KB story of faith season 2 (Episode 20)

Before starting the episode first of all answers to your questions:
Kaif : Yes i am studying and i am an university student pursuing graduation..and i am 20 yrs old
Sharmi : Yes as i told earlier he will sure start his rockstar career back and this time he will return with a bang i can just tell you this and for further details you have to read 😉
hani : Your answer is there in today’s episode….
Now coming to the story..

The episode starts with Abhi saying to Pulkit
Abhi : Now let me try this also may be she will get convince through it….
Pulkit : Not may be papa she will….i know it you will do it… now we are leaving it up to you …. You have to bring ma’s smile back and you have to say sorry to her also..
Abhi nods yes and hugs them…Then Purab says
Purab: see what we were here up to and in your tension we forgot that also….
Abhi :What happened is anything serious ??
Purab : Abhi you remember Rishi our college friend today is his 15th marriage anniversary and he is going to remarry on this occasion with his wife…just because he completed his 15 years with her love so he has called us so I think you should also come as it will be a great surprise for him that his best friends are there and he will be happy seeing Pragya dii also… so you are coming na…

(Guys make you clear one thing the new characters are for guest appearance only as I need the environment so I added this hope you will not mind Rishi is Abhi’s college friend and he has met last in Goa when Pragya and Abhi was going to vacations So guys these characters are only for helping them in Patch up.. nothing else hope you enjoy this guest appearance..)

Abhi : I can assure you from my side but I can’t say anything about Pragya as she is not ready to listen to me…
Bulbul :You don’t take her tension jiju as I will convince her to come..
Abhi : ok then meet you there…
Bulbul and Purab leaves for their home…

Pragya Abhi and all four children goes to the function and there they met Rishi he introduces his family to them…
Rishi : hey Abhi yr… such a long time where were you and yes Bhabhi how are you….
Pragya : I am fine….
Abhi: yes yr I was very busy these days so I didn’t met you nothing else..
Rishi experience some sadness in his voice but didn’t let him know : Any ways these are your small prince and princess they are so cute yr.. wait a minute.. Indu…. Cheeku…. Come here beta….
Indu : Yes papa ..

Rishi : Beta take them with you as they will paly with your children k.
Indu takes them with her and Rishi says to Pragya…
Rishi : Bhabhi I think you better go to upstairs my wife and to be wife is there…… (meri hone wali biwi ar meri ho chuki biwi waha hai) and Abhi yr you come with me as you are from my side let all the ladies be bride side and all the boys from grooms side…
He laughs and Pragya leaves he also leaves…….. Pragya goes to Indira’s room and Indira becomes happy seeing her then she hugs her she notices some sadness over her face .
Indira : what a pleasant surprise Pragya you here I am very happy to see you but what happened yr you are looking sad…

On the other side Rishi also asks the same from Abhi….. Abhi says nothing but on insisting he narrates the incident and Pragya also on other side… tells about what happened both tells their problems

Indira says to Pragya
Indira: Pragya if you feel that his regret is genuine then you should forgive him otherwise the distance will get increase and you both will regret on this happenings nothing else will happen in result of this anger … Pragya look at me Rishi has always lied to me before marriage and even after marriage he was hiding things from me and in result when I came to know about that a rift was created in mid of us and I thought that he is hiding the problems because he don’t want to share them with me so I decided to leave him alone and then I left the home without telling anyone and then while I was leaving I heard some voice from my back it was Rishi shouting he was there and calling out my name…. I stopped there only then he came to me and gave a tight slap to me you know that time I didn’t respond to that slap because I was able to see the fear of losing love in his eyes he was worried about me tears were rolling out of his eyes because of me and of course that warmth in his hug then I was sure about my feeling that he was feared of losing me in his life.. from then onwards I decided to not to leave him ever because I felt that love that day the love I was searching I found it in his eyes that day and guess what with my that step he never lied to me also and see today we are celebrating our 15th marriage anniversary because we have faith in each other and you also have to keep faith in him but yes I am not saying that forgive him so easily let him realise his mistake so he would never do this again to you now cheer up as my remarriage is there and I don’t want that you cry on my marriage I will cry na ……… they both laugh…

Screen shifts to Abhi there Rishi is telling to ABhi..
Rishi : yes bro you have hurt her really very much I can say because I have also experienced this but you know you should say sorry to her…. As that day I did I must have lost her if I didn’t reached there on time … you just say sorry to her and promise her that from now onwards you will not do such things….

