KB story of faith (Episode 21)


Its sangeet in family today all are enjoying suddenly dadi requests abhi to sing a song as all wants to listen a rock star live abhi says OK and goes to stage and he announce that he will sing a duet today and my wife will accompany me all claps and pragya is dazzled and looking at him he says come fuggi as you said that u will only sing for me so come na she goes and they both sings hua hai aj pehli bar (song from movie sanam re ).
All claps then dadi announces a dance competition between girls and boys all shouts woooohhh .
And the competition starts first raj and mitali dances at wallah re wallah (song from movie tees mar khan) then akash and rachna dances on dil dance mare re. and then abhi and pragya dances on song marjaani marjanni and the competition result comes tie as both the teams were doing well and suddenly sounds of bullet firing comes from outside and all gets scared and someone comes to know that village is under terror attack all runs and suddenly happiness turns into sadness abhi rushes to pragya and she says suniye abhigya and prabhas were playing outside pls take them in pls in cried voice abhi says stay here with them all I am taking them in terrorist has came closer now they are throwing bombs and there are having blast everywhere .
The condition becomes worst and all starts running to escape abhi holding abhigya and pagya holding prabas are running to escape and dadi dasi are before them suddenly a blast occurs in between and dadi dasi raj and mitali gets separated abhi and pragya shouts dadiii and they both cries but behave strong and abhi sees a truck and makes pragya and both children sit inside just then a hi notices that Raj’s son has left back he says wait here I will get him pragya cries and says pls don’t go she begs but a hi doesn’t listens and goes just then he goes and was bringing Raj’s son the bomb comes and falls before him pragya looks on scared twins are crying and she says pls don’t move otherwise it will bursts but as usual abhi doesn’t listen and bomb explodes screen splits abhi back to bomb saving Chhotu (Raj’s son ) and pragya looks on n shock she was about to get down and look for abhi but truck starts moving she calls out pls stop but the truck doesn’t stop and she cries badly looking for abhi but she is unable to see him after blast.

All the KBians I am very sad as I am ending this ff as this is my last episode pls cmnt that weather u want 2nd season or not otherwise I have to quit it permanently. Ur cmnts will tell now do you really want it or should I quit it.

Credit to: Surbhi

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  1. I want second season please?

  2. I want to see next season’s episode

  3. pls pls start the next season u have ended it with a mystery so pls clarify it i the next season whether abhi is alive or not??????????

  4. Yeah… What s tz yaar what u have done plzzzzzz continue n start next season sooooo plzzzz write v need to know what happen to abhi n their family.. Sooooo plzzzz continue in ur next season

  5. plz yaar plz plz continue with next season yah and plz solve the mystery whether abhi and his family is alive or not and where pragya and twins goes with lots of twist and turns plz plz start ur next season of this ff for ur ff fans

  6. abhigya forever

    yaar plz update ur next season and plz United abhi pragya and their families…and yes update ur next season as fast as u can m eagerly waiting for ur next season ff to know whether abhi is alive or not?..

  7. plz yaar update ur next season of ur ff..We really want next season as you have ended ur ff in critical point where there is sad ending plus there is mystery,abhi along with his family are alive or not and where does pragya goes with her two children…u for clarifing this we need next season and ur ff is fabulous as I have no word for ur ff.so plz for the fans and those silent readers of ur ff plz update ur ff next season as soon as possible..It’s a humble request to u..

  8. Hi…I m a silent reader of your fan fiction….I like ur fan fiction….bt plzzz if u r ending it so plzzzzzz give it a happy ending….& start a new fan fiction with your new story….bt plzzzzzzzz give it a happy ending…..plzzzzz it’s a request….

  9. plz continue… am slient reader of ur story…..

  10. plz continue ur ff i realy want next season

  11. I am a silent reader of ur ff and ur ff is amazing and plz continue ur ff…without reading ur ff my day does not pass and I want u to write new season of ur ff..and one more request Plz don’t end ur ff like dis at sad ending

  12. All the dear readers I have all ready said that beginning of new season depends upon the fans and I am requesting that if there you liked my ff then surely tell me and silent readers pls give response and yes I have ended the ff with mystery because more people want me to come back then I will disclose all mystery in next season. 🙁
    Guys really from the date I had started writing I didn’t got any response only two or three loyal commenters and this thing forced me to do so because if someone is writing then the person needs response an if it doesn’t got so it really demotivates. 🙁

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