KB story of faith season 2 (Episode 19)

The episode starts with Abhi and Pragya are talking to each other Abhi has kept his head on Pragya’s lap and saying…..
Abhi : You know how much I was missing this lap ..
Pragya smiles : hmmm you are not a kid so why was you missing it anyways I was also missing this kid
They both laughs and
Abhi : lets call home and see what are our children are doing…….
Pragya : hmmm
He calls at home and Ronnie picks up the phone..
Ronnie : hello who is this disturbing us while sleeping….. don’t you have no sense that you should not call at this time…
Abhi : eh.. chane.. have you gone mad you will tell me when I have to call huh…
Pragya is laughing at them

Ronnie : Arey sir you…. So must have to tell me na you are speaking how will I come to know other wise that you are calling… hah you should have learn these habits from me sir….
Abhi : Waaah great sir so from when should I start classes sir will you please tell me the timings and all..
Ronnie : Sir first of all as you are my di’s husband so there is no time limit for you. You can start classes from whenever you want and yes ofcourse there is no fees for you also..
Abhi : Oh sir thank u so much I am glad that you gave me the opportunity of becoming your student….( in taunting expression)
Ronnie : oh no need to thank you so if you have said me sir then from now onwards you are my student and I am your teacher…
Abhi (irked) : Abey chane…. If you spoke one more word na.. then I swear I will beat you with coming on phone ( abbey chane agar tune ek aur shabd kaha na phone me ghus k marunga samja..)
Ronnie : How dare you talk to your teacher like that…..
Abhi : Pragya he will never change now this brother of yours is spoiling my mood A monkey never leaves his habits of rolling over trees ( bandar kabhi apni gulati marne ki aadat nahi chhodega)
Pragya : Oho why you both always use to fight likes kids give me the phone I will talk to him
Abhi : yes better yr.. take it
Pragya : Ronnie all ok there where are the kids..??

Ronnie : di they are sleeping and yes all is ok here………..
Pragya : have they eaten food they have completed their meal…..
Ronnie : yes diii they have taken it so and relax you spend your quality time I will take care of them….
Pragya says ok and ends the call…. Then she says to Abhi…
Pragya : See how he answered me so easily….
Abhi : Oh madam only to you not me with me always try to be oversmart….
Pragya wraps her hands over his shoulders and says..
Pragya : Hmmm so that naughty boy troubles my sweet little husband.. huh…
Abhi ( inoscent anger) : yes.. and always…
Pragya blurts out in laughter : Oho so we will punish him ok….
Abhi smiles : You na….. never change ( tum na kabhi nahi sudhrogi..)

He wraps her in his arms and says soo… what’s the mood .. have to go home or should we go for a long drive….. hmm Fuggiii..
Pragya : ummm not on long drive but yes on a street food dinner….
Abhi : Ok your highness come we will go ……
They both laughs and leaves they both have panipuri on road side and then an ice-cream and then they both leaves for home….
In room Abhi was seated on bed and Pragya comes there changing her dress then Abhi asks..
Abhi : So Mrs Mehra how was the night spend with your boyfriend …
Pragya : it was a memorable night because today I was my boyfriend…
They both laughs….

In morning Abhi leaves for work and Children are at holiday as some function is there in their school.. so they all are studying as they have to complete their left over work..
Pulkit : Ma in this encyclopaedia there is no information on the botany section I am having problem in that now how will I do it damn I have to submit it by tomorrow how will I complete it by tomorrow.. ma… (in very much tensed voice)
Pragya : Pulkit relax first of all relax.. don’t take tension we are here na we will help you relax beta it will definitely be completed by tomorrow…. Come I will help…
Pulkit : are you sure ma….

