KB story of faith season 2 (Episode 12)

The episode starts with Pragya coming back to home Prabhas is opening the door as Subuhi is slept and Pragya is holding her and they get inside…….. and Pragya goes to lie Subuhi on bed and thinks she is soo cute and now she is also have become the apple of his eyes….. how much she is pampered by him she doesn’t lives without him for a moment every time she needs papa hmm after Abhigya she is his lovely daughter …. And smiles…Prabhas enters the room and says..
Prabhas : she is his beloved by papa a lot and we brothers are loved a lot by our ma… ( he kisses Pragya on her cheeks…)

Pragya smiles and makes him sit on her lap and says
Pragya : hmmm so my little teddy thinks like that but beta there is nothing like that Papa cares for you all equally as you and dada are boys so he cares you like a father a brother and a friend that’s why he use to play silly pranks with your company hm!! Am I right….
Prabhas : Really it is like that ma..
Pragya : Yes my bachhaa … and he cares Abhigya and Subuhi like his princess because girls are so special as they complete the family you should have to respect them if you wont you will be declared as bad boy… understand .. now come tell me whether you have prepared your all syllabus for your exam or something left also……

They leaves and scene shifts to Mumbai where Abhi has reached in Bulbul and Purab’s house and Bulbul welcomes him and asks how are you and that’s not fare you met and found di but didn’t told us anything na …
Abhi : Hold on baba hold on…. She will come with me but first meet them…
Bulbul : who who is came with you jiju….(in puzzeled voice)
Abhi : Areyyyy where did you went bachhon… come here..
Abhigya and Pulkit enters and hide at the Abhi’s back as the place is new for them.. Abhigya hides at Pulkit’s back and Pulkit at Abhi’s back…..
Abhi : Areyyyy why are you hiding beta come in front show your face these are our family members beta …
Both comes out Bulbul sees them and goes to them and says…
Bulbul taking face of both the children in her palms….. : Arey how sweet children are they who are they jiju..????
Abhigya runs to Abhi as she is hesitated and Pulkit also goes to Abhi they both sit holding his hands
( guys I know you will think that why Pulkit is behaving like this as he is elder then all the children so let me clear that on new place everyone is hesitated to talk or face someone even me also use to do the same when I go to some new place 🙂 so don’t get confused it is just an experience Ok now coming to the story…)

Bulbul : Jiju why are they hiding and who are they ???
Abhi smiles at her and says : Abhigya beta don’t hide like this greet your maasi cum chhoti ma common Pulkit you also beta go greet your maasi ma…
Bulbul is shocked and asked : Jiju these are your children She is my Pragya di’s Abhigya and where is Prabhas beta ( her eyes are filled with tears and she is happy) But jiju Pulkit ???( In puzzeled expression)
Abhi was about to tell then he remembers Pragya’ s words that don’t tell it to anyone so he stopped and said..
Abhi : leave it it’s a long story… just remember he is my dearest elder son..
Bulbul : jiju why di didn’t come you said you are bringing her ..
Abhi : yes she will come but after Prabhas exam will get over and after ending this meeting I have to leave for raigadh to pickup them… and you will you treat us like this we have just arrived and you started questioning like raw agent.. no coffee no tea no water you have no sense how to treat your guest ….. Bulbul grow up girl…(in teasing expression)
Bulbul irks : You need it then you can ask for it calmly why are you ordering me as you know Bulbul khanna will never work on orders…..(in attitude)
Abhi : Ok my amma ok can you please bring us a glass of water….

Bulbul smiles : yes now you can have it…….
Just then Rahul and Koyal enters and sees Abhi…. And shouts..
Koyal : Bade papa you came and who are these two with you ???
Rahul hugs him : Chachu why you came so late you said that you will come early….then why late..
Abhigya and Pulkit feels jelous
Abhigya : See dada papa is hugging them who are they…..(in anger voice)
Pulkit : yes Abhu I am looking that see how they are….. come lets see..
They both goes there and sees Abhi consoling Rahul Abhigya interrupts
Abhigya : Papa who are they and why you hug them you are our papa na so why you are loving them..????

