KB story of faith (Episode 17)


Guysss today I am not writing any episode because today I want to talk u all kumkum bhagya fans about the current going track of KB original serial not ff. Guyys what do you think pls answer me through comments.

First of all I will like to ask
what do you think abhi is trying to do with pragya or what do you think that what writers are doing with the storyline first they dragged Alias exposure now Tanus . What are they trying to do in some of the telly gossip website it is written that now tanu will create more misunderstandings between abhigya. So that Abhi will confirm his plan to separate with pragya.

Guys what I want according to me to abhigya unite before Valentine’s day and they celebrate it in grand way. But as the story is crawling I don’t think so this is going to be happen. Guys what do you think pls share it through your comments.

I will be glad talking with u on this topic plzzzz share or views guys plzzzz……

Credit to: Surbhi

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  1. I think the story is all going crap 😛

  2. Its so much of dragging..when will pragya will xpose tanus truth…its too long and late….

  3. I think Kumkum bhagya will not end so soon. It would be great if they end it on 14th Feb. Bit I don’t think so, because they dragged aliyas exposing so long and TANU is a problem right from the beginning. She is the wall between abhi and pragya. If they expose tanu so soon, they don’t have any story line or problem, which should be solved. Abhi thought at the beginning he loves tanu, which dragged to approx. 270 epsiode and now he thinks, tanus baby is his.
    There are so many unsolved problems (the truth of rajs arrest and kidnap track), which should come to the end.

  4. But I think that if tanus truth will come out then they have more tracks as like they can expose raj later and bulbul’s death was actually real or not they can tell that also but this pregnancy track has already completed a year might like rachna was pregnant from two years they drag this track also like this

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