KB story of faith season 2 (Episode 13)

The episode starts with Abhi Pragya’s flight landing in Mumbai they leaves for home and reaches to Purab and Bulbul’s home and Bulbul brings aarti thali to welcome Pragya and she does aarti pragya comes inside and Pragya and Bulbul share a hug both are crying badly…
Bulbul : where was you di and why you took that much time to return di… I am angry with you you don’t even thought that how will I live without you…
Pragya : sorry na Bulbul but that time wasn’t easy for me also… I also suffered a lot and always thinking about you and all
They both are crying hardly and Abhi is holding Subuhi in his arms…. And Prabhas is standing with him.. Bulbul goes near and asks…
Bulbul : Di is this the junior jiju…?
Pragya nods yes…
Bulbul : he looks alike of him …
Pragya : not just look alike the ability to answer is also same like father…
Purab : Di we are very much happy….. as you are returned now see there will be only happiness in this family today the family is completed…
Purab and Bulbul notice Abhi holding Subuhi…
Bulbul : Areyyy who is this small princes di…. And jiju why are you holding her like this we won’t harm her let her down….
Purab : Bulbul is right Abhi leave her yr..as we also want to see her and shower our love on her would you not let us do so…(complaining tone)
Abhi : hmmm you try to take her then I will leave because at this time she will not leave me..
Bulbul and purab tries to take Subuhi from Abhi but she holds him tightly and hides her face in his shoulder… and about to cry..
Abhi: What I have told you…. She would not leave me better Pragya hold her yr…
Bulbul : di…. She is so fond of jiju she not leaving him papa’s daughter…. huhh(In fake anger)
Purab : Abhi when you became so beloved of children as she is not leaving you….. Dear you have made my fun na …. When I used to handle Koyal now I will do the same with you because I don’t think that your this daughter is going to leave you so easily….
All laughs and Subuhi gets scared…
Abhi : hey princess see they are making fun of your papa now get down otherwise they will make our fun all the time common little dear be brave show them that papa’s daughter is not afraid from anyone…

Subuhi gets down but when she see bulbul and Purab still laughing she rushes and hides in Pragya’s saree pallu and all laughs on her innocence
Pragya : now enough don’t trouble my daughter see how she is scared…..
Subuhi asked in low voice : Ma where Is dada and abhu didi……???
(Pulkit and Subuhi use to call Abhu to Abhigya with love.)
Pragya : beta they might be here somewhere ….. suniye where is Pulkit and Abhigya ……
Purab : di they are at MM with Koyal and Rahul ……….??
Pragya (in puzzled voice ) : Rahul ???
Abhi : Bunty…. we named him rahul ..
Pragya : Oh…
Abhi : Ok then come we will go to our home..
Bulbul : first of all jiju this is also your home ok ……
Abhi : yes baba my mistake ok…sorry for that madam…
Bulbul : Better and yes we are also coming with you….
Abhi : Ok lets go….

They all goes to MM and Abhi and Pragya are shocked to see that full MM was decorated with light….. and he understands that it is Bulbul’s doings so he praises her they get inside and sees the MM is decorated beautifully just Pragya enters and Abhigya and Pulkit rushes to her and hugs her says….. Maa….. where was you so late see how we have prepared your welcome it was maasi ma’s idea
Pragya : Hmm so she included you both in her doings now… ok let it be it is really very beautiful….
Abhigya then goes to Prabhas and says
Abhigya: Hey idiot so finally you are here you took so much time to come yrrr..
They both share a emotional hug and Pragya and Abhi and all looks them and are happy to see their bonding
Rahul and Koyal is looking at Pragya Rahul is still hesitated but Koyal goes to her.. and says to kneel down….. Pragya kneels down and she holds her chin and starts seeing her face
Koyal : Hmmmmmm …….. so you are badi ma right … okay let me clear one thing that I will not call you badi ma I will call you maasi ma… and bade papa aah let him remain bade papa… so I was saying that you will not think that I am your sister’s daughter you will think me as your own…. And yes if you are holding this girl in your arms you have to hold me also… understood… better understood..
Pragya is dazzed by her tantrums.. : Ok boss…. Understood anything else boss…
Koyal : Ma make her understand my other terms and conditions also….
Pragya : wooh bulbul she have terms and conditions also..
All laugh on her silly talks and tantrums Abhi says I told you na she is just a copy of Bulbul… Bulbul twists Koyals ears and says…
Bulbul : Can’t you stay normal every time being mischievous ..
Koyal : aah Ma can’t you stay mischievous every time being normal….
All laughs hard and Purab interrupts…

