KB story of faith season 2 (Episode 14)

The episode starts with sunrise in the morning is shown All the children are sleeping in their respective rooms and Abhi and Pragya in their room Pragya wakes up and sit on the bed sees Abhi sleeping she was about to leave but Abhi in sleepy tone..
Abhi : ummmmm where are you going come sleep it is very much morning nobody wakes up in such morning and makes her lie on bed again and holds her from her waist..
Pragya : hmmm so you are sleeping and not sleeping as well ok let me get up I have to make breakfast and you have to go school also na let me go and better you also getup. (as mentioned in previous episodes Abhi is teaching as a music teacher in school after they got separated and was on contract basis in raigadh)

Abhi doesn’t open his eyes : mmm some more time na Pragya please you also sleep and let me sleep also..
Pragya : No baba you wanna sleep so sleep but let me wake up ok ..
Abhi : so you want to go…na go then I am not awaking now as it is only 5 o clock in the morning you go i will sleep
Pragya fresh n up and was sponging her hairs with towel Abhi comes and hugs her from back she says
Pragya : so finally you got up hmm…
Abhi: yes as I was looking that my beautiful fuggi is again in her attire which is her saree and that boaring bun …..
Pragya : So…. According to you what should I wear…??
Abhi : just a minute
He goes and takes out that suit which was brought by him in raigadh
Abhi : wear this .. today
Pragya : this suit is from…(in shocked expression)

Abhi : Yes I brought it for you now no question just go and wear it
she changes it and comes out Abhi is stunned looking her beauty she was looking extremely beautiful…..
Pragya : Now it is ok na..
Abhi : yes but still something missing…
Pragya : what.???
Abhi goes and opens her hairs and says now it is ok… actually this style suits you he gives her some bangles and says..
Abhi : these hands doesn’t look beautiful without them….
Pragya : Ok baba now if you have completed this make your wife ready according to session so should I leave now and you are awake so then go and fresh n up as today you have to go to school also….
Abhi again hugs her from back and lies his head on her shoulder and says..
Abhi : today no work as I am on leave today I will join from tomorrow today let me spend time at home..

Pragya : Ok do what ever you want to do just do but leave me because I have to make breakfast as your four sorry sorry five champs will woke up and they will start screaming
She breaks the hug and leaves….Abhi thinks she is so busy in them no time for me… haah abhi this is what your life is going to be sooooo boaring…. Pragya shouts from outside Stop complaining go and fresh n up he thinks she is becoming so smart….
All come on breakfast table children sees that Pragya’s look is changed they complimet her that she is looking beautiful today more than daily Abhigya says yeahh.. today you are looking modern mommy grt and Abhi also arrives there all children greets him
Pulkit : good morning papa
Rahul : Good morning chachu..
Prabhas : Hey popsii take from my side also as same as dada said…
Abhigya: From my side also….
Abhi : Good morning to all baba and wait a minute what is popsii and yes I think from yesterday you was 5 in count but here are only 4 where is the small one means the 5th one
Prabhas : papa seems too long so i made it short and made it popsii…. sounds good na..
Pragya (serving breakfast) : the fifth one is still sleeping… as what will happen she hadn’t slept
in afternoon today and see now as a result she will sleep late now..

Abhi : hmm so I will go and wake her up …
Pragya : No stop … no need of it if you wake her up now her nap will not complete and then she will behave irked with every one so better you concentrate on your plate and don’t think about her she will awake when her nap will get complete every time pampering is not necessary..
Abhigya, Prabhas , Pulkit and Raahul laughs at Pragya scolding Abhi like a kid and he gets irked
Rahul : Chachu now I can say chachi is back….. ahahah
Pragya also comes there to have breakfast and then Abhi asks her..
Abhi : Pragya I was thinking that admitting these 3 shaitans in same school where Rahul is studying as it is best school and the best part all brother sister will go to same school..
Pragya : hmm it’s a good idea.. no problem in it..
Abhi : But I was thinking about Subuhi the school will not take 6 years old girl as the school is from class 1st so what about her..
Pragya : So we have to find a primary school for her as if we will wait for her becoming 7 years old then it will be too late.. so better we find a primary school for her..
Abhi : hmm that will be right..
Subuhi comes there rubbing her eyes and sits in Pragya’s lap and Pragya says..

