KB story of faith (Episode 7)

Guys are you reading this ff just because u are getting bored or really you are enjoying my thoughts if you are enjoying so pls tell me through cmnts.
Recap:- Abhi and pragya are back to home Abhi read the diary in which pragya use to write songs and abhi decides to make a proper song of these lyrics and surprise pragya.

At morning Abhi wakes up and decides to shift his music room next to his bed room so that he can be with pragya every time and sees pragya sleeping he careses her and leaves silently. Pragya wakes up and see Abhi is not in room and thinks he might have gone for a walk and she goes to fresh n up. Abhi in his music room is tensed as his mind is not working on that lyrics and thinks why I m not able to make tone for these lyrics and do a fresh start suddenly he hears a voice and stops it is pragya singing while getting ready the song is tere bin tere bin (from wazir) abhi hears the voice and then look out lyrics and says these are the same. He thinks that it might be quite possible that Pragya knows all tones for her lyrics and he follows the voice he thinks my fuggi sings very well but she will not accept it just then dadi calls every one in the hall. All are in the hall dadi says as BulBul is getting well now we are throwing a grand party of her wellness as she is OK now all are agreed. Abhi says good idea dadi and thinks I have got the way to examine whether pragya can do singing or can just write. Pragya thinks it is the good thing all is OK now….

Raj thinks do party as you want sometimes later you will not be able to do such party as I will destroy you all and smirks.

The preparations are going on Pragya is busy in preparation Abhi sends robin to pragya and robin gives msg to her that Abhi sir is not feeling well and having head ache Pragya says OK and then goes to room she sees Abhi lying on the bed and asks you are having headache and you didn’t told me he says not to worry just massage by your hands will make my head ache away she starts massaging and sees Abhi smiling and thinks something is fishy she asks you love me na he says yes she asks you will never leave me alone he says yes she asks you will be mine forever he says yes she asks you are not having head ache na he says yes and just then pragya speaks caught u you are doing drama and I was becoming tensed that what happens to you suddenly and about to leave just then Abhi holds her and make her sit and keeps his head on he lap and says we have married since 2 years but never been spent time together and when I fell in love with you, you left me alone because of tanu now we are together after a long time now I wanna be with u all time I wanna spent time with my wife and my love my fuggi…..

hearing all this pragya’s eyes fill with tears veeran tha dil ka jahan song ( a segment from song gerua ) plays they share a romantic moment abhi wipes pragya’s tears just then a dadi calls out for pragya and a hi cracks a joke that you have not married me fuggi you have married dadi she always have a work for u Pragya smiles and leaves.

In party every one is enjoying and performing on different Bollywood songs Abhi also performs on my jigar da tukda song with dadi for being a good grandson and filmy grandmother and after that purab and bulbul performs on janam janam . While performing Abhi starts teasing pragya about that she can’t dance and sing that’s why he named her fuggi and all Pragya gets irked and leaves purab says u made her angry which type of person. u are and leaves him alone abhi thinks I really hurt her I think I should apologise he is about to leave and hears about a surprise performance and stops to watch it its purab and a lady purab starts dancing at the lyrics bajda punjabiyo da dhol ve and as the part comes pake kudiyo abhi is shocked as it was pragya she was singing the song and dancing very well abhi is surprised and jealous seeing her dancing with purab (song is nachha farrate)

After that they all give a combined performance on song dhak dhak dhadke ye dil.

Precap:- Abhi asks to pragya to become model and singer for his album and says rockstar abhi’s wife will be rockstar wife and smiles. pragya looks on.

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  1. Hey superb episode loved tat head massage

  2. Nice surbhi

  3. wow surbhi u r great
    & ff episode was awesome

  4. Ur not marriaged to me fuggy u r marriaged to dadi, simply cute line..

  5. Reshma Pradeep

    Ur ff is Awesome yaar……I liked when Abhi gets jealous on His Fuggi’s performance…… plz continue it & update regularly………

  6. why do u not make bulbul aslo jealous.
    then it will be fun.
    once again surbhi u & your ff is great
    i read this ff 4, 5 times

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