Purab : see di there was one for me to handle now the second one is also the Xerox I think I should take them from here now you people take rest we will meet tomorrow. They all nods bye…. Pragya says she is totally the small Bulbul I remember when she was small she always use to say like that to janki ma…. Abhi rests his hands on Pragya’s shoulder and says yes but yet she is so cute… come lets go inside… they goes inside and Pragya notices Rahul stood over at same place… so she calls him..
Rahul : you are really chachi na not an illusion …
Pragya laughs : yes I am now not to fear as I am not going anywhere now I will be with you now stop crying and go to your youngers as you have to take care of them from now
She hugs him Rahul becomes emotional Pragya wipes her tears… and he leaves… Abhi is noticing and smiling continuously…. And says to Pragya..
Abhi : Now you can make coffee for me and bring it in the same place where you use to serve it earlier…..
Pragya smiles and says okay…
just then Abhigya and Prabhas again started
Abhigya : Now finally you are here now see I will not spare you for your silly pranks….
Prabhas : You won’t spare me dumbo haha really then let me clear one thing to you it is not possible because now I am here and dada is always with me so let me say those words that I wont spare you now so be ready to get irked with my traps hahah am I right dada
He gives a high five to Pulkit..

Abhigy : Oh hello idiot if you have dada with you na then I have Rahul Bhaiya with me as he is elder than dada now you see how we brother sister make pranks on you…… and Dada you also see what your abhu will do if you will support him … Rahul bhaiya is with me now I have more power now….
Prabhas : Dada see who is taking about power who doesn’t even know how to spell power hahahah Dumbo you will never change you will dumbo forever now I am sure…
Rahul smiles seeing them fighting and Abhi Pragya holds there heads and says in chorus
Abhi and Pragya : Again started they will not change ( fir shuru ho gaye ye nahi sudhrenge )
Pragya : leave them on their condition go I am bringing coffee….. let them fight they will be silent to their own
she takes coffee to abhi and starts unpacking her and abhi’s bags…she goes to keep the clothes in wardrobe and Abhi comes and hugs her from back and says did you remember this wardrobe Pragya says why would I will I forget this….. as this was the only place where I use to hide from your pranks … Abhi turns her towards him and says wanna experience those pranks again ..???? and they both gets closer and abhi kisses on her cheeks… she feels shy and about to leave but Abhi holds her and pulls back towards him and says in murmuring voice Subuhi is sleeping , Abhigya prabhas Pulkit and Rahul are playing in their rooms so I wanna show you something pragya says….
Pragya : Really what you wanna show that how much romantic you have became…….(laughing expression)
Abhi : I wanna show you how much I love you…
Pragya : So show na…..
Abhi : but not like that..
Pragya: then how…
Abhi closes her eyes with a cloth and lifts her in his arms and goes to the room where he has pratrayed large portrait of her..
Pragya : whats this should I open my eyes..
Pragya opens her eyes and sees there is dark just then Abhi puts on the light and pragya sees her such a big portrait and she is shocked to see such a big portrait of her and her eyes get full of tears she says this much you love me that you filled a full wall with my face Abhi says my love is not measurable fuggiiii as you are my everything… without you my life has no motive and they share a emotional hug.. then Abhi breaks the hug and turns her around and she sees that there are the full room is full of photos with all childrens photos.. and Pragya finally couldn’t stop her tears and hugs him..

Abhi : its oks yr I just made it for our little world…
Pragya : Suniye you have become changed this much love for us…. Really..
Abhi : This is not enough I love more than anything….. hey now stop all this as this is the happiest moment of our life… and yes you also have to change now something..
Pragya : What ??
Abhi : this suniye …… of course call me with my name from now onwards.. that is Abhishek..
Pragya : But how will this possible as I won’t call your name as I have never took your name so how can I ….
Abhi : try at once na…. you will become fond of it…. Common just try
Pragya : Ok
She says Abhishek and feels shy she hides her face In Abhi’s chest and he laughs on her ……
Pragya : I said na I won’t be possible for me..
Abhi : if you won’t call me with my name then I will not listen your suniye…
Abhi is about leave and pragya calls suniye he ignores and then pragya calls Abhishek suniye .. He turns back and says
Abhi : see you took It and from now onwards call me like this only..
Pragya: ok baba but why Abhishek why not Abhi….
Abhi comes closer to her and wraps his hand to her waist and says because… Pragya arora was wedded with Abhishek Prem Mehra not Abhi and All people use to recognise me as Abhi so it is good that my beloved wife should take my name that is Abhishek as it will be call by you only….. She smiles and says okay my dear husband …..
They both laughs and leaves the room Just then they see that Subuhi is awake and searching for Abhi here and there….
Pragya : Go see your dearest daughter is searching for you I am telling you this girl is becoming difficult to handle she doesn’t listens to anyone accept you.. see now she will not sleep without you also …