Pragya : oh the little one got up good morning papa’s princess….
Subuhi : Good morning ma… I am hungry….
Pragya : hmmm so my little doll is hungry so we have to eat something so before that we have to brush our teeth and have to take a bath so come we will have it fast and then fast fast we will eat food ok..
Subuhi : yes ma do fast
Abhi : hey Subuhi you didn’t wished your papa today good morning…
Subuhi goes to Abhi and sits in his lap and says Good morning papa today you will play with me na we will paly more games today as Bhaiya dada and didi will be busy in them selves playing so better I will play with you now..
Abhi : okay but now go and take bath and come fast as you are hungry na..
Subuhi leaves with Pragya to have bath and Abhigya asks to Abhi
Abhigya: Papa are we going to same school in which Rahul Bhaiya goes…
Abhi : yes bachha as the school is best school…
Prabhas : ready dunbo I am also in that school now who will save you from me…… dada the fish is trapped now it will be more fun to tease her now….. agreed dada..
Pulkit : agreed Prabbhas….
They both laugh hard and just then Pragya brings Subuhi and serves her breakfast
Abhigya : idiot you just shut up otherwise today I won’t spare you….
Prabhas : let’s have breakfast first then we will decide…
Abhigya : ok
Abhi: Can’t you both stay like a good brother and sister always use to fight like a cat and a mouse…

Subuhi laughs hard and teases them both
Subuhi : haha Abhu didi you are a cat and Prabhas dada you are a mouse.. haha
Prabhas : NO chhoti I am cat and she is mouse.. right na Abhigya.???
Abhigya : yes of course ……… wait a minute what did you said Prabhas you gone this time….
And they start began to chase each other Abhi goes to music room after having breakfast and Pulkit and Rahul plays vedio games in their rooms together as there is no school now and Pragya takes the dirty dishes to the kitchen….. and she was keeping the flour container at the top shelf just then Prabhas and Abhigya comes chasing each other..
Abhigya : I will catch you wait prabhas I wont spare you..
Prabhas : first catch me then we will see who spares whom..
Pragya : Abhigya Prabhas stop it as the stool will jerk and I will fall down stop now ….
They are not listening and as a result the stool jerks and the container falls down Pragya saves her self by balancing and Abhigya and Prabhas start laughing.. hardly

Pragya : Abhigya prabhas you are laughing at your ma.. right wait I will tell you I was saying that don’t do this the container will fall but no you will do what you want to do right.. areyyy I am scolding you both and you both are continuously laughing what happened now…
Abhigya and Prabhas (in chorus) see at your back ma…. Haha Pragya sees and screems aaaa and then she also bursts in laugh…. Yes ofcourse it was Abhi on whom the all flour was fallen and now he was fully looking like a white ghost now and looking him in that state they all were laughing by seeing his expression..
Pragya : Abhishek what was you doing here..??(laughing hard)
Abhi : I came to have some water but didn’t know you will welcome me in kitchen like this…
Pragya : hahahah sorry but they were playing and it fallen accidently nothing else …(laughing hard) by the way you are looking beautiful in this getup ….
Abhigya: yea papa you are looking like a beautiful lady hahahh
Prabhas : first time you said right dumbo……. Seriously fugga papa is looking like a white duck quack quack..
All laughs hard
Abhi irks: you are making fun of me you all just wait..
He begans to chase Pragya and twins and twins runs outside the house and Pragya runs towards the room and finally he catch her and says
Abhi : now say what I have caught you laughing on me right
Pragya: no (controlling her laugh)
Abhi : I am a duck white duck see you are laughing till now..(in irked voice)
Pragya : what I can do as my husband is looking so cute… so what can I do….
Abhi : hmmm looking cute na so you have to give some penalty for laughing on this cute husband..
Pragya : and what is that ??( in scared voice)
Abhi : nothing just bring my new pair of clothes..
Pragya : youuuu….

And beats him abhs says ouchhh.. and he goes to take bath.. and after bath he is shivering as he caught cold…Pragya laughs and sponge his head from towel he says its all because of neither you said me to bath nor the cold caught me see now… why are you laughing Pragya…
Pragya : areyy baba its ok its just a common cold you will be okay let me bring hot coffee for you okay by the way who told you to take a bath with cold water ….. if you will bath with cold water then of course it will happen na
He was about to say something but Pragya taps his nose with her finger and says no more ifs and buts I am bringing and see there who is there your little girl is there you talk with her I will be back now in a while….okay
Subuhi : papa you caught cold now how will you play with me….
Abhi : areyyy I am always okay to play with my children (sneeze ) you don’t worry just tell me what do you want to paly (sneez) ..
Subuhi : no no papa you take rest today I will play with dada and Rahul bhaiya you take rest…..
Abhigya and Prabhas enters and says yes papa she is right just take rest as you have to be okay for playing and if you became more ill then ma… will definitely not leave us so its better you take rest…… Pragya enters and says they are right and you do rest and this is your coffee and yes no more playing Subuhi ,….. Abhigya… Prabhas come lets go beta let him take rest..
Abhi ; but listen I am ok ……
Pragya : no ifs no buts tomorrow you have to go to work and pls its just for few hours take a nap as you will feel better you can play with them later also…
Time passed it is evening now an Abhi gets up
Pragya : Now feeling well….???
Abhi : yes as that coffee made me feeling well……
Pragya : so now get up as it is no time to sleep…..
Abhi listens some drum beats.. and asks.
Abhi : who is playing the drum…
Pragya : It might be Pulkit a he plays very good drum
Abhi : seriously ????

