KB story of faith season 2 (Episode 17)

First of all i would like to answer the question of Mukund raj who asked that whether Abhi will restart his rock star career again or not so my answer is that Mukund he will surely start his rock star career as he is rock star but we have to wait for that … and yes ans to your another question the family members are alive or dead so my answer is for knowing it stay tuned…. And those who haven’t read episode number
they can read and comment on it here….
and yes dont worry about that Abhigya’s separation as it is not going to happen again but some twists and turns are there..
now coming to the story again..

The episodes starts with Purab and Bulbul looking towards each other in shocked expression and says in chorus ohhh noo…
There Abhi and Pragya are full drunk and they goes to stage .. Abhi goes to band people and says to them that what are you playing i..i…idiots Pragya says you don’t know how to play music.. he will teach you…
Abhi…did I know fuggiii how to play music…
Pragya : you forgotten ofcourse you know how to play as you are rock star..
Abhi : arreeyyy haa.. I am a rockstar.. so I know how to play music
They both laugh and Purab and Bulbul also reached there they saw there doings and holds their head Bulbul says
Bulbul : dhat terii kii !!! Purab we gone now its better to stay out and see it….
Purab : You are right Bulbul…
They stands aback and see them getting mad after drink…
Abhi pushes the drummer and takes the drum stick from him and starts playing it and Pragya sitting beside him and sudden Abhi starts singing….

Abhi :
Mood aashiqana hai (Mood is full of love)
Subah ghar jana hai (I have to go home in the morning )
Tune kaisa jaadu hai kiya (what kind of magic you did )

Lamha ye suhana hai ( This moment is delightful )
Time nahi gawana hai ( I don’t want to waste time)
Jeene ka maza le sathiya ( Enjoy your life beloved)

Pragya smiles and sings :
Tu kheech meri photo ( so take my photo)
Tu kheech meri photo ( so take my photo)
Tu kheech meri photo piyaa ( so take my photo beloved)

They both come down from stage and Pragya goes to bar section and Abhi follows her they both take a glass filled and then Pragya goes to Bulbul and rests her hand on her shoulder and was about to fall but Bulbul balance her and she looks at the glass and sings..

Pragya :
Khwabo ka town hai ( There is a town of the dreams )
Raat bhi brown hai ( Night is also brown )
Kya hua kuchh nahi ( What happened nothing)
Do hi drink down hai ( Only drinks are down )

Abhi takes Pragya with her and and they both sat on stage and laughing looking at people

Abhi :
Nashe me hum nahi hain (We’re not in toxication)
Ye sama nasheela hai (This season is intoxicated)
Paani bhi peete hai (When we even drink water)
To lagta hai taqueela hai (It seems to be a tequila)

And they are laughing and singing… and making fun of guests..

Abhi :
Mood aashiqana hai (Mood is full of love)
Subah ghar jana hai (I have to go home in the morning )
Tune kaisa jaadu hai kiya (what kind of magic you did )

Lamha ye suhana hai ( This moment is delightful )
Time nahi gawana hai ( I don’t want to waste time)
Jeene ka maza le sathiya ( Enjoy your life beloved)

Pragya :
Tu kheech meri photo ( so take my photo)
Tu kheech meri photo ( so take my photo)
Tu kheech meri photo piyaa ( so take my photo beloved)

They were making fun of everyone and suddenly they both fainted and Purab and Bulbul apologises to all guests and take them to their home and make them sleep properly…..

In morning Abhi and Pragya both woke up and they were sitting holding there head..
Abhi : Pragya… yr… I am feeling like my head has become heavy…
Pragya : what should I tell as I am also feeling the same…. Even I am feeling dizzy also…
Abhi : But why as what was happen I doesn’t remember anything do..you..
Pragya : aaahhh…my head I also not remember what was happened at yesterday night just that we heard the song of Abhigya and boys.. after that…. Ahhhhh (irked) I don’t know… am I looking inquiry office to you so you are asking questions to me I don’t know what was happened…..
Abhi : okay okay chill…. My head is also paining yr….
Pragya : hmmm whats the time….

Abhi : its 7 am morning..
Pragya : what ??? its late how I can sleep this much late ….. its today I have so much work Abhishek( he was slept again) get up Abhishek….. ehh you will be late for office common get up….
Abhi : what I am late yiepieee …… thank god…. I am late..
Pragya : what are you saying you are late and you are saying yiepiee….. as today schools are also reopening… oh no they all will get late…
She rushes down and see that children had left and sees Bulbul there and asks to her…
Pragya : Bulbul you here ?? when did you came ???? and where are the children …
Bulbul thinks that if she will tell what happened last night then diiii will definitely scold me…so better Bulbul make and excuse …
Bublul : diii actually I came last night itself with you people you don’t remember ??? may be you are tired that much that’s why you don’t remember anything.. and yes the children are left foor school…
Pragya : yes this is the problem today with me I am not remembering what was happened last night after Abhigya’s performance…
Bulbul : leave it na diii…. You go and fresh-n-up I have made breakfast so come and have it…..
Pragya goes to her room and sees Abhi sleeping then she make him get up ……
Here the time passes and the time is for returning children back from the school.. and Abhi and Pragya are still having head ache….. ( make you clear that Abhi and Pragya were drunk after a long time so their head was paining as like they have drunk first time) they both was thinking that why they are having head ache…

Abhigya , Prabhas , Pulkit, Subuhi comes in and they asks to both
Pulkit : ma papa are you feeling well now last night you was not well na..
Abhi and Pragya asked in shock beta you know what was happened last night as our head is paining sooo much and we are not able to remember anything……
Pulkit : we can tell you!!! We can show you what was happened last night…
Abhi and Pragya in shocked expression you can show us!!! Then Rahul brings his tablet and shows the video of last night when Pragya and Abhi were drunk and Their both doings… Abhi and Pragya looked at the vedio and are shocked expression looked at each other and shouted in chorus “we were drunk !!!”
Pragya : that’s why we were slept so late and we are feeling dizzy since morning..
Abhi : right but how as I remember I haven’t consumed it..
Pragya : me also ……. Wait a minute that juice that juice we have that juice was having that see we were drinking it and after that we started that stupidity….
Abhi : yes you are right… but how that was a juice…
Something strikes into Pragya’s mind and she said
Pragya : Abhishek who gived us that juice..???

They both looked at each other and shouted in chorus Bulbul…
Pragya : that’s why she was here at morning and left now…. Now she is gone…
Abhi : twist her ears from my side also..
Pragya : let her come now……
The scene shifts to a man watching last night party Abhigya Pulkit and Prabhas performance and a lady notices it and says to her husband so she is back … anyways.. I want these children as they are so much talented and they will result jackpot for me…….

Pracap : tanu’s entry, Abhi shouting on Pragya….

Guys i will not be able to upload the episode tomorrow so i have uploaded it today itself sorry for that and yes i am liking that you all are questioning me open heartly and i am very happy to answer that so…. what do you think what will happen now ???? what problem does the tanu is bringing in Pragya and Abhis happy life and how will this tanu go to her end and how will they get rid of her permanently ??? answer to such question is of course i have but i want to know that what you people are concluding on Tanu’s return One thing I am telling now that she is not again enter to seperate Abhi and Pragya and so why she has returned ??? pls ans what do you think as i want to know that is anybody guesses right about the further story or not kindly answer yr… by the way some hint is there in todays episode…..and keep commeting and of course to know the correct answer stay tuned….. and yup last but not the least keep supporting guys…

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