KB story of faith (Episode 9)


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Recap:- Abhi starts pragya’s career as a singer and names it razia and the album goes superhit everyone comes to know that abhi and pragya are going to be parents.

The episode starts up with dadi saying that now we have to throw a grand party for being we are going to become grand mothers again all are agree and takes care of pragya and everybody leaves and goes to their respective rooms in room Abhi says to pragya that u have given me the best gift of my life u have given me best happiness see when this child comes in world then our life will be fully changed and suddenly stops and becomes emotional pragya sees him and says what happened? He says nothing Pragya says u are thinking about Aaliya na Abhi nods and says I took care of her as mother and father both but see what she given to me Pragya says are u afraid that our child will also treat u like this Abhi says I am not afraid of them I am afraid of myself My care ness make aliya like this and if I love them like that then they will pragya shuts his lips and says husshhh……. never say this u will be good father and don’t worry I will be with u na Aliya was at growing age she got wrong company that’s why she changed but this is our child this child have many elders who will take care of them So not to worry and why are u worrying I am always with u if this happens so I will boycott them as they neglected our manners our values u not have to worry And gets emotional Abhi inter fairs u will leave or children for me she says no I will leave them for disrespecting their father Abhi hugs her emotionally and says I love u Pragya love u soo much as u are different from others.

Pragya looks on and they goes to sleep.
Time passes on Abhi cares pragys very much as he don’t even want to take water by her self. By watching this Dadi and Dasi says Abhi has become matured name see how he taking care of pragya dadi says yes this child has overcome the pain of alia dasi says yes abhi is making pragya eating fruits which she does not wants to eat they are arguing over it Dadi says Abhi is saying right pragya u have to eat this for your good health and says to abhi that u have to take her for checkup today as two months are completed he takes OK and says fuggi get ready

They goes to hospital and doctor says to Abhi wait out side the room as men’s are allowed inside Doctor shows to pragya her ultrasound graphics pragya gets emotional and doctor says congratulations pragya says don’t tell it to my husband I will give him surprise doc says OK and they come outside doc says congratulations to abhi pragya comes out smiling and abhi is confused over her they leaves and at home in room He asks pragya from time we have come from hospital you are smiling what’s the matter I am restless to know that Pragya goes and sits over the bed and says suniye….. he says yes she says in his ears that you don’t have to decide for Prince and princess he says what are u saying she says you are going to become father of two he is surprised and says happily u mean twins she nods shyly and he says what she says a girl and a boy Abhi is at cloud nine and goes to tell everybody. pragya feels shy he tells everyone that pragya is bearing twins everyone is happy.

Aaliya gets out jail she is bailed and calls raj and says I have married Raj shocked and says what when????. and whom do you married???? She says this he will come to know about him after meeting him I got bailed few months earlier he says why didn’t you tell me she says she will tell everything after meeting and cuts the call.

Precap:- Preparations are going for pragyas godh bharai and abhi makes pragya wears her jewellery and gifts her something after seeing it pragya gets shocked and get teary eyed.

Credit to: Surbhi

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  3. ff was awesome fantasy
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  4. Just. For little things u make pragya teary eyed. Wow isn’t that stupid

  5. I think alia’s husband s vijay….hope so

  6. Sema really awesome n I’m eagerly waiting for next episodes

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