Abhi : I think some one is feeling jealous .. Pragya is my thoughts are right that you are jealous
Pragya : very good this was left to hear now I am jealous …… waaooo let me make clear you one thing that I am not jealous at all because there is no reason of jealous I am just telling that this will make trouble for me who will handle her when you will go to work or somewhere else due to work tell me I was just thinking that only…..
Abhi : you don’t worry about all that my daughter will not trouble you as she is papa’s princess and she will understand when I will make her understand.. okay stop thinking all this
Their cute fight cum nok-jhok starts and Subuhi finds Abhi ….
Subuhi : Papa I will not talk to you I am angry you left me in such a big room alone huh…
Pragya : Now handle her …(in taunt)
Abhi kneels down : Oh papa made a mistake today now my princess will give me punishment Ohhh god I am so scared what punishment will she give to me…
Subuhi : I can forgive you papa … but on one condition..
Abhi : and what is that my little dear…
Subuhi : tell me where you have kept my all gifts…..
Pragya : Subuhi it is not good you are making unnecessary demands…
Abhi : Hey Pragya shhhh…. As now we are talking na don’t disturb… ok want to see your gifts… then sure you will forgive me na..
Subuhi : yes …
Abhi : so then come
He holds her hand and she holds his finger they both walk towards a room and Pragya follows them Abhi opens the room and says this is for my little princess…

the room is decorated from all fairy tale character having a round princess like bed a couch is there a study table and full room is painted with pink colour and fully decorated as princess room and there are lots of teddy bears as Abhigya and Subuhi likes …… Subuhi is filled with joy and rushes inside the room she jumps on bed and takes one teddy bear and says this much big teddy bears papa I love you papa … she is very happy and Pragya is also happy looking her happiness to such and extent and sees towards Abhi ….
Abhi: Don’t say anything this is my daughter’s room our both the daughters will live here ….
Pragya : But when did you done all this..
Abhi : Actually I made this room for Abhigya imagining that she is growing so she will live in this room and these things I am trying to decorate it from past 8 years as I was fully believeing that one day you all will come to me and then my daughter will live in this room… and see you came but with double happiness two daughters both are sweet …. This is my family..
Pragya smiles : I am happy now …. Very much happy… seeing your this much love for children…
They both goes to Subuhi and Abhi says..
Abhi : so hows the room did you like it…
Subuhi : like it … papa it is beautiful I love you sooo much…
Abhi : oho so now should I think that you forgave me for my mistake..
Subuhi : yes papa..
Abhi : so this is your and your Abhu didi’s room you both will live here okay now lets go we will go to see the boys room..

They goes to see and Abhi shows them the room of Prabhas and Pulkit and Pragya is dazzed that the room is full of some musical intruments and posters of cars and ofcourse a big chimpanzee and gorilla stuff toys are there near the boys wardrobe..
Pragya : Everything is okay here but I cant understand why this chimpanzee and Gorilla stuff toys here and in such a big size I think there is no need of it….
Abhi : Don’t think about that this chimpanzee and gorilla will make them remind that there doings are not less then these two..
And they both laughs and shows the room to children all children are happy and Pragya suggest to Rahul to share the room with Pulkit and Prabhas no need to live separately they all are happy….
Abhi : so did you like that all arrangements… Fuggiii dear..
Pragya : hmmm let me tell you close your eyes first then I will tell you..
Abhi : do you wanna kiss me after closing my eyes…
Pragya : arey baba just close na….
Abhi closes his eyes.. and Pragya gives him the gift packed..
Pragya : now open it..
Abhi : what is this
Pragya : see your self … open it…
Abhi opens the gift and there are two dolls there
Pragya : remember them…??
Abhi laughs : haha one is your boyfriend and one is my girlfriend… but from where did you get them…???
Pragya : when I was cleaning your wardrobe I found them and then I remind the old days so thought why don’t you remind them…
Abhi smiles at her and says you are becoming smart fuggiii…. They both hugs each other and are happily

Precap : Pragya is taking out the flour container and Abhigya and Prabhas comes there they are chasing each other and the container falls on……..

OK guys thanks for your response over the question and i am happy that you all want to see the family love in this ff…. so i will continue like this only and yes there is a gift to you all from my side that you dont have to fear for their separation as i know that you all are fed up of separation as it has took a long in original track i can say that as i am also fed up totally so i have decided that there will be no more separation but small little fights some unhapping incidents and yes lots of love .. so to enjoy them ….
Stay tuned and yes dont forget to comment the best and the the bad part of ff… and Kaif this is a message for u all what i write after precap i have made the episode longer also and as you wished so hope you will be happy now 🙂 ok guys see you with next episode till then
Stay tuned .. and stay happyyy 🙂 😀

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