Pulkit (in soft voice) : Yes papa who are they ???
Abhi laughs on seeing them jelous and on their silly question… and answers…
Abhi : Beta these are your brother and sister.. Meet Rahul he is My elder brother means your bade papa Raj’s son and meet this little cute don of the house Koyal she is your maasi ma’s daughter and totally resembles her also…….
Bulbul enters in taking coffee for Abhi and snacks for children and after taking coffee Abhi asks about Purab she replies that he is waiting for him in office Abhi leaves for office and Bulbul shows Abhigya and Pulkit there respective rooms ………
The meeting is over and Abhi returned to home he introduces Purab with Abhigya and Pulkit and tells the story of how he found them Purab says he is happy as you got your life back but when she is coming here and why didn’t you took them to show MM …
Abhi : No yr……. purab not now but when I will bring her na we will settle our new world in that MM… then it will be again alive…
Purab : Ok baba ok now tell me how this Pulkit become your son ……
Abhi reminds Pragya’s words.: He was escaped in the same truck and lost his family so…
Purab : Ok ok now you take rest as you must have became tired so I am leaving we will talk later ok good night..

Abhi : Good night….
He thinks about Pragya and calls her but Prabhas picks up the phone……
Prabhas : Hello papa..
Abhi : Beta you are still not slept why are you awaking… bachha late night…
Prabhas : Nothing papa just not able to sleep as I am missing my dumbo very much till I didn’t fight with her I doesn’t feel good….
Abhi : beta she is slept you must have sleep now and where is ma give phone to her…
Prabhas : She was making me asleep and she slept but I am not..
Abhi : oh Prabhas don’t get sad dear as I will come day after tomorrow and will take u and ma also here..
Just then listening that someone Is talking Pragya awakes and sees prabhas is talking to someone..
Pragya : Prabhas beta with whom you are talking at this late night you should have sleep na how will give your exam tomorrow if you don’t sleep go and sleep and whom you are talking to…
She takes the phone and says helloo ..

Abhi : you woke up wow.. so is everything alright there ??? Did my little princess troubled you ???
Pragya : Achha you are on the line …….. yes everything is alright except Prabhas he is missing Abhigya very much and Pulkit also…. Nothing else.. And your little princess was slept while returning to home so didn’t troubled me… it will be known tomorrow when she will awake that how much she will trouble me .. (she yawns) you didn’t sleep till now ..???
Abhi : No as without hearing your voice how could I sleep and without your lap how my sleep will be sweet…
Pragya laughs…
Abhi : Ok so you go to sleep as you are continuously yawning….. good night Mrs Mehra…
Pragya laughs and says yes good night to you too….and ends the call she sings lullaby and pats Prabhas back to make him sleep and he sleeps but on other side with Abhi….
He goes to the room to look weather Abhigya and Pulkit are slept or not and he finds that they both are awake he asks the reason so they replies that we are not feeling sleepy…
Abhigya : Missing ma’s lap..
Pulkit : She cares my head to make me sleep
Abhigya nd Pulkit (in chorus) : Missing her a lot ……

Abhi : Just this I know you are missing her because she is maa.. na but you have to sleep come I will make you sleep come to papa…
He keeps Abhigya and Pulkit’s head on his lap and cares their hairs so that they feels sleepy…. And they both slept and as Abhi also in sitting position..
Purab and Bulbul are watching all this from outside of the room and Purab says..
Purab : I know him very well but never seen this face of Abhi so change….
Bulbul : this is not change Purab as it is the love of father which is just showering on his children who hadn’t seen fathers love….
They smiles and leaves……
Next morning Abhi went to office for completing the left over work and Abhigya and Pulkit are at home…. They comes down and sees Bulbul serving breakfast to Purab they asks…
Abhigya : maasi ma where is papa ????????
Pukit : did papa went to take ma…

Bulbul : No beta he has gone to complete some left over work he will be back soon
Just then Abhi enters and sees Pulkit and Abhigya standing in their night suits … they both rushes towards him and hugs him
Abhi ; Hey you woke up now ????? this time you was sleeping ??? Now go and change your clothes and fresh n up beta fast as it is 12 pm means very late go fast… gogogo..
They leaves and Abhi sits on the dining table and says to Purab to book tickets for today’s evening flight Purab says sure as you are going to take pragya di…. He leaves then Abhi thinks it was Prabhas’s exam today I should ask how the exam so he calls Pragya..
Abhi : hello ..
Pragya : yes I am
Abhi : I just called to ask how are you and today was Prabhas exam na how was it gone…
Pragya : He attended it very well but still missing Abhigya how are they ???
Abhigya and Pulkit enters