Pragya : yes bachha come I will help you show me what’s the problem..
Pulkit shows the problem then Pragya asks
Pragya : Pulkit… this encyclopedia is old one we have to buy the new one so when today papa will come na say to him he will bring it and yes this question is not asking about full botany it is about the flower only.
She helps him Rahul enters..
Rahul : Chachi I am hungry have you made something to eat..???
Pragya : wait a minute Rahul just help Pulkit in this topic then I will serve food to you all..ok
Rahul to Pulkit : Hey duffer I have told you yesterday night na that this question is not like that now chachi is also telling the same now you are writing that same …. Chachi I have told him the same but as usual these younger one will listen their elder brothers and sister… I have told him already chachi..
Pragya : Pulkit is he saying correct….. ??
Pulkit : yes ma but I was forgot the answer so that’s why….
Pragya : Pulkit you should have to listen your elders now say him sorry…
Pulkit: sorry bhaiya…
Rahul ; Its ok now chachi you give food pls I am so much hungry and yes I am helping him …..
Pragya smiles and says ok .. Rahul helps Pulkit.. and then Pulkit slept as he was completing the project all night…
Abhigya and Prabhas enters and usual they are fighting…..

Abhigya : maa where are you ma….
Pragya : what happen why are you shouting like that
Abhigya : See this idiot he again did this to me he again fuzzed my hairs maa…he again pated my head from back why you don’t scold him see now I have to comb them again…
Prabhas : ma don’t listen to her as she was fallen down from bed and I laughed that’s why she is lying .. I haven’t done anything and what you said dumbo I pated your head do you think your head is drum I will pat it hahh dumbo that’s why I say to you that take classes from me you will have some mind..
Pragya : listen you both you wanna fight go and complete it then come to me with conclusion ok now let me prepare food..
Abhigya : Ok come idiot we will continue our fight ….. wait a minute what did I said right now maaa u cheated …
Prabhas : hey dumbo just because you are cheater you think everyone is cheater ..he laughs at her and they beagans to chase each other….
Pragya comes with food to Rahul and sees Pulkit slept on couch
Pragya : Arey why he slept here and when he slept ????

Rahul : Chachi he takes so much tension that’s why he doesn’t slept last night and slept now as the full work is completed….
Pragya cares his face and smiles at his innoscence and says to Rahul let him sleep in his room
The scene shifts to Abhi he is teaching Students about some musical note the bell rings and he leaves for staff room then he gets a call from an unknown number and the person on the other side says something and he fumes in anger and gets tensed also……
In MM it is too late and Abhi haven’t reached home yet Pragya is waiting for him all the Children have dinner and they have slept also…. But Abhi haven’t came till now so Pragya is waiting for him and she slept on dining table….Abhi came and directly gone to his room he didn’t noticed Pragya and after going to room he again get that call someone again called him and he gets this time more tensed…. And shouted Pragya waked up with that noise and goes to see who was it she sees it is Abhi then she asked to him
Pragya : what happened you are late today anyways come and have food first..
Abhi : I am not hungry….. you eat it …. And leave me alone for sometime….
Pragya : arey whats this hah why are you talking like this is something bothering you ???
Abhi shouts : I said na leave me alone cant you understand it simply….
Pragya : Abhishek what happened what’s the matter….
Abhi is in the peak of anger : you are the problem happy knowing that you are my biggest problem understand always stuck with me everytime cant you leave me alone…
Pragya : What are you saying…. Why you are blaming me…..
Abhi is now very much angry.. and he holds pragya tightly
Abhi : I said na leave me alone cant you understand this small thing have you stopped hearing also as you cant see clear without your specs now you cant hear clearly also…

Pragya : leave me it is paining……
Abhi has hold her so tightly so that his fingers were imprinted on pragya’s hand and the portions turns out blue…
Abhi : ok so you are not leaving so I will leave….
Pragya: no no need of it now I am leaving……
She leaves and goes to another room in darkness she cries hard as her hand was paining and also she was hurt to the core by those harsh words of Abhi and thinks that why he is so harsh why…she reminds her valentine night and cries hard thinking what is the reason for sudden change…. Why he has doing so.. she decides that I am his problem he said so I will stay far from him…

After long time spend it was 12 am in the clock Abhi was seated on his couch now his anger was calm down and he finds Pragya nowhere in the bed room then he reminds that fight with Pragya and her face……
Abhi : Damn Abhi what have you done you hurt her you blurt out all your anger on her… now she must be crying and angry on me… I have to say sorry to her….. but where she went ….may be in other room
she is..

