KB story of faith season 2 (Episode 10)

The episode starts with Abhi saying I am proud of you pragya proud of you being my wife today I am feeling proud and yes nothing will happen to our children if any problem touches them it will have to cross our lives first no one can harm them….now Pragya says
Pragya : But now promise me you would not tell it to any one ….. no one means no one..
Abhi : Ok my lord i will not tell it to any one now take rest as It is very necessary for you common sleep now I will handle all the problems now close your eyes…
Pragya : you will not because if your champs started fighting then it will be a major headache for you and if Subuhi came home then you have to take care of her first as she is the younger one so it is not your cup of tea let me handle…
Abhi : Now you are challenging me Fuggi….. I can do that now you just wait and watch…
Pragya : challenge accepted and I am gonna win this challenge because you are going to face failure in this challenge……

Abhi : No I wont loose it I will definitely win it now you wait and watch but one minute what will be the prize for the winner……
Pragya : Looser has to do what the winner wants..
Abhi : Ok then look how I am gonna handle this …
Their nok jhok starts……. And Abhi says to Pragya now take rest as I have to complete the challenge he keeps her head in his lap and cares her hair so that she can sleep and she sleeps but actually she is pretending to sleep Abhi sees her sleeping he wakes up and kisses her forehead smiles and leaves as he leaves Pragya opens her eyes and says you are going to loose as you can’t handle your shadow your self (shadow word is indicated to Abhigya and Pulkit) Abhi closes Pragya’s room door and goes and sits on hall just then Abhigya Prabhas and Pulkit enters and Abhi asks them
Abhi : Hey you all are back so… but I think you are total four in count so where is the fourth one you only three came back where is that little princess I haven’t seen her from last night… where is she..

Abhigya : Papa actually she always use to stay with Seema Aunty our neighbour she plays with her as she is very much frank with her …
Abhi : Ok… so where did you all went for playing ??????/
Prabhas : Papa actually not all me and dada was gone to park then Liabrary as I want some books so we went there in Liabrary and this dumbo was not with us I don’t know where she went …….. but she was not with us…
Abhigya: What do you mean by that ……… papa don’t listen to him as he is totally cracked I was with seema aunty and Subuhi I said her to come with me but she refused and said I will come after some time then I said that ok and I saw dada and this idiot returning to home so I came with them….
Prabhas : Oh really Dumbo I know you haven’t asked her to come and actually we know that you was with seema aunty because you are looking like a lady ghost after that much makeup am I right dada. Hahahahahh
Abhigya fumes in anger and about to say but Abhi stops them and says enough of you guys go and change your clothes and complete your homework also and Pulkit you better take rest as you wasn’t well today….
They all leaves and Abhi thinks god Abhishek Prem Mehra your children are having Phd in that nok jhok just like us we were the same as them and reminds his nok jhok with Pragya ……
He was reading some thing Then Pulkit comes in the hall and asks…
Pulkit : Sir..(Abhi ignores ) papa ( abhi listens)..
Abhi : yes… bachha what happened..??
Pulkit : Papa how is ma is she ok..???

Abhi : yes she is ok and sleeping but why are you asking do you need something you can ask me…beta ???
Pulkit : No papa nothing like that I was just solving my school homework so there was a problem in maths I want to ask that how to solve that question just that ……..
Abhi : so I can also help you in this show me what is the question….
Pulkit shows him and Abhi starts teaching him…. Abhigya Prabhas enters the room..
Prabhas ; see papa this dumbo disturbed me and my full question got wrong now how will I correct it she her self dosent complete the homework and now this she done to me….(in anger voice)
Abhigya: oh hello idiot it was your mistake why was you listening me as you have to concentrate your work na so… Papa it is not my mistake I am telling he is the only reason for his mistake…. Don’t blame it to me…
Prabhas : Oh really if it is like that so why was you shouting while talking if you think that I am gona belive this and I will spare you for this ….
Abhi looks on turning his face towards Abhigya then Prabhas and finally gets irked and holds his head and says to himself godddddddd these two actually fuggii was right they are the most difficult to handle their fight he tries to stop them but they don’t listens so he thinks what to do and notices the packet of biscuit kept on dining table and thinks this is the good idea as no other way is left to stop them he goes and takes two biscuit out of packet and stuffs one in Abhigya’s mouth and another one in Prabas’s mouth And says….. in murmuring voice..

