KB story of faith (Episode 16)


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The episode starts with pragya abhi and twins are sleeping as today Abhi has no work the sunlight comes in through one little opens corner of window curtain and touches pragyas face and she gets up.

She sees the trio sleeping and thinks how relaxed they are sleeping let them sleep and careses the twins and goes to fresh up and after that she goes to make breakfast for all when she was maintaining the breakfast table the twins woke up and come down they hugs pragya as they are half sleeping. Pragya says good morning my bachhas areeey you are sleeping yet aww if you want to sleep then go back to bed and sleep again go twins says no web are Hungary she laughs and says the twin shaitans are Hungary and says OK then first we will fresh n up then we will eat breakfast OK. they nods yes and says do fast as we are very much Hungary She makes them bath and get them ready and takes to breakfast table and everyone is there except abhi dadi says where is abhi pragya says she has send robin to wake him dadi says he sleeping till now just then robin comes and says I tried to wake him but he doesn’t pragya says u serve the breakfast I will see him and goes to room there she tries to wake him but h does not so she goes to bathroom and takes a bucket full of water and throws all water on abhi.

Abhi wakes up and tries to get normal and opens his eyes then he sees pragya standing with a bucket and with dupatta tied on her waist looking in anger towards him he says fuggi….. yr what’s this is this the way you wake up someone she says not someone but you see the time what is the time he sees that it is 10 am and thinks if i will tell her she will definitely scold me now what to do so he takes the blanket and again goes to sleep pragya shouts areeey u going again to sleep she tries to take off the blanket but a hi holds it tightly and she says OK then today is your fast as u are not going to have lunch also she was about to leave but just then abhi holds her hand and pulls her towards him and she falls on bed he holds her and says if u will with me like this then there is no need to have lunch also she tries to get up but he makes her fall again and she says don’t try to divert my mind and get up else dadi will come up and just then dadi calls pragya did u also gone to sleep beta and abhi gets irked says now I am father and you are mother of two children then also your lady husband don’t let spend a little bit time with me

she laughs and says come fast as the duo are also waiting he gets ready and goes to breakfast table there dadi scolds him for being late and the twins laugh Abhi scares them and pragya says why are u scolding them as u are scolded for ur fault and they start doing breakfast and abhi says come let’s go for outing today means today we will go to amusement park pragya says but what about home he says u don’t want to come then don’t come na we will manage pragya gets irked and leaves to room. pragya is in anger and abhi comes and hugs her from back and says u look great in anger also how can I go without you so get ready lady rock star and kiss her on cheeks she feels shy and says till u will not leave me how will I get ready he says by would I leave u stay here I will help u I. getting ready she punches him on shoulder and says badmash he says aouchh and pragya leaves.

Precap:- Abhi and pragya are playing with twins in water and just then pragya sees someone and is shocked to see.

Credit to: Surbhi

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    Don’t stop it yaar….It’s really Superb….

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