KB story of faith (Episode 2)


The episode starts with Pragya nods her head and says hence proved what your relation lecture was……….
I was right you have to accept that your family love is not for you but only for money… Abhi is upset and goes to his room and Pragya to her room.
At night abhi reminds of his fuggi and decides to meet pragya once and try to convince her to come back as he will look her face just to remind fuggi’s face and smile.He goes to pragya’s room.

Ronnie stops him and says di has told to not to let anyone inside the room especially you sir. I don’t know what the matter is but I can feel and say sir di is not wrong.

Abhi says OK I will go inside with you just to see how she is enjoying her victory.
They enters the room Pragya was sitting in dark and says Ronnie is this you he ans yes then she asks what happen is there any problem he says di I am going home she says OK ….
just then pragya asks that have Abhi eaten food he says no then she says everybody else in house he says yes but leaving dadi and dasi Pragya says I know they will not eat as their son has not eaten.
She says he fights for these people who don’t even care him……

These people have no values for relation they are shameless he does so much for them and they are betraying him In result. Ronni asks sorry to say di but if you care so much for sir so why are you behaving like that with him. Pragya answers that sometimes to save your loved ones you have to do so. Ronnie says OK di good night. She asks did you booked tickets for going to Chandigarh for meeting.he nods yes. she says ok then go.
Abhi who was listening all this was surprised and teary eyed. Pragys is sleeping by sitting on the bed Abhi comes and sleeps in her lap without saying a single word Pragys wakes up In shock and see Abhi sleeping In her lap and smiles emotionally and let him sleep.

Precap:- Everyone is finding pragya but she is not anywhere.

Credit to: Surbhi

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  1. Awww how sad yaar

  2. If it happen same in show then trp will increase Ur idea is nice..After al problem again the situation is sad..

  3. Aww….such a sad episode 🙁

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