KB story of faith (Episode 8)


Guys why so less comment I am writing this for u all because I think current track is making boar in original episodes……. That’s why I am writing to make some thing interesting……

Recap:- Abhi reads the diary and comes to know that pragya writes and sings song and he decides to launch her after watching her dance performance.

The episode starts with all are dancing at dhak dhak dhadke ye dil and all are happy and function ends. In room Pragya says to Abhi while combing her hair and watching in mirror The function was good na see how they were all happy Abhi says yes and says Pragya did I ask u something ?? Pragya taunts may be it is a serious matter that’s why u called me with my name…. abhi says yes he says Why don’t u start singing ? Pragya is shocked and says in stammerd way that ii…I can’t sing why are you making fun of me and about to leave then Abhi hugs her from back and says look my dear fuggi and wifeee I had heard you singing and I have read your written songs lyrics that were awesome. Pragya breaks the hug and turn towards abhi and she is teary eyed and shocked and asks but how he says last night she says so now you know that I can do so but I will not sing these songs to any one I have written these because I saw a story in them a very touching story he again takes her in his arm and says that then show this story to every one he insists then Pragya says will u be able to belive in that story will u accept that Abhi says if u try to give me a poisoned food I will accept that also I will accept every thing which makes u love me more and more Pragya is teary eyed and says that much you love me as question Abhi says should I tell you this in terms of kilograms of litres they both laughs and abhi asks will you do ? pragya says OK but the concept will be my made Abhi says OK and he is very happy he lifts pragya in his arms and says yipieee a rockstar abhi’s wife will be rockstar wife I will name u then rock star fuggi Pragya says OK but let me down else I will fall and they both smiles at each other and abhi as usual sleeps in pragyas lap.
In morning abhi asks pragya you are coming na today is your shoot she says I want to request u something he says yea tell me she says don’t let the name of mine out you can name me some thing else but not pragya he says why she says pls he says OK I will name it razia is that OK she nods yes.
They go to shoot Abhi says are u ready pragya says yes and she starts She is singing and make a dance performance on deewani mastani song in which she has given her name in chashmish look deewani and modern look mastani and shows all story from abhis proposal her accident her changed avatar and their reunite and abhi is stunned he looks on with teary eyes and says to pragya you have that much love that u composed this she says if I have to die for u I will because I love u. Abhi now respects pragyas feeling more and even loves her more.
Album launches and got super duper hit which makes the company huge profit and again and again pragya’s albums simultaneously first deewani mastani then chill gaye naina makes a super duper hit now all abhis fan wants to see razia but pragya says i will not tell my name as razia abhi says why are you doing so she says someone is doing fraud in your company if he got to know he will definitely harm you raj hears this and says pragya is always a barrier between Abhi and my revenge he plans to make pragya aside from his way and calls some one.
Raj starts planning for and starts double frauding then also he is unable because due to pragya he is unable.
At night Abhi comes and sees pragya reading a magazine he jumps on bed and keeps his head on her lap she says now you have no right to sleep on my lap he asks why.

Pragya says as someone else is coming who have this right He is jealous and asks who is he I will break his head. Pragya laughs and teases him and says You will not be able because u will also love them Abhi says I am not able to understand u are talking like as I am going to become a father she nods yes he ignores and then says one min what did you say I am going to become father she says yes he us surprised and says really she says yes baba he asks when did this happen She says today I was not feeling well then sudden dadi enters and say then I called doctor and we all come to know that we are going to become grand grand mothers pragya feels shy dadi goes seeing her then abhi says now u see how u will be tortured by father and son pragya says if it is a daughter then??? he says she will be my little princes pragya says in anger oh your wife is fuggi and your daughter will be princess waooo Abhi says she will be princess because her mother is queen of her father’s heart pragya smiles and says it is impossible to understand you just then dadi calls them and abhi comments I think dadi knows when we are romancing thats why she call exact time pragya says what if she hears it he says she won’t dadi calls again and Abhi says come your lady husband is calling pragys hits on his shoulder they both laugh and goes down.
Dadi says as pragya is going to become a mother we will have to do all the rituals all are agreed.

Precap:- Abhi and Pragya goes for Pragya’s regular checkup and pragya comes out smiling abhi is confused as she is not telling why she is smiling.

Credit to: Surbhi

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