Pragya : yes as you don’t know your all children are very good at music and every one have different taste in it like Abhigya loves English songs and she sings them also Prabhas is very good at playing keyboard and singing some melodious songs and Pulkit is good at playing drums and of course your little princess she can play piano very well…. Haah you can say the house is full of musician
Abhi holds her and wraps his hands around her waist and says you forgot some one
Pragya : whom??
Abhi : My girlfriend Razia you forgot her she is very good at singing…
( as in season 1 while making Pragya’s music career Abhi named her Razia..)
Pragya: hmmm so razia is also good…
Abhi : come lets see what is he playing with that drum…
Pragya : you go I am coming as I have to keep those clothes on their place…
Abhi leaves and goes to Pulkit’s room and Abhigya Prabhas Rahul and Subuhi is also there..
Prabhas : Papa you okay now see we are playing someting..
Rahul : what are you saying Prabhas chachu can hiself tell because he is a rock star…
Abhi smiles just then Pulkit asks..
Pulkit : Papa you love maa.. so much na
Abhi : is it the thing to ask of course I doo
Pulkit :hmm thats why you easily bear her anger okay jokes a part Papa as bhaiya is saying you are a rock star so we haven’t heard you singing yet please papa sing some song na we want to listen..
Abhi : Areyyy but how as it need… much preparation to sing.. a song..like playing instruments etc..
Pulkit : papa please na don’t take tension of instruments as the full band is with you but sing a song dedicated to ma we want to see her smile while listening your song.. pls na papa

Abhi : but beta…..
Subuhi : papa please na….
All insists him to sing and he agrees
Pulkit :I will beat drum..
Prabhas : I will paly keyboard..
Abhi : okay so ready….
Rahul gives him his guitar and he starts playing it and Pulkit plays drum and Prabhas the keyboard Pragya in her room listens and thinks soo the rock star is back and smiles just then Abhi starts singing
Mareez-E-Ishq Hoon Main, Kar De Dawaa… (I’m suffering from love, provide a cure for me)
O Ooo Ho…
Talab Hai Tu, Tu Hai Nasha (You’re my thirst, You’re my intoxication)

Ghulam Hai Dil Ye Tera(My heart is Your slave)

Khulke Zara Jee Loon Tujhe (Let me live You freely)

Aaja Meri Saanson Mein Aa(Come in my breath)

and Pragya listens him and leaves all the work and goes there to listen him and she goes there and stand near door and Abhi looks her and continue singing but this time with more smile as he use to sing before they were having children and he was singing the song mareez-e-ishq hu mai..
Abhi stands playing guitar and sings.
Mareez-E-Ishq Hoon, Main Kar De Dawa… (I’m suffering from love, provide a cure for me)

Haath Rakhde, Tu Dil Pe Zara(Put Your hand on my heart)

O… Haath Rakhde, Tu Dil Pe Zara(Put Your hand on my heart)

Pragya feels shy and smiles at him…….

Tujhe Mere Rab Ne Milaya (My God has made me meet You)

Maine Tujhe Apna Banaya (I’ve made You mine)

Ab Na Bichadna Khudaya… (For the love of God, please don’t separate from me)
Mohabbat Rooh Ki Hai Laazim Riza…( For the soul, love is a crucial gratification)

Haath Rakhde, Tu Dil Pe Zara (Put Your hand on my heart)

O… Haath Rakhde, Tu Dil Pe Zara (Put Your hand on my heart)

O Ooo Ho..

Chaaha Tujhe Maine Wafaa Se (I’ve loved You with true faith)

Maanga Tujhe Maine Dua Se (I’ve asked for You in my prayers)

Paaya Tujhe Teri Ada Se…( I’ve achieved/attained You due to Your own style/grace)

Karam Hadd Se Zyaada Hai Mujhpe Tera (Your benevolences upon me are countless)

Haath Rakhde, Tu Dil Pe Zara (Put Your hand on my heart)
O… Haath Rakhde, Tu Dil Pe Zara (Put Your hand on my heart)

Abhi says thank u and all the children says.. superb papa your voice is just…. Prabhas says papa you tooo rocking papa Abhigya says first time this idiot is right and Pulkit says papa I think in earlier days if you were singing like that so I am sure that girls would have flat on you and dying for you na …. Abhi feels shy and Pragya smiling continuously and at last Abhi says that it is not done I have make u listen my voice now I want to listens yours…
They all reply we will papa as it is surprise for you and ma … today maasi ma told us that she is keeping party in your returning and we will make you sing our voice in that party so just wait and watch…..papa and maa…

Precap : Abhi falls from the terrace..

Guyss so here is your first musical episode and i have much more thoughts like this because the family is of rockstar family and in rockstar family no music naahhh it wont like good okay now coming to the point you will think after reading the precap that how he falled and why he falled from the terrace… so not disclosing that i am giving hint to you that this will cause all because of some silly demands to know it you have to read the next episode so… till then keep commenting dont forget to mention the best the bad part and yes ofcourse thanku to all the readers thanks alot and till then…. and yes of course you all need the big family so let me tell you it will become big but how you have to read and comment it

Stay tuned.. 😉 🙂 for see this silly family happenings

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