Abhi : I have tried all the things yr… she is not listening… so what can I do…
Saying this he leaves from there sadly and Rishi says to himself now see Abhi how bhabhi will come to you and he calls Purab and explains something to him he agrees….
Pundit ji calls the bride groom and Pragya and Bulbul brings Indira and Abhi to Rishi while Pragya was coming down along with Indira Abhi reminds and imagine Pragya coming down as a Bride and reminds his marriage in Rishis marriage.. the marriage completed then Rishi and Indira goes and sits on stage.. Abhi and Pragya was standing part away then looking at them Rishi murmurs to Indira
Rishi : what do you think shri mati ji did we should help them now..
Indira : Rishi …. When you know what is in my heart then why you ask me so..?
Rishi : this is called love dear now see.. what your jugadu husband is going to do…. You just make Pragya understand…k
Indira nods yes… Rishi gestures something to Purab and he brings the dhol and everyone starts dancing Rishi also joins him and they both starts singing and dancing then slowly Bulbul and Indira also joins them…

Purab :

Suno ek thi kaanch ki gudiya (Listen, there was once a doll made of glass)
Suno ek thi pyar di pudiya (Listen, there was once a love story)
sadke us pyar ke (My respects to that love)

Rishi :

Suno ek the pind da shera (Listen, there was once a brave young man from a village)
Aaya kas ke band vo sehra (And he came wearing a Sehra on top of his head tightly)
sadke us yaar de..( My respects to that friend)

Purab indicated to Pragya :

Saji di doliii vo(The wedding palanquin was decorated)

Rishi :

Chadha tha ghodi vo (He was already atop of the horse)

Rishi and Purab :

Khoya jane kaha inna sone pyar dulya (No one knows where such a beautiful love disappeared, sweetheart)

Jogi mahi heer ranjhna (O Jogi and Mahi! To Heer and to Raanjhana )
Sabnu jake mai ye bolna (And to everyone else, I’ll go and tell this story)
bat bol k raz kholna (I’ll tell this story and open up the secret)

Then Purab and Rishi comes and pulls Abhi and insists him to sing Abhi looks on Pragya with sad face she left and when he sings she stops and steps a back..

Abhi :

Dil thame hue (Holding his heart)
Vo tha khada chupke se yun (He was standing quietly )
Door baithe hue (Sitting far away)
umran gaiyan ((Sitting far away))
Jaane na tu….(no one knows about this)

Rishi goes to Pragya and indicates his hand to Abhi to look at him

Rishi :

Deewane ne di jawani ke har ghum tu bhula de (The lover gave away his youth)
Ke har gham tu bhula de ( So that you will forget all your sadness)
Deta hi raha sadayen (He kept on calling you)
ki dil se tu bula le (In hopes that one day you’ll call him back with your heart)
O Chad de ve zid hun (O! stop being stubborn now)
chajje utte aaja’ hun (come on to my terrace now)
Dil toota janda sun pyar dulya(My heart is breaking, and love is spilling out of it.)

Rishi again backs to purab

Jogi mahi heer ranjhana (O jogi and mahi ! to heer and to Raanjhana)
Sabnu jake mai ye bolna (And to everyone else, I’ll go and tell this story)
Bat bol k raaz kholna (I’ll tell this story and open up the secret)

Now this time Abhi took the dhol and starts beating it and singing to hide his sadness

Abhi :

Dholna Ve, Bolna (My dear, speak now)

Jind Meri, Jind Meri, Hun Te Aaja (My life my love Come into my life now)
Jadon Da Rus Gaya, Khuda Bhi Bhul Gaya (Since You’re upset from me, I‘ve forgotten praying to God)
Jindadi Jaandi Hai Dholna (My life is passing away so quickly, my dear)

Abhi was still sad and Pragya was looking him she was standing showing back to him and he was about to leave but stopped hearing that it was pragya… singing sadly..

