happy and called Purab and informed him about that… there on Abhis side the act ended and at last finally tears rolled down from Pulkit’s eyes Abhi noticed that and rushed towards him as the competition was ended so parents were allowed to go to children before the announcement of results… Abhi rushed to them and there Abhigya and Prabhas were trying to talk to Pulkit because he was not saying anything just tears were rolling down from his eyes.. so Abhi gestured Abhigya and Prabhas to leave him alone Pulkit was seated on a chair there and Abhi gone to him and kept his hand on his shoulder Pulkit turned to him and gave him a tight hug and he finally broke down into tears he was crying badly and tears were rolling down from Abhi’s eyes after looking him crying like this but he controlled them and he was caring his head Pulkit was crying hard and continuously saying “ Papa she will come na why always god do this with good people why ? why always she has to bear all pain ? why god doesn’t give pain to me beside her ? why papa why ? tell me na papa.. why….??” And he was crying hard…

Abhi : No beta your ma always said that god cant be so harsh .. god always want to test whether is there anyone to care those good people or not and see your love bring her back she responded today she will gain conscious today itself see even god was not able to see your pain like this see now stop crying bachha we will go to her after knowing your result ok we will go to see her .. ok but and please let this pain out at this time son let this pain out of your heart because keeping pain in heart is not bravery son it just shows that you don’t believe the people who are surrounding you and I know my son belives that if maa is not his papa is always with him…

ok Pulkit nods in yes and now he was feeling normal after blurting his pain out and Abhi was relived now as Pulkit was behaving normal he wipes his tears and again he hugs him Pulkit feels comfortable and then they hear that there the result is going to be announced and Abhigya Prabhas and Pulkit won the competition Subuhi was selected for the singing classes as she stood first in junior section Pulkit also stood first and Abhigya and Prbhas also and judges hand over the trophy to them and asked for the reason why there was such a pain in their performance they all replied that because we know what it feels when your mother is not with you judges asks did you don’t have your mother with you did she left you or she…

Pulkit interrupts no sir she is just angry with us.. that’s why she is not with us…Judges said oh so that much you love your mother that if she is not talking to you because of anger so people are hurt this much I must appreciate your love towards her and I must say that your mother is very lucky having children like you god bless you beta god bless you….

They all come out with their trophies and hugs Abhi and they all leaves for hospital…
In hospital Abhi sees Bulbul
Abhi : where is she does she wake up I want to see her I want to talk to her….( with desperacy..)
Bulbul : Yes jiju but you can’t talk to her …( with worried face )
Abhi : but why ??? she is ok now right so why I can’t talk to her…??
Bullbul : jiju because …..
And the screen freezes there……

Ok guys here is your episode i dont know whether you liked it or not but yes today i want to say just one thing that i have tried best from my side to show the pain of a child when he/she sees her mother in such state nothing else so keep commenting as today after writing it i am feeling touched to characters of my ff which are children hope you will like it

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