Abhi : stop now stop here what a cat mouse fight you are doing are you both out of your mind god knows how pragya handles you both now shut up no other word should come out of your mouth .. think about your ma she is not well taking rest and you both are disturbing her I think now onwards I will not call you champs as I will find new names for you which suits according to your cat and mouse fight nature… oh god.. they are just next to impossible Pulkit is your problem solved is there any other question if not so come we will prepare food today…

Pulkit nods yes and Abhi says ok it is five o clock so there is much time for that so now you go and complete your homework… You both also go Prabhas go and rectify your mistakes if you will again do the question it will not any loss it will be a benefit for you as you will be practiced of that question and Abhigya you just complete your left over work girl otherwise i will tell your mother that you have incompete work of five days and this all just because of this silly fashion now leave.. Abhigya and Prabhas says sorry papa Abhi says its ok now go complete your work…
Abhi is in hall tries to sleep but just then some ladies began to gossip with a loud voice which irritates him and Subuhi also comes …
Abhi : Hey princess you are here come here come to papa where was you I was waiting for you…
Subuhi begans to cry….
Abhi : hey what happened beta why my bachha is crying what happened beta….
Subuhi cries hard and says you are my papa na not sir na….. Abhi says yes beta but why are you crying tell me.. what happened Pulkit enters and says I will tell you papa actually today I fainted then ma is also not well so some people in this area thinks that it is all happening because of Subuhi they thinks that she is bad luck for us many times ma…. Has fight with them also on this topic also but I don’t know why they think like this and I think papa today she has listen all that rubbish talks
Subuhi : Papa I am not a bad luck na they all are saying lie na I didn’t do anything papa mama is not ill because me na
Subuhi is continuously crying and hearing that Abhi fumes in anger goes near door and sees people talking there ….about Subuhi…

People : I said to Mrs Pragya about that this girl is just unlucky for her but no she didn’t listend to us now see what happened huhh another lady interrupts and says and I have listend that a man is living in her house from last night and she is his husband so finally he came back we should make him understand about that girl may he will understand …. Abhi says
Abhi : what I will understand… and what are u trying to make me understand that My daughter is unlucky for us I feel shame on that you people have this kind of thinking she is just 6 years old you think about her like that I mean how can you say that about a child don’t you feel shame what if some one says the same thing about your daughters … Look if a person is facing problem then it doesn’t mean that the person is having some unlucky persons in his/her house how terrible is this you people actually don’t deserve daughters because they are the precious gift by gods and people like you thinks them as a curse and I think there is no cure of your cheap thinking now even a penny of shame is left in you people so better you leave from here and yes from now onwards don’t try to inter fare in my family matter and don’t you all dare talk about my family like this…. otherwise it will be worst for you. now leave People gets irked on him and murmurs how irritating man he is we are talking for his betterment and look what he is saying….huhhh
While Abhi was saying all this Pragya was hearing all this and feels happy that he has accepted them to such an extent and Abhi goes to Subuhi who is still crying and takes her in his arms and tries to console her ….. she hides her head on his shoulder..
Abhi : Enough beta see I have scolded all those bad people and you are my little princess na so now stop crying be brave beta ok now papa will sing a lullaby for you is it okk
Subuhi says yes…He sings a lullaby for her and she sleeps

Days passed and Now Pragya is well and she gets up from bed Abhi sees her and says
Abhi: Where are you going and how you are becoming so careless your foot is injured and you are not thinking about it … doctor has told that it can become a major injury also…
Pragya tries to make him understand but he doesn’t listen and then she shows her foot to him
Abhi : so it is ok ……
Pragya : hmmmm …. Now is it ok for you !!!!! Now let me go outside ..
Abhi is dazzed on her expressions Pragya leaves and goes to the kitchen for taking some water and she is shocked to see that messed up kitchen and shouts Suniye……
Abhi : Ohh god abhi I think she is seen it no you gone you gone today…… common get ready to be hanged up…till death this is the only punishment she is gonna give you..
Pragya again shouted…this time little bit in more anger …… suniye come here ………. Abhi in reply shouts coming jaan………. pragya thinks Jaan !!! hmmm so this is his doings….
Abhi : yes what happened ……
Pragya gestures him asking what is this …????

Abhi : Nothing just I made breakfast today.. nothing else…
Pragya ; Like this ??? I told you na you will loose you loose your challenge… now what..
Abhi : How can you say this as I haven’t loose it …
Pragya : Ok Ok leave it now… ahh… now I have to clean it so leave
She gets inside and says to her self aah Pragya he is back the 5 th child is back common now start washing these dishes which I think hasn’t washed from seven days it looks like he has made food for 100 persons just then Abhi comes in and says come we will do it together Pragya is shocked and says You will help so why didn’t you done it before… He hugs her from back and says Aahh because washing dishes with your wife is more romantic and kisses her on cheeks to calm her anger down and they start washing dishes Abhi is continuously looking her face while washing dishes song tera chehra plays in background…

meri bechainiyon ko chain mil jaaye (my restlessness gets peace,)
tera chehra jab nazar aaye (when I see your face..)
mere deewanepan ko sabr mil jaaye (my madness gets patience,)
tera chehra jab nazar aaye (when I see your face..)

zikr tumhara jab jab hota hai (whenever there is a talk about you,)
dekho na aankhon se (see, from my eyes )
bheega bheega pyaar beh jaata hai (this love flows as water..)

meri tanhaiyon ko noor mil jaaye (my loneliness gets a divine light,)
tera chehra jab nazar aaye (when I see your face..)

