KB story of faith (Episode 19)


Hey guys thanks for or response I am glad to know u all like my ff and I liked the idea of somiya . So I have thought that u ppl comnt ur point of view for story the story which will be different from other ff we will work on that story for a new ff.

Pragya breaks the hug and says I know what pain u r going through let it be out pls don’t let it give sadness or pain too u Abhi holds her face and says now nothing is bothering me as I have my family lovely family and if u are thinking about aliyah so don’t think about that as she has no relations with us she has broken all the relations with us she nods her head and hugs him again..
Abhi says I am going to meet a friend I will return after some time till then take care she says OK.
Pragya goes in hall the twins are playing with dadi she says comeon abhigya prabhas let dadi take rest now stop troubling dadima and takes dadi to her room then abhigya and prabhas to her room and says come on its time to study now we will learn ABCD OK but twins are in playful mood pragya takes a book out and starts teaching them….
PrGya:- say A for apple

twin says no A for is abhi they argue over it she says apple they says abhi and then she decides to skip on other letters they reaches to letter F
Pragya says f for fan they says no f for fuggi she says what did u said they says fuggi and pragya gets irked she teaches letter L for they shouts lady mogambo she is now on level of anger and asks who taught u this all rubbish they says papa taught us he also told that u r lady mogambo and they runs she runs after them just then abhi enters and strike to prabhas he says hey champs why are running in room they says if we will not ma will beat us he asks why would she do so they tell him the whole incident and is surprised.

Abhi says what have u done my little dumbos twins asks why papa he says today I am finished she will not leave me she will definitely kill me what have u done do you don’t love ur papa now I am definitely finished. Oh god help me out they says papa ma is coming he orders twins to go in dadis room and come after one hour they says OK . Twins leaves Pragya enters and says oh so you come back abhi gets up and says fu..fu..fu..fu..fuggi wh….when did you come in stamour pragya says yes me did you expected someone else he says how can I do so with smiling expression pragya says now leave it as I don’t want to talk to you just leave me Abhi murmurs arey yaar she is in height of anger oh god provide me strength to face her anger she says did you said anything he says yes I said that you are looking extremely beautiful in anger she says hmmm so your son and daughter told you what they have done am I right he gets surprised and says how did you come to know and says I means no….. by the way what they have done pragya shouts don’t try to behave innocent as you don’t know any thing what have u taught them that I am lady mogambo abhi nods his head in yes but says no she says that’s u want name they should never respect their mother he says no u r thinking wrong fuggi she says no no I am sorry see I will be dead on day while teaching u and your children about right and wrong like this .

Abhi shuts her mouth and says see never say like this again because if will die my life is waste as we are two faces of same coin. Pragya is about to cry and says so why you do all this u know name I don’t like all this he says if will not do so how will I see your cute anger and how will I romance with u for sake of bring u calm down and wipes her tear and says I don’t want to loose my childish fuggi as I will not do so my childish fuggi will lost in taking care of children and family then how will I survive with that boaring fuggi she smiles and abhi says now that’s like my fuggi. and hugs her tightly turn meri jaan haj plays in background. Twin enters the room and says papa did lady mogambo calm down a hi looks on surprised and goes and hold their mouth and says what are u doing I have make her calm down with much difficulty and now say her sorry for what have u done otherwise we all will finished twins goes and says sorry ma holding their ears pragya smiles and lift them in her arms a hi comes and takes one of them in his arms and they have a family hug.

Twins are going to sleep pragya is singing lullaby for them a hi is staring her and she asks in gesture what happens he says nothing and goes out she also goes as twins are slept she asks what happens why are u here in terrace at night he asks when u are starting ur singing career again????
Pragya looks on him surprisingly and abhi asks tell me she says never he asks why she says she want to see all child hood of their children through them she want to live her childhood and I want to spent time with u as it us matter of singing career then I don’t want to continue with that and if u want me to sing then I will sing only for u and this can be done in home also no need to go and record abhi says but fuggi she turns around and says pls don’t argue over this as I will not do so he says OK and smiles at her they both have hug and abhi is hurt by pragyas no pragya says i know u r hurt by my no but you will be hurt more if my career will bring down your career down then I will be hurt more they both goes and sleeps .

Precap :- Dadi tells everyone that we have to go Punjab to attend a wedding they a are full of joy.

A twist is waiting for u in between travelling from Mumbai to Punjab.

Credit to: Surbhi

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