KB story of faith season 2 (Episode 22)

Ok guys sorry for the late update yes i am informing you that i am not revealing about that girl in veil and that phone call as i want to keep some secret the secret will be revealed after episode 25 and here is your episode so hope you will enjoy the story…. 🙂

The episode starts with everyone is slept in Tanu’s house and Abhigya , Prabhas and Pulkit took out the phone which Abhi has gave them and they start watching that video with low voice.. Abhigya plays the video and she is shocked to see that it was the video in which Pragya was recording the song and Abhi was appreciating her and supporting her and in end of the video there was written singers name as Razia…. After watching it Abhigya calls
Abhigya : Dada see this video you will got shock after looking this …… and yes you have to copy them the band back side of the singer and the music which they are playing and I have to copy her you look it dada Prabhas you also bhai please have a look as you will come to know we are very fond of this singer Razia… whose songs we like most to listen… have a look dada..
Pulkit : What are you saying Abhu as you know na Razia is an old singer and she doesn’t sing now she has sung only a few songs and then she quitted singing but yes those few songs are our favourite songs as her voice have some magic in it… and nobody has seen her face then how could you say that we are very fond of her..
Abhigya: dada just look at this vedio you will come to know about that…
She shows the video to Pulkit and Prabhas they gets shocked to …
Prabhas : Dada this is …….

Pulkit : yes choote I am also looking that Razia is none other than maa..
Abhigya : that’s why I was saying to you dada that we are very fond of her..
Pulkit : but if maa is Razia then why she hidden this from us and why papa also doesn’t told us about this.. anyways we will inquire it later from papa itself as I am now understood why was he saying that we have to copy that video Abhigya Prabhas lets go we have to keep respect our maa’s reputation and we have to remind people about her presence we have to make Razia alive in everyone heart again we have to bring her back that fan following back and this time papa wants this because he is up to something that’s why he has given this task to us so come on we have to practice a lot as we have to sing this with the same charm and energy…. Common we will do this for our parents…our ma our papa
Abhigya : yes dada we do this for them ….
Prabhas : me too….
In hospital Purab comes to see Abhi he is taking care of Subuhi and he sees he comes in with the nurse…

Purab : Abhi its time for your dressing ….
Abhi : shhhh my doll is sleeping and she has slept with much difficulties…..
Purab : ok let me handle her and you better let nurse do dressing..
Abhi : No No !! she will wake up if you tried to touch her while sleeping so better let her sleep..
Nurse was dressing Abhi’s wound..
Purab : Ok baba but can you tell me what are you thinking to do as you are looking relaxed after meeting your children don’t you are worried about them ??
Abhi smiles and while talking he continuously caring Subuhi’s head so that she could not get up and have a relaxed feel that he is with her..
Abhi: I am relaxed Purab because tonight what is going to happen will be unexpected for Tanu and Nikhil as they are going to make fame of my children but today someone else will get its charm back …… and today you make police ready at evening as today someone is going to jail as I will make them confess their crime before everyone … just wait and watch..
Purab : It is becoming difficult to understand that what are you up to but anyways I will help you in every matter and yes I want to say you one thing..
Abhi : hmm ..

Purab : these children are lucky to have a father like you and diii is lucky to have a loving husband like you …. If Bulbul was in place of diii then I would have broken down till now and I am looking to you that you know about all possibilities what could happen till you are behaving normal …
Abhi : because I know she will not leave me like this she will not leave her family like this her she knows that her children are waiting for her they will break down if anything happens to her she knows that her Abhishek is waiting for her to return she knows that if anything happened to her then there is no reason for my life that’s why I know she will return she is just playing games with us she have to return just keep patience if not for me she will return for these children she will return for me….
Purab : hats off to your love man… this love cant be defined no one can love his wife to such and extent yr…
Abhi : hmm now let my princess sleep and tell me what is her condition did she gained consciousness
Purab : No and doctors are saying that if in next 42 hours she doesn’t gained conscious then the situation will become worst so they will say anything after 24 hours ..
Abhi : So say them that whatever they want to do let them do but make her conscious….
Purab : ok just keep patience and now you relax I will come at evening to pick you up okk…
Abhi nods and Purab leaves and Abhi sleeps Subuhi is still sleeping as she was slept late and Abhi was taking care about that she complete her nap…..