He thinks that he will now take all his family and his fuggi back to their home the home where she was came after marriage as that home will also gain life after having a family back…( us ghar ki raunak wapis aa jayegi..) and the bg is still playing

main raat-din ye duaa karun (I pray day and night,)
tere liye main jiyoon maroon (that I live and die for you,)
chaaron pehar tujhe dekha karoon (all the time I wish to see you,))
mera jahaan ye tujhpe fanaa karoon (I wish to sacrifice my life for you..)

zikr tumhara jab jab hota hai ( whenever there is a talk about you,)
dekho na honThon pe tera ehsaas (see, your feeling remains )
reh jaata hai (lingering on my lips)

mere har raaste ko manzil mil jaaye (every path of mine should get the destination)
tera chehra jab nazar aaye (when I see your face..)

Pragya’s hair are troubling her so she is trying to get rid of this problem and pin up to back but at that time some of the foam of dishwasher applies on her cheeks abhi sees it and start laughing she asks what happened so he shows her face to her and then they both start fighting with the foam Pragya applies it on Abhi’s face and Abhi applies it on her face and they both are laughing and playing with foam……and the bg is continuously playing..

berang hawayein mujhe naa jaane (colorless winds, I don’t know why,)
de gayi sadaa kyun abhi abhi (just called me..)
hai sarfaroshi ye aashiqui bhi (this love is like)
jaayegi jaan meri isme kabhi (I’ll lose my life in this love sometime)

zikr tumhara jab jab hota hai (Whenever you are talked about)
dekho har lamha teri daastaan (See every moment tells)
keh jaata hai (The story of you)

meri har ik taDap ko sukoon mil jaaye (every pain of mine gets heeling,)
tera chehra jab nazar aaye (when I see your face.. )…..

Pragya runs here and there Abhi is chasing her and finally he catches her and wraps her in his arms and he brushes his cheeks on her cheeks so the foam applies on Pragya’s face fully she feels shy but Abhi doesn’t leaves her and she asks… Mr. when you became this much romantic Abhi says the moment i lost my heart and the moment i came to know that you have stolen it …..

Precap : Abhi leaves for mumbai with Pulkit and Abhigya…

umm Guys its again a long episode 😉 and i think after reading it you wont like it … and you will think that what the hell i am writing so no problem just wanna say that if such thoughts come in your mind so pls tell it to me i will try to improve the story and yes i have a request from you all i want to know if you are liking today’s episode so which part you liked the most pls mention it in the comments and pls do comments pls i am happy that there are new commenters and i will like to Thank them and at last as i said pls mention today’s episodes best part…….
At last a message thank you guys to support me in bringing My dear writer friend Somiya yes there is a good news she has decided to come back and she is coming back with a bang…. so thank u all once again..

And yes i am telling something as a surprise that in upcoming further episode Abhi is gonna face accident and it will be very funny incident by which he will be injured….. but i wont tell you the episode number and to read that funny accident
Stay tuned……..

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  1. Aray how can i choose 1 part, yar tumhara episode toh poora best tha :-D, so its lil bit difficult for me to choose, but agr mein kahoon then mujhe wo part acha lga jis mein abhi subhi ki side leta h, and sab logon ko jwaab deta h and mujhe wo foam wala part bhi acha lga and mujhe abhigya and prabhas ki fight bhi achi lgy or mujhe poora episode acha lga 😀 go on girl

    1. hehehe thanks somiya pata chal gaya tum kitni khush ho i can imagine your smile. 🙂

  2. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Awesome yaar……………I liked the part which Abhi scolding the people for blaming subuhi…….& dishwashing scenes…………..I just loved it………Go ahead ………..

    1. Thank u Reshma………

  3. Urs is so awesome and I liked their challenge and dishwash scene

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    1. Thank u Durga as ur comments are the boosters for me after somiya ur comments are the one for which i wait desperately… Thank u so much

  7. Really nicee…

  8. The whole episode was cool .. Neva ever feel bad fa things which u do great .. Lyked yua episode v much .. As it goes lengthy I’m liking it actually .. Loved the dishwash part n abhi consoling suhubi n making her SLP I wud love to c abhi really taking care of his child wid pragya in real kkb .. I’m dying to c wen they vl really unite in kkb n give birth to a child ..

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    1. Thank u vaishali thank u so much yrr and i am happy that you like my ff to such an extent….

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