KB story of faith season 2 (Episode 18)

First of all Happy Valentin’s day to you all and this is the Valentine special episode and yes ofcourse from my side today it is fully musical so be patience and read it and yes please give your feed back about today’s valentine now enjoy..

The episode starts with Pragya Talking on Phone and scolding to Bulbul about the happenings of last night and Bulbul says sorry in cute manner and Pragya melts down just then… Pulkit calls her out for some work……….
Pulkit : Ma …. I am not able to find out my encyclopaedia have you seen it somewhere I have to complete my science project today teachers said that we have to do the complete the holiday homework also as their marks will be allotted for that …. That’s not fare..
Pragya : oho Pulkit stop complaining I know you will take some time to adjust there but it will be Ok see that was the small town so the studies were like that now you are in big city so you have to study hard and yes better cooperate with teachers beta and yes here are all your important books which you needed ok now if you have work so go fast and complete it and yes if you need any help so come to me or papa ok ..
Pulkit : I don’t know ma if you are not there then who will give me strength to solve any problem so easily…
Pragya : That’s why parents are ……… ( she cares his face)now study ok…
She leaves from Pulkit’s room then Abhigya calls her
Abhigya : Ma… see this sentence I am not able to understand it can you please make me understand it…
Subuhi : Maa.. tell me this what is this figure as I don’t know its name.. and this word also…
Pragya solves Abhigya’s problem and Subuhi’s also then she leaves to her room…. There Abhi was looking something
Abhi : so tomorrow is the day I have brought this for her but I should have to plan something else also….. otherwise it will be not done to wish her so lightly…
Just then Pragya enters and Abhi hides it under the bed and asks..
Abhi : you came so early have you completed all your work.( in taunting tone)
Pragya : oho always you taunt me that’s not fare and by the way don’t you have any work other than sitting and complaining about the situation..
Abhi : Yes of course I don’t have any work as I have such a beautiful wife to handle all and she has no time for me ….so this is better to keep taunting..
Pragya : hmmm so you wont stop ok you continue I am going to sleep … because I am so much tired now..
Abhi : why are going to sleep so early yrrr tomorrow is Sunday na so why so early….
Pragya : areyyy yrr again complaining……
Abhi : So unromantic fuggiiii huhhhh (irked) better you go to sleep…
Pragya : yes now you are right…
Abhi thinks sleep now fuggiii as tomorrow you are going to have a surprise….. I have planned something for you ……

In morning Pragya wakes up and finds Abhi is not in bed so she thinks where has he gone in this early morning as he never use to get up.. in such early morning so how he done so today.??
So she leaves the bed and about to leave the room but when she reached below the room fan roses petals began to shower on her and she was totally surprised just then Abhi came and hugs her from the back.. and said
Abhi : Happy valentines day to my love…
And he gives a big large size greeting card to her ….
Pragya : This .. When did you planned this (surprisingly and happily)
Abhi : you didn’t like it..???
Pragya : like it..!!! nothing can be a bigger and best surprise than this…. You can’t imagine how much I am happy right now..
Abhi : I don’t want to imagine also as I just want to see your happiness… and see it always on your face.. now open this read it ..
Pragya opens it and reads it there was written that Thank u for being in my life thank u to make my world full of happiness…Pragya was happy reading it and Abhi said.. did you like it…
Pragya : not liked I loved it…
Abhi : then get ready because you are going to have many such surprises today as like that come get ready we will go to shopping today and then there is a special surprise to you…..
Pragya : Really but what about children….
Abhi : Ahh don’t fear when I am here I have send them to Bulbul and they will be there for some time…..
Abhi says now get ready fast as we have to go to shopping… Pragya smiles and says of course… They goes to shopping and there Pragya doesn’t like any dress so … then Abhi says no you have to purchase something If you are not in mood of doing so…. So I will select something to you wait and he selects some sarees and Pragya feels happy and shy as the people were gossiping that how loving couple is this husband is so loving see his wife is lucky to have a husband like him… and he gifts them to her…. Then they were leaving to home someone notices them from inside the car and says…… so you again happy Abhishek Prem Mehra you have no right to live happy Pragya and Abhishek after ruining my world you cant stay happy…..