Pragya with fake smile and looking at Abhi :

Vo jaane kaha gum ho gayi Fir na mili (No one knows where she disappeared, she couldn’t be found anywhere)

Jo pholon si thi Rus hi gayi fir na khili.. (The one who was like a flower, she withered and never blossomed again )
Pyar maanga tha maine rab se (I’d asked for love from God)
Vo rehta that yahi pe (And whom I loved was living here only)
maangu mai yahi duayen (Now I pray only this )
Laut aaye vo kahi se..(May he comeback from somewhere)

She goes to abhi and forward her hand towards him gesturing him to hold it…

Hoo Chad de ve zid hun (O! stop being stubborn now)
chajje utte aaja hun (come to my terrace now)
dil toota janda sun pyar dulya…(my heart is breaking, and love is spilling out of it)

All are happy that Pragya forgive him and Abhi also hugs her emotionally and kids also came from back Abhi lifts Subuhi in his arms and starts dancing they all have a family hug as he is feeling that he is on cloud 9….
Jogi Mahi, Heer Raanjhana (O Jogi and Mahi! To Heer and to Raanjhana )
Sab Nu Ja Ke Main Yeh Bolna (And to everyone else, I’ll go and tell this story)
Baat Bol Ke, Raaz Kholna(I’ll tell this story and open up the secret

They all danced happily
They all are back to home.. all the children thanks Abhi for making Pragya smile again and goes to sleep as it is late night…. And Abhi also goes to his room there Pragya was combing her hairs lost in some other world she didn’t noticed Abhi coming inside Abhi goes and hugs her from back and kisses her on neck and asks
Abhi : what happened still angry on me… hmmm
Pragya : Abhishek.. did I ask you something..??
Abhi: hmmm..
Pragya : why was you shouting that night …. And why was you in such a peak of anger what was happened that day and whose call you are getting after hearing that your anger increases.. who is that person and what is he saying to you…
Abhi leaves her and says leave it na.. Pragya it is a waste thing…. Turning his face in opposite direction…
Pragya : no it is necessary for me knowing what was the reason for your anger and if you are saying true then take my oath that you are saying true…
Abhi : NO don’t do that you know I can’t take false oath of yours I am telling you
He sits on bed holding his head and says..
Abhi : Pragya I don’t know whose call is this and why the person is black mailing me he is warning me again and again to leave you all otherwise something will happen to you all because of me Pragya I was afraid of that calls that night as I was afraid of losing you again then when you stopped talking me I thought that if I will lose you like this then I will surely die then I started ignoring his blackmailing calls I can’t contact to police also because the person is calling again and again from different numbers…

Pragya : How you thought that Abhishek that we will be safe when we are far from you…no you are wrong we are the safest person when we are together.. Abhishek and if it is the matter of that blackmailing call then you should ignore it… it is possible that someone is playing prank on you. I have full faith in you Abhishek that till you are with us nothing will happen to our children and our family ……..
Abhi hugs her emotionally : sorry Pragya I am sorry I won’t do this ever …..
Pragya : its ok but listen don’t hide anything from me from now onwards……

Abhi kisses her forehead and says promise but you promise you will never talk about leaving me alone…
Pragya : who said I will leave you….
Abhi : you said it na that you will leave me and you know if you will leave me I will die without you…
Pragya: arrey baba I was angry so said it in anger what do you think only you have right to become angry I can’t become angry upon you….( gussa sirf apko aa sakta hai mje nahi ??)
Abhi wraps her in his arms and kisses her on her cheeks then says….
Abhi : No I have the only right to become angry……… you should only know how to love and shower lots of love ( nahi gussa sirf mujhe aa sakta hai tumhe to bas pyar karna aana chahiye..)
PRagya : Oho this much filmy things from where have you learned that…..
Abhi : when you are near me na… then my heart starts thinking this much …. And these thoughts come out…
They both smiles and talks and the whole night spend in talking while talking Abhi was keeping his head on Prgya’s lap and she was laughing on his talks…..
In morning Pragya send all children to the school and Abhi was on leave so he was sleeping ….. Pragya goes to his room with coffee and finds that he was woke up and seated on sofa she gave him coffee and they were talking about something…….. just then the doorbell rings and Pragya says I will open and she leaves she opens the door and was shocked as it was Nikhil on the door she welcomed him with a rude expression and goes to room…..
Pragya : Abhishek (in tensed voice) Nikhil is there he has come to our home …… and wants to meet you.

