KB story of faith (Episode 5)


After Court hearings everyone return’s home and talking about what Alia and Tanu did was not right Dadi says leave it and says I have booked holiday package for Abhi and Pragya they should spend time together and everyone agrees Abigya blushes and leaves for their room. At night they both are packing their bags and discussing the plan about holiday and while discussion pragya falls asleep and abhi makes her sleep on his shoulder. He also sleeps.
At morning they are leaving for Goa after taking blessings from dadi they leaves. At airport their sweet chik-chik starts and a family meets them and says fights are sweet but when they are in limits Abhigya becomes shy and says this is our usual fight we can’t live without fighting with each other the family says just like us And Introduces them selves as Indira and rishi and their children Indu and cheeku they says we are also going goa so we can proceed abhigya nods. They leaves.
At home Raj plans to destroy a hi and pragya slowly as no one will doubt on him or Aliyah or another one Tanu.
Abhiya reach Goa and Books a hotel and gets fresh n up . After that Abhi says to pragya E chasmish will u be my girlfriend and says if you will I will change your name to Razia as u agreed to do so Pragya gets irked and says of course but after thinking a good name for u also. Abhi says my fuggis answers are speechless and I will forever make u smile like this and they come closer to each other and the lights get off. In morning they goes at beach and have full fun and talks to dadi. Meanwhile Raj tells to Tanu and Alia that our fraud in Abhis company will continue and slowly he will become insolvent. Aliyah says right and after that I will take revenge of mine meanwhile a constable comes and says that the meeting time is over.

Precap:- Abhi Pragya are talking about their partner with Indira and rishi respectively meanwhile indu and cheeku comes and abhi says in pragya’s earsomething which makes pragya stunned and shy.

Credit to: Surbhi

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  1. Why u put Hitler didi’s story it sucks

  2. It nyc but how to write a fan fic can any one tell me????

    1. You click menu in telly update then press submit your article

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