Abhi goes and search her in all house she was in dadi’s room and sleeping holding her photo.. Abhi says she is ok might be she have also understood your problem but then Abhi notices that her pillow is wet then he sees her and notices her eyes and says to himself.. you hurt her too much today she is very much hurt she has cried today because of you Abhi she has cried like this today because of you she is feeling alone today.. and he keeps his forehead on her head and himself cries in regret..
At morning Pragya wakes up and sees Abhi sleeping near her she was about to wake him but then she reminds the words said by abhi last night so she stopped herself doing so and left … Pragya brought coffee for Abhi he was awake till that time.. He notices her sad face and while she was leaving after keeping his coffee he holds her hand and pulls her towards himself and hugs her and said sorry to her…. But she didn’t reacted and breaks the hug and left….. Abhi was stunned looking this behaviour of hers…then he decided to do something else to pacify her..
A day has spend and Pragya has neither spoken nor looked at him and his all attempt to cheer her up is failed so he gets sad..
Next morning he was sitting in his room and Subuhi comes in and sat in his lap followed by her Prabhas Pulkit Abhigya and Rahul also came..
Subuhi : Papa what happened as you are also sad and Ma she is crying continuously from yesterday we saw her she is crying hidingly ( maine dekha vo chupke chupke ro rahi hain.)
Abhi : nothing beta she is just angry on me nothing else as I have made a mistake…na that’s why

Prabhas and Abhigya : No papa she is not angry ..
Pulkit : Yes papa they are right she is hurt because she is not speaking a single word just doing as what we are saying …
Abhigya : Yes papa she hasn’t scolded her also from yesterday for our fight what has happened papa…
A tear has rolled out from Abhi’s eyes : Nothing beta I said na she is just angry with me…….
Subuhi : wipes his tears : No papa don’t do this now ma is also crying secretly and you are also crying..
Abhi smiles at her..
Prabhas : so go na papa say her sorry we can’t see her like this our happy ma is missing from yesterday we thought that may be she is tensed with some thing so we didn’t asked her but no she is not talking to us today also please bring her back.. please bring our happy ma back na ….
All children were about to cry as Pragya hasn’t spoke to anybody…. But Abhi pacifies them and he goes to Pragya and sees she is working in kitchen he was about to go but he gets purab’s call
Purab : Abhi is everything is alright ABhi you and Pragya diii hasn’t come neither yesterday nor today… why have you made your mind to break relation with us( in joking manner)
Abhi : no yr its nothing like that…
Purab : Abhi what happened you are sounding tensed..
Abhi narrated the whole incident and says to

Purab : What have you done Abhi you hurt her this much but how can you do so are you out of your mind you make her happy at valentines night and just next day you said these words to her how can you blurt your anger on her you know Abhi you are lucky that you have done so and diii is still with you if there was any other lady and other than Pagya diii she must have left you after seeing
your this behaviour now what will you do..

Abhi : She hasn’t spoken to me from 2 days yrr she is not even looking towards I am really feeling shame and guilt how will i..
Purab : just say sorry to her .. and try your best and promise her that you would never behave with her like that….
Purab ends the Call…
Abhi goes to kitchen and finds Pragya was not there then he goes to his room and sees Pragya there and he goes and hugs from back and says hey Pragya now enough yr.. forgive me Pragya doesn’t responds to him again.. he then notices that Pragya is applying some ointment in her hands he sees it and remembers that incident that night.. He comes infront of her and again says sorry she again doesn’t respond. And goes to the sofa abhi goes infront of her and kneels down and says
Abhi : Common Pragya its enough your silence is taking my life away from me pls speak something ( Tumhari khamoshi meri jaan le rahi hai please kch to bolo) say something you want to scold me so scold me wanna beat me so beat me wanna throw me out of this house then do so.. but atleast speak to me otherwise I will die without listening your voice.. Please speak something pls…
Pragya doesn’t responds and speaks to him with rude and polite voice

Pragya : Whats the need of listening the voice which you don’t want to listen the person you don’t want to see in your home believe me Abhishek I must have left this home till now but I stopped as I thought you don’t want me to see in this house but not your children so I stopped just for them.. And whats the need of talking as you cant share even a problem of yours with your wife so whats the need of living here… I will soon leave Abhishek you don’t worry about that…..
Abhi : It was my mistake please forgive me Ok you have said there are many problems in me na then ok wait a minute ( he takes out a diary) now tell me all the problems in me my ups and downs my egos my attitudes what ever you want to tell me insult me as more as you can but don’t say that I don’t LOVE YOU…
Pragya : will you able to write your all problems..
Abhi : yes I will as I want to change now ..
Pragya : so write … I am telling
She starts singing…

