KB story of faith (Episode 14)

Guys I think I had created lots of confusion in previous episodes in your mind so don’t worry it all will be clear in this episode itself thanks for giving me genuine response I would like to get these response further also.

The episode starts with a Beautiful girl and a handsome boy arguing over something and two another persons are supporting them one by one. Yes they are our twins and the two other persons are Ajay(aliya ‘s son) and raj Bhaiya son respectively twins are fighting over who will take dadi to hospital and who will go and take the old stuffs out from store room. Abhi sees them and fb starts
Pragya and Abhi arguing over cleaning the room where Pragya gets irked and leaves when Abhi intensionally makes the room dirty to see pragya’s cute anger fb ends and prabhas see abhi and says to Abhigya that now let papa decide who will do what Abhi says champs today the work must be reversed today abhigya will take dadi to hospital and prabhas u will do her work he says but papa in low voice and abhi says don’t behave like kids now grow up champs they both agrees and abhi leaves .

After him Abhigya with dadi also leaves she reaches to hospital doc prescribed some .medicines to dadi and says u can buy these from 2 nd building of hospital she goes. Prabhas enters the store room while cleaning all that he sees some musical instruments there and all of a sudden he finds a old trunk in which There are old memories of Abhi and Pragya he sees them and is puzzled that he has saw her mother after a long time so this is how she looks and suddenly a voice come from outside so he takes one photo out of them and hides it in his pocket and get out of that room it was aliyah who was calling for prabha and she orders him to bring the clothes from drycleaner which she has given yesterday he nods OK bua. Aliyah says there is a party tomorrow in our house as ur fufa ji is returning he nods OK I will tell abhigya she says good and leave now. Abhigya while going to bring medicine she saw a lady being there and thinks that I have seen her some where.

But she leaves as medicine are to given immediately then they leaves to home dadi goes to her room and lays on bed raj comes there and massage dadi’s legs abhigya and prabhas are in their room they both tell each other about their experience and prbhas shows the photo to Abhigya and she says she saw this lady today in hospital and they both thinks that if ma is alive then why papa is lying to us since our childhood that she is no more prabhas says now only dadima can answer this they goes to dadi and asks about that photo desperately

Dadi tells them and the fb starts from their marriage to prgya changed look and new carrier but twins interrupts but what dadima she tells when pragya started her music carrier then Abhi whole concern was on her and his own carrier graph began to down so pragya decide to leave singing for abhis rock star carrier but she was in delimma that how will she do so as abhi will not agree ever to do so and then she came to know that she is pregnant and this was the biggest reason she got to make her decision work and she got success in doing so but destiny had thought something else in her life all was going well but that one day changed my abhis whole life and someone killed her mother and twins asked who was the person raj says that I am that shameful person twins are shocked he says I said many times to forgive me from abhi as it was just a mistake but he never listens to me twins says I think now he will listen to tauji he says how they says let dadi sleep now and tauji meet us at night before papas arrival we will tell you raj goes and abhigya and prabhas takes him with them.

Its the party today and abhi comes from out he is very much tensed abhigya and prabhas says papa bua has said us to prepare some performances for her but we have prepared it for u Abhi looks angrily on aliyah but couldn’t say anything as she has not valued his children also and decides to tech her a lesson after party. The performance starts and first Abhigya performs on chill gaye naina Abhi reminds that this was his fuggis….. song and become emotional seeing abhigya singing it in same way later she dances on deewani mastani in same style and story how pragya performed and got teary eyed and about to leave but prabhas stops him and says papa mine is not finished pls wait then prabhas sings song mai tenu samjhawa a hi reminds totally his days with pragya and then prabhas performs at song dastan hai ye and at last of song a shadow of lady is seen as the shadow goes fader the lady comes out to be pragya and everyone is shocked to see her abhi rushes to her and hugs her tightly tere liye song plays in background and everyone is shocked and happy to see her alive abhi asks how you get well he is very emotional twins says we will tell but pls tell us why u lied everyone that she is not alive.

Abhi tells fb starts where abhi asking to doc is she okay and doc saying sorry she is in coma she can hear you she can feel you but she can’t respond and tells she was sinking as someone cuts her oxygen pipe so abhi said to doc that whenever anyone ask about her just tell her she is dead he says he does so because if anyone can try to kill her in hospital in such condition then he life is in dangers in every condition so to save her I did so fb ends and a hi asks how did you get well now you tell I am getting restless abhgya and prabhas looks each other and smiles Abhi looks on them.

Pracap;- Abhigya and Prabhas are having fun with their ma and aliyah comes there they all start laughing together.

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  1. Nice anyway pragya s alive I’m soooo happy n tz episode give somewhat clear cut information… Grt good going…

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  4. Very nice whenever I wait for kb ff I wait fr urs only but one suggestion I think 18 year leap is not necessary then ur wish but awesome keep gng and dnt forget to update daily

    1. I am glad to know Vaishali that u like my ff and don’t worry I will update it daily for u all

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