KB story of faith season 2 (Episode 1)


The episode starts with a lady singing and getting ready for work she is making braid of her long hairs which are touching her knees and suddenly a girl about eight year old comes and hugs her from back and says good morning ma she says ohhh little dear u woke so early today she says yes and she says then go and fresh n up as u have to go to school so go and do fast and she asked did Dada wake up she says yes and gone to get ready for school just then a boy who is about 16 years old comes in and says yea ma she says oh you got ready so fast have u woken up your other two siblings he says yes I am going to do so she smiles and just then the girl calls ma she says yes subuhi she says ma today pls make bun of your hairs its long time since I have seen you in that she laughs and says OK u go I will make it.

Scene 2
A man is shown talking to his friend and saying that I have got transferred to raigadh in uttar Pradesh a small town and his friend says what’s the need of it you have left your all career and started this music teaching why?? He says since she has left me I have no other option left I want to live her life I want to keep her memories alive in me as that one night has changed all things a lady intrrupts and says don’t say like that jiju as you don’t know whether di is died or not I know she is alive and she will return to us u agreed na purab he says yea and they were talking just then one boy comes in and says chachu I will also come with u he says no beta u live with purab chachu here in Mumbai and he leaves .

Precap :- All four children are having breakfast and telling about their new music teacher and in a room a wall fully occupied by pragyas large smiling face photo and someone is talking to it.

Guys I have started season 2 as some if you really want it I will suggest in season two there are lots of surprises twists and turns and a different story so stay tuned to it and pls do coming as it helps in knowing what was the weak part what was the best part so plzzz especially silent readers pls comnt yr as it matters alot.

Credit to: Surbhi

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  1. Nice going…..

  2. Nice… Bt little confusing that four childrenswho r they pragya have only two children n that boy in scene 2 s raj’s son only na.. K I vl wait n c whether by next episode I vl get clear cut information ah nu… So I’m waiting for ur next episode so plz update soon

    1. Yes durga I agree but I will like to tell u that these two children are the twist and it will be disclosed after 2 to three episodes and trust me this will be better story for you all hope u will keep Patience.

  3. Awesome….keep on writing… Waiting for your next episode…..

  4. Its a good start bt there s slight confusion k keep going i m waiting 4 d nxt epi ya its superrr start

  5. prabhas was with abhi & here abhigya with pragya & am sure of may b pragya lost her memory & staying with who survived her.. In thr family may b the other children right..

    1. actually no Rasha I have many surprises this time so just keep reading.

  6. awesome & i think so both prabhas & abhigya with pragya & another 2

  7. awesome & i think so both prabhas & abhigya with pragya & another 2 ?

    1. Sriti These two are actually twist 😉

  8. nice beginning yaar… waiting 4 ur nxt update ..

  9. Reshma Pradeep

    Nice beginning……..

  10. super start …..

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