Abhi Pragya reaches to home and Pragya was leaving to her room to keep the stuff Abhi holds her hand and pulls her towards him.. and hugs her he rests his face on her shoulder and says..
Abhi : So what’s the plan tonight ???
Pragya : I don’t know as my boyfriend will decide it….
Abhi : So did he decided ???
Pragya : I don’t know as he only knows…
Abhi : Actually he has decided he is taking her girlfriend on a date at evening today’s evening..
Pragya: what ??? (surprisingly)
Abhi : yes…
Pragya : ohooo today someone is showering much love ……
Abhi : hmmm as someone deserves this love….. Ok so now at this time I have to go out due to some work so I will return at 4 pm and I will blow horn of car so you come out as we will leave without wasting our precious time for love…
Pragya (smiles) : Ok I will but you don’t want your gift ??
Abhi : There is a surprise gift for me ???(surprisingly)
Pragya nods yes
Abhi : I wanna see show it to me right now….
Pragya gifts him a shirt and a guitar…….
Abhi : Oh really you are becoming smart yrr this shirt is my favourite and guitar I love you yr…
Pragya : hmmm smart wife of a smart rock star …
He hugs her tightly and says you are the best fuggiii and he leaves for work and Pragya keeps smiling imagining that morning moment.. just then children come in and starts shouting ma….. we are hungry maa… where are you… Pragya shouts coming and goes to them…
Pulkit : Maaa what have you made to eat we are very much hungry..
Pragya : Why you all were at maasi maa’s home na you didn’t ate there ??
Abhigya : Ma till we not eat food from your hand naa we remain hungry so pls …
Pragya smiles and says ok baba wait for a minute….

Its 4 o clock evening….. Pragya is drying clothes on terrace and Just then a car honks Pragya sees it was Abhi and he was waiting for her she gestures just wait for a while I will come after finishing this work… Abhi gestures him be fast …. The time delays and Pragya is continuously saying to wait finally it is 4:30 so Abhi became restless and starts blowing horn again and again and started singing..

Abhi : Aaja shaam hone aayi (Come, it’s almost evening)

Pragya : Mausam ne li angdaai (the weather is lazy)

Abhi: To kis baat ki hai ladaai (So what’s the argument about?)

Pragya: Tu chal main aayi (You go, I’ll follow.)

Pragya finished her work and Abhi was still standing near his car Pragya was leaving just then Pulkit stopped her to ask some help over his assignments…. Pragya makes sad face but helped him… Abhi became restless he called her..

Abhi : Baja kya hai dekho zara tum ghadi (What time does the clock show?)
Guzar jaaye na prem ki ye ghadi (May we not lose this moment of love.)

Pragya: Aati hoon thoda sa dheeraj dharo (I’m coming, be a little patient)
Laga doongi main prem ki phir jhadi (I’ll shower my love on you again.)

Abhi: Utni hi door hai tu jitni kareeb hai (You’re as far as you are close)

Pragya : Tere mere pyaar ka kissa ajeeb hai (The story of our love is strange.)

Abhi : Dhat tere ki ((an expression of annoyance))
Ab to jaan pe ban aayi (Now it’s taking my life)

Pragya : Ye hai pyaar ki gehraai (That’s the depth of love)

Abhi : To kis baat ki hai ladaai (So what are we still arguing about?)

Pragya :Tu chal main aayi (You go, I’ll follow.)

Abhi :My God

Pragya :Tu chal main aayi (You go, I’ll follow.)
Abhi : Come soon yaar

Then after helping Pulkit Pragya was again tried to leave but again… this time Abhigya and Prabhas stopped her and asked her to make some snacks for them as it is evening and we want snacks.. Pragya again got busy and this time…. Abhi became desperate.. and again calls her from outside the home…..

Abhi : Bahut ho chuki hai teri dillagi (Enough of your stubbornness)
Chali aao ab shaam dhalne lagi (Come on, the evening is almost gone.)

Pragya : Mere dil mein kitni umangein bhari (My heart is so full of hope)
Tumhein main batati hoon aakar abhi (I’ll tell you about it all now)

Abhi : Haan ha mera jaadu chal gaya tera chehra khil gaya (Yes, my magic has worked, there is a bluch on your face)

Pragya : Peechhe peechhe main chali aage aage tu chala (You go ahead, I’ll be right behind.)

Abhi:Dhat tere ki
To kar do sabko tum goodbye (Say goodbye to everyone)
Pragya : Maine pyaar kiya main aayi (I’m in love, I’ll come.)

Abhi : To kis baat ki hai ladaai (So what are we arguing about?)