Its 4 ‘o’ clock evening and Abhi was relaxed now Subuhi was gone with Bulbul to home and Purab came there to pick up Abhi for the place where the function of tanu has to be held and they reach there and thinking that how to get inside as the security is very high so Abhi looks there that Tanu has planned to show some Act also… so he goes to the actors and requests them to let him go inside with them they agrees Purab and Abhi enters inside where the function has to be held and he insists those artist to perform the Act which he is telling and the artist agrees as they were impressed by Abhi’s love towards his family and desperate to save his children so they agreed and Abhi said thank you to them..
The function started and Abhi notices that only Nikhil was come with children and Tanu was not there so he thought even if tanu is not here no problem first let her husband bear the punishment in a meanwhile children saw them and he gestures them best of luck and they nods yes… soon the anchor announced the performance by Abhigya in which her brothers will support her thorough playing instruments and all gone to stage then the lights get off and a focus light was there on Abhigya she started singing and as she started singing every one including Nikhil was shocked as the song was not the song which he gave them to prepare it was another one… Abhigya started singing..

Kaanch ki neend aayi (The sleep that came was made of glass,)
Patthar ke khwaab laayi (and it brought dreams of stone..)
Jaane rab jaane kab (God knows when)
Zakhmon se mil gaye naina (the eyes met wounds,)
Chhil gaye naina (my eyes were scratched.. my eyes were scratched..)

Chitthi jaave na jaave sandesa (not a letter goes, nor does a message go.)
Sajan gaya kis des (to which country has my beloved gone?)
TooTe dil ki jag bhi nahi sunta (even the world doesn’t listen to the broken heart,)
Naa hi sune darvesh (nor does the hermit listen to it.)

Tukda Tukda in saanson ka ( broken pieces of these breaths)
Seene mein hai bikhra pada (are scattered in the chest..)
Sookha hua samandar (and there is an ocean dried)
Hai aankhon ke andar (inside the eyes..)
Dhadkan chalegi kaise (how will the heartbeat go on,)
Dil mein chubhe hain khanjar (there are knives poking the heart..)
Din kaale kaale lage (the days seem dark,)
Lagti hai kaali kaali raina (and the nights are dark too..)
Chhil gaye naina (my eyes got scratched..)

Kaanch ki neend aayi (The sleep that came was made of glass,)
Patthar ke khwaab laayi (and it brought dreams of stone..)
Jaane rab jaane kab (God knows when)
Zakhmon se mil gaye naina (the eyes met wounds,)
Chhil gaye naina (my eyes were scratched.. my eyes were scratched..)

After the performance everyone appreciate her voice and one lady goes near her and says beta you are too much talented as your voice is same as the singer razia she is very much talented and I think we should invest on you as you can become talented singer like Razia and the investments on you will be made by your parents in our company you should continue with your music career hearing this Nikhil gets irked and thinks that their parents are dead so we are taking care of them so we have to invest on them he calls tanu and tolds her about this and she says no this cant happen as we kidnapped them to make us the richest person and we will invest on them no way..go and change the topic before everyone starts praising them and starts talking that we should invest on them go now we will see them later what to do with them.. and cuts the call in anger and Abhi was hearing all this and he smirked after seeing Tanu was shouting in anger as her plan was flopped and backfired to her and he gestures to Puarab that first step completed they both smirked and on the other side Nikhil goes to stage and announced next act as he doesn’t want to razia to be remember again and to be get appreciated so he announced the act and the act started and he all were looking the act sitting on their places since it was a musical carnival kept by tanu so the act was also musical and the narrator was singing the story by singing and the story was of a family..
The narrator started : I am going to narrate a story of a nightingale ( indirectly indicating to Abhi and his family according to his plan)
Bismil bismil bulbul-e-bismil (O nightingale of the hurt one,)
mat mil mat mil gul se mat mil (Don’t meet the flower..)

Bismil bismil bulbul-e-bismil (O nightingale of the hurt one,)
aye dil-e bulbul-e bulbul-e-bismil (O heart of the nightingale of the hurt one,)
Mushkil-e-dil bhi mushkil hoti hai (Even the trouble of heart is a trouble.)
Dil dhadke dil dil dadke to (When the heart beats (i.e. when the heart is anxious))
dhadkan-e-dil bhi harkat-e-dil hoti hai (Even the heartbeat is some feeling in the heart)
Khushbu-e-gul mein ishq bhara hai (There is love filled in the scent of a flower..)

mat mil mat mil gul se mat mil ((but) don’t meet the flower,)
aye bulbul-e-bismil (O nightingale of the hurt one..)

Sun le zamaana samjhata hoon (Listen, O world, as I explain..)
teri kahaani dohraata hoon (I repeat your story,)
aye dil-e-bulbul, bulbul-e-bismil.. (O heart of the nightingale of the hurt one..)

