KB story of faith (Episode 18)

Pragya is packing some clothes and eatable items for eating in the way and changing clothes after playing in water. Abhi shouts pragya come fast we are getting late the twins also shout yes we are getting late . She shouts from inside coming baba wait for sometime and she goes Abhi taunts her see children finally a superstar came she gets irked and goes to sit with dadi. Dadi says behave mature abhi now you are father of two children. Pragya says how could he as he is becoming my elder responsibility as I have three kids with me. Abhi looks pragya from the front mirror and says so why you married me why didn’t you get married to person that is mature enough she says surprisingly what did you said He says sorry I should remind always that you have already married two times with me and with dadi he murmurs and dadi interrupt what did you said ??? He says that you are very sweet dadi I must have married to you all laughs he looks at pragya and she smiles He gets happy seeing her smile and thinks I can forever be a kid for make you smile like this and they reached to amusement park.

All goes to play in water except dadi dasi and pragya because pragya doesn’t know to swim she sits near the pool and says look be careful with children don’t take them to the deep water Abhi shouts nothing will happen to them as they rock stars children’s agree kids the duo says agreed and pragya says ohooo holding her head you are rock star for normal people for me you are a normal person who has to take care of his family he says OK mata as you wish and she say better and sits near pool holding towel and sees everyone playing Abhi makes the twin send with Raj’s son in children’s area and goes to pragya she says u come so early what happens have you done playing he says no I came here to take something she says why you came out tell me I will bring it he says you can’t bring it as the thing is my love and picks pragya in his arms and takes her to the pool she shouts pls noo pls look I don’t know swimming don’t take me pls put me down but till they were in water abhi leaves her and she shouts help help a hi holds her mouth and says till I am with u nothing will happen to u now see you are standing at your own feet now hold my hand and be with me no thing will happen she holds his hand and tere bin plays in background they play in water and just then pragya sees someone and gets shocked it was aliyah with her husband and a baby with them Abhi asks what happen why you are making faces as you seen ghost she says nothing they all go to change and Abhi shouts come on champs we have to go pragya makes them change also.

All are at home In room pragya is keeping clothes in their wardrobe and continuously thinking about aliyah whether it was her illusion or she really saw aliyah Abhi enters the room silently and closes the door and goes back to pragya she is in wardrobe (as you all know her wardrobe is like a room) and abhi comes and hugs her from back and she got scared and says its you he says why you was thinking for someone else and keeps his face on her neck and kisses her she says if you are with me how could I think of someone else. He says what happen why are you so quiet she says nothing he makes her turn and holds her from waist and says fuggi I know you very well when u are tensed you use to keep quiet like this she says I had saw aliyah today with a baby and in fully attire which a women carries after marriage. He says oh so this is the problems. Yes I know shebia married now and have one daughter. pragya is shocked and asks you know then why didn’t you told me about this he says because she married your enemy vijay she is surprised and looms on abhi says yes that’s why I didn’t told anyone but everyone knows as everyone has seen her and she is shocked a hi goes and hugs her tightly and says don’t think about that it is not our problem any more she has settled in he life he says now forget all that tears roll down from her eyes and she thinks I know you are consoling me but you are hurt from inside as your sister didn’t told you about her marriage .

Precap :- Pragya is teaching the twins and they both making fun of letter F pragya gets irked and abhi enters.

Guys what ever I am trying to make the story interesting all my ways are not working because I am not getting comments only two three people are commenting do you not liking it 🙁

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  1. Do not worry we are just silent readers we love your fan fiction surbhi its perfect plase continue

  2. Wowwwwwww

  3. Actually na, the thing is make this all a,dream sequence, and show abhi and pragya single, abhi who doesn’t kniw pragya and pragya doesn’t know about abhi ,so make their love story, start from how they met and how they got into love, so i think everybody would like it and u wll get more coments, well for me u are doing great job, creativity matters and u r creative…….

  4. Its good

  5. Superb..nice going…well done…

  6. Vry nyc continue lyk diz… ??

  7. Hey it’s really nice yaar… Keep going..:-)

  8. Hey .. Yuas s nice yaar

  9. It’s nice & the fun of F is fuggy na that’s y pragya getting irked right.. same to same father like kids always tease pragya..

  10. Ur ff s nice yaar… Continue with ur story n thr vl b silent fans also for ur ff…. Bt I like it plzzzz continue

  11. I think wat is pairing of aliya with vijay better u may have had some other new character of her german frnd r like abhi’ s professional enemy like that may b quite interesting but who is this vijay tell me 1thing is that vijay is an enemy for pragya.. from when & how he became enemy I cnt understand, pragya enemy is aliya & vijay is hired to b killed pragya for money only that’s it other than nothing about pragya & Vijay..

    1. Vijay is pragya’s enemy pragya is not vijays enemy he is culprit for pragya as due to him bulbuls face changed pragya is not vijays culprit. 🙂

  12. It was very nice….

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