KB story of faith season 2 (Episode 11)

The episode starts with Abhi and Pragya playing with the foam….. and getting closer but just then Subuhi enters and says ma….. they both feel embarrassed and Prgya asks..
Pragya : yes why are you shouting baba what happened ???
Subuhi : I wanna draw something and don’t know where you kept my drawing book can you please find it for me…
Pragya : Oh I was kept it on the table just next to bed you didn’t find it there ????
Subuhi : No it is not there please now find it for me…
Pragya : Ok you go and I will find it go I am coming…….
Pragya turns towards Abhi and before she could say anything Abhi says…
Abhi : yes… yes I know you have to leave you go I will see it … you go
Pragya smiles and leave and Abhi says to himself Abhi dear there is no place of romance in your life as in earlier days always dadi stopped us by calling on exact time then when you became father then Prabhas started to beagan cry at exact time and now when all are solved then you have a little one princess who is following the grandmother and grand grand son ritual of stopping you romancing with your wife…… (Abhi beta teri life me romance nahi hai pehle dadi hamesha sahi time par Pragya ko bula leti thi jab tu Baap bana tab beta sahi time par ro baithta tha ab tere pas ye nanhi gudiya hai jo bas apni great dadi or bhai ke pairo par chal rahi hai………..) Pragya hears this and smiles….
Pragya gives Subuhi her drawing book and just then Abhi’s phone ring which was kept on the bed she shouts suniye…… your phone Abhi says coming just receive it and ask who is that…. Pragya receives the phone and before she could say hello someone just start talking without listening.. it is ofcourse none other than bulbul who has called him to inform that her no is changed because she has lost her phone..
Pragya : Hello..
Bulbul : Hello jiju how are you ???? look today it is enough you haven’t called us after you left for raigadh and when you are coming back as Koyal and Rahul are Always asking you that when you are coming tell me why are u silent….
Pragya listens this voice and becomes emotional and dazed…she is stunned after hearing that voice and is not able to decide what to speak and just then Abhi enters and asks hey what happened ( Bulbul is still on line she hasn’t cut the phone) who is on the line there ..???? He notices Pragya is having teary eyes and asks what happened I have told you na that there must be no tears in our life now then why are you crying Pragya ……. Tell me Bulbul overhears him and she is stunned on other side Pragya doesn’t say anything and handovers the phone to Abhi he takes the Phone and says hello……. Just then Bulbul says to Abhi
Bulbul : Jiju did you said Pragya you find her na she is alive na ( emotionally) Jiju please give her phone I want to talk to her please say her to talk to me….(cries……..happily……)
Abhi looks on Pragya she geastures him no and Abhi looks on and speaks on phone…….
Abhi : Yes bulbul I found her and I wanted to tell you both but your phone was switch off and sometimes not reachable and Purabs Phone no. was deleted somehow so I thought I will tell you when I will come there ……
Bulbul: Jiju please give phone to her
Pragya again geastures him no…..
Abhi : Yes bulbul I will but she left for work just now and don’t know when she will return because she has more work load now a days but you don’t worry we are returning to Mumbai so better you will see her face to face……
Bulbul : its ok jiju but you have to come here tomorrow itself because there is some issues in company that have to be solved tomorrow itself because the representators are coming and the deal wont be successful without you so you have to come here tomorrow itself…..
Abhi : ok I will….
Then Abhi cuts the phone and asks Pragya that why you said no to talk to her…. Pragya answers that I don’t talk to her because I want to see her I want to see that smile that happiness on her face when she will see her…. Abhi smiles and says Ok ok now I wanna ask may I have food please Pragya smiles and says sure… come
Abhi : you serve my plate I am coming as I have to book tickets for tonights fiight ……
Pragya : Ok………but come soon
Abhi nods yes and talks to an agent about tickets… then goes to the dining table He sees that Pragya has made bitterguard , Dal and roti so he makes faces and calls out
Abhi : Fuggiii….. yr what is this..???? You know na I don’t like this bitterguard then why you made this ….
Pragya : Eat this as it is good for your health and this is the only food I have made so better you have it other wise you have to stay hungry till night..
Abhi : No…. fuggiiiii you cant do this to me..
Prabhas: Papa why you call ma with this name fuggiii……..?
Abhi : Because she is…….
Prabhas : Oh you wanna say my mother is fuggi you mean balloon .. right
Abhi : yes exactly..
Prabhas : Oh if she is fuggi then I think you must be fuggaaaa.. and as we are your children so we are fuggee…. Right did you agreed …
All laughs hard… Abhi gets irked ……….. and shouts fuggiii stop your son otherwise……
Prabhas : Yes ma come Otherwise fuggaaa….. papa will get to a hunger strike……. papa from now onwards when you will call ma fuggiiiiii na we will call you fuggaa papa hey dada isnt it suits on him see he is looking like baloon right now hahahah…
All laughs hard and Abhi gets irked and says little son i will see you when your ma will not here wait and watch prabhas says yes papa sure and he is laughing hard…..and Abhi ignores him and starts concentrating on food ……

