KB story of faith (Episode 20)


Abhi pragya twins are having a family hug then they are playing with pillow and just then Dadi calls them down and says I want to talk u all something important all says yea dadi tell us she says there is a wedding in village of dasi and they are dasis relative so we have to go and attend that wedding because the family wants that our whole family should attend the wedding they all agrees and are full of joy as they haven’t went somewhere from long time so all are full of joy.

Abhi says OK I will book the air tickets now dadi says yes and abhi leaves. Dadi says to pragya to pack all important things such as medicines warm clothes she nods abhigya says yipieee we are going to have fun dadi says yea beta.

Abhi comes to room pragya is packing stuffs and prabhas is jumping on bed in joy pragya is says dear don’t trouble me abhi says yea champ come here let ma do her work he says no I will be with her always abhi gets irked and says what are u saying u will keep stay with your ma always he says yes abhi says then how will she spend time with me he says no need for that as you will trouble her abhi says what look champ this is rude see pragya what your son is saying to me and look boy she is my wife and she will be with me they argue over pragya and she shouts ohoo enough yr what are u both up to look prabhas go and play with abhigya angrily and he goes sadly. Abhi is about to leave then pragya says suniyee why were u fighting with prabhas he is a child and u r fighting with child how mean he says then why was he saying that he will snatch u from me she laughs and says u r just like kid Mr. He smiles and they both share a funny moment and tere bin plays in background .

Its morning all are leaving and Sarla ma comes pragya says ma twins runs and hugs her shouting naniiiii….. Abhi says yes ma is also coming with us she feels happy .

They all leaves and are in plane. Abhi is about to sit with pragya but rachna sits with her and abhi says this was she says what jiju he says nothing and murmurs kabab me haddi she says did u said anything jiju he says nothing they all laughs.

Rachna says don’t get angry come and sit jiju we were just playing prank they all laughs and pragya and abhi feels shy.

They all are talking calmly suddenly a news flashes in plane TV screen that Mumbai is under red alert an having a terror attack . Dadi says its glad that we are here together. All agrees and they reached to Punjab the another family welcomes them and all are happy in home preparations are going on .

Precap :- its sangeet function all are enjoying and dancing abhi and pragya sings duet and have a dance.

Guys its my second last episode and I am quitting this as there are many more ff to enjoy and I think so that they are more best then mine but I promise u if u like my story then I will return with a new ff.

Credit to: Surbhi

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  1. Pls don’t stop or pls start new one fast

  2. I like ur ff as it is quite different from others as in this abhiGya is married n twins so i wish ucan enter with new ff

  3. Reshma Pradeep

    hey,plzzzzz don’t stop it yaar….It’s Really gud…….

  4. do you want new ff or new story added to this guys pls clarify

  5. Oh please without completing this dnt start new yar.. How childish this abhi fighting with a kid for his wife.. I thought twins both r papa’s beta but today I saw that prabhas is a mom baba but this abhi made him sad sweet idiot…

    1. Did u liked that papa beta convo argument rasha ???

  6. awesome
    in this new story u add coz this awesome & different aslo (ITIRS) say

  7. maasha say not itirs

  8. awesome
    in this new story u add coz this awesome & different aslo (maasha)say

  9. no no pls don’t stop this ff pls as i already told u know i like ur ff a lot pls don’t stop it’s a humble request….

  10. Plzzzz don’t stop ur ff s nice… Plzzzzz start a new one I need ur ff tats it coz ur ff s sooooo sweet n cool…

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