KB story of faith (Episode 12)


recap:- Abhi and Pragya came back home and spending time with their children.

Two years later.
Abhigya and Prabhas have finished all the chocolates kept in plate by pragya for keeping in fridge but the twins ate then before she do so ………. They are talking in childish way that do fast if mama came she will definitely scold us Abhigya says don’t worry papa will save us and pragya caught them red handed she was about to hold and scold them soon they ran from their and pragya runs after them they ran in room and fast get escape behind abhi …
Abhi asks what happen fuggi why are u playing chor police with champs what they have done now… Pragya says your champs have eaten full plate chocolates now who will be responsible if they got tooth decay Abhi says don’t worry nothing will happen to my champs as their dad is a rock star pragya says it is u only that they are becoming naughty when I will be dead na I will see who tells them right or wrong …. and leaves In kitchen she is murmurs something and abhi comes and hugs her from back and kisses her on cheeks to calm down her anger and says never talk about your death from today onwards otherwise I will not forgive u Pragya says it was just a mistake but why u support them in wrong manners at this time they are just two years old but as they will take advantage in wrong way of this support Abhi says don’t get tensed baba we are there na we will make them correct on every mistake but now let them live their childhood pragya says but he taps her nose and she stops and Abhi leaves as the duo are calling him….

In the evening dadi is sitting in hall with twins who are playing there and pragya is making tea for dadi…….
Abhi enters the house as he was went somewhere and the duo runs towards him excitedly calling papa papa……. abhi says heyyy
my champs what were you doing they says we were playing with dadima dadi says yes as they are teaching me how to play suddenly then twins starts demanding icecream and just then pragya comes out from kitchen and gives tea to dadi and says no ice cream as u will get cold the twins starts demanding continuously and abhi says OK we will eat only one ice cream otherwise u will fall I’ll and says to pragya take care we will be back after an hour and they nods bye dadi says abhi has grown up as these twins have made them happiest person in the world pragya says yes dadi.
Dadi says come drop me to my room she says k after leaving dadi to her room pragya was going as passing by Alia’s room pragya hears some voices about to destroy company and she come to know that the person is Raj and somebody else was also there she was about to see but somehow a flower pot drops down and Raj sees pragya hearing him pragya runs from there out side the house Raj sends goons to catch her but pragya runs outside the mansion and tries to escape just then she runs towards the main market but before that she got caught by raj and his goons Abhi thinks something wrong is going to be happens and he leaves to home there he sees pragya is not anywhere he leaves the twins near dadi and goes to search pragya. Pragya is captured by raj and raj says finally u come to know about my intentions pragya says how can u be so cheep raj Bhaiya u are cheating your own brother raj says yea as I want to take revenge from him just then they hears a police siren and get afraid that pragya will tell them everything so one of the Raj’s goon shoot her and raj scolds him what have u done dam it and they all escapes from there but abhi notices raj while escaping and thinks from whom he is running like that he continues searching pragya and sees a rush on roadside and goes to see what is the matter he is shocked to see it was pragya in the pool of blood Abhi shattered seeing her like that and says to call ambulance and cries badly seeing pragya in this condition soon the ambulance came and they rushed to hospital….

Abhi calls dadi and tells her everything and dad I says she coming there he says stay with the twins pls I will handle but dadi sends dasi there abhi breaks down in tears and cries badly to dasi dasi consoles him and doc comes out of OT. Abhi asks doc what happened doc is everything OK doc looks on Abhi.

Precap:- Abhi and dasi returns home shattered and Abhi is in shock Dadi asks what happen but no one answers as everyone is in shock…. A lady enters the house with a man and a child…. everyone is shocked to see them.

Credit to: Surbhi

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  1. Reshma Pradeep

    What happened to pragya???? oh…..so sad…

  2. Is pragya alright. …

  3. Please update the next episode soon…

  4. I think she gone to coma & alia with her husband & baby entered the mansion.

  5. Ofcourse it ll b alia

  6. is that tanu with her baby and nikhil is coming…

  7. Soooooo sad episode

  8. yes sara priya i aslo.thinking that only

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