Abhi : what??? why that person is here and why he want to meet me..
Pragya : I don’t know..
Abhi: come let’s see….
Abhi and Pragya goes down and Abhi greets him with the rude expression and asked
Abhi ; You are here after long time….
Nikhil : I am here today to demand something with a humble request…….
Abhi : yes of course what and how can I help you…
Nikhil starts telling emotionally : Abhi actually you know when you left Tanu she was in shock and as a result she left over the food and taking care of herself and as a result she faced miscarriage and now it is long time we have married and we are not having any child so..
Abhi realises something is fishy : so what Nikhil say it with no fear..
Nikhil : so I was thinking that if you give one of your child to us for adoption so…..
Pragya heard that she was stunned to hear that from Nikhil’s mouth and feeling as someone has snatched the ground from below her legs( aisa lag raha tha mano kisi ne pairo k neeche se zameen kheech li ho) she was about to faint but abhi rushes to her and holds her.. he tries to wake her but she is unconscious so he takes her to the room and then he makes her lie on bed as she was unconscious and goes to Nikhil again and he was fuming in anger this time..
Abhi : get out…..(in anger)
Nikhil : But Abhi listen you will give a life a reason for living if you give us one of your child ..

Abhi : once more you said name of my children from your bad mouth then I am assured that I will kill you Nikhil now just shut up and get out what do you think this an orphanage that you will adopt a child from here this is my home Mr. Nikhil my world and these children have their parents we are alive till we are alive no one could take away them from me… and now don’t test my patience as because of you Pragya is in shock Have you became shameless Nikhil you are here to take a child for adoption after knowing that there parents are alive how can you even think that if you want a child you must have gone to an orphanage there are many children who needs parents but beside going there you came here and yes if you are desperate of having child from such a long time so for what was you waiting for… I think you and your wife has decided that you will not let us happy right but let me inform one thing if this time any problem came on my family or anything happened to them because of you both then I am promising you that this time I myself will teach you a lesson understand you better understand now before I forget that you are guest at my home and do what I shouldn’t do just get out and never show your face again to me……
Nikhil fumes in anger and left then abhi goes to Pragya and tries to wake her up she gains consciousness and reminds nikhils words and starts crying and saying
Pragya : Pls send him from here how can he think like that they are our children how can he say this so openly no no he cant do this Tanu cant be so harsh that she will separate a child from his mother and father no no one can separate us no one… say na Abhishek you have sent him na he will not return na….
Abhi consoles her and says they are our children and no one has such courage to take them away from us till I am alive….he hugs her again and tries to console her and the scene shifts to Tanu’s house..
Nikhil : I have said he won’t agree even if we blackmail him emotionally.. he is not ready to give any of his child even knowing that you have lost yours and you can never become a mother again…. Then also his heart didn’t melted…………

Tanu : So he have become such clever tell me what happened there
Nikhil narrated the whole incident….. and Tanu says to him in as usual vamp way : I need those children on any cost as they will turn jackpot for us …. Nikhil asks why is she saying so
Tanu looks at him and flashback is shown….
That someone is talking about the Party and some children performance Tanu looks at the vedio it and sees the girls voice was so adorable and the children were so talented and from that day she decided to have them by hook or by crook…(making clear one thing to you guys that tanu saw the vedio in which Abhigya was singing and Prabhas and Pulkit were playing instrumetns..)
Fb ends
And she turns to Nikhil and says from then onwards I decided that I need them by hook or by crook if Abhi is saying that he will not let anything happen to his children till he is alive so let the parents of children die…. Then those jackpot will be ours we will take high fees for their every performance……. And this will turn our days… and this will result into revenge from that Pragya as because of her my child is not in this world because of her only if she hadn’t told Abhi about the real father so I didn’t have so much anger again fb shown :
Abhi throws tanu out of the house and she goes to Nikhil in very much anger on Pragya and then she loses her temper and starts throwing things here and there and Nikhil trying to stop her but she didn’t stop and as a result her leg slips and she falls down with her baby bump….. fb ends..
then tanu says she have to pay for this now she will cry she will feel pain now see how I will ruin her world they both laugh and the screen freezes there……

Precap :- No precap…

Thank u guys for your support and somu (somiya) love you yr… haha anyways thanks to all the supporters i am not disclosing about the phone call now but i will soon disclose it as from today’s episode you must have known it is not Tanu..now again two questions kindly answer please so i can know in what directions you think story is going..
Question 1 :- What is tanu up to from your point of view..
Question 2 :- How will Abhi save his children…..
So answers this question in your opinion and you have no guesses then also no problem just stay tuned..till then bye bye
🙂 😉

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