Nikhil was watching the show and was enjoying but all of a sudden he started feeling that the narrator is indicating the same story as he knows it was the true story as the narrator started singing next part Nikhil started to become restless.. Abhi who was looking all this starts smiling as his plan was working…

Narrator :

ik jodaa tha nar-maada ka (There was a pair of male-female, nightingale)
bholi thi bulbul, nar saada tha (The nightingale was straightforward, the male was simple too.)
barf gira karti thi jab, bhar jaati thi kohsaaron mein (When the snow used to fall, it was filled in the mountains..)
ik baaz bada badneeyat tha (There was a falcon with very bad intentions,)
udta tha sabz anzaaron mein, (it used to fly in the sight of greeneries (where everything was good))
pankhon mein uske maut chhupi thi, (There was dealth hidden in its wings,)
mehfil mehfil dhoondh raha tha mehelon ki manzil.. (party after party, it was looking for a destination of castles..)
Nikhil was restless as he was thinking that the Nightingale about which the story is resembling Pragya and the male Abhi and the falcon was resembled to Nikhil which was actually true so he was remembering that scene when he went to Pragya and Abhi’s house and started becoming more restless…. As the narrator started next part of a story

bulbul ke khwaabon mein jaa kar (It had gone to the dreams of the nightningale,)
zeher ke dank lagaaye thhe (and put the poisonous stings in..)
khushbu-e-gul mein zeher bhara, (It filled poison in the scent of flowers)
aur maada ko bhijwaaye thhe.. (and sent it to the female (or the nightingale)..)

Nikhil was now full of fear as he was remembering that scene Nikhil talking about giving one of the children from Abhi and Pragya was fainted…

Vaadi mein chhidka baarood ((The falcon) spread gunpowder in the valley,)
jheel mein jaal bichha dale (and spread nets in the lake..)
Chhuriyon se bechaare nar ke (With knives,)
dono pankh kataa dale (it got both the wings of the poor male cut..)

When narrator sing those lines he remembers Abhi’s accident from his car.. now fear was slowly increasing in his mind

are dil dil dil dil jhooth kahe ye (O heart, heart,)
jhooth kahe buzdil (This coward is telling a lie..)

mat mil mat mil gul se mat mil
aye bulbul-e-bismil

Zakhmi nar ko qaid kiya ((The falcon) captured the hurt male,)
zanjeeron mein bandhwaaya (and got him tied with chains..)
baramula ke sheerinpur se dil paani mein phinkwaaya (Then he threw the heart [i.e. the male of the story] in water from Shirinpur of Baramulla.)

Now Nikhil remember how he left him there in injured state for dying
[Baramulla is a district/town of Kashmir, on the bank of Jhelum river.]

Jehlum, Jehlum laal laal hua laal laal hua (The Jhelum (river’s water) was red, red,)
laal laal hua laal.. (It all got red..)
Kashmir ke paani ki taaseerein, (The effect of Kashmir’s water,)
ghul gayin zanjeerein takdeerein, (chains and fates got dissolved..)
zinda hai wo zinda hoga, (He is alive, he would be alive.)
mujrim bhi sharminda hoga (And the culprit will be embarrassed.)

Now Nikhil’s fear was full on peak and he was now becoming restless and his face was sweating now..from fear

hosh mein aaja, hosh mein aaja (Come to your senses, be conscious,)
aye bulbul-e-bismil..( O nightingale of the hurt one..)
khushbu-e-gul mein zeher bhara hai.. (There is poison filled in the scent of the flower,)
hosh mein aaja, hosh mein aaja (come to your senses,)
aye bulbul-e-bismil.. (O nightingale of the hurt one..)

Now Nikhil’s fear burst out and he shouted in a scared manner

Nikhil : No no that was not like that Abhi was not killed I had stopped the car I didn’t meant to kill him
And just then Purab came and said
Purab : who said that this story is your story it was a story of falcon and the nightingale coupe why you are reacting this much and see in this reaction you confessed your crime that you are the person who kidnapped these children and killed Abhi….. so go and rest in jail for rest of your life ok
He calls police inside and they takes him this news reaches to Tanu and she gets irked as the all money of her was wasted as the function was flopped and she escaped but vows to destroy Purab now…. And the scene shifts to the place where function was held All the children goes and hugs abhi and purab respectively and then Abhigya asked
Abhigya : Papa that video you gave us in that video.
Abhi : Yes she was pragya your beloved ma she was known as razia as there was some reason that she doesn’t want to reveal her identity so I named her razia and she was very popular in people those days them she left her career that’s the only thing I can tell you nothing else..
Pulkit : Papa where is ma and how is she we know she met an accident.. how is she please take us to her..
Abhi was shocked that how they know that pragya met an accident
Pulkit : papa I know what are you thinking that how we got to know that ma met an accident … right you are thinking this na.. papa aunty showed us the video in which ma met an accident she was showing it to us again and again and was saying that she deserves it so pls papa take us to maa na we want to see her….

