KB story of faith (Episode 3)


The episode starts with pragya sees Abhi sleeping in her lap and smiles emotionally and let him sleep there. In morning she decides to depart for Chandigarh without everyone wakes up as she will have to answer their questions. She leaves and says Ronnie to take care and keep an eye on everyone. He says OK di I will take care. She leaves.

Abhi wakes up and finds himself in pragya’s room and pragya is not there then he thinks she might have gone to sleep in his room and starts searching her as he does not finds her anywhere everyone gets tensed and goes to their respective rooms Abhi reminds that she has to attend a meeting she was talking about last night and decides to call and confirm it he calls but its not reachable. He is tensed and going to his room passing by from alia and Tanu’s room they are discussing about the way to destroy abhi became very easy because pragya is not here we can do every thing as we want we planned to kill her to make our way clear but she has done it herself…….

Tanu says she tries to enquire about nikhil being father of this baby but failed and smirks
Alia says you are right she is not so smart as we are and they both laughs…
Abhi heard all there conversations and understands the whole matter that pragya was a fake greedy she did all for these two …

for showing me real faces of my family……
He is full of anger and get Inside the room Alia and Tanu are shocked Abhi tolds their reality to every one……. Everyone is shocked besides dadi she says your game is over Alia and Tanu my plan worked sacrifice of my daughter worked ..

And tells whole reality to family fro. pragya ‘s accident to her changed look and every body feels regret to think bad about pragya alia goes to jail in fraud cases And abhi throws out tanu for betraying and blackmailing her fuggi. Just then pragya enters and every one looks on her but she ignores and goes to her room.

Abhi enters Pragya is sitting on armchair he says you came so early from chandigarh she says My train cancelled by the way why are showing your concern what do you want Abhi says nothing I was so tensed that where does my fuggi went Pragya is shocked and says I am not your fuggi he says you are…

Pragya listens and cries silently Abhi comes and keep his head in her lap and says dadi told me everything you was doing drama I know now stop all this he cries and listening this pragya gets emotional and keeps her head on abhi’s head and they both cries happily….that every thing is fine.

Precap:- Aliya vows to make abhi’s life hell as he would regret for taking this step whole life

Credit to: Sirbhi

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  1. The serial I’d quite entertaining with too much suspense. The director is taking longer time in exposing the wicked. He gave so much time and protection to Aliya and her Co conspirators making the film to be boring. The death of Bulbul is another setback which will eventually compound the hatred of their mother on Pragya. Please refocus the drama in such a way that the wicked will not have their ways alway.

  2. She is his own sis or not idiots

  3. The episode was superb. Keep it up dear.


  5. Now the drama was end.and its really touchable…

  6. Hi I am juhi from TN . I like your ff .its much more better than the current plot in the serial

  7. bt kl to aisa koi scean aya he ni…u r all making fool of us

  8. bt dats nt realy hapnd yesterday

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