Abhi gets a call and gets tensed and start roaming here and there in the room Pragya gets in and asks
Pragya ; What happened why are you looking so tensed………. Is there any problem ??
Abhi : I thought that I will take you all with me but there are only three tickets available for today’s evening flight… this ….is just….
Pragya : Areyyy baba chill as there is no problem you just take two of our children with you and then when you will come back we will go together…
Abhi : But ……. Are you sure it will be right for means…
Pragya : yes it is right just take two of them and it will be right as two of our children will go to our home first and they will meet Bulbul and accept there environment … so ..
Abhi : if you sre saying then I wil do it but who two will go with me…..
Pragya : Subuhi is too small she will not live without me and Prabhas is having exam tomorrow but Pulkit and Abhigya’s exams are over so you can take them with yourself….
Abhi : but if Prabhas have exam tomorrow so Abhigya will also have an exam na so how…
Pragya : No she doesn’t as she has chosen different subjects so her exams are over…. So I am going to pack there bags… ok..
Abhi nods yes and she goes and tells to Pulkit and Abhigya about that and they both agrees she packs their bags and Abhi Pullkit and Abhigya leaves for the airport and Abhi comes to Pragya and says Take care and kisses her forehead and about to leave but Subuhi who is in Pragyas arm begans to crying hard and shouting while crying Papa I wanna go with him papa she is crying and Pragya is facing difficulty in handling her Abhi comes and takes her from Pragya she holds him tightly Abhi makes her understand and says
Abhi : Aww beta papa will comeback na so why are you crying now stop crying why are you crying…
Subuhi : I wanna come with you I wont leave you (in crying voice)
Abhi : beta papa will come back and there is your birthday na so I am going to bring so many gifts for you if you will cry like this and trouble your mother so how will I leave tell me.. you want gifts na….
Subuhi : (in crying voice ) yes so many gifts..
Abhi : then let papa go ….. ok tell me what do you want do you want a big box of chocolates…
Subuhi nods yes : and yes a big teddy bear also a cycle also and yes a dress also…
Abhi ; oho my little doll wants this much gifts so if I will not go then how will I bring those gifts for you….. so I have to leave na..
Subuhi : then you will come back with those gifts na…
Abhi : yes till then you stay with ma and yes don’t trouble her ok…
Subuhi : ok….
Abhi nods bye and they all leaves and Subuhi shouts bye papa come soon and yes I promise I wont trouble ma….. come soon papa Abhi gives a smile to her and they leaves…..

Precap :- Abhigya and Prabhas is missing there fight … Abhi brings Pragya to home…

Guys it is episode 11 as i had already uploaded it on last night but telly updates hasn’t posted it yet on Kumkum bhagya page so i have reposted it i dont think you will like this episode because i havent written much in it today.. guys i wanna say that if you are not liking the episode then dont comment on it or just comment bad or just ignore it but dont comment such abusive words its my request from you all it is very disappointing yr pls dont do so..
For those who are liking it i just want to say thanks for supporting Somiya Reshma kaif durga naveena sry i dont remember the all names but yes my thanku is for u all thanks to that every person who is supporting me Vaishali i am happy that my ff is recreating your moments….
At last Pragya and Abhi are going to mumbai lets see what is waiting for them there………
So stay tuned and guys please dont use such abusive words its really very embarrasing its my humble request to you all…….

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  1. Its nice ……..i m waiting 4 d reunion of d family……superrrbbbbb

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    1. I am really very very sorry Vaishali as telly updates deleted that episode so I have to re upload it I am really very sorry for disappointing you 🙁

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  11. Nice episode… Bt whatever weather it’s a happy r sad plzzzz don’t separate abhi n pragya its my humble request… I’m eagerly waiting for next episode..

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