They leaves and on the way Purab asks to Abhi that what was the need of keep your identity hide from tanu that you both survived Abhi explains that because he wants her to live fearless then she will definitely do something to take revenge from you and then when she will play her move we will play our move.. they both smiled at each other Purab said smart boy and soon they reached to hospital and children rushed to see Pragya.. they saw Pragya in I.C.U in unconscious state so all were crying and Pulkit was stunned.. he was not crying and Abhi noticed it.. he took all children to home and Pukit left to his room and Rahul noticed that everyone is back so he rushed to abhi..
Rahul : chachu where were you from last night and where is chachi why these all are crying and these bandages……???? What happen chachu please tell na ….
Abhi tells him about the accident and tears shed from Rahul’s eyes but he controls himself and goes to Pulkit as he noticed he was in shock..

In room Abhigya Prabhas and Subuhi was talking to pragya’s photo..
Prabhas : Ma why are you taking time to get up maa please come back please ma..
Abhigya : Yes ma we will not fight again but please come back ma please ma..
Subuhi : ma I will not make unnecessary demands from papa but you please come back to us .
Abhi who was listening all this from outside tears rolled out from his eyes but he pretends to be strong and goes near them…. And hugged them they all hugged him too
Subuhi : Papa please tell ma to come back we know she is angry from us but please say to her to open her eyes please papa.
Abhigya : Papa please make her understand that we both will not fight ever and we will not trouble her also please say her to talk to us to come back..
Prabhas : papa I will never call you popsii also and never make fun of anyone but you please bring maa back please …

They were crying hard and Abhi was also feeling their pain was crying but hides his tears and tries to console them…. He breaks the hug and wipes there tears one by one
Abhi : Yes I will say to her to get up and when she will get up I will scold her also as because of her see these important tears which are costless are shedding from my children’s eyes like this now you all have food and yes be strong don’t cry enough she will be ok .. hmmmm now have food and sleep as tomorrow is your competition also na you have to attend it and take participate in it then papa will come there to cheer you all ok..

He feeds them with his hands and after that they all keep head in his lap and he makes them sleep he cares their head. And they all slept then before leaving to hospital to look at pragya he went to Pulkit’s room there he found Pulkit was sleeping and Rahul was caring his head he was kept head in his lap….and was sleeping Abhi came in
Abhi : did he have food and why he slept like this…
Rahul (emotional voice) : Chachu all are crying but he is not crying chachu I tried a lot to make him cry but he doesn’t just tears are shedding out from his eyes but he is not crying when I asked about chachi I was sat here so he doesn’t said anything and just kept his head in my lap and started crying silently and after a while I noticed that he has slept..
Abhi consoles him and make Pulkit sleep on bed properly and then he leaves to hospital…he is looking Pragya from outside the room as the doctor come and says the health is improving but still cant say anything till next 24 hours just pray to god.. for her wellness..

Abhi sits there in chair he was crying remembering that accident and was tensed also as he reminds that pragya told him Pulkit didn’t cried at his parents death and as a result he was went to coma as he was unable to bear the shock he was tensed just then someone kept hand on his shoulder it was Purab.. who was saying him to keep calm and not to take stress everything will be alright..
Abhi : I am tensed about pulkit Purab as he is not responding he is not crying seeing his maa in this condition Purab that boy is crying silently I can look his pain I can feel his pain but cant say anything because he is not responding and tomorrow is his competition also Purab that boy is not sharing his pain my child is really in pain purab what if anything happen to him due to shock….

And he hugs purab emotionally and blurts out his all pain to him Purab tries to console him and says that not to worry nothing will happen to him you see tomorrow pragya dii will wake up and all your problems will be finished you have been strong till now but what happened to you now why are you becoming weak at this moment be strong as doctor said na there are still 24 hours see tomorrow she will wake up now be strong yr as you will become weak like this who will take care of children as they need you this time most ..

Abhi : I was not Purab but I can’t see his pain….. he is hiding it from everyone but I can see that pain Purab he is missing his mother but he is not sharing his pain and now pragya can make him feel calm down now.. no one else…. And the screen divides and freezes showing Pragya’s face one side and One side Abhi’s crying face…..

Precap :- No precap

Sorry guys today episode is little bit long as i have put two song in it actually i was not getting any idea today how to continue so with a rough idea i have written today’s episode again sorry for the long episode those who get bored reading it i heartly apologise to them and yes please dont reduce the no. of comments
and yes last nut not the least guys please keep commenting as the no.. of comments reduce then the writers may lose their confidence so time for today’s question
Question . What is Abhi planning to do with Tanu ??
till then stay tuned..

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