Pragya :

Jab tum chaho pas aate ho (You come closer when you wish)
Jab tum chaho door jaate ho (You go far when you wish)
Chalti humesah marzi tumhari (It’s always your wish)
Kehte ho phir bhi pyar karte ho (Still you say you love me)

Mana maine galtiyan ki (I admit I made mistakes)
Thodi thodi sakhtiya ki (I was a little strict)
Ishq me thodi si mastiyan ki (I had some fun in love)

Pragya :
Jab tum chaho shikwe gile ho (There’s angriness when you wish)
Jab tum chaho dil ye mile hoo (These heart meet again when you wish)
Chalti humesha marzi tumhari (It’s always your wish)
Jao bade aaye pyar karte ho.. (Still you say you love me)

She leaves from there and goes to terrace to take off dried clothes and Abhi follows her as he is writing whatever she is complaining…

Pragya :
Dil ki baten bolte nahi (You don’t talk about what is in your heart)
Raz apne tum kholte nahi (You don’t reveal your secrets)
Apne man ki tum karte ho sada (You always you as you wish)
Mera man kyu tatolte nahi.( You don’t get my heart)

Sach hai teri ye sab shikayten (All these complaints of yours are true)
Tod doonga ye riwayten (I will break all these habits)
Bhool meri bhool jana (Forget my all mistakes)
Mujhko aaya na rijhana (I didn’t know how to convince)
Magar chahta hu ab manana (But I want to convince now)

Pragya :
Jab tum chaho has k bulao (Call with laughing when you want)
Jab tum chaho ladte hi jao (Keep quarrelling when you want)
Chalti humesha marzi tumhari (It’s always your wish)
Badi badi batein Pyar karte ho (Spin a yam, you love me)

Hearing this much of complaints Abhi holds his head as there are much complaints of him he thinks how (music still playing) these bad things you have meanwhile Purab also comes and asks in gestures that did she forgive you Abhi nods in no then kids come and says something in their ears they all agrees and goes then Pragya hears some mischivious sound then she comes to see and as she entered the room Pulkit holds her and pulls inside and Subuhi takes her to the Black board and Prabhas gives her duster and Abhigya hands over the chalk to her then she sees the children and Abhi Purab Bulbul sitting there as school students supporting Abhi

Abhi :

Seekhni hai Pyar ki bareekiyan sabhi (I’ve to learn all small things about love)
Ho samay agar to sikha dijiye abhi (If you have time, teach me right now)
Kaise kisi ko mante bato bato me (How is someone impressed during talking)
Door kaise hoti kisi ki naraazgi.( How to calm someone’s anger)

Pragya :

Bhole banke karte ho gustakhiyan (You cheek being simple)
Chhod do ye sab chalakiya (Leave all these clevernesses)
Baton me uljhao na you (Don’t soothe me like this in conversations)

Abhi requesting folding his hands….
Baat ko badhao na yun..( Don’t make it big issue)

Pragya : Tears rolls down from her eyes
Manungi na mai manao na yun…(I am not going to convinced so better Don’t convince me like this)

She leaves from there angrily and tears in her eyes….

Abhi : I have very much disappointed her she won’t forgive me…. (sad expression)
Purab : You don’t worry Abhi she will forgive you as she also cant live without you …
Bulbul : Yes jiju give her some time…
Pulkit comes and says
Pulkit : Papa should I suggest something …
Abhi kneels down and says yes beta..
Pulkit : Papa just remind your love to her…..i know she will forgive you then..
Abhi : hmmm lets try this also….

Guys from now onwards i will not write precaps to maintain the suspense and yes you are commenting comments are reducing day by day are you not liking the ff i know many new ff are there and i think that is the reason the old ones are losing there charms so not taking your much time i am leaving you with two questions and you have to answer them
1. Whose call is this by which Abhi is getting on peak of anger and who is on the call what the person has said to him….
2. What disaster Tanu is going to bring in abhi and Pragya’s life
make guesses and try to answer.
Till then seeya..

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