Pragya :Tu chal main aayi (You go, I’ll follow)

Abhi :Make it fast

Pragya:Tu chal main aayi (You go, I’ll follow)

Abhi :Oh come on.
Just then Ronny enters with Robin… ( Abhi called them to take care of children as Purab and Bulbul is also going to celebrate Valentine’s day) Abhi Pulls Pragya and takes her to the room and holds some clothes in her hand…. And says..

Abhi : Now no more excuse just go and change we are already late..
Pragya was leaving but Abhi holds her Dupatta and gets closer to her.. and says…
Abhi : Be fast now don’t make me wait han…

Pragya smiles and goes to change and she comes out in red saree with white micro flowers in it she is looking adorable and they leaves…. In the way Abhi closes her eyes with a black cloth and give her some bangles to wear which are also red in colour and she wears it but didn’t saw how it was as her eyes were closed…… they reached there…. Abhi lifts her in his arms and let her down in the way… then he got disappeared.. Pragya opens her eyes experiencing silence everywhere she saw that there was no light all was dark everywhere and Abhi was also not there… she afraid of dark so she starts calling….
Pragya : Abhishek where are you ??? you know na I am afraid of dark then also you are doing so with me….( afraid voice about to cry..)
Abhi (voice over) : I will not come out ?
Pragya : why see don’t test my patience pls come out….
Abhi : first promise me that you will never behave smart infront of me…
Pragya : I will not I am promising now pls come where are you…
Abhi : you will never talk about leaving me alone..
Pragya : I wont now pls come na..( about to cry..)
Just then lights get on and Abhi comes infront of her and she punches him on his shoulder he says ouchhh Pragya hugs him tightly and says never do so again as you don’t know how I was afraid that moment..
Abhi : sorry baba now come …
He takes her to the place where he had planned a date and shows the place was same as that was when Abhi has Proposed Pragya and she was stunned to see that again..
Abhi : remember this place…???
Pragya : How can I forget this as this was the best part of my life ..
Abhi : exactly that’s why I have recreated it as same as it was at that time …. And this time I have something special for you…….
Pragya : what special now…?
Abhi goes near the piano which was actually added by him this time and started playing and singing Pragya came and sat near him and he was singing… looking her happy face…

kya tujhe ab ye dil bataye (what should the heart tell you now)
tujhpe kitna mujhe pyaar aaye (how much love I feel for you..)
aansuon se main likh doon tujhko (I’ll write you with my tears,)
koi mere bin paDh hi naa paaye (and except for me no one would be able to read you.)

yoon rahoon chup, kuchh bhi na boloon (I wish to be quite in such a way, that I say just nothing.)
barson lambee neendein so loon (I wish to sleep years long sleep.)
jin aankhon mein tu rehta hai ( the eyes in which you live.)
sadiyon tak wo aankhen na kholoon (I’d not open those eyes for years)

mere andar khud ko bhar de (fill yourself in me,)
mujhko mujhse khaali kar de (and empty me of myself.)

haathon se girne lagi (from my hands,)
har aarzoo har duaa (every wish and prayer has begun to fall.)
sajde se main uTh gaya (I got up from my prayer)
jis pal tu mera hua (the moment I found you.)
[As if you were the one I was praying for, or to.]

( he express his love and tears shed from his eyes and Pragya wipes them )

kya tujhe ab ye dil bataye (what should my heart tell you now)
kyun teri baahon mein hi chain aaye (why I feel at peace in your arms only)
Abhi hugs Pragya
aansuon se main likh doon tujhko (I’ll write you with my tears,)
koi mere bin padh hi naa paaye (and except for me no one would be able to read you)

mere andar khud ko bhar de (fill your self in me)
mujhko mujhse khaali kar de – (and empty me of myself)

And Abhi and Pragya danced romantically ball dance and Pragya said..
Pragya : Thank u to make my Valentine this much special it is very special to me I will not forget it ever…
Abhi : I have to do so as it is our first Valentine after such a long separation…..
They both hug emotionally….

Precap :- No precap

hey guys sorry for that much long episode i am very much sorry for that but i promise that other one will not such long i am really sorry if you didn’t like this episode but i want to share something to you that this is my imagination i want Abhigya Valentine like this sorry if you didnt like it and yes sorry for putting two song but as i told u earlier that this ff is full of songs every episode will have one that’s why i am writing lyrics in english also hoping you are enjoying that and once again sorry if you didn’t liked that i have just tried to show the sweet romance not the proper romance and i think you are got bored with these long episodes that why i have got less comments in my previous episodes.. so kindly give you feed back upon this through comments and yes for further episodes stay tuned….

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