Abhi : Ask your self…
Abhigya: Hello ma how are you ??? you know how much we are missing you when you are coming to us and yes how is that idiot pls give phone to him….
Pragya : hold on hold on girl take a breath he is ok and here he is.. wanna talk to him..
Prabhas : hello Dumbo now you have remembered me you are not missing me na I wont talk to you….
Abhigya : ohh hello idiot I was missing you but last night papa told that you haven’t slept so I didn’t called you by the way don’t trouble ma ok..
Prabhas : Dumbo don’t talk like elders okk .. anyways missing you yrr…
Abhigya : me too…
Pulkit takes the phone and talks to Pragya
Pulkit : Ma how are you..??
Pragya : Pulkit …. Yes beta I am fine you ok na taking care of your self na and yes you both are not troubling papa right …
Pulkit : yes ma I am fine and yes we are not troubling papa…..
Just then Subuhi enters and sees Pragya talkin on phone she starts shouting papa’s phone I wanna talk ma give me she gives and pulkit handover the phone to abhi..
Abhi : hey my little princess how are you are you troubling your ma…???
Subuhi :No papa but when are you coming I wanna play with you …. You know that cat who lives back our house……

Abhi : yes …
Subuhi : papa she left some where come soon na we will find her..
Abhi : Aww beta I am coming tonight okay then we will find her okay ………….
Subuhi : okay papa …. But come soon …
Abhi : Ok baba I am coming tonight it self.. ok.. now give phone to ma..
Pragya: Yes so you are coming at night am I right ?
Abhi : Have you done a course of astrology I mean how you understand without my telling (in shocked expression) subuhi didn’t told you right …….
Pragya : Hmmm Mr the phone was just on speaker nothing else…..(laughing)
Abhi ; oh so……. My dear pack your stuffs as I am coming and we will leave tonight itself..
Pragya : ok so you cut the call now…
Abhi : Don’t you missing something ??????
Pragya : No I don’t think so…
Abhi : Really…
Pragya : yes I am not forgetting anything I have completed all the work and what else I had to remember….(smilingly..)
Abhi : Nothing madam now I am keeping the phone you go and pack your stuffs…
Pragya: ok…
Abhi : hmmmm

Pragya : suniye…..
Abhi : now what ????
Pragya : I love you….
And she cuts the phone Abhi smiles and thinks the small kid in her is still alive and Pragya on other sides feels happy and shy……
It was 4 o clock evening Pragya was making Subuhi sleep …. As before arrival of Abhi she can take a proper nap otherwise after his arrival she will not sleep…. But as usual making her asleep Pragya felt slept and Abhi arrived he comes in the room sees Pragya sleeping and Subuhi who was pretending to sleep saw him and goes to him shouting..
Subuhi : Papa….. you came where are my gifts..????
Abhi : Hey you are awake but stop shouting(in murmured voice) ma is sleeping na we have to go our home so better let her sleep for an hour …..By the way did you troubled ma….???
Subuhi : No papa actually ma troubled me a lot …. By making me eat those Aaloo Parathas and ketchep how much I said to her that don’t trouble me I am my papa’s princes but she didn’t listened me see how she is sleeping I told her that papa is about to come don’t sleep… but no she slept and you know she was trying to make me sleep also….
Pragya was listening to all convo and interrupts in between…..
Pragya : Really Subuhi….. I was troubling you..

Subuhi : Oops papa I think she heard that ……….. now ..???
Abhi : yes beta she heard that …. Now but she cant do nothing as you are with me….. I will handle her..
Pragya : yes ofcourse you know how this girl is becoming difficult to handle she i trying to become my grandmother….. see she hasn’t slept… otherwise she sleeps at this time …..
Abhi : Pragya…. Leave it na ok tell me all are ready have you packed your bags ….
Pragya : Yes we were just waiting for you…
Abhi : then come we will leave..
Pragya : Areyy you just arrived na sit and take rest I will bring coffee for you…
Abhi : No No come as now we will rest on our home our place and yes there I will say you to make coffee.. but now come lets go..
Pragya : Ok baba… come.
They leaves for Mumbai ..

