KB story of faith (Episode 15)


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The episode starts with Abhi telling about why he declared pragya dead and asks how she got well and abhigya prabhas continuously smiling Abhi asks why are u smiling then Raj says because pragya was well after sometime itself that doctor was giving high dose to her so that everyone believe she is In coma and we managed to speak truth from his mouth somebody was giving money to that doc abhi asks who was he and looks to Aliyah but pragya interrupts and says the lady was someone else and just then a voice come from out side and it turns out to be Tanus all are schoked seeing her and she says now enough u escaped pragya because of these two na now its over now nobody will come in between me and abhi and she shoots whole family Abhi looks on and shouts fuggiiiiii…… then champs…….. just then a voice comes sir are u OK its nurse and abhi looks on all around and the nurse says don’t make. noise as the patient is sleeping he looks on and sees pragya resting and thinks what was that the all turn out to a dream sequence of Abhi and he get so scared and hugs pragya she awakes and consoles him he tells his all dream of losing her again and again (pragya death and the episode post pragyas death turns out was Abhis bad dream )

and pragya consoles him she takes his face in her hands and says see I am alive see and I am with u now stop worrying that it is not easy to separate us abhi nods and hugs her tightly she says ouch and they both laughs.

Next morning doctor discharge pragya as bullet was just touched her arm so they have to stop blood just so she returned to home.

They reach home and the twins runs towards them and hugs pragya and says ma where were you we were afraid as no on tell us story now and papa was also not there to see us and they both began to cry pragya looks them and says awwww. my sweet children ma will never leave u alone from next time abhi says sorry my little rock stars I will not leave u alone from next time but they keeps on crying Abhi says they are scared I will take u for a car ride and ice cream come he takes them and dadi takes pragya with her an asks how did this happens she tells the whole story how raj Bhaiycaught and she had been shot and tells he is taking revenge dadi the reason is sending him to behind bars he thinks that Mr mehra does so but how as it was done by mitali bhabhi and says to mitali that see bhabhi because of u my family was going to bear mitali feels ashamed and gets shocked looking at doors it was Raj on the door and listens all their talk and scolds mitali for falling to such a extent. and apologises to pragya she says OK and leaves him.

Abhi is back and abhigya and prabhas are playing on the bed pragya shouts what are u letting them do shoes non bed Abhi says let them do they are rock stars children and can do anything whether to go bed with shoes or to fight with pillow like this and throws pillow on pragya and they starts playing suddenly raj comes on door to talk a hi and pillow falls on him and bursts and all the feathers stuck on him they all laugh together Abhi thanks god that was a dream and prays never let that bad dream come true god.

Just then pragya claps in front of his face and they start fighting over who will clean the room raj takes twins with him and says come on your parents have started and gone in their kids mode u people come with me we will play in hall and they leaves. Abhi and Pragya continues their fight and while fighting pragya falls on vhi and they share an eye lock turn meri jaan hai plays in background.

Precap :- pragya throws a bucket full of water on abhi.

Credit to: Surbhi

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