KB story of faith (Episode 13)


The episode starts with Abhi asking doc is everything fine doc looks on him and says yes she is fine but not out of danger till 24 hours we are trying our best Abhi says can we meet her doc says yes but one by one Abhi goes and see her and gets emotional and says how this happend she tries to speak but can’t so she writes raj Bhaiya Abhi understands that raj Bhaiya is the real culprit. And says he will not leave him Pragya says don’t do anything for which our children have to pay so he stops and says pragya that get well soon I can’t see my fuggi in such condition and makes.pragya sleep and goes to dasi they tell to dadi that everything is fine dadi feels relaxed While Abhi is gone to take coffee some one entered inside the room and cuts pragya’s oxygen pipe and escapes after that abhi enters the room and sees pragya sinking he calls out for doc and doc suggest him to stay outside. Some time later doc comes outside and abhi desperately asks to him about pragya and doc says I am sorry.

Abhi is coming inside the house dadi and dasi asks about pragya but Abhi is in shock they asks continuously about pragya and Abhi shows them the pot full of ashes and says here she is everyone is shocked as pragya is no more and cries badly and scolds abhi for doing after death rituals so early but he does not responds and goes to his room and sees his champs and starts crying badly as they won’t be able to see their mother again.

Everyone is in shock and talking about a his condition just then a lady with a man and a child enters and the lady turns out to be Aliyah dadi says why you are back here and you have married this vijay without. our knowledge and aliyah doesn’t say any single word and shows the POA papers and says you all have lost the right of questioning me raj says what are you saying it was our plan right I took revenge from abhi for u and myself aliyah interrupts why you took revenge from abhi as u was sent jail because of your wife she shows him vedio in which mitali is saying I will do so. Raj is teary eyed and feels guilty and slaps mitali hard and goes to a hi to apologise Abhi is feeding twins and making them asleep raj comes and apologized to him he says what punishment can I give u Bhaiya as you have also one son what will happen to him if I will punish u raj is heart by abhis word and decides to help him in every way and love his children as they are his own may be pragya soul forgive him Aliyah orders abhi to leave house and shift to the servants house all protest against this and Aliyah says but he has to take care of my son also. And she leaves Abhi is in room and reminding pragyas words when she said I will see who will tell you what is good what is bad when I will dead and starts crying and decides to not to tell abhigya and prabhas that their ma is no more and decides to leave singing as his inspiration has gone.

Precap :- Abhigya and Prabhas are arguing on some topic abhi reminces his and Pragyas arfument . Dadi says Abhi is taking care of the duo very gently the y will never miss pragya.

Twists:- 18 years leap A lady look alike pragya enters the Mehra Mansion

Credit to: Surbhi

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  1. Wat is this full of confusion.. sorry to say wat r u doing in this fiction starting ur exposed taliya fine later u changed has pragya a singer then u stopped about that & started the pregnancy & babies now pragya no more.. wat u trying to show of leap 18yrs abhigya..that’s not fair..we r damn fan of abhigya cute jokes, fight & love only… but here only focused on evils thinks so…in this add evils but for evils dnt use our abhigya…

    1. Of course u will see abhigya united I am agreed with u just wait I can tell only this that there is some mystery behind Pragya’s death u should really think that is Pragya really dead I leave this up to u.

  2. Divya Chandru

    Something is fishy about pragya deaths , according to my thought, waiting for next episode, great

  3. I thk pragya s alive only… May b tz s abhi n pragya plan bt really tz story s really confusing bt ok I’m waiting for next episode may be it gives some idea which clear our confusion

  4. Ya I believe that I knew pragya is alive but y that leap of 18yrs of entry with a new entry was my question… may b pragya will b in coma r somewhere that’s y abhi just brought a ashes.. what’s the need of being away from all..

  5. After 18 years means abhigya will become old

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