Precap : Pragya and bulbul hugs emotionally…… Abhi shows Pragya the room where her large portrait is ….. she gets shocked…

Ok guys here is your episode but it is little bit longer today as i was getting complaints to unite the family so i had done some part of it in today’s episode itself…. But now i have one complaint that why the comments are becoming less day by day are you not liking it…… pls comment guys ..
Ok so here a new chapter is going to start with Abhi Pragya leaving to Mumbai…. so i have one question from you all….. should i continue like this only where every character is balanced and have equal part showering love of family and cute small romance between Abhi and Pragya ..??? Or should i increase the Abhi pragya scenes as there are like in other ffs and reduce there children convo and fun with children’s scene so kindly inform through your coments majority will be followed…….
At last guys i always want to know that which part of my ff you people like most but you are not mentioning it seriously i like to know in which i am best in emotion in in happiness or in humour so please comment best part in every episode from now onwards….
Somiya thaks yr for supporting me and Durga, Reshama, Kaif, Hani, Sriti, Vaishali all my ff lovers thank u.. soo much….. for supporting me….. and yes Vaishali i am really sorry dear for re uploading as the episode you read later it was deleted so i have to repost it . Yes guys dont forget to answer my question that how story you want further did i shower this family love or you want just Abhi and Pragya scenes more please inform kindly …
till then bye bye, allah hafiz, shukriya…..and ofcourse
Stay Tuned 😉 😀

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  1. Its really awesome yaaar superbbbb epi i like ur thoughts in every part of d epiiiiiii……its really superbbbbbbb……u r good in all convo in happinesss n emotion nd also n d chidrens convo….. nd in 2days epi i cant hide my smile i m continuously laughing……especiallyy d convo between abhi nd subuhi its really making smile in our face their cute knock jak fight pragya superrrb superrrb superrrrb……keep going……i m waiting 4 d reunion of pragya and bulbul

    1. thank u Sharmi thank u very much 🙂

  2. Need more abhigya scenes yar…happy that they r united..:-)

  3. Reshma Pradeep

    I like ur ff so much yaar………Today’s episode is soooooo Nice & Cute……….I really like it………….K now Answers for ur questions……….. I would like to read both means Family love portion & Abhigya’s Romance in an equal balanced position………. I want both equally………. And u said to tell us to which portion we like in ur ff……Its tooooo difficult to answer yaar……..I like the all portions in ur ff……..But If want to tell,I liked the phn convo between Children &Abhigya……………..When these children were fight na…..especially Abhigya & Prabhas……..It remember a lot things to me related to my little Bro…..Now he is gng for a tour from his school….. So I miss him a lot…………

    1. thank u very very very much Reshma thank u soo much i can feel your happiness through your comments… 🙂

  4. It’s really superbbbbbbbb episode please update next episode today only i can’t wait update soon

    1. Thank u Sripranga 🙂

  5. superb nice epi yaar.. I like that 4n convo between abigya and prabhas….

    1. Thanku inshi

  6. Surbhi no word to say hats off yaar its very interested and interesting to read more more more and no answer for your questions keep both equal scene and once again your are awesome and amazing don’t know you write ff like this wow

    1. Thank u Kaif thank u soo much for your appreciation 🙂


  8. Need abhigya scene and also their cute children conv coz I love both roles played by abhi n pragya as dad/mom n as lovers…I love it a lottttt… Bt I really like children conv with their mom n dad I mean abhi n pragya… Then today I really loved soooooop much s subuhi conv in phone abt cat n also aft arrival of abhi abt that mom only disturbing more to abhi… I really love abhi n subuhi dad daughter relationship… Bt I want children conv with abhi n pragya… It’s toooo cute especially subuhi… Then abhigya n prabhas cute fight too…

    1. Thank u durga thank u soo much 🙂

  9. surbhi u r really an awesome writer today no current yaar so eagerly waiting fr ur ff when it came i first saw ur ff it was awesome loved today’s episode to the core there is no woords to say u asked to tell any portions na i loved abhi and surbhi’s convo and abhigya and prabhas i already told u na that ur ff remembers me my family a lot today also it hapend i was constantly smiling while reading i want both family and romance then only it will be nice waiting fr ur next episode lovely….

    1. Aaah vaishali yr….. i feel always happy as you remember your family through my ff…..

  10. The episode is very nice
    The best part of the episode is abhigya and prabhas fight and I want abhi pragya’s romance and kids scene


  11. So cute scenes bwt abhigya and prabhas, so cuteness bwt abhigya, so much cuteness bwt subhi and abhi, i loved it, most amazing episode ever… I luvd it totally…


  12. Its going superb,keep going in this way with abhigya ‘s romance.its the highlight for real kkb also.you atleast